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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Forgotten Front

The squad must decide what to do about a German deserter who could conceivably endanger them.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Albert Paulsen as Dorffman | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton |
Uncredited: Tom Skerritt as Private Crenshaw | Jeff Morris as Sgt. McGraw
Director: Robert Altman

2 :01x02 - Rear Echelon Commandos

Saunders must whip three raw replacements into shape for a behind the lines mission.
Guest Stars: John Considine as Wayne Temple | Stephen Coit as Joe Gainsborough | Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown
Director: Robert Altman
Story: Richard Tregaskis | Teleplay: Gene Levitt

3 :01x03 - Lost Sheep, Lost Shepherd

A tanker saves the squad from an ambush but things soon sour when they enter a French village that's been seemingly abandoned by the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Jeffrey Hunter as Sgt. Dane |
Guest Stars: Joby Baker as Kelly | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Hans Difflipp as German Officer | Rex Holman as Christy | Martin Brandt as Priest | Tony Mordente as Morello
Director: Burt Kennedy

4 :01x04 - Any Second Now

Lt. Hanley is pinned in the rubble of a church and there's a German bomb that's ticking to go off. Our hero's only hope is a British bomb disposal officer who has lost his nerve.
Special Guest Stars: Donald May as Major Thompson |
Guest Stars: Ned Wynn as M.P. | James de Winter as Corporal | Felix Reinsch as German Briefing Officer | Jacques Roux as French Priest | Émile Genest as Emile | Elen Willard as Anne Farell | Alexander Davion as Lt. David Woodman | Shecky Greene as Braddock
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

5 :01x05 - Far from the Brave

After losing a close friend in combat, Saunders must train a green former cook as his replacement.
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Joe Mantell as Pvt. Delaney | Fletcher Fist as Radio Operator |
Uncredited: Dennis Robertson as Pvt. Albert Baker
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

6 :01x06 - Missing in Action

Hanley takes a detail to rescue a downed American flyer who's being sequestered at a French farmhouse.
Special Guest Stars: Howard Duff as Hobey Jabko |
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Michel Petit as Roger | Glenn Cannon as Tafe | Louis Mercier as Gallard | Maria Machado as Denise | Barton Heyman as Fergus
Director: Byron Paul

7 :01x07 - Escape to Nowhere

Hanley is sent on a mission behind German lines and becomes involved with a German general who's in on a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler.
Guest Stars: Hans Difflipp as German Major | Lou Robb as Mueller | William Speckman as Bower | Lester Fletcher as German Interrogator | Roger Til as French Priest | Sasha Harden as Colonel Kleist | Joyce Vanderveen as Maria | Albert Paulsen as General Von Strelitz
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Malvin Wald

8 :01x08 - The Celebrity

A star baseball pitcher is transferred into the unit but he soon proves that he's nowhere near as good on the battlefield as he was on the baseball diamond.
Special Guest Stars: Tab Hunter as Del Packer |
Guest Stars: Joby Baker as Kelly | Virginia Stefan as Nurse | Tony Mordente as Sgt. Kurawicz | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Tom Seller, Art Wallace | Teleplay: Art Wallace

9 :01x09 - Cat and Mouse

Saunders and another sergeant are the only survivors of an ill-fated patrol and must continue the mission despite the fact that they have come to despise each other.
Special Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Sgt. Jenkins |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Hans Difflipp as Colonel Burgen | John Alonzo as Bialos | Robert Winston as German Lt. | William Harlow as Radioman | Werner Becker as 1st German Soldier | Frank Behrens as Captain Reed | Ted Knight as German Captain
Director: Robert Altman

10 :01x10 - I Swear by Apollo

The squad takes refuge in a convent occupied by nuns who take little notice of them and the war that is going on.
Guest Stars: Philip Abbott as Capt. Correm | John Neris as Frenchman | Betty Tessman as Nun | Maya Van Horn as Mother Superior | Eugene Borden as Bresson | Gunner Hellström as Dr. Belzer | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown | John Considine as Wayne Temple
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

11 :01x11 - A Day in June

Flashbacks recall the squad's experiences on D-Day and the events leading up to the Normandy invasion.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Max Dommar as Theo | Frankie Ray as Gardello | Brad Weston as Lt. Crowley | Henry Daniell as Minister | Pat Dahl as Hazel | Lisa Montell as Marcelle | Harry Dean Stanton as Beecham | Shecky Greene as Braddock |
Uncredited: Tom Skerritt as Soldier
Director: Boris Sagal

12 :01x12 - The Prisoner

Braddock is taken prisoner by the Germans who mistake him for a Colonel.
Special Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Colonel Clyde |
Guest Stars: Shecky Greene as Braddock | Richard Bakalyan as Sgt. Wolfson | Adam Williams as Lt. Col. Nash | Sasha Harden as Capt. Gemmerman | Earl Parker as Stunts | John Alonzo as Bialos |
Uncredited: Rick Traeger as Colonel Metz | Walter Koenig as Sentry | Tom Skerritt as Glinski
Director: Robert Altman

13 :01x13 - Reunion

Saunders tries to help a young Frenchman reunite with his father but the old man happens to be a collaborator.
Guest Stars: Angela Clarke (2) as Claire Brouchard | Fifi D'Orsay as Madame Fouquet | Chris Robinson (1) as Paul Villers | Will Kuluva as Emile Villers | Henry Rowland as Colonel Hoffman | Émile Genest as Henri Fouquet | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Writer: Art Wallace

14 :01x14 - The Medal

A soldier is put up for a Silver Star for destroying a German tank but the deed was actually the work of his deceased buddy.
Guest Stars: Frank Gorshin as Freddie Wharton | Joseph Campanella as Vincent D'Amato | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Edward Knight as Lt. Kohrs | Dennis Robertson as Pvt. Albert Baker | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | Gordon Bruce as German | Clegg Hoyt as Cook | Tom Troupe as Medic

15 :01x15 - Just for the Record

After escaping from the Germans, Saunders must depend upon the aid of a shady Frenchwoman to make it back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Alf Kjellin as Kurt | Edward Colmans as Andre Mallott | James Forrest as Foreman / Wounded Prisoner | Micheline Presle as Annette | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Writer: William Bast

16 :01x16 - The Volunteer

A 13 year old French boy tries to join the squad.
Guest Stars: Serge Prieur as Gilbert | Veronique as Hilda | Nadine Arlyn as Ilsa | Kurt Lewin as Karl | Ted Knight as Kurt | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Ed Gilbert as Herman
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Gene Levitt

17 :01x17 - The Squad

A new recruit from the South doesn't fit in with the rest of the squad but ends up proving his worth on a night patrol.
Guest Stars: Mathias Uitz as 2nd German Engineer | John Mayo (1) as Lt. Peterson | Harold Dyrenforth as 1st German Engineer | James T. Callahan as Reischer | John Bolt as Moseby Lovelace | Alex Denaszody as German Corporal | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Shecky Greene as Braddock
Director: Herman Hoffman

18 :01x18 - Next in Command

Saunders distrusts a new corporal who's been transferred into the unit.
Special Guest Stars: Ben Cooper as Corporal John Cross |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | Dennis Robertson as Baker
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

19 :01x19 - The Chateau

Doc tries to care for three wounded men in a chateau that gets captured by the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Dan O'Herlihy as Major Richter |
Guest Stars: Edward Tierney as Friedrich | Don Edmonds as Jackson | Ben Wright as Count De Gontran | John Milford as Lt. Masters | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Frank Sutton as Corporal Cording | Joan Hackett as Gabrielle | Shecky Greene as Braddock

20 :01x20 - Off Limits

A soldier discovers that his nurse wife has been unfaithful to him and volunteers for a dangerous mission.
Guest Stars: Mark Ryan as Hanson | William Windom as Captain Lew Anders | Jeremy Slate as Corporal Archie Marsh | Peggy Ann Garner as Lt. Amelia Marsh | Marie Gomez as Claire | Andre Philippe as Andre | Arnold Merritt as Jerome Crown
Director: Robert Altman

21 :01x21 - No Time for Pity

The unit prepares to capture a French town but then discovers that the Germans are holding its children hostage.
Guest Stars: Gunner Hellström as German Officer | Guy De Vestel as Marcel | Robert Winston as Hoffman | Michael Davis (2) as Jean | Denise Alexander (1) as Annette | Paul Busch as Mueller | William Phipps as Capt. Whitlow
Writer: Steven Ritch

22 :01x22 - Night Patrol

The squad encounters a mysterious lieutenant while on a night patrol. It appears as though this fellow is waging some sort of one man war.
Guest Stars: William Harlow as Nick Davis | Skip Homeier as Lt. Billy Joe Cranston |
Uncredited: Tom Pace as German Soldier | Charles De Vries as German Soldier | Eric Braeden as German Soldier
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Quentin Sparr | Teleplay: Frank Jessy

23 :01x23 - Survival

Because of an artillery barrage, the squad is able to escape from German captivity but Saunders gets separated from them and must make his way through enemy lines by himself.
Guest Stars: Michael Murphy (1) as First Tanker | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | John Seigfried as Kurt | Donald Ein as Sergeant | Matty Jordan as 2nd Tanker
Director: Robert Altman

24 :01x24 - No Hallelujahs for Glory

The squad must deal with an ambitious female reporter who knows next to nothing about the military or combat.
Special Guest Stars: Elizabeth Allen (1) as Eleanora Hunt |
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Angela Clarke (2) as Madame Michelin | George Petrie as Captain Smith | Charles McDaniel as Bearded Correspondent | Garry Walberg as Thin Correspondent | Maurice Marsac as Jacques | Jim Goodwin (1) as Mike

25 :01x25 - The Quiet Warrior

During a break in the action, Hanley is ordered to London where he's sent on an espionage mission behind the lines.
Guest Stars: Albert Szabo as Soldier | Walter Janowitz as Cafe Owner | Rolfe Sedan as Dr. Barole | Leno Francen as Marie Barole | Charles Giorgi as Georges | Lomax Study as Andre | Brendan Dillon as Briefing Agent Williams | Michele Montau as Lily | J.D. Cannon as Ted Slocum |
Uncredited: Barbara Babcock as Woman at Savoy Bar | Eric Braeden as Drunken German Soldier
Director: Justus Addiss

26 :01x26 - Battle of the Roses

Saunders becomes involved with a strange French girl and her domineering nurse.
Guest Stars: Antoinette Bower as Jeanine | Penny Santon as Celeste Fourant | Earl Parker as 1st German Who is Shot | William Harlow as Dorsey | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Director: Sutton Roley

27 :01x27 - Hill 256

KIrby, the squad asshole, faces a court martial for cowardice under fire. Saunders and Caje try to prove his innocence.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Culp as Sgt. John Metcalf |
Guest Stars: Bill Zuckert as Presiding Officer at Court Martial | Conlan Carter as M. P. | George Keymas as Major Daggett | Richard Peel as British Sergeant | Curt Conway as Capt. Dugan | John Shay as Major Canfield | Clegg Hoyt as Technical Sergeant | Alan Caillou as British Lieutenant | Liam Sullivan as Major Hendricks | Walter Friedel as German Prisoner
Director: James Komack

28 :01x28 - The Sniper

The squad enters a French village abandoned by the Germans expecting to get some rest and relaxation but then a German sniper, with the aid of his French skank galpal, begins picking them off.
Guest Stars: Athan Karras as Carot | Walter Kohler as Man | Guy De Vestel as Villager | Alex Durand as Bistro Man | Arlette Clark as Old Woman | Gail Kobe as Francoise | Maya Van Horn as Woman | Phillipe Chappele as 2nd Boy | Michel Petit as 1st Boy | John Newton as Fisher | Jordan Grant as Marks | Eric Braeden as Hans Gruber | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton
Director: Ted Post

29 :01x29 - One More for the Road

The squad discovers an orphaned baby and tries to find a home for it all the while completing their mission.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Don Edmonds as Stroback | Monroe twins as The Baby | Fletcher Fist as Brockmeyer

30 :01x30 - The Walking Wounded

A wounded Saunders must deal with an Army surgeon who's lost his nerve.
Special Guest Stars: Gary Merrill as Capt. Will August |
Guest Stars: David Manley as Tanker | George Davis (3) as Old Frenchman | Geraldine Brooks as Lt. Ann Hunter | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Stephen Joyce as Jones | Berkeley Harris as Pvt John Lee
Director: Burt Kennedy
Writer: Burt Kennedy

31 :01x31 - High Named Today

A soldier who's reputed to be a one man army transfers into the unit and soon begins causing trouble.
Special Guest Stars: Dean Stockwell as Rob Lawson |
Guest Stars: Burt Berger as Corporal | Steve Gaynor as Wounded Soldier | John Apone as Soldier #1 | Lew Brown as Pratt | Steven Rogers as Doc Walton

32 :01x32 - No Trumpets, No Drums

Caje comes unglued after he accidentally kills an innocent civilian.
Guest Stars: Steven Rogers as Doc Walton | Billy Beck as Dubois | Nicky Blair as Johnson | Andrea Darvi as Micheline | Jean Del Val as Marceau | Ted Roter as Frenchman
Director: Richard Donner
Warning: Combat! guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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