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Season 2

33 :02x01 - Bridge at Chalons

Saunders and a hard-nosed demolitions expert undertake a mission behind enemy lines where the two men immediately begin to clash.
Special Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Sgt. Turk |
Guest Stars: Lee Krieger as Cpl. McQuillan | Rudy Hansen as German Leader | Kurt Landen as German Soldier | Donald Ein as German Corporal | Pete Helman as German Soldier | Rance Howard as Wilkerson
Director: Ted Post

34 :02x02 - Bridgehead

Saunders must take a German held bridge despite fierce opposition from the enemy and some of his own men.
Special Guest Stars: Nick Adams (1) as Pvt. Mick Hellar |
Guest Stars: Noam Pitlik as Pvt. Gene Scott | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | Joey Walsh as Pvt. Jack Johnson | Richard Jury as Pvt. Wayne Shrope | Fred Harris II as Cole

35 :02x03 - Masquerade

Two Germans attempt to infiltrate Allied lines by posing as American soldiers. Only Saunders and his suspicions can save the day.
Special Guest Stars: James Coburn as Corporal Arnold Kanger |
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as PFC Cooper | Rick Traeger as German Colonel | George Keymas as Capt. Simms | K.L. Smith as 1st G.I | Jacque Shelton as 2nd G.I. | Bruce Watson as Sentry | Alex Burke as 1st man | Dan Stafford as Lt. David Comstock |
Uncredited: Rocky Marciano as Solider Greeting Red Cross Truck
Director: John Peyser

36 :02x04 - The Long Way Home (1)

Members of the squad are captured and imprisoned in a compound run by a sadistic SS Captain.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Capt. Steiner |
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Sgt. Tom Akers | Woodrow Parfrey as Pvt. Gates | Arthur Batanides as Nader | James Sikking as Lyles | Arnold Merritt as Pfc. Cole | Sasha Harden as Lt. Brummel | Glenn Cannon as Rankin | Mike McDonald as Wilson | Walter Linden as German Compound Guard - Day | Norbert Meisel as German Compound Guard - Night | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Compound Guard - Day
Director: Ted Post

37 :02x05 - The Long Way Home (2)

Saunders searches for an escape route from a prison compound run by a sadistic SS Captain.
Special Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Capt. Steiner |
Guest Stars: Simon Oakland as Sgt. Tom Akers | Woodrow Parfrey as Pvt. Gates | Arthur Batanides as Nader | James Sikking as Lyles | Arnold Merritt as Pfc. Cole | Glenn Cannon as Rankin | Sasha Harden as Lt. Brummel | Mike McDonald as Wilson | Walter Linden as German Compound Guard - Day | Norbert Meisel as German Compound Guard - Night | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Guard - Day
Director: Ted Post

38 :02x06 - The Wounded Don't Cry

Saunders and a German hospital orderly undertake a mission to bring back desperately needed plasma to wounded Americans and Germans.
Guest Stars: Leonard Nimoy as Neumann | Karlheinz Böhm as Carl Bauer | Oscar Beregi as Major Schiller | Robert Winston as S.S. Lieutenant #1 | Felix Reinsch as S.S. Lieutenant #2 | Peter Hellman as Lance Corporal | Alex Denaszody as Old German | Bob Champion as S.S. Lance Corporal
Director: James Komack
Writer: James Landis

39 :02x07 - Doughboy

Saunders and Kirby encounter a deranged former American soldier from World War I who believes they are enemy Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Eddie Albert as Phil |
Guest Stars: Alida Valli as Marie | William Harlow as Nick Davis | Paul Busch as German Sgt. | Mike McDonald as Ed | Eric Braeden as German Vehicle Commander
Director: Tom Gries

40 :02x08 - Glow Against the Sky

The squad, including a gravely wounded Private Nelson, is trapped in the cellar of a destroyed house and Saunders decides to surrender the wounded man to the Germans for medical attention.
Guest Stars: Lee Patterson as Captain Howard | Chris Howard (1) as German Drunk #2 | Paul Busch as German Soldier | Warren Spahn as German Soldier | Kurt Kreuger as Capt. Neubauer | Addison Myers as German Medic | Kurt Landen as German Sentry | Carl Carlsson as German Sergeant | Bobby Hyatt as U.S. Medic | Brian Avery (2) as German Soldier | William Sargent as Huffman
Director: Sutton Roley

41 :02x09 - The Little Jewel

A French orpan attaches himself to the squad but his information ends up getting Caje captured by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Mindas Masuilis as German Machine Gunner #1 | Michel Petit as Bijou | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | Heinz Sadler as German Machine Gunner #3 | Dieter Jacoby as German Machine Gunner #2 | Edward Tierney as Scarface Sergeant
Director: John Peyser

42 :02x10 - A Distant Drum

A wounded Hanley is cared for by a reluctant Frenchwoman and her daughter.
Guest Stars: Denise Darcel as Annette | Earl Parker as Stunts | Holly McIntire as Louise | William Harlow as Corporal McGill | Sasha Harden as Keppler | Charles De Vries as Buehler | Edward Knight as German Sergeant | Ray Baxter (1) as German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

43 :02x11 - Anatomy of a Patrol

Saunders' patrol races a German patrol to reach a downed American plane that is carrying sensitive military information.
Guest Stars: William Smith (1) as Richter | Kort Falkenberg as Meitner | James Caan as Sgt. Beckman | William Sargent as Blocker | Jeff Davis (2) as Johnson | Juergen Seifert as Bernsdorf | Mark De Vries as Holweg | William Wellman, Jr. as Woody | Bobby Hyatt as Gray

44 :02x12 - Ambush

The squad liberates a French town but soon afterwards a doctor suspected of being a collaborator is murdered and his daughter directs her bitterness towards the Americans.
Guest Stars: Michael Pataki as G.I. Radio Man | Charles Macaulay as Capt. Baumer | Kort Falkenberg as Hans | Marisa Pavan as Marie Marchand | William Speckman as 1st German Soldier | Guy De Vestel as Uncle Henri | Maurice St. Clair as Andre | Steven Landers as German #1 | Edgar Ritscher as German #2 | Billy Beck as French Priest | Francis Ravel as Man | Gabrielle Rossillon as French Girl | Mignonne Gret as Girl
Director: Sutton Roley

45 :02x13 - Barrage

On a mission against German artliiery, Saunders finds himself trapped in a cave with a German deserter.
Guest Stars: Alf Kjellin as Hans | Ed Deemer as German Soldier #4 | Peter Hellman as German Soldier #3 | Frank Killmond as Clark | John Rayner as American Sergeant | Horst Evers as German Soldier #1 | Tom Pace as German Soldier #2 | Dieter Jacoby as Machine Gunner #1 | Mathias Uitz as Machine Gunner #2 | John Crawford as Gunnar
Director: Sutton Roley

46 :02x14 - Thunder from the Hill

On a mission behind enemy lines, the squad's French guide blackmails them into undertaking an attack on a an enemy position for his benefit.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Massine | John Neris as Jean | Ben Wright as Boulange | George Sawaya as Pierre | Jacques Sorel as Andre | Robert Carricart as Diebold
Director: John Peyser

47 :02x15 - The Party

During a break in the action, Caje, Kirby, and Nelson try to make romantic time with three French hotties.
Guest Stars: Earl Parker as Stunts | Andrea Darvi as Jeannine | Nicholas Georgiade as Londos | Terry Becker as Clayborne | Monique Lemaire as Roxanne | Danielle Aubrey as Renee | Charles Kuenstle as Driver | Robert Sorrells as Reeves | George W. Davis as Old Man | Danielle de Metz as Angelique
Director: John Peyser

48 :02x16 - Gideon's Army

The squad rescues a concentration camp full of Polish laborers and must recruit them into battle when the Germans attack.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as Sgt.Heinrich Buxman | Earl Parker as Stunts | Lou Robb as German Lieutenant | Milton Selzer as Colonel Glinski | Albert Szabo as Karacz | Reggie Nalder as Man With One Eye | Ray Baxter (1) as Cougher | Marc Cavell as Jan | Peter Hellman as German Sergeant | Dean Heyde as German Soldier
Director: John Peyser

49 :02x17 - The Pillbox

Hanley and a wounded soldier are trapped inside a pillbox with three German prisoners.
Guest Stars: Earl Parker as Stunts | Warren Oates as Stark | Albert Paulsen as Carl Dorfmann | Joe Turkel as Klimmer | Heney Horman as Meisner
Director: Vic Morrow
Story: Ken Pettus | Teleplay: Don Tait

50 :02x18 - The General and the Sergeant

After the squad liberates a French town, it becomes involved with a former French general who's now considered a laughing stock.
Guest Stars: John Dehner as General Armand Bouchard | Denise Alexander (1) as Jacqueline Bouchard | Christian Pasques as First Young Man | Lucien Lanvin as Second Young Man | Maria Schroeder as Young Girl #1 | Gabrielle Rossillon as Young Girl #2 | Renaud Villedieu as Boy | Mathias Uitz as German Soldier #1

51 :02x19 - Eyes of the Hunter

Saunders doesn't trust a soldier who says he can lead the squad to the location of a hidden German artillery unit.
Guest Stars: Hans Difflipp as German Lieutenant | Joseph Sirola as Casper | Joe Di Reda as Sgt. Calder | Ed Nelson as Jesse Burgess | William Smith (1) as German Sgt | Erik Holland as German Corporal

52 :02x20 - The Hostages

Doc is the only hope for Caje and Saunders who are being held prisoner by two Germans who've remained behind in a town recently captured by the Americans.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Capt. Aptmeyer |
Guest Stars: Eric Braeden as Ecktmann | Ken Berry as Motor Sgt. | Dick Patterson as Barnarbo | Tom Peters as Commo Man | Lew Gallo as Motorcycle MP | Joseph V. Perry as 1st Sgt.
Director: Ted Post

53 :02x21 - Mail Call

Saunders gets a letter from home that says his brother is MIA in the Pacific Theater and must deal with a malingering new squad member.
Special Guest Stars: James Best as Trenton |
Guest Stars: William Harlow as 1st American Jeep Driver | Ray Fulmer as Holmes | Fred Harris II as Smitty | Ed Deemer as German | Michael Masters as NCO

54 :02x22 - Counter-Punch

Trapped behind enemy lines, Saunders, Caje, and a group of misfits try to hijack a train full of Germans in order to get back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Anthony Holland as Cutner | Eugene Borden as Raje | James Davidson (1) as Bowers | George Savalas as Cooper | Malachi Throne as Moorwood | Steve Gravers as Martinez
Director: John Peyser

55 :02x23 - A Silent Cry

Saunders and a pacifist sergeant are assigned to deliver radios behind the lines to the French underground.
Guest Stars: Richard Anderson as Sergeant Perkins | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Jacques | Jacques Roux as Fontaine | Lili Valenty as Renee LeClair | Titus Moede as Marks | Guy De Vestel as Andre LeClair | Ed Deemer as German Lt. | Ed Gilbert as German Captain

56 :02x24 - The Hunter

Saunders and Kirby become the prey of a fanatical German captain who was once an avid big game hunter.
Guest Stars: Edward Tierney as Brunner | Alfred Ryder as Captain Eric Heisman
Director: Sutton Roley

57 :02x25 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (1)

Saunders takes orders to a British unit ordering them to retreat in face of heavy fire but their commanding officer refuses to do so.
Guest Stars: Ronald Howard as Captain Johns
Director: John Peyser

58 :02x26 - What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (2)

A stubborn British captain orders Saunders and his men to help him stand and fight against the Germans rather than comply with an order to retreat.
Guest Stars: Richard Chambers (1) as William | Norbert Meisel as German Corporal | Erik Holland as German Lieutentant | Eric Micklewood as Deeds | Richard Peel as Bolt | John Alderson as Sgt. Rawlings | William Beckley as Corporal Joyce | Philippe Chapelle as Robaire | Ronald Howard as Captain Johns
Director: John Peyser

59 :02x27 - Weep No More

Hanley tries to help a mentally disturbed French woman but it might end up getting everyone killed.
Guest Stars: Anjanette Comer as Annette | Ted Knight as German Sergeant | Rick Traeger as German Captain | Rudy Dolan as 2nd German Soldier | Charles De Vries as German Soldier | Kurt Lewin as German Corporal | John Shay as Doctor
Director: Ted Post

60 :02x28 - The Short Day of Private Putnam

A replacement soldier is discovered to be only 15 years old but he'll have to age quickly when the squad is attacked by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Beau Bridges as Pvt. Orville Putnam | Lilyan Chauvin as Fauvette | Robert Sampson (1) as Harvey

61 :02x29 - Rescue

Hanley is captured by two Germans posing as Americans who want information about troop movements.
Guest Stars: Edward Binns as Colonel Johnson | Guy Stockwell as Jerry Bacon | Paul Busch as German Lieutenant | Ed Deemer as German Sgt. | Tom Pace as Rear Sentry | Hans Heyde as Front Sentry | Ed Gilbert as German Private | Stephen Lander as 1st Soldier | David Brandon as German Soldier
Director: Ted Post

62 :02x30 - Command

When Hanley is wounded, the squad gets a new lieutenant who immediately clashes with Saunders while on a mission.
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Lt. Douglas | William Arvin as Adams | Dennis Robertson as Bronson | Louis Mercier as Jean Bayard | Charles Giorgi as Anton | Danny Klega as German Lt.

63 :02x31 - Infant of Prague

Under enemy fire, the squad encounters a group of nuns and attempts to escort them to safety but it might be easier said than done.
Guest Stars: Pamela Branch as Mlle. Mornay | Jeanne Rainer as Mlle. Solere | Leigh Chapman (1) as Mlle. Bochard | Harold Dyrenforth as Panzer Captain | Jeanette Nolan as Sister Therese
Director: John Peyser

64 :02x32 - The Glory Among Men

The squad is faced with a dilemma when a thoroughly unlikable new member is pinned down by German machine gun fire. Should they attempt a rescue or leave him to his fate?
Guest Stars: Eddie Ryder as Mason | Bernard Kates as Hacker | Peter Helm as Laslo | Fletcher Fist as Barnett | Jerry Douglas as Kohler | Hank Brandt as Heinecke | Paul Busch as Bauer | Richard Tretter as G. I.
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Tom Seller
Warning: Combat! guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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