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Season 4

97 :04x01 - Main Event

A boxer and his manager are the squad's newest replacements.
Guest Stars: Vic Werber as Ferguson | Hans Difflipp as German Sergeant | Todd Lasswell as Driver | Ben Cooper as Willy Kleve | Jack Carter as Murphy
Director: Tom Gries
Writer: William Fay

98 :04x02 - The First Day

The squad receives four new replacements. Which ones will survive their first day in combat?
Guest Stars: Rick Weber as German | John Nealson as Anderson | Robert Biheller as Tate | Kevin Coughlin as Loomis | Buck Taylor as Tobin | Dee Pollock as McBride
Director: Georg Fenady

99 :04x03 - S.I.W.

Saunders wonders whether or not a new squad member's wound is self-inflicted.
Special Guest Stars: John Cassavetes as Kalb |
Guest Stars: Mike Krempels as German | Paul Sheriff as Sawyer | William Stevens as Fleming
Director: John Peyser

100 :04x04 - The Linesman

Once again, Saunders clashes with another sergeant on a behind the lines mission.
Special Guest Stars: Jack Lord (1) as Barney McKlosky |
Guest Stars: Chris Anders as German Sergeant | Peter Hellman as German Soldier | Tom J. Stears as Pvt. Locke | Gerd Rein as German | Horst Ebersberg as German Sergeant | Heinz Brinkmann as German Lieutenant | Peter Duryea as Pvt. O'Connor
Director: Tom Gries
Story: Gene Levitt | Teleplay: Edward J. Lakso

101 :04x05 - The Farmer

A squad member, who was a farmer in civilian life, can't seem to realize that he's not behind the plow anymore.
Special Guest Stars: Dennis Weaver as Noah |
Guest Stars: Belle Mitchell as Old French Woman | Dina Harmsen as French Girl | Anthony Aiello as G.I. | Felix Locher as Old French Farmer
Director: John Peyser
Writer: Andy White

102 :04x06 - Evasion

Hanley and a British officer escape from a German POW camp and attempt to make their way back to Allied lines.
Guest Stars: Peter Marks as Max | Ralph Josephs as Hans | Normand Houle as French Waiter | Socrates Alafouzos as Albanian Soldier | Karl Sadler as German Lieutenant | Willy Kaufman as German Ticket Agent | Herb Andress as German Lieutenant | Phil Bonnell as Frost | Lloyd Bochner as Major Thorne | Monique Lemaire as Julie | John Lodge as Major Ramsey | Anthony Rogers as Lt. Maples | John Levingston as Capt. Todd
Director: John Peyser

103 :04x07 - Hear No Evil

Saunders has to make his way back to Allied lines without hearing after a grenade explosion leaves him deaf.
Guest Stars: Peter Haskell as German Hostage | William Harlow as G.I. | Bruce Hayes as German in Jeep | Ernst Winters as German in Jeep | Tom Pace as German Motorcyclist | Chris Anders as German Motorcyclist | Roger Gentry as German Soldier | Edgar Winston as German Soldier | Gary Lasdun as German Squad Leader | Gene Otis Shayne as Medic | Richard Tretter as Johnson
Director: Sutton Roley

104 :04x08 - Crossfire

Saunders accuses a soldier with a distinguished battle record of disobeying orders and causing the deaths of two others.
Guest Stars: Bob Champion as German Sergeant | Robert Turnbull as G.I. Corporal | Paul Busch as German Captain | Robert F. Hoy as G.I. on Radio | Walter Gregg as Pvt. Coates | Don Gordon as Pvt. Stevens | Ron Foster as Pvt. Marshall | Burt Douglas as Pvt. Clark | Rand Brooks as G.I. Lieutenant

105 :04x09 - 9 Place Vendee

A French youth and his dog impede Hanley's mission behind German lines.
Guest Stars: Philip Difermian as German Sgt. #1 | Mark Russi as German Sgt. #2 | Alf George as German at Chow Wagon | Jeff Norman as German in Truck | Lee Patterson as Captain Howard | Christopher Dark as German Agent | Dick Raymond as German Soldier | Paul Busch as German Soldier | Pat Michenaud as Jacques | William Leslie as Captain Clinton | Holly Bane as Pvt. Walsh | Michael Stroka as German Drunk #1 | Chris Howard (1) as German Drunk #2 | Max Kleven as German Lt.

106 :04x10 - The Old Men

The squad finds themselves saddled with three older replacement soldiers who may or may not be able to pull their weight.
Guest Stars: Tom Drake as Pvt. Todd | William Harlow as GI Jeep Driver | Norbert Siegfried as German #1 | Paul Busch as German Corporal | Arnold Merritt as Pvt. Fisher | William Phipps as Pvt. Barnhill | Simon Oakland as Pvt. Clawson
Director: Georg Fenady

107 :04x11 - Soldier of Fortune

Saunders and two other squad members are trapped inside a German wine cellar.
Guest Stars: Wesley Lau as Meyer | William Campbell as Pvt. Ed Wallace | Nickolaus Kopp as German | Ernst Winters as German Soldier | Buck Holland as Rudi | Race Gentry as Karl | Ed Deemer as German Lt. | Burt Brinckerhoff as Pvt. Andy Marsh
Director: Sutton Roley

108 :04x12 - The Casket

Saunders confiscates a vehicle owned by a Frenchwoman to get a wounded Kirby to medical aid but the woman isn't happy and attempts to slow him down. It seems as though she was going to use the vehicle to help bury her own recently deceased son.
Special Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Madame Carmaux |
Guest Stars: Hank Brandt as German NCO | Raymond Cavaleri as Michel

109 :04x13 - Luck with Rainbows

A British major takes Hanley and Kirby with him on a mission to destroy German V-2 rockets.
Guest Stars: Michael Evans as Major Cole-Hughes | Bill Glover as Sgt. Leighton | Kurt Landen as German #2 | David Adams (2) as German #1 | Paul Busch as German Fuel Tanker | Stephen Ferry as Paulson | Dirk Hansen as German Convoy Officer | Peter Hellman as German Truck Driver | Roy Dean as Wilson

110 :04x14 - Breakout

The squad is ordered to destroy a valley full of construction equipmant to keep it out of German hands.
Special Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Vertrain |
Guest Stars: Ross Sturlin as Rankin | Mark Tobin as Hans | Peter Hellman as Sgt. Hunte
Director: John Peyser

111 :04x15 - Finest Hour

Hanley and Caje are hidden by a French countess in her chateau that's being used as a headquarters by the occupying Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Luise Rainer as Countess Lorraine De Roy |
Guest Stars: Ramon Novarro as Count Georges De Roy | Maurice Marsac as Claude | Kurt Kreuger as Major Werner | Larry Gelbman as Sentry | Norbert Meisel as German #2 | Karl Sadler as German #1 | Lou Robb as Capt. Roswald | John Mylong as General Kroehler | James Dobson as Lt. Schaefer
Director: Sutton Roley
Writer: Don Tait

112 :04x16 - The Raider

After Hanley is captured by a notorious S.S. captain, Saunders tries to learn his location so that he and the squad can attempt a rescue.
Guest Stars: William Mahoney (1) as German #2 | Gil Peterson as German #4 | Roger Gentry as German #5 | Wally K. Berns (1) as German #6 | George Backman as Captain Reichart | Edgar Winston as German #1 | Martin E. Brooks as Corporal MacGowan | Jerry Carter as Wounded German | George Sawaya as GI #1 | Don Knight as German Sgt. | Ray McGrath as Tim | Leonard Nimoy as PFC Baum
Director: John Peyser

113 :04x17 - The Mockingbird

A German spy poses as a downed American aviator in order to kill an American intelligence officer being escorted by Hanley and the squad.
Guest Stars: Kurt Landen as Sgt. Mueller | Mark Russi as German Soldier | George Michaelides as Marcel | Jeremy Slate as Lt. Asher | John Agar as Captain Thorpe | Jean Del Val as Brother Edmundo | Ben Ari as Monk | Felix Locher as Brother Jasper | Hans Difflipp as Col. Richter | Nelson Welch as Abbot | George Brenlin as Pvt. Banning | Jacques Roux as Gautier
Director: John Peyser

114 :04x18 - The Good Samaritan

On a patrol, Saunders gets pinned underneath a heavy object but his companion refuses to abandon him to get important information to Lt. Hanley.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Marsini | Paul Busch as German Radio Man | Hank Brandt as German NCO

115 :04x19 - Retribution

KIrby swears vengeance against an SS colonel who beat his childhood friend to death during an interrogation.
Guest Stars: Albert Paulsen as Col. Bruener | William Harlow as G.I. #2 | Paul Huston as G.I. #1 | Ulf Balk-Moller as German Sergeant | Frank Koomen as Capt. Klaus | Rachel Rosenthal as Micheline | King Moody as Andre

116 :04x20 - Counterplay

An impostor leads the squad through a fake raid on a German radar station in order that the Germans can get their hands on some important members of the French resistance.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Marchand-German |
Guest Stars: Robert Crawford, Jr. as Pierre DuBois | H.M. Wynant as Sgt. Rawlings | Robert Ellenstein as DuBois | Chris Anders as German #3 | Gerd Rein as German #2 | Paul Busch as German Officer | Gary Lasdun as Marchand-French | Louis Mercier as Paul DuBois

117 :04x21 - Nothing to Lose

Hanley receives word that a new squad member is wanted on a murder charge back in the states.
Special Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Vinnick |
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt as Burke
Director: Georg Fenady

118 :04x22 - Ask Me No Questions

A German lieutenant posing as an American G.I. gets key information from a captured Saunders who escapes and tries to set things right once he discovers the deception.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Mastin | Ivan Henry Fairbanks as 2nd German Soldier | Mark Tobin as 1st German Soldier | John Siegfried as 2nd German Sentry | Barry Ford as First German Sentry | Ted Jordan as Pvt. Brand | Henry Evans as Corp. Rogers | Vic Dana as Pvt. James | Charles Maxwell as Corp. Giles | Curt Lowens as Capt. Haus | Craig Curtis as Pvt. Beecher | Carl Reindel as Pvt. Murray | Ed Peck as Pvt. Coker

119 :04x23 - The Ringer

A straggler joins the squad and begins behaving erratically and endangering the lives of the men.
Guest Stars: Mart Hulswit as Arthur Adams | Mike Krempels as German #2 | Tom Pace as German #1 | Peter Colton as Johnson
Director: Michael Caffey

120 :04x24 - The Flying Machine

Shot down behind enemy lines in an old observation plane, Hanley must make repairs and fly the airship back to Allied lines himself.
Special Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Brannigan |
Guest Stars: Peter Brocco as Claude | Peter Coe as Capt. Zweiger | Ross Elliott as Lt. Colonel | Larry Gelbman as 1st German Soldier | Horst Ebersberg as Brucke | Dick Raymond as 1st German | Norbert Meisel as Lt. Croftsen | Bard Stevens as Kruger

121 :04x25 - Hills are for Heroes (1)

The platoon receives orders to take a hill that is defended with deadly efficiency by two German bunkers.
Guest Stars: Joey Walsh as Einstein | Paul Carr as Kleinschmidt | Anthony D. Call as Morgan
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Gene L. Coon

122 :04x26 - Hills are for Heroes (2)

After suffering heavy casualties, the platoon once again is ordered to make another attempt to take a hill being held by the Germans.
Guest Stars: Michael Forest as Company Commander | Anthony D. Call as Morgan | Joey Walsh as Einstein | Paul Carr as Kleinschmidt
Director: Vic Morrow
Writer: Gene L. Coon

123 :04x27 - Gitty

A young female learns that Saunders has just killed her father, a German straggler.
Guest Stars: William Harlow as Captain's Aide | Paul Busch as Gitty's Father | John Himes as Captain Mason | Tom Nolan as Pvt. Hamilton | Richard Bakalyan as Sgt. Piper | Andrea Darvi as Gitty
Director: Georg Fenady

124 :04x28 - One at a Time

A German sergeant whose squad was wiped out by King Company begins stalking them and picking them off one by one.
Guest Stars: Hagen Smith as Daniels | Jerry Ayres as Sims | Rod Lauren as Guerney | Ronnie Welsh as Peal | Larry Kert as Fry | Jan Merlin as Erich

125 :04x29 - A Sudden Terror

Hanley tries to save one of his men who is trapped in quicksand.
Special Guest Stars: Brandon de Wilde as Wilder |
Guest Stars: Jan Malmsjö as Bruener | Paul Busch as German Officer | Mark Russi as Radioman | Earl Parker as Cooper | David Moss as Fire Director | Hank Brandt as Martin
Director: Michael Caffey

126 :04x30 - Run, Sheep, Run

A new squad member is terrified that a German prisoner who speaks English might reveal his moment of cowardice.
Special Guest Stars: Dwayne Hickman as Corey |
Guest Stars: Frank Marth as Lt. Vogler | Chris Howard (1) as German Corporal | Walter Maslow as Booker

127 :04x31 - The Leader

Kirby, K Company's biggest goldbrick and asshole, is left in charge of the squad during a German advance.
Guest Stars: Beau van den Ecker as German | Michael Barrier as Dean | Richard Tretter as Wills | Richard Chambers (1) as Lloyd | Andre Philippe as Grover | Tim Felix as Stice | Steven Marlo as Austin | Michael Vandever as Scott | William Bryant as Maynard
Director: Georg Fenady
Warning: Combat! guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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