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Season 5

128 :05x01 - The Gun

The squad must drag a cannon over some rough terrain in order to knock out a German bunker.
Guest Stars: Wayne Rogers (1) as Reiser | Tim Felix as Weed | Warren Stevens as Sgt. Hagen |
Uncredited: Beau van den Ecker as Wickham
Director: Michael Caffey

129 :05x02 - The Losers

Saunders is forced to take four soldiers awaiting court martial on a mission against the Germans.
Special Guest Stars: Bill Bixby as Kline |
Guest Stars: John Considine as Lennon | Harry Landers as Ash | Billy Gray as Candell | Ed Deemer as American Lieutenant | Mark Russi as German Officer
Director: Michael Caffey

130 :05x03 - Ollie Joe

An eager beaver new member of the squad is hiding some deadly secrets from his military and personal past.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Walker, Jr. as Ollie Joe |
Guest Stars: Warren Vanders as Lt. Earnshaw | Tom Pace as Otto | Claude Akins as Pelton | William Bryant as McCall

131 :05x04 - The Brothers

A fanatical French partisan cannot accept the fact that his younger brother is not cut out for war.
Special Guest Stars: Fernando Lamas as Leon Paulon |
Guest Stars: Sal Mineo as Marcel Paulon | Ted Knight as Lt. Herlmoch | Kurt Landen as 1st German Sergeant | Paul Busch as 2nd German Sergeant
Writer: Irve Tunick

132 :05x05 - The Chapel at Able-Five

A German chaplain uses a blinded Saunders to help him get a wounded German captain to safety.
Special Guest Stars: Fritz Weaver as Major Chaplain Ernest Miller |
Guest Stars: John Hudson (1) as Capt. Jampel | George Sawaya as German Sergeant | Louie Elias as Pvt. David Cochran | David Armstrong (1) as American Corporal | Jan Malmsjö as Captain Krauss
Director: Michael Caffey

133 :05x06 - A Child's Game

The squad attempts to capture a farmhouse that is being defended by teenaged German soldiers.
Guest Stars: Peter Haskell as Carl Muller | Henry Brandon as Hans | John Maurer as Kurt | John Walker (4) as Heinrich | Jim Henaghan as Gunther | David Loring as Karl | Eric Vaughn as Wilhelm | Mark De Vries as Ernst | Dennis Oliveri as Dieter
Story: Sidney Ellis | Teleplay: Gilbert Ralston

134 :05x07 - The Letter

Saunders makes the mistake of coddling a replacement soldier who reminds him of his younger brother.
Guest Stars: Barry Russo as Johnson | John Nealson as Pvt. Fisher | Mark Bailey (1) as German Soldier | Peter Hellman as German Soldier | Michael Masters as Mail Caller | Mark Tobin as German Lieutenant | Mike Krempels as 2nd German | Howard Gray as G.I. | Randy Boone as Pvt. Jim Hummell
Director: Georg Fenady

135 :05x08 - Headcount

Saunders attempts to herd a group of German prisoners back to Allied lines even though his men are outnumbered by them.
Guest Stars: Jan Merlin as Lt. Geiben | Ray Stricklyn as Pvt. Earl Konieg | Ron Soble as Corporal Wiltz | William Schallert as Major Fisher | Tom Pace as Kurt Shiller | Richard Kindelon as Driver | Gerd Rein as German Prisoner | Paul Busch as German Prisoner | Michael Masters as German Prisoner | Buddy Pantsari as German Prisoner | Jeff Pomerantz as German Prisoner

136 :05x09 - Decision

A soldier who was once a doctor doesn't want to kill.
Special Guest Stars: James Franciscus as Pfc. Charles Harris |
Guest Stars: Maurice Marsac as Elderly Frenchman | Louie Elias as Adams | Buddy Pantsari as G.I. | Wes Bishop as Wounded Soldier | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Georg Fenady

137 :05x10 - The Outsider

It seems as though nobody in the outfit can get along with the newest replacement.
Guest Stars: Steven Marlo as Blaker | Biff Elliot as Doctor | Dick Miller as Young Soldier | Jason Evers as Pvt. Jim Culley | Stasa Damascus as French Girl | Paul Busch as German Sgt. | Buddy Pantsari as German Patrol Leader | William Bryant as McCall

138 :05x11 - Conflict

Caje and Littlejohn begins squabbling with each other and it threatens the platoon as a whole when they are on a patrol.
Guest Stars: William Bryant as McCall | Karl Sadler as Machine Gunner | Tom Pace as German Corporal | William Harlow as G.I. Sergeant | Horst Ebersberg as 2nd Sentry | Gerd Rein as 1st Sentry | Buddy Pantsari as G.I. Medic
Director: Georg Fenady

139 :05x12 - Gulliver

Littlejohn finds himself taken hostage by a group of French children.
Guest Stars: Stefan Arngrim as Henri | Vicki Malkin as Christina | Jeremie Paul Andre as Marcel | Don-Antoine Fabrice as John | William Bramley (1) as Desk Sgt. | Sasha Harden as German Lt. | Paul Busch as Sgt. Kolcheck | Horst Ebersberg as German Sentry | Joe Stead as Johnson | Angelo De Meo as Jeep Driver | Oliver C. Stine Jr. as Corporal | Beau van den Ecker as G.I.
Director: Vic Morrow

140 :05x13 - The Bankroll

Kirby cleans up in a poker game but then has trouble collecting his money from another G.I.
Special Guest Stars: James Stacy as Farley |
Guest Stars: Norbert Meisel as German Sergeant | Mike Farrell as Doctor | Steven Marlo as Carson | Michael Masters as Poker Player | Louie Elias as Lou | Oliver C. Stine Jr. as Whitey | David Armstrong (1) as Poker Player | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Georg Fenady

141 :05x14 - Cry for Help

Doc becomes friends with a captured German medic.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Peter Halsman |
Guest Stars: Faith Domergue as Madame Fouchet | Jacques Roux as Anton Fouchet | Gene Kirkwood as Danny | David McFarland as Henri Fouchet | Chris Howard (1) as German Officer | Horst Ebersberg as 1st German | Lou Robb as 2nd German

142 :05x15 - The Furlough

On a furlough in London, Saunders becomes involved with a woman who runs an orphanage.
Special Guest Stars: Carol Lawrence as Ann Tinsley |
Guest Stars: John Williams (1) as Edmund Tinsley | Paul Picerni as Vincent | Jon Walmsley as Andrew | Tony Fraser as Phillip | Christine Baranski as Paulette | Cindy Eilbacher as Cynthia | Maria Lennard as Dolly | Jacquelyn Hyde as Maggie | Merri Wood-Taylor as Mrs. Davis

143 :05x16 - Entombed

Hanley finds himself trapped inside a cave with a group of Germans and French.
Special Guest Stars: Margaret O'Brien as Marianne Fraisnet |
Guest Stars: Skip Homeier as Lt. Karl Mauer | Michael Constantine as Jacques Patron | King Moody as Toulon | Mark De Vries as Pvt. Wexler | Mischa Hausserman as Johann Schiller | Barry Ford as German Captain | Beau van den Ecker as Emile | Tom Holland as Pfc. Tommy Bishop

144 :05x17 - Gadjo

Saunders takes an SS Major prisoner but then a group of gypsies appear on the scene seeking revenge against the prisoner and demand that he be handed over to them.
Special Guest Stars: Ricardo Montalban as Barbu |
Guest Stars: David Sheiner as SS Major Krieghoffen | Pat Renella as Razna | Anthony Benson as Andras | Hank Brandt as Sgt. Denfler | Beau van den Ecker as Gypsy | Larry Grant as Gypsy | Eugene Iglesias as Kako | William Bryant as McCall
Director: Michael Caffey

145 :05x18 - Anniversary

Hanley must deal with a deranged French resistance fighter who's killing Germans and Allied personnel alike.
Special Guest Stars: Telly Savalas as Jon |
Guest Stars: John van Dreelen as Lt. Kramer | Anne Wakefield as Anne | Émile Genest as Robierre | Rich Jeffries (1) as Pvt. Heller | Michele Montau as Dressmaker | Chris Howard (1) as German Medic | Chris Anders as Karl | Sofia Marie as Marie
Director: Michael Caffey

146 :05x19 - Encounter

A war correspondent encounters his estranged father, an engineering officer who's been assigned to a mission with the squad.
Special Guest Stars: James MacArthur as Jack Cole |
Guest Stars: Heinz Sadler as German Soldier | James Daly as Capt. Cole | Buddy Pantsari as Squad G.I. | Paul Busch as Ger. Officer | Richard Eyer as Pvt. Kean

147 :05x20 - The Gantlet

Saunders encounters all kinds of adventures after escaping from a POW train taking him to Germany.
Guest Stars: Tom Skerritt as Sgt. Decker | Bill Glover as Sgt. Crandall | Tom Pace as Pvt. Jackson | Peter Church as British Prisoner | Terence Mitchell as British Soldier | Horst Ebersberg as German with Dog | Kurt Landen as German Doctor
Director: Michael Caffey

148 :05x21 - The Masquers

Separated from his unit, squad asshole Kirby finds himself trying to prove he's not a German infiltrator but his accusers could be infiltrators themselves.
Special Guest Stars: Nick Adams (1) as Corporal Marty Roberts |
Guest Stars: Roger Perry as Carl Driskoll | Gavin MacLeod as Corporal Tommy Behan | Maurice Marsac as Paul | Earl Parker as Squad Leader | Paul Busch as German Sergeant | John Nealson as 1st G.I. | Don Knight as British Soldier | Skip Battyn as G.I. Soldier
Director: Georg Fenady

149 :05x22 - A Little Jazz

Saunders rescues a USO jazz troupe from enemy fire but their gratitude is underwhelming.
Special Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Bernie |
Guest Stars: Noah Beery, Jr. as Hank | Dennis Hopper as Zack | Joe Maross as Will | Robert Easton as Woody | Hank Brandt as German Lt. Knubel | Michael Masters as German Sgt. | Paul Busch as German Cpl. #2 | Walter Goodrich as German Cpl. #1
Director: Michael Caffey

150 :05x23 - Nightmare on the Red Ball Run

Kirby and Littlejohn volunteer as replacement drivers for the Red Ball Express.
Guest Stars: Claude Akins as Sgt. Rose | William Campbell as Corporal Sloan | Beau van den Ecker as Markum | Michael Masters as Medic | Paul Busch as German Tank Commander | John Carter as Major
Director: Michael Caffey

151 :05x24 - Jonah

A new replacement believes that he is a jinx and slowly others begin believing it as well.
Guest Stars: Tom Simcox as Dolan | Peter Haskell as Richards | Peter Duryea as Simmons | James Dobson as Greely
Director: Georg Fenady

152 :05x25 - The Partisan

In order to rescue Caje from German captivity, Saunders must depend on an American deserter and a blind French damsel.
Special Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Michel |
Guest Stars: Claudine Longet as Babette | Paul Busch as German Officer | Hank Brandt as German Soldier
Director: Michael Caffey
Writer: Ed Waters
Warning: Combat! guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 02, 1962
Ended: August 29, 1967
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