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The Annoying Orange

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 09/Oct/2009 The Annoying Orange N/A
2 1x02 29/Oct/2009 Plumpkin N/A
3 1x03 04/Dec/2009 TOE-MAY-TOE N/A
4 1x04 23/Dec/2009 Sandy Claus N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
5 2x01 15/Jan/2010 More Annoying Orange N/A
6 2x02 15/Jan/2010 Hey YOUTUBE!!! N/A
7 2x03 22/Jan/2010 Wazzup! N/A
8 2x04 29/Jan/2010 Super Bowl Football N/A
9 2x05 05/Feb/2010 Annoying Saw N/A
10 2x06 19/Feb/2010 Passion of the Fruit N/A
11 2x07 26/Feb/2010 Orange Gets Autotuned N/A
12 2x08 05/Mar/2010 A Cheesy Episode N/A
13 2x09 12/Mar/2010 Luck o' the Irish N/A
14 2x10 19/Mar/2010 Prank Call #1: Tanning Salon N/A
15 2x11 26/Mar/2010 Annoying Super Mario N/A
16 2x12 02/Apr/2010 Muddy Buddy N/A
17 2x13 09/Apr/2010 Excess Cabbage N/A
18 2x14 16/Apr/2010 The Annoying Trailer N/A
19 2x15 23/Apr/2010 The Cursed Onion Ring Tape N/A
20 2x16 23/Apr/2010 The Onion Ring N/A
21 2x17 30/Apr/2010 Wasssabi N/A
22 2x18 07/May/2010 Pain-apple N/A
23 2x19 14/May/2010 Pacmania N/A
24 2x20 21/May/2010 Picture Contest N/A
25 2x21 28/May/2010 Grapefruit's Revenge N/A
26 2x22 04/Jun/2010 Grandpa Lemon N/A
27 2x23 11/Jun/2010 Picture Contest Winners! N/A
28 2x24 11/Jun/2010 Back to the Fruiture N/A
29 2x25 18/Jun/2010 Mystery Guest N/A
30 2x26 24/Jun/2010 Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!! N/A
31 2x27 01/Jul/2010 Orange of July N/A
32 2x28 08/Jul/2010 The Orange Cup N/A
33 2x29 16/Jul/2010 Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples N/A
34 2x30 23/Jul/2010 Lady Pasta N/A
35 2x31 30/Jul/2010 Cruel as a Cucumber N/A
36 2x32 06/Aug/2010 Crabapple N/A
37 2x33 13/Aug/2010 Million Clones N/A
38 2x34 20/Aug/2010 Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind N/A
39 2x35 27/Aug/2010 The Sitcom N/A
40 2x36 03/Sep/2010 Going Walnuts N/A
41 2x37 16/Sep/2010 Bonsai Tree N/A
42 2x38 24/Sep/2010 Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap N/A
43 2x39 01/Oct/2010 No More Mr. Knife Guy N/A
44 2x40 08/Oct/2010 Happy Birthday N/A
45 2x41 15/Oct/2010 The Exploding Orange N/A
46 2x42 29/Oct/2010 Frankenfruit N/A
47 2x43 05/Nov/2010 Theme Song Attack! N/A
48 2x44 12/Nov/2010 The Annoying Pear N/A
49 2x45 19/Nov/2010 Viral Vote N/A
50 2x46 22/Nov/2010 Orange After Dentist N/A
51 2x47 23/Nov/2010 Kitchen Intruder N/A
52 2x48 24/Nov/2010 Sneezing Marshmallow N/A
53 2x49 25/Nov/2010 Annoying Orange Meets Charlie the Unicorn N/A
54 2x50 26/Nov/2010 Equals Annoying Orange N/A
55 2x51 03/Dec/2010 Full Kitchen Intruder Song N/A
56 2x52 10/Dec/2010 Mystery of the Mustachios N/A
57 2x53 17/Dec/2010 JalapeƱo N/A
58 2x54 24/Dec/2010 Wishful Thinking N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
59 3x01 07/Jan/2011 The Amnesiac Orange N/A
60 3x02 14/Jan/2011 Rap-berry N/A
61 3x03 21/Jan/2011 Food Court N/A
62 3x04 28/Jan/2011 Wazzup Blowup N/A
63 3x05 04/Feb/2011 Best Fiends Forever N/A
64 3x06 11/Feb/2011 Annoying Valentines N/A
65 3x07 11/Feb/2011 Annoying Valentines (Sitcom Version) N/A
66 3x08 14/Feb/2011 Annoying Valentines Surprise N/A
67 3x09 18/Feb/2011 It Takes Two to Mango! N/A
68 3x10 21/Feb/2011 Annoying Orange vs. Gecko N/A
69 3x11 25/Feb/2011 ZOOM!!! N/A
70 3x12 04/Mar/2011 Orange Through Time (1) N/A
71 3x13 11/Mar/2011 Kung Fruit N/A
72 3x14 18/Mar/2011 Fortune Cookie N/A
73 3x15 18/Mar/2011 Fortune Cookie (Sitcom Version) N/A
74 3x16 01/Apr/2011 April Fruits Day N/A
75 3x17 07/Apr/2011 Kitchen Carnage N/A
76 3x18 15/Apr/2011 Rolling in the Dough N/A
77 3x19 20/Apr/2011 Nyan Nya Orange N/A
78 3x20 21/Apr/2011 Comedy Clubbing N/A
79 3x21 29/Apr/2011 Orange Through Time (2) N/A
80 3x22 06/May/2011 Mommy and Me! N/A
81 3x23 12/May/2011 Fruit-for-All! N/A
82 3x24 20/May/2011 Juice Boxing N/A
83 3x25 20/May/2011 Juice Boxing (Sitcom Version) N/A
84 3x26 27/May/2011 Flower Power N/A
85 3x27 03/Jun/2011 Be a Star! N/A
86 3x28 10/Jun/2011 First Person Fruiter N/A
87 3x29 17/Jun/2011 Meteortron N/A
88 3x30 01/Jul/2011 YouTubers N/A
89 3x31 08/Jul/2011 Trollin N/A
90 3x32 13/Jul/2011 Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple N/A
91 3x33 22/Jul/2011 The Voodoo You Do! N/A
92 3x34 22/Jul/2011 The Voodoo You Do! (Sitcom Version) N/A
93 3x35 29/Jul/2011 Orange Goes Hollywood N/A
94 3x36 05/Aug/2011 Previously On N/A
95 3x37 05/Aug/2011 Orange Takes Over VidCon! N/A
96 3x38 12/Aug/2011 In the Dark N/A
97 3x39 26/Aug/2011 Naval Orange N/A
98 3x40 02/Sep/2011 Orange Through Time (3) N/A
99 3x41 09/Sep/2011 Gumbrawl N/A
100 3x42 16/Sep/2011 Pet Peeve N/A
101 3x43 23/Sep/2011 Souper Dooper N/A
102 3x44 26/Sep/2011 Ask Orange N/A
103 3x45 30/Sep/2011 Fake 'N Bacon N/A
104 3x46 03/Oct/2011 Orange Through Time (4) N/A
105 3x47 07/Oct/2011 Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds N/A
106 3x48 14/Oct/2011 Microwave Effect N/A
107 3x49 21/Oct/2011 Ask Orange: Toast Busters! N/A
108 3x50 28/Oct/2011 Chiller N/A
109 3x51 04/Nov/2011 Magic Clam N/A
110 3x52 11/Nov/2011 Jumping Bean N/A
111 3x53 21/Nov/2011 Party Rock N/A
112 3x54 22/Nov/2011 Epic Peel Time N/A
113 3x55 23/Nov/2011 Epic Rap Battles of Kitchenry N/A
114 3x56 24/Nov/2011 GO! BWAAAH! N/A
115 3x57 24/Nov/2011 Talking Twin Baby Oranges N/A
116 3x58 25/Nov/2011 Fry-day N/A
117 3x59 02/Dec/2011 Ask Orange: A-TOY-ING ORANGE! N/A
118 3x60 09/Dec/2011 Grapefruit's Totally True Tales: Bigfoot N/A
119 3x61 16/Dec/2011 Xmas Card Xplosion!! N/A
120 3x62 23/Dec/2011 Midget Rudolph N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
121 4x01 06/Jan/2012 FPS Orange N/A
122 4x02 13/Jan/2012 1 BILLION KILLS! N/A
123 4x03 20/Jan/2012 Once Upon an Orange N/A
124 4x04 27/Jan/2012 Annoying Orange Comedy Roast! N/A
125 4x05 03/Feb/2012 The Fruitbowl N/A
126 4x06 10/Feb/2012 The Dating Game N/A
127 4x07 17/Feb/2012 Poison Apple N/A
128 4x08 24/Feb/2012 He Will Mock You N/A
129 4x09 02/Mar/2012 Annoying Orange vs. Mortal Kombat N/A
130 4x10 05/Mar/2012 Ultimate Marshmallow Tease N/A
131 4x11 09/Mar/2012 Dr. Bananas N/A
132 4x12 16/Mar/2012 The Leprechaun Trap N/A
133 4x13 23/Mar/2012 The Hungry Games N/A
134 4x14 30/Mar/2012 Annoying Orange 2.0!!! N/A
135 4x15 06/Apr/2012 Easter Island N/A
136 4x16 09/Apr/2012 Marshmallow's Favorites: Doggy Videos N/A
137 4x17 13/Apr/2012 Ask Orange: Master Chef! N/A
138 4x18 20/Apr/2012 WazZOOM N/A
139 4x19 27/Apr/2012 Buddy Cops N/A
140 4x20 04/May/2012 Bacon Invaders N/A
141 4x21 11/May/2012 U Can't Squash This N/A
142 4x22 25/May/2012 Tough Enough N/A
143 4x23 01/Jun/2012 Big Top Orange N/A
144 4x24 08/Jun/2012 Avocad-bro N/A
145 4x25 11/Jun/2012 Behind the Seeds N/A
146 4x26 15/Jun/2012 Ask Orange: Once in a Blew Moon! N/A
147 4x27 22/Jun/2012 OMG N/A
148 4x28 06/Jul/2012 Going Donuts N/A
149 4x29 13/Jul/2012 The Fruitrix N/A
150 4x30 20/Jul/2012 Mac & Cheese N/A
151 4x31 27/Jul/2012 Animated N/A
152 4x32 03/Aug/2012 Annoying Orange Vs Plants Vs Zombies N/A
153 4x33 10/Aug/2012 Summer Vacation N/A
154 4x34 07/Sep/2012 Marshmallow Pic Contest Winners! N/A
155 4x35 14/Sep/2012 ORANGE NYA NYA STYLE N/A
156 4x36 21/Sep/2012 Buddy Cops 2: Stachehouse N/A
157 4x37 28/Sep/2012 Monster Burger! N/A
158 4x38 05/Oct/2012 Clam's Casino N/A

    Season 4 »
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Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure | Celebrities | Comedy | Fantasy | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: YouTube ( USA)
Airs: Fridays
Runtime: 5 Minutes
Premiere: October 09, 2009
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