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Hunted - Recap

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Akbari has his men threaten to drop the harbor master off of a building unless he tells the prince what ship that Sinbad sailed on. When the harbor master says that he doesn’t know, Akbari has his soldiers drop him into the harbor. As Akbari walks away, Taryn approaches him and says there is only one way to find Sinbad. She goes to her chambers and casts a spell, and sees him entering a city on the way to Baruk.

Sinbad and his crew enjoy a drink while Rina gives Anwar his first tattoo. Nala asks Gunnar about his tattoo and the Northerner claims that it’s a farming tattoo. Sinbad asks his friend if he plans to go back but Gunnar says that he still has plenty of trading to do. Anwar runs off before Rina can start cutting him, claiming he needs some fresh air. As he tries to get control of himself, he notices four guards from Basra showing a poster of Sinbad around. Anwar goes back and tells the others about the Basra guards. Sinbad starts to confront them, but Gunnar tells him to go back to the ship and sail it to the cape, and they’ll meet him later. When Sinbad hesitates, eager to avenge his brother’s death, Gunnar warns that the guards will kill the rest of them for being with Sinbad. After a moment, Sinbad considers and gets an idea to get the rest of them out.

A few minutes later, Anwar and Rina stage a fight near the guards. Nala kisses Anwar and Rina pulls her away and kisses him. As they fight over the ship’s surgeon, Sinbad and Gunnar slip away. Once their friends are clear, Rina pushes Anwar away and tells him not to get any ideas. As Gunnar and Sinbad leave, they’re unaware that a masked figure in a red robe is watching them from the top of a nearby building. The figure runs across the rooftops, following the two men.

Anwar, Rina, and Nala approach the ship. The flag is up, meaning that Cook hasn’t detected any danger, but Rina senses that something is wrong. Anwar insists that they stick to the plan and starts walking toward the Providence, and the two women reluctantly follow him.

Gunnar and Sinbad head for the edge of the city so they can get to the cape. Sinbad is disgusted that they’re fleeing like cowards. Neither one of them notice the masked figure watching from the roofs.

Anwar and the others see nothing near their ship and go onboard. However, one of the Basra guards brings Cook up out of the hold, while the other guards move in. Taryn steps out onto the deck, smiling in triumph at her captives.

Sinbad and Gunnar spot a second patrol and Sinbad says that they have to double back. Gunnar reluctantly follows him.

Once their prisoners are tied up, Taryn orders the guards to stand aside. When the guard captain questions her authority, Taryn tells him that she’s seen his future and he won’t be going home. Unimpressed, the captain tells her that he and his men will be the ones who take Sinbad to Akbari.

The figure continues to watch Sinbad and Gunnar as they duck the guards. Gunnar finally realizes that Sinbad lied to him about doubling back and plans to fight. As he angrily says he won’t fight beside him, a guard finds them and Sinbad knocks him unconscious. They run off, passing through a grove on the outskirts of town. Sinbad asks who he is and why he was so angry about fighting, but Gunnar refuses to answer.

Taryn separates Anwar from the others and says that Akbari has given orders to kill anyone collaborating with Sinbad. She promises to protect his friends if Anwar tells her where Sinbad is going. When he says nothing, Taryn tells the guards to execute the prisoners and Anwar tells her that Sinbad is heading for the cape. He claims he knows nothing about where Sinbad is going, but Taryn notices him looking at Rina and says that he can be the hero by telling her what he knows. When she prepares to kill Rina, Anwar explains that Sinbad can’t go back to Basra because of his grandmother’s curse.

As they continue running, Gunnar tells Sinbad that he has to get control of himself or he’ll get them all in real trouble. As they pause for a moment, Gunnar hears something. More of the red-robed figures attack them, using weighted ropes. Gunnar refuses to draw his sword and the two men are quickly overwhelmed. Their attackers focus on Gunnar, knocking Sinbad unconscious and hauling the Northerner away.

Taryn and the guards search the Providence and the sorceress tells Akbari’s captain that by the time his men get there, she will have already brought Sinbad back. Anwar explains that they’re looking for something that was part of Sinbad’s, and insists that he did what he had to so that he could protect the rest of them. Taryn finds a lock of hair in Rina’s purse and asks the crew who it belongs to, and notices Rina’s brief moment of fear. The sorceress then goes to shore and summons a Hunter crafted from salt, using the hair to direct it to its target. She tells it to feed off of Sinbad’s emotions, follow them, and kill him. After a moment, the Hunter runs off into the city.

Sinbad wakes up and realizes that his friend is gone.

The guards lock the Providence crew in the hold and Anwar explains that the Hunter is a familiar, bonded to both its creator and its target. Cook points out that the spell only works if the caster knows the target has some magic about them, and Rina realizes that Anwar told Taryn about Sinbad’s curse. He points out that he had no choice, and Rina frees herself from her ropes and picks the lock on the cell door, freeing them.

Taryn watches the city through the Hunter’s eyes as it closes in on its prey. Meanwhile, Sinbad follows the trail to a nearby castle.

A guard goes below decks and Anwar tries to knock him out without success. As the man draws his sword, Nala knocks him out from behind. Much to Rina’s surprise, Anwar makes sure that the man’s throat is clear. The guard grabs his throat and the ship’s doctor knocks him out, much to his surprise.

Sinbad climbs up into the castle and sees the red-robed warriors fighting in the courtyard. The thief slips by them but sees more of the warriors bring out Gunnar. The warriors force the Northerner to kneel and their leader, Obsidian, comes out. He informs Gunnar that they’ve been looking for him for a long time. Gunnar insists that he is just a trader, but Obsidian says that his warriors are the Khaima. Their job is to protect the innocent and punish the lawless, and Obsidian insists that they’ve never spilled innocent blood. Sinbad listens as Obsidian calls one of his men over. The sorcerer casts a spell forcing Gunnar to relive his memories of when he was a Northern berserker, raping and pillaging. Gunnar continues to insist that he’s innocent, but finally breaks and says that he’s one of the Valsgard. He claims to be a soldier, explaining that they destroyed everything in their path, including women and children.

Rina peers cautiously out of the hatch and sees Taryn concentrating on the Hunter. She tells the others that there are two other guards and Nala suggests they persuade them they’re making a diplomatic mistake. Rina thinks her idea is stupid, but Anwar points out that the men are afraid of Taryn’s sorcery. Cook is glad to dress up as a monster and frighten them, but Anwar notices a jar filled with a red liquid and says there’s another way to play on their fears.

Obsidian tells Gunnar that he has been judged and Gunnar says that he accepts his punishment for the person he was, and still is. The Khaima leader draws his sword but then says that they’ll give Gunnar the chance to die in combat as is the way of his people. Gunnar refuses to draw his sword to defend himself and prays to his gods, and Sinbad charges out. He tells the Khaima that he only wants to take his friend and leave. Obsidian is impressed and offers him the chance to walk away, and Gunnar tells Sinbad to go. The Northerner says that for what he’s done, the Khaima are right to kill him.

An apparently bloody Rina staggers up to the guards and says that the Hunter came back. When they go to her aid, Cook and Nala disarm and then knock the two guards out.

Obsidian closes in on Sinbad and then... offers him his sword. Sinbad takes the sword and attacks in a fury, but Obsidian easily disarms him and throws him to the ground. The Khaima leader says that Sinbad’s lack of control defeated him before he swung the first blow. Before he can kill Sinbad, the Hunter leaps into the courtyard and runs toward Sinbad. Realizing that Sinbad is its victim, Obsidian tells him to run while his men cut the creature to pieces. After a moment, Sinbad runs and Gunnar starts to go after him, but Obsidian says that the Northerner doesn’t have a choice. Meanwhile, the Hunter easily reassembles itself and goes after Sinbad. Gunnar insists that he can’t let Sinbad face it alone and Obsidian wonders why he cares so much about a thief. The Northerner gives his word that he will return once he saves Sinbad and Obsidian lets him go.

Rina and Nala awaken Taryn from her trance, and she warns them that she had sent the creature to bring Sinbad back. Without her control, the Hunter will kill their friend.

Sinbad runs into the forest but Akbari’s captain and his men capture him. The thief tries to explain but the captain insists that they’ll take him back to Basra.

On the Providence, Taryn tries to regain control of the Hunter without success. Meanwhile, the Hunter easily knocks out the captain and his men and advances on Sinbad. However, Gunnar arrives and severs its head. It reforms again and Sinbad grabs a sword and attacks it repeatedly. Gunnar tells Sinbad that the creature is feeding off of his emotions and that the thief has to let go of his anger. The Northerner explains that he knows what it means to give into anger and asks Sinbad to trust him. As the Hunter reforms once more, Sinbad concentrates, smiles, and then drops his sword. He tells the Hunter to go in peace and it blows away on the wind.

Obsidian steps out of the woods and Gunnar goes to him. The Khaima leader is surprised that Gunnar didn’t run and says that he’s not a bloodthirsty killer. He suggests that the Khaima could use a man like him, but Gunnar says that he’s not ready. The Northerner glances at Sinbad and says that he’s not ready to leave his friend. He walks over and picks up the sword and sheathes it at his side.

When Sinbad and Gunnar return to the Providence, Taryn claims that she had no choice but to obey Akbari’s orders. She apologizes and says that Akbari will hunt them down and kill them. Sinbad tells her to inform Akbari that the blood debt has been paid and releases her. When Nala wonders how he can let the sorceress go, Sinbad says that they’re not killers and that sometimes one has to let things go. As Sinbad helps Taryn up, the sorceress gets a prophetic vision of Sinbad being attacked by a gargoyle, a ruined city, and a white-haired woman. She stares in shock at Sinbad as Cook leads her off the ship.

Later, the Providence leaves port and Gunnar tells Sinbad about a village that he and the Valsgard stormed through. As they left, an old woman attacked him with her walking stick. The other Valsgard laughed at her, but Gunnar saw the look of disgust in her face. Since then, he’s seen the same look of disgust in his own eyes. Sinbad says that he doesn’t believe that they are trapped by the pasts and tells Gunnar that he doesn’t believe it either. However, he tells Gunnar that he’ll tell the others that he rescued him so they won’t be mad at him. Sinbad explains that they can’t go to Baruk because they’re hunted and Gunnar says that it’s safest for them to stay together.

In Basra, Akbari tells the guards, including Tazeem, to rip the city apart to find Sinbad’s family. Taryn arrives and looks at Tazeem, recognizing him from her prophetic visions of Sinbad. She accuses him of knowing Sinbad and Akbari dismisses the other guards. He tells Tazeem to bring Sinbad’s family in return for great riches.

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