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Homecoming - Recap

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The Providence approaches Basra and Cook warns Sinbad that he's getting a bad feeling. Sinbad insists that he plans to just go in, find his family, and get out. Cook gives him a knife, insisting that it has saved his life and will do the same for Sinbad, and asks him to get him some spices while he's there. The crew then takes the dinghy ashore and makes their way into the city.

Akbari examines his dead brother's model of the future Basra and wonders if he has the right to change his brother's vision. Taryn tells him that he's very close to what he's always wanted and that he shouldn't falter. After a moment, Akbari takes a torch and burns the model.

Sinbad and the others watch as Akbari's guards burning the scrolls at the House of Wisdom. They see Taryn supervising the operation and take Anwar's old professor into the building. Inside, Taryn tells the senior professor that the building was once was a black temple and that they built libraries over the shrine to contain their power. The sorceress then demands that the senior professor tell her where the gateway to the Shadows can be found. When he refuses to tell her, Taryn orders her soldiers to break open the floor.

Outside, one of the prisoners makes a break for it and Sinbad goes after him. The others reluctantly follow and Gunnar helps when Sinbad is outnumbered and beaten down by the three soldiers. The Northerner reminds Sinbad of the plan and tells him to stick to it. The fugitive tells them that the Emir is dead and only Akbari's supporters remain in the city. They realize that Akbari killed his brother and has declared science and scholars the enemies as the old magic returns. The scholar warns Anwar that his father, the Professor of Medicine, isn't safe and then leaves with what scrolls he's gathered. Sinbad tells Anwar to take his family to the Providence and they'll meet him there later. Rina offers to go with him and, after a moment, Anwar accepts her help.

Akbari arrives at the House of Wisdom and explains that the Emir had the temples built over for a reason. Taryn assures him that with the power of the Shadows, she can make sure that every street is watched over, giving Akbari absolute control of Basra. She then removes a rock with a glowing rune from the floor and a shadowy force emerges from it and congregates on the ceiling. As the senior professor stares in horror, Taryn commands the shadows to consume him.

As they make their way through the streets, Rina explains that she lived wherever she chose. Anwar wonders if their paths ever crossed and Rina points out that she would have robbed him if they had met.

Sinbad, Gunnar, and Nala head for Sinbad's house and Sinbad talks of how Jamil talked of opening a store to sell shoes. As they enter the building, an old fortune teller tells them to avoid stepping in the darkness. The trio continues and Nala keeps watch while Sinbad and Gunnar go inside.

Anwar and Rina reach Anwar's house and the thief suggests they take the back way in.

Sinbad discovers that his mother and grandmother are gone. All they find is Safia's scarf, which Sinbad picks up.

At the palace, the imprisoned Safia senses that Sinbad is touching the matching pair of the scarf she wears and Taryn notices and realizes that Sinbad is in Basra. She takes the rune stone and commands the Shadows to find Sinbad. Meanwhile, Sinbad notices a black rune on the wall that wasn't there before. As he and Gunnar leave, Nala senses something watching them from the shadows and warns the others that something isn't right. However, Sinbad sees no one and dismisses her concerns, and leaves to find the one man who can tell him what he needs to know.

Rina and Anwar slip into the house through a rear window and Anwar's mother Helene finds them.

Sinbad, Gunnar, and Nala find a courtyard filled with Akbari's soldiers. Tazeem is among them as they drill, and Gunnar wonders what they're preparing for. Sinbad whistles a signal and Tazeem hears him, and Sinbad tells Gunnar and Nala to meet him at a rendezvous later.

Anwar's father Ali comes in and asks his son to introduce his new friend. Rina bows to them.

Sinbad meets Tazeem at their favorite spot on a rooftop overlooking Basra. They greet each other and Tazeem assures his friend that Zahira is safely out of Basra. He reluctantly tells Sinbad that Akbari has Safia and will execute her once he becomes Emir, an hour before nightfall. Sinbad asks Tazeem to get him into the palace but his friend warns him that he doesn't know what he's up against. Tazeem tells him to turn back but Sinbad asks him for one last favor.

Ali asks if Anwar is back and a surprised Anwar reminds him that the House of Wisdom has been occupied and the scrolls destroyed. His father explains that those who resist change are pushed out but they'll always need doctors. Anwar disagrees but Ali suggests that they have lunch first.

As Nala and Gunnar head for the rendezvous, they spot the young scholar from early, fermenting dissent. The Shadows swoop down and consume the scholar and his friends before Gunnar and Nala can notice. Nala wonders where they went but Gunnar assumes that they've moved on and continues. As the two friends arrive at the rendezvous spot, Sinbad and Tazeem arrive.

Anwar and his family have dinner and Helene asks Rina what she does. She says that she's in the jewelry trade and compliments them on their son. However, Helene explains that Anwar is merely an unqualified student doctor and that he ran off to sea. Ali assures Anwar that he has convinced the university tutors to accept him back and it's not up for discussion. Angry, Rina storms off.

Taryn asks Safia if she's ashamed that Sinbad has come to rescue her despite the fact that she cursed her grandson. Safia ignores the question and notes that there is a sadness about the sorceress, someone that she has lost. She asks what Taryn wants and the sorceress explains that Akbari wants revenge. However, Safia asks what Taryn wants. When Taryn turns away, Safia tries to broach the mystic wards without success and Taryn assures her that she will soon be reunited with her grandson.

Tazeem shows the trio a tunnel that will take them to the rampart and gives them directions to Taryn's chamber. As a patrol comes by, Tazeem wishes his friend luck and leaves. Nala wonders why Sinbad is really going into the palace and he claims that he only wants to rescue Safia. Sinbad and Gunnar take the tunnel while Nala stays behind to guard their retreat. Once they leave, the Shadows grab Nala and carry her away to a dark chamber where their other prisoners are held.

As Sinbad and Gunnar make their way through the dark tunnels, the Shadows approach them, held back only by the light of their torches.

Anwar goes after Rina, who warns him that his parents are acting suspiciously. She figures that someone told them that he was coming back. Ali and Helene come in and tell their son that he has made a mistake, and that Akbari has promised them Anwar would come to no harm. When Rina warns them that Akbari plans to destroy all of the universities, Helene dismisses her as a mere thief and Anwar wonders how they know who Rina is. The guards burst in and quickly capture Rina, tying her up and throwing her in a caged wagon. Ignoring his parents, Anwar chases after the wagon. Rina cuts her ropes with a hidden knife and Anwar jumps from above onto the wagon.

Taryn tells Safia that Sinbad's friends will suffer just as he will. Tazeem comes in and the sorceress assures him that his family will be safe and Akbari will reward him.

Once Rina frees herself, she goes back to Anwar, who is sprawled in the road after missing the wagon. She asks about his family and Anwar tells her that he's disowned himself.

Akbari prepares for his coronation and Taryn tells him that Sinbad is in the city and the trap is set.

Sinbad and Gunnar reach the roof the palace and dispose of the guard. They look down as Akbari enters the courtyard and Sinbad draws Cook's knife. He tells Gunnar that he plans to kill the man who killed his brother and Gunnar realizes that was his friend's plan all along. The Northerner asks what good killing Akbari will do for Sinbad's family and Sinbad reluctantly puts away the knife. The two men enter the palace and go to Taryn's chamber, but the Shadows grab Gunnar and imprison him with the others.

Sinbad reaches the chamber and Safia tells him to stay back. When he tries to approach her, the cursed necklace tightens around his throat and she explains that he cannot be close to the one who placed it on him. Safia warns her grandson that it's a trap and that Tazeem has betrayed him, and that there's nothing he can do. Despite that, Sinbad staggers forward, choking, and Safia admits that she was wrong to curse him. She tells Sinbad that Taryn is the one he must watch out for. Taryn enters the chamber and welcomes Sinbad home.

In the dark chamber, Gunnar tries to reach through the shadows surrounding them but the Shadows lash out.

Akbari arrives and thanks Taryn for her achievements. He asks Sinbad how it felt to kill his son and explains that everything he has done since then is for the memory of his child. Akbari draws his sword and hacks at Sinbad, who draws his knife and fights back. Sinbad manages to disarm the prince and holds his knife to his throat… and then apologizes for the pain that he has caused Akbari. He throws Akbari to the ground and the necklace around Sinbad's neck shatters and falls to the ground. Safia stands up and tells her grandson that he has become the man that she always hoped he would be.

The prince climbs to his feet and tells Sinbad that he is sorry for his loss. However, Taryn stabs him in the back and tells the dying Akbari that he has always been the one serving her. The sorceress then turns to Sinbad, telling him that he has no idea who he really is and what he's capable of. Unnoticed, Safia concentrates and breaches the mystical wards containing her. As Taryn offers to show Sinbad a new reality, Safia grabs the rune stone and shatters it. The Shadows flow out through the chamber, stunning Taryn, and freeing the prisoners held below.

Sinbad goes to Safia, who admits that she should have told him the truth about who he is but that she wanted to protect him. Dying, she asks her grandson to forgive her and Sinbad assures her that he does. As she dies, Tazeem comes in and tells his friend that he needs to go before the guards lock down the palace. He says that he didn't have a choice and Sinbad kisses his grandmother one last time before leaving with Tazeem. As he goes, Sinbad picks up the jewel from the necklace.

The crew reunites aboard the Providence and Anwar wonders what they will do now that Akbari is dead. Sinbad tells them that Akbari was a good man led astray. Rina plays up Anwar's rescue and Nala tells them that she has to stay in Basra to help those who have lost their homes and livelihoods, just as her father did. She promises Sinbad that Safia will receive the burial she deserves. Nala admits that she didn't think much of Sinbad when they first met, and then kisses him and says that it was fun.

As the Providence sets sail, Sinbad gives Cook his knife back and says that he didn't need it in the end. Sinbad glances back at Basra and Cook tells him that home changes and the world expands, and a traveler discovers that he's brought his home with him.

In the palace, Taryn vows that it has only begun.

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