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Land of the Dead - Recap

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In Basra in the past, a desperate Taryn tries to buy medicine for her sick daughter Alehna. The doctor warns that medicine is expensive and he doesn't come cheap. He tells Taryn that it wouldn't be fair to help her for free because others would demand the same. Taryn then goes to Alehna and promises that she'll find her help.

Now, Taryn inside of Tiger's body looks in the mirror echoes the promise she made long ago. Meanwhile, the Providence makes its way through stormy seas and Tiger/Taryn runs up on deck and assures Sinbad that they need to find the pillars that mark the way to the Land of the Dead. The ship passes into the pillars and finds itself trapped in a maelstrom, while the crew tie themselves down.

When Sinbad wakes up, he unties himself and discovers that the ship is now within a vast cavern. After the other revive, Sinbad says that he plans to get Jamil and leave, and that he won't ask them to accompany him. They insist on going with him while Cook remains with the ship. The group makes its way through the tunnels and come to a locked gate. Gunnar is unable to open it, but Tiger/Taryn suggests that Sinbad try. It unlocks at his touch and Tiger/Taryn claims that she just had a feeling her suggestion would work. The others go with him as they descend into the bowels of the earth.

The group enters a huge chamber filled with the ruins of a forgotten city. Tiger/Taryn explains that it is the city of Limbo, where forgotten souls hang onto what remains of their lives. Rina comments on the deathly silence... just as some great beast howls in the distance. A man runs by and Sinbad chases after him, telling the others to stay behind. He finally tracks the man to an abandoned temple and the refugee warns that something has woken "them" up. The refugee tells Sinbad that when the creatures capture someone, they make them see the truth of their lives. The man runs off and a huge Cyclops-like creature emerges from behind Sinbad. It fires a beam of light from its face, pinning Sinbad in place.

Sinbad finds himself in Basra, surrounded by revelers. They carry him out into the streets where everyone is celebrating, and a man tells Sinbad that it is the Emir's birthday. When Sinbad insists that the Emir is dead, the man assumes that he's drunk and moves on.

As Taryn/Tiger looks for Sinbad with the others, Gunnar points out that Sinbad wouldn't have ended up there if not for her. She says that she simply supported him like they all did, but Gunnar accuses her of driving Sinbad to the Land of the Dead. He punches her, much to the others' surprise, and Gunnar points out that the real Tiger would have blocked his blow. The Northerner demands answers but when Taryn/Tiger says nothing, he throws her to the ground. Taryn flies out of Tiger's body and she tells the crew that she is there because she is also looking for someone. Gunnar doesn't believe her but Tiger says that Taryn is telling the truth because she has been able to see into her mind while they shared one body. She explains that it's not a trap and tells Gunnar that they need to find Sinbad, and he reluctantly releases Taryn. As they continue on, Tiger warns Taryn that she'll kill her if she tries to betray them. Sinbad screams in agony and the crew follows the sound.

Sinbad spots Gunnar in a street fight, taking down an opponent. He goes to his friend and describes what happened, but realizes that Gunnar doesn't know who he is or what he's talking about. Assuming that he's a challenger, Gunnar grabs Sinbad and twists him around.

Gunnar and the others find Sinbad, still immobile in the creature's beam. Taryn warns that it is part of the Land of the Dead and can't be killed, but Gunnar tries to distract it while the others prepare to pull Sinbad away.

Sinbad tries to fight back but Gunnar beats him without mercy until he goes down.

Gunnar finally distracts the creature, which tries to attack him as the others pull Sinbad away. He gets out and joins the others, barring the door behind them.

When Sinbad wakes up, he finds Anwar standing over him. Anwar takes Sinbad to his home and treats his wounds. He doesn't recognize Sinbad either and is surprised that Sinbad knows his name. When Sinbad mentions the Providence, Anwar says that he was aboard that ship but got seasick and they sent him home. He tells Sinbad that his father covered it all up and wonders how Sinbad knew, and Sinbad tells him that when Anwar ran away from home, it made a man of him. Anwar takes his pulse as Sinbad says that it's a big world and it's never too late for Anwar to explore it and then leaves to find Jamil.

Gunnar and the others take Sinbad into a building and bar the door behind them. Sinbad is still unconscious and Taryn explains that he's trapped in the light. She warns the others that they're in the most powerful place on earth and none of their skills and abilities are enough. Sinbad can only escape by freeing himself but the Land of the Dead is designed so that he won't want to. Gunnar suggests that Taryn enter Sinbad as she did Tiger despite her warnings that the shock could kill him, and points out that they have no choice. The sorceress goes to Sinbad and begins casting a spell.

As he staggers through the streets and Anwar follows him, Sinbad hears Taryn's words but doesn't know what they are or where they're coming from. He goes to Jamil's home and his brother comes to the door... and has no idea who Sinbad is. Sinbad embraces him and explains that he's Jamil's brother, but Jamil says that he doesn't have a brother. His mother passed away before having a second son and Jamil throws Sinbad out, thinking that it's a joke.

Taryn's voice echoes in Sinbad's head as he stumbles away with Anwar. Anwar tells him that when he tried to take his pulse later, he confirmed that Sinbad didn't have a heartbeat. Everyone in the marketplace goes silent and stares at Sinbad, who collapses.

Sinbad wakes up and backs away from the others, telling them to stay away from him. Tiger explains that he has a foot in both worlds and is both alive and dead. When he sees Taryn, Sinbad charges at her and demands answers. She explains that her daughter, Alehna, died and she couldn't enter the Land of the Dead. Taryn discovered Sinbad and realized that he was the only one powerful enough to enter.

More of the creatures howl as they approach and Taryn explains that the creatures can sense that Sinbad is a threat because of his power. If they find Sinbad and the others, they will exterminate any life since they see it as a disease. Sinbad apologizes for endangering them and then runs out and locks the door behind him. He then runs out into the street and calls for the creatures to come for him. Much to his surprise, Jamil suddenly whistles to him and then calls him over into the alleyways. They take refuge in a cellar as one of the creatures projects a beam of light down, narrowly missing them. It moves on and the brothers embrace and then find the others.

As the group continues moving, Jamil explains that he heard the creatures howling and realized there was trouble. Jamil takes them to a building that he uses as a refuge and Taryn suddenly hears a lullaby blowing on the wind. It was the lullaby that she sang to her daughter when she was ill and Taryn assumes that Alehna is calling to her. She asks Sinbad for his help but he turns away from her. Taryn understands and tells him to leave while he still can. As she starts to leave, Sinbad reconsiders and tells her to wait.

The group takes to the streets again and enters the building that is emitting the lullaby. As they go upstairs, Jamil talks about all the things he will do once he returns to the land of the living. They find a vast library and Alehna, strumming on a musical instrument. Mother and daughter are reunited and Taryn tells Alehna that they're going home. When the sorceress thanks Sinbad by name, Alehna says that she's heard of him because she's read of his stories in the city records within the library. According to the stories, Sinbad and his mother died when he was born, and his father—a great mage—came to save him. Sinbad and Jamil explain that their father was a drunk who abandoned them, but Alehna insists that he nearly tore the city apart saving his unborn son. Taryn tells Sinbad that he's special because he was born of death.

Gunnar goes down to check on the doors and one of the Cyclops creatures burst through. A pack of hellhounds run up the stairs after Gunnar as he slams the library door shut. The others help barricade it while Alehna warns that there is no other way out. Anwar has found a hand drawn map that shows a hidden entrance out the back. A shelf of books conceals the entrance and beneath them is an elaborate lock. Rina gets it open and they enter and seal the door behind them as the hounds advance on them.

As the group goes down the passageway, Alehna hears someone calling to her and tells her mother that they need to get out immediately. They make their way outside to discover that night has fallen, and Jamil warns that it has never happened before. As they make their way back to the entrance, Jamil tells Sinbad that he accepted his death but that something held him in Limbo. Sinbad tells his brother that he kept him there because he never gave up on him. A giant version of the Cyclops creature emerges from the ruins and Jamil tells Sinbad to go and live for the both of them. Gunnar and Anwar hold Sinbad back as Jamil steps forward to confront the creature. It pins him in the light as Jamil tells Sinbad to go in peace.

Later aboard the Providence, a despondent Sinbad finally emerges from his quarters to join the others on deck. He deliberately ignores Taryn and goes up on the foredeck, and Anwar approaches his friend. He admits that they helped Sinbad's enemy and failed to save Jamil, and Sinbad suggests that they'd be better off without him. Anwar reminds him that he saw what their lives would have been like without him, and that he saved them. The doctor looks forward to the adventures still waiting for them and goes back to the others. After a moment, Sinbad looks out at the sea and tells Jamil to go in peace.

On the deck, Taryn hugs her daughter... and Alehna's eyes turn black as she looks at Sinbad.

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