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Legit is about the comedian, "Jim Jefferies" (Himself) and his quest to become more legitimate in life. He starts in the U.S.A with two of his childhood friends, Steve (Dan Bakkedahl), and Steve's brother Billy (D.J. Qualls).
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Next: 2x10 -- Weekend (Apr/30/2014)

Steve's daughter comes to visit from Cincinnati but a revelation about his ex-wife sends Steve into an out of control bender. His absence forces Jim into the unlikely role of surrogate parent for the weekend.

Prev: 2x09 -- Licked (Apr/23/2014)

Jim performs a sexual act to get a female executive in Hollywood to help him land roles.

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Jim JefferiesJim Jefferies
As Jim Jefferies
Dan BakkedahlDan Bakkedahl
As Steve Nugent
DJ QuallsDJ Qualls
As Billy Nugent



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I have very high hopes.Rating: 4 likes, 0 dislikes

Watching the pilot was like watching his bit/story get played out. I remember other pieces of the bit that he left out, but this was a good representation of his standup. A lot of the time when comedians who are smart try to tell stories and someone animates them, or does skits based off of the Stand-up it comes across as lame and one dimensional. I can see that some of the jokes could come across as childish, but they managed to keep both the heart and intelligence that Jim presents on stage. How often do comedians or comedy wannabe writers present stories half this crazy and completely leave out the brotherly aspect. How many of those same people would take this story and fail to keep it funny without including seriousness of the situation? The talents of this cast working with the heart, intelligence, and comedic mind of Jim Jefferies should work out to be pretty awesome, even if it keeps it's indie feel. Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, February 19th 2014 at 10:12 pm

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1x2: Dreams recap: Steve's van pulls up to Shady Grove in the middle of the night, with loud music playing and smoke pouring out of the cracked windows. Jim and Steve walk Billy in until they find Ramona standing at the end of the hall, looking irritated. She angrily tells them that they're late and that Jim and Steve need to leave. As he rolls down the hall Billy takes a second to stop and turn back, giving them a sad look. Despite the sad feelings in the hall, Jim starts saying goodbye and mimicking the ends of movies, when the pet or friend goes off into the distance. When Steve gets confused by Jim's nonsense he explains that Billy is going off into the distance where he'll have more adventures and everything will be alright. He goes into a little monologue from the viewpoint of Lassie telling Timmy that she'll be okay. Still not seeing the humor, Steve tells Jim that Billy is not okay. Rodney pops out of seemingly nowhere and says hello to Steve, then walks away. Trying to jar Jim's memory Steve tells Jim that Rodney Billy's roommate and loves umpires and twinkies... read more.

1x1: Pilot recap: Jim’s outside when his mother calls. He tells her that she’s not dying and heads inside a big building. Inside he meets his friend Steve, who’s been waiting for him. He gives Steve the news about his mother and claims that she does it every year. While they talk about how she wants him to be more “legitimate or something” the camera changes angles and shows that they’re in line for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. What starts a defiant rant about what she thinks of him becomes more sincere as he considers “going legit”. He decides that he’d like to have kids. Steve who looks unsure about it asks if he’d be a good father, and he believes he would, but the issue would be whether or not he’d be a good husband... read more.
Recurring Guests

Mindy Sterling as Janice (12 eps)
Sonya Eddy as Ramona (10 eps)
Nick Daley as Rodney (9 eps)
John Ratzenberger as Walter Nugent (8 eps)
Ginger Gonzaga as Peggy (6 eps)
Richard Ruccolo as Mike (4 eps)
Andrea Bendewald as Georgia (4 eps)
Afra Sophia Tully as Emily (3 eps)
Parth Bhatt as Jerry (3 eps)
Kai Lennox as Todd (2 eps)

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