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Care Home Kids: Looking for Love - Recap

Ashley Jean Baptiste was a member of boyband The Risk on the last series of The X Factor. He reveals his childhood was in and out of foster care and meets up with his first foster mother Sissy.

Sissy talks to Ashley about why she had to let him go at the age of 4. Next Ashley was moved to a children's home. Ashley spent the next 5 years of his life here. At the age of 8 Ashley was put into his next foster placement.

Ashley meets Sarah who has been in care since the age of 14. Now aged 17 since she has passed the age of 16 she is viewed as a adult. She has already lived in 3 hostels.

Ashley meets people at a support group called 'Voice'. Here different people talk about the numerous addresses they have lived at and how awkward it was living with different people.

He then visits his next foster carer and she talks about how hard he tried to prove himself to her. He sits down with Fresh and Irvine and their family to have a meal.

In Ashley's journey he went onto university. He meets 15 year old Charlotte who has now decided she doesn't want to go to school. Ashley tries talking her around. Ashley looks at his early school reports which saw him heading down the wrong path.

Ashley meets Jerome who went through foster care with his brother. Jerome talks about how his brother ended up in prison. After they were split up, Jerome's brother was not placed in a good home and ended up running away aged 14. Since then he went down the wrong paths and ended up in prison.

Ashley catches up with Sarah who is been made to move across to the other side of Soho after her time at her current hostel is up. Sarah talks about how meeting Ashley has been a positive experience as she's seen someone come out the other side.

Ashley catches up with his key worker Lindon who kept pushing him through university. As a social worker Lindon has been in the industry for 22 years and discusses his career. After discovering some of the people Ashley grew up with are now dead, he tells Lindon how much he has impacted his life in a positive way.

Ashley meets Vicky who has been fostered by the same family for four years. She talks about how her foster parents are now fighting to adopt her after the bond between them has grown so close. Ashley talked about the time he was staying with a family that he wasn't happy staying with. He then talks about how he turned to religion when he felt fatherless. After catching up with Sarah in her new room, Ashley sits in on Vicky's hearing. It's good news as Vicky is allowed to stay in her current home until adulthood.

Ashley meets Leanne who whilst in care at the age of 17 gave birth to Ruby. She has now been placed in a mother and baby unit. Leanne's mother is now a part of her life again and Ashley explores what happened in their relationship.

Ashley looks back at why he was put into foster care and how hard it has been to rebuild the relationship with his mother. He visits her on mothers day which is also the day of her birthday. She talks about her upbringing in foster care. She then goes on to talking about why she had to put Ashley into care.

We see Ashley and his biological mum looking at photos of Ashley as a baby and sitting with his new little sisters. We then see Ashley recording a song in a studio and he looks back on his experience in care in general. He then makes a plea for more people to become foster carers.

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