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Chapter 4 - Recap

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At the office, Pete learns new things as he reads the warehouse manual. Myka shuts the alarms and checks with Pete, who admits that he hasn’t found a way to reverse the diorama. Claudia returns in the Prius while Leena and Trailer go to get the diorama artifact. One of the two power artifacts is Cervantes’ Windmill, while the other one is inside the neutralizer processing center. They’re on opposite sides of the warehouse so Pete and Myka head for the windmill while Artie and Claudia drive to the processing center.

At the neutralizer center, Artie explains that the center was the original location of the hydroelectric generator that powered Warehouse 13 1.0. Now the center is overcompensating and they have to shut it down before it floods the warehouse. Claudia spots an old diving suit and gets in so she can descend into the fluid and shut down the valve. The system goes into overload and the rising liquid levels trigger a float, which opens a drain. As Claudia closes the valve, she’s sucked down the drain.

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