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Chapter 6 - Recap

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Claudia and Artie leave the neutralizer processing center and Artie realizes that something is raising the temperature. Leena calls to tell them that a fire has started and is blocking her way to the diorama machine, and Artie tells her that they’re on their way.

As the agents pass through the warehouse on the wire system, Myka spots the fire down below but Peter dismisses it as an artifact acting up. They spot Cervantes’ Windmill, which is spinning out of control. Myka wants to approach it from a side aisle, but Pete tells his partner that he has a plan and releases his harness. They drop to the aisle below and Pete explains that according to the manual, there are gears inside. If they gum them up then they’ll shut down the windmill. They dodge the debris and, flattening themselves, crawl along the floor to avoid most of the high winds. Despite their efforts, they’re forced to self and Pete lets himself be blown backward so he can find an artifact to anchor themselves down.

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