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Trisha (US)

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Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
161 2x01 16/Sep/2013 After 50 Years of Searching...Is This Woman My Son? N/A
162 2x02 17/Sep/2013 Am I the Father of Kourtney Kardashian's Son? Test Me! N/A
163 2x03 18/Sep/2013 DNA Will Prove That's Not My Little Brother's Baby! N/A
164 2x04 19/Sep/2013 Secrets Revealed...I've Been Paying Your Wife for Love! N/A
165 2x05 20/Sep/2013 Our Mother Slept With Two Brothers...Are We Sisters or Cousins? N/A
166 2x06 23/Sep/2013 Who's the Father of My Baby...My Husband or My Lover? N/A
167 2x07 24/Sep/2013 Your Mother Slept Around...You're Not My Granddaughter! N/A
168 2x08 25/Sep/2013 After the Threesome...Is My Husband Still Sleeping With Our Friend? N/A
169 2x09 26/Sep/2013 Hot-Mess Family Member Makeovers! N/A
170 2x10 27/Sep/2013 I Never Slept With Your Mother...I Can't Be Your Father! N/A
171 2x11 30/Sep/2013 Is My Husband Getting Paid for Sex? N/A
172 2x12 01/Oct/2013 The DNA Tests Will Prove My Four Kids Are Yours! N/A
173 2x13 02/Oct/2013 My Wife Hates Being Black! Is She Cheating With a White Man? N/A
174 2x14 03/Oct/2013 Trisha Exclusive! The Transgendered Teen Couple N/A
175 2x15 04/Oct/2013 Three Women...Three Babies...Is My Deceased Son the Father? N/A
176 2x16 07/Oct/2013 How Many Kids Did My Son Have Before He Died? N/A
177 2x17 08/Oct/2013 Did My Man Have a Threesome With My Sister and Cousin? N/A
178 2x18 09/Oct/2013 No Blacks Allowed in My All-White Town N/A
179 2x19 10/Oct/2013 My Mother Is Lying...Her Sister Is Really My Mom! N/A
180 2x20 11/Oct/2013 My 16-Year-Old Is a Pimp and an Escort! N/A
181 2x21 14/Oct/2013 Our Mom Slept With Two Brothers...Who Is Our Dad? N/A
182 2x22 15/Oct/2013 Teased for Looking Different...Stop Bullying Me N/A
183 2x23 16/Oct/2013 Grandmas at War...That's Not My Son's Baby! N/A
184 2x24 17/Oct/2013 You're a Gold Digger...You're Not Marrying My Brother! N/A
185 2x25 18/Oct/2013 DNA Will Prove My Husband Is Not Your Father! N/A
186 2x26 28/Oct/2013 You Cheated With My Best Friend...Is He Our Baby's Dad? N/A
187 2x27 29/Oct/2013 If You Cheated on My Dad, He's Divorcing You! N/A
188 2x28 30/Oct/2013 Ghosts, Psychics and Video Proof...Is Our House Haunted? N/A
189 2x29 31/Oct/2013 I'm a Celebrity, a Stalker Is Pinning a Baby on Me! N/A
190 2x30 01/Nov/2013 After 41 Years of Denial, I'll Prove You're My Dad! N/A
191 2x31 04/Nov/2013 One Man, Three Angry Kids...20 Years of Denial! The Results Are In N/A
192 2x32 05/Nov/2013 She's a Mom Now...Stop My Daughter From Selling Her Body! N/A
193 2x33 06/Nov/2013 I'm Only 22, Will DNA Prove I Have Eight Kids? N/A
194 2x34 07/Nov/2013 I Did Not Have Surgery to Look Like Lindsay Lohan...Test Me N/A
195 2x35 08/Nov/2013 Liars Exposed! Are You Cheating and Stealing From Me? N/A
196 2x36 11/Nov/2013 Test Me! I Never Sold My Daughter for Drugs N/A
197 2x37 12/Nov/2013 They're Back! Trisha Guest Updates N/A
198 2x38 13/Nov/2013 Trisha, Help Me Prove My Dad Is Not a Rapist N/A
199 2x39 14/Nov/2013 I Abuse Her and Treat Her Like an Animal...I Need Help N/A
200 2x40 15/Nov/2013 Family Race War. I'm Devastated My Girls Are Dating Black Men N/A
201 2x41 18/Nov/2013 Is My Murdered Boyfriend or His Brother My Baby's Dad? N/A
202 2x42 19/Nov/2013 Secret Lives Exposed...Is My Fiancé a Cheater and a Racist? N/A
203 2x43 20/Nov/2013 Trisha Hair Wars...to Weave or Not to Weave! N/A
204 2x44 21/Nov/2013 36 Years of Lies...Mom, Which Man Is My Father? N/A
205 2x45 22/Nov/2013 Did My Fiancé Have a Baby With My Sister? Test Them! N/A
206 2x46 25/Nov/2013 I'm Praying My Fiancé, Not My Ex, Is My Baby's Dad! N/A
207 2x47 26/Nov/2013 Our Mom Lied for 20 Years...Which Man Is Our Dad? N/A
208 2x48 27/Nov/2013 Is My Husband Selling His Body? Test Him! N/A
209 2x49 28/Nov/2013 After 20 Years I Need to Prove You're Not My Daughter! N/A
210 2x50 11/Dec/2013 Test My Pregnant Teen...Is She Still Using Drugs? N/A
211 2x51 13/Dec/2013 Sister, I Have a Secret...I'm Sleeping With Your Fiancé N/A
212 2x52 16/Dec/2013 Is My Husband Having a Secret Affair With My Mom? N/A
213 2x53 17/Dec/2013 My Mom Lied for 21 Years...Is This Man My Dad? N/A
214 2x54 18/Dec/2013 After 20 Years, We Will Finally Confront Our Deadbeat Dad N/A
215 2x55 19/Dec/2013 The Marriage Is Off If You Got Another Woman Pregnant! N/A
216 2x56 20/Dec/2013 Stop Rejecting Me...DNA Will Prove You're My Dad! N/A
217 2x57 23/Dec/2013 I Will Prove My Dead Grandson Is Not Your Baby's Father N/A
218 2x58 24/Dec/2013 Your Mom Was a One-Night Stand...I Can't Be Your Dad! N/A
219 2x59 25/Dec/2013 Trisha's Merry Miracle Reunion! N/A
220 2x60 26/Dec/2013 Shocking Trisha Guests Return...Winter Updates! N/A
221 2x61 27/Dec/2013 Fight Videos Exposed...I Don't Want My Child to Die! N/A
222 2x62 30/Dec/2013 DNA Will Prove My Son Is Not Your Baby's Dad! N/A
223 2x63 31/Dec/2013 Desperate for a New Look for the New Year! N/A
224 2x64 01/Jan/2014 Your Baby Is White...I Can't Be the Father! N/A
225 2x65 15/Jan/2014 Mom Told Me You Died...Will DNA Prove You're My Dad? N/A
226 2x66 16/Jan/2014 Did You Plan My Son's Murder? Take the Test N/A
227 2x67 17/Jan/2014 Family DNA Drama...Is My Twin My Baby's Father? N/A
228 2x68 20/Jan/2014 I'm 21...Help Me Prove This 46-Year-Old Fathered My Baby! N/A
229 2x69 23/Jan/2014 I Can't Have Kids...This 17-Year-Old Is Not My Daughter! N/A
230 2x70 24/Jan/2014 Maury Wants Our Help...Wild Teens Confronted! N/A
231 2x71 30/Jan/2014 I Despise You...I Hope DNA Proves I'm Not Your Son N/A
232 2x72 31/Jan/2014 Sister Secrets...I Think Your Man Is My Baby's Father! N/A
233 2x73 03/Feb/2014 That's My Baby Girl...I Pray DNA Proves It! N/A
234 2x74 04/Feb/2014 Who Stole My Kids' College Fund? Test Them All! N/A
235 2x75 05/Feb/2014 Your Wife Needs to Know...Both of My Babies Are Yours! N/A
236 2x76 06/Feb/2014 If I Break the Rules...the Man I Love Abuses Me! N/A
237 2x77 07/Feb/2014 We've Never Met...I Can't Be Your Grown Son's Father! N/A
238 2x78 10/Feb/2014 Four Angry Sisters...One Dad in Denial. Is He the Father? N/A
239 2x79 11/Feb/2014 I Want to Look Like a Rubber Love Doll: Masking Exposed! N/A
240 2x80 12/Feb/2014 Casey's Back...Does She Still Hate Her Daughter's Black Boyfriends? N/A
241 2x81 13/Feb/2014 Our Mom Had 19 Kids...Will DNA Prove You Are Our Dad? N/A
242 2x82 14/Feb/2014 Secrets Revealed...I've Been Cheating With My Brother's Woman! N/A
243 2x83 17/Feb/2014 Twenty-Eight Years of Rejection...Will DNA Prove You're My Dad? N/A
244 2x84 18/Feb/2014 After the Truth Was Revealed...Trisha Updates! N/A
245 2x85 19/Feb/2014 You Cheated! Is My Best Friend the Father of Our Two Kids? N/A
246 2x86 20/Feb/2014 Trisha, Stop My Wild Teen From Having a Baby! N/A
247 2x87 21/Feb/2014 You Left Me for a Married Woman...Stop Denying My Baby! N/A
248 2x88 24/Feb/2014 I'm Back for Another DNA Test...Is This Man My Dad? N/A
249 2x89 25/Feb/2014 Were You Cheating While Our Baby Was in the Hospital? N/A
250 2x90 26/Feb/2014 All Four of You Are Wrong...I'm Not Your Dad! N/A
251 2x91 05/Mar/2014 I Caught You Cheating on Tape...Are Those Two Kids Mine? N/A
252 2x92 11/Mar/2014 The Three of You Aren't My Kids...DNA Will Prove It! N/A
253 2x93 12/Mar/2014 Test Him! Is My Fiancé Living a Secret Double Life? N/A
254 2x94 14/Mar/2014 The Test Will Prove Our Mom Ruined Our Lives! N/A
255 2x95 17/Mar/2014 I'm 17, I'll Prove Your 27-Year-Old Brother Got Me Pregnant! N/A
256 2x96 18/Mar/2014 Secret Lives Exposed, I'm Engaged to Your Fiancé N/A
257 2x97 20/Mar/2014 One Man, Six Grown Children...Is He Their Father? N/A
258 2x98 25/Mar/2014 I'm 20...Is My 39-Year-Old Man Cheating on Me? N/A
259 2x99 27/Mar/2014 Four Furious Kids, One Dad in Denial. Is He Their Father? N/A
260 2x100 01/Apr/2014 Trisha's Top 10 April Fools N/A
261 2x101 09/Apr/2014 Your Husband Needs to Know...My Four Kids Are His! N/A
262 2x102 10/Apr/2014 s My 44-Year-Old Husband Having an Affair With a 20-Year-Old? N/A
263 2x103 15/Apr/2014 Liars Exposed...Is My Fiancé Cheating With My Best Friend? N/A
264 2x104 16/Apr/2014 DNA Will Prove My Son Did Not Father Your Five Kids! N/A
265 2x105 21/Apr/2014 My Mom Is a Liar...Which of These Three Men Is My Father? N/A
266 2x106 22/Apr/2014 There Is a Thief in My Family...Test Them All! N/A
267 2x107 23/Apr/2014 Your Mother and I Will Prove...This Is Your Son! N/A
268 2x108 24/Apr/2014 My Husband Is Teaching My 2-Year-Old Son to Be a Racist! N/A
269 2x109 25/Apr/2014 Will a DNA Test Prove You Are Not My Mother? N/A
270 2x110 28/Apr/2014 Who's the Father of My Wife's Baby...Me or My Son? N/A
271 2x111 29/Apr/2014 Did You Cheat and Get Another Woman Pregnant? N/A
272 2x112 30/Apr/2014 I'll Prove My Deceased Brother Is Not Your Baby's Father! N/A
273 2x113 01/May/2014 My Secret Life as an Escort Is Exposed Today! N/A
274 2x114 02/May/2014 Did I Have a Son 26 Years Ago...I Need the DNA Truth! N/A
275 2x115 05/May/2014 Is the Man I Called "Uncle Mikey" My Baby's Father? N/A
276 2x116 06/May/2014 Your Mother Is a Liar...There Is No Way You Are My Daughter! N/A
277 2x117 07/May/2014 You Got Me Clean and Saved My Life...Are You Now Cheating? N/A
278 2x118 08/May/2014 I Waited 18 Years to Tell You Both...I'm Not Your Dad! N/A
279 2x119 09/May/2014 Was My Husband Cheating When Our Son Almost Died? N/A
280 2x120 12/May/2014 Tell Your Wife the Truth...You Are My Baby's Father N/A
281 2x121 13/May/2014 Is My Husband Making Adult Videos With Other Women? N/A
282 2x122 14/May/2014 Are You My Brother or My Father? Give Him a DNA Test! N/A
283 2x123 15/May/2014 Grandmas at War...I'll Prove That's Not My Grandbaby! N/A
284 2x124 16/May/2014 Bring Back My Sexual Thunder...Makeovers! N/A
285 2x125 19/May/2014 Trisha Uncut...DNA Will Prove These Four Kids Aren't Mine! N/A
286 2x126 20/May/2014 My Husband Is Not Your Dad...Take the DNA Test! N/A
287 2x127 21/May/2014 I've Never Met Your Baby...I Don't Believe That's My Son! N/A

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Status: Final Season
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 2012
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