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Series 1

1 :01x01 - Six Days

Location: Aboard Astrair Golf-Alpha-Zulu-Echo Bravo
Date: July 17th

When a plane filled with passengers, one of whom is the Department's chief Sir Curtis, lands in London, the pilot believes they have landed 30 minutes early after a routine flight. They are told that they are, in fact, six days late. The name of an Eastern bloc pilot is found on the passenger list, but he is killed before he can be interrogated.
Guest Stars: Bernard Horsfall as Captain Carter | Charles Houston as Stevens | Geoffrey Chater as Peck | Al Mancini as Durres | Marion Mathie as Lady Hallet | John Gabriel (1) as Air Traffic Controller | Peter Bowles as Borowitsch | Geraldine Moffat as Janet | Tony Steedman as Sir Charles Hallet | Peter Bromilow as Walsham
Director: Cyril Frankel

2 :01x02 - The Trojan Tanker

Location: Bedfordshire, England
Date: July 3rd

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
Date: July 22nd

When a tanker is involved in a crash, the police discover that the tanker is not carrying gas but a living area. The only clue is the driver involved in the accident, who swears he saw an injured woman in the back of the tanker -- a woman who somehow disappeared from the back of the tanker. A lighter with an insignia that Jason recognizes is the only clue left behind.

Guest Stars: Larry Taylor as French Driver | Monika Dietrich as Fausta | John Serret as Croupier | Penny Bird as Eccles' Girlfriend | Michael Balfour as Eccles | Fredric Abbott (1) as Johnson | Bill Nagy as Paolo Cortoli | Simon Oates as Mike Taylor | Patricia Haines as Veronica Bray
Director: Ray Austin

3 :01x03 - A Cellar Full of Silence

Location: London, England
Date: June 20th

Four men dressed in costumes are shot to death in a cellar while celebrating a robbery. The investigation shows that the gun of the one dressed as a cowboy had been fired. When an unidentified man's body is found in the trunk of a car fished out of a lake, the Department discover who the gun was used on -- but not why, or what the connection is to a World War II German field marshall's baton.
Guest Stars: Frank Forsyth as Norman Fowler | Brian Oulton as Doctor Davis | Edward Brayshaw as Vic Kent | Brandon Brady as Tronson | Robin Hawdon as Walter Pally | Denise Buckley as Libby Spear | Paul Whitsun-Jones as Martin Kyle
Director: John Gilling
Writer: Terry Nation

4 :01x04 - The Pied Piper of Hambledown

Location: Hambledown, Hampshire, England
Date: April 16th

A young woman who is scheduled to participate in a beauty contest takes a sleeping pill and turns in early. When she awakens the next morning, she discovers that everyone in her village has disappeared. The only clue the Department can find is a mailbox with a fresh coat of paint on it.
Guest Stars: Raymond Armstrong (1) as Farmer | Susan Broderick as Typist | John Kelland as Young Doctor | Stanley Beard as Yates | Gina Warwick as Susan Lewis | Peter Lawrence (1) as Harry Lewis | Jeremy Young (1) as Doctor Brogan | Richard Vernon as Colonel Loring
Director: Roy Ward Baker

5 :01x05 - One of Our Aircraft Is Empty

Location: London Airport
Date: April 30th

A call from Skytripper 190 comes into the control tower, requesting auto land clearance. The control tower doesn't understand why; and, when the plane lands, airport officials discover that it is totally empty. Annabelle discovers a photograph of a reclusive industry CEO boarding the transcontinental flight in New York, but his name is not on the passenger list. The only other thing the Department finds is the body of the flight's pilot in a warehouse.
Guest Stars: Andre Charisse as Waiter | Janet Key as Jean | Angela Lovell as Jane Kilverton | Roger Avon as 1st Maintenance Man | Alan Hockey as Mechanic | Robert Russell (3) as Chalmers | Edina Ronay as Miss Simms | John Gabriel (1) as George Grant | Gillian Lewis as Julia Howarth | Basil Dignam as Howard Finch | Anton Rodgers as Terrell

6 :01x06 - The Man in the Elegant Room

Location: Islington, London, England
Date: May 12th

A real estate agent brings a prospective buyer to a warehouse. When they go inside they find a lavishly constructed replica of a living room with bars across the door, and inside a woman's corpse and a crazed man. The man is murdered in the mental hospital before he can reveal anything except the name of a woman.
Guest Stars: Peter Reynolds as Steven Radlett | Martin Boddey as Harry Finch | Peter Brett (1) as Secretary to Seretse | Anne Blake as Professor Bryant | Frank Gatliff as Police Inspector | Michael Robbins as Burton | Clive Colin-Bowler as Danny Terrill | Juliet Harmer as Trish | Toby Robins as Selina Trenton | John Hallam as Doug Martin | Stratford Johns as Paul Trenton
Director: Cyril Frankel
Writer: Terry Nation

7 :01x07 - Handicap Dead

Location: Colindale Golf Course, Scotland
Date: June 20th

Stewart is a spectator at a golf tournament. The golfer leading the tournament fails to show up for his tee time and is later found dead. While it initially appears to be an accident, the theft of the man's golf clubs leads to a trail of murder and smuggling.
Guest Stars: Neal Arden as Golf Commentator | Dawn Beret as Lady Croupier | Tony Thawnton as Official | James Drake (2) as Bill | Jennifer Clulow as Julie | Brian McDermott as Don | Norman Eshley as Red | John Bailey (1) as Kruger | Dudley Sutton as Sonny | Dawn Addams as Diane Lynne | Neil McCallum as Eddie Curtis
Director: John Gilling

8 :01x08 - Black Out

LOCATION: London, England
DATE: May 26th

A chef disappears en route to an opera. When he is located in Mexico three days later, still in his formal wear, he has no idea of what happened to him. The Department discovers that the man was mistaken for someone else, but by the time they realize this, the other man (a scientist) has disappeared. The only clue the chef can give them is turtle in the shell, a clue that sends the Department to Jamaica.
Guest Stars: Mark Singleton as Psychiatrist | David Beale as Colin Whetlor | Michael Mellinger as Strobel | Caron Gardner as Billie | Paul Stassino as Flores | David Sumner (1) as Wolf | Richard Caldicot as Robin Skelton/Peter Sinclair | Sue Lloyd as Brigitte | Neil Hallett as Dr. Lang
Director: Ray Austin

9 :01x09 - The Double Death of Charlie Crippen

LOCATION: Bay of Naples, Italy
DATE: August 14th

A limousine is stopped with a land mine and riddled with machine gun fire. The Department investigates because the assassination victim turns out to be a wax dummy. The mannequin, nicknamed "Charlie Crippen" by Jason, apparently was mistaken for a real person. The Department has to find out who the intended victim is and who is behind the assassination plot.
Guest Stars: Hana Maria Pravda as Maria Pilic | Earl Green as Car Salesman | George Pravda as Count Von Streicher | Nicholas Chagrin as Petrangeli | Gertan Klauber as Antonio Mardi | Edwina Carroll as Nurse | Michael Godfrey as Stanic | Peter Arne as Slovic | Edward de Souza as Paul Dupont | John Savident as Captain Svenoski | Yolande Turner as Countess Von Streicher | Veronica Carlson as Gina
Director: John Gilling

10 :01x10 - The Treasure of the Costa del Sol

Location: The Costa del Sol, Spain
Date: July 31st

Two men kill each other after retrieving a plastic fish hidden in the ocean off the coast. The fish is loaded with $100,000 in American money. The Department's investigation leads to an international counterfeiting ring.
Guest Stars: June Abbott as Estelle | David Gregory as Cal | Peter J. Elliott as Thorn | Olivia Hamnett as Anita | David Prowse as Adolfo | Peter Thomas (1) as Achille | Isla Blair as Elaine | George Pastell as Camilo Garria | John Louis Mansi as Maxime
Director: John Gilling

11 :01x11 - Who Plays the Dummy?

Location: The Sierra de Guadarrama, Spain
Date: September 12th

A policeman attempts to pull over a speeding car. When the car crashes, the policeman discovers the man behind the wheel is actually a dummy. Stewart and Jason, already in Spain, are called on the case. They discover the "how" -- remote control -- but also discover that the local authorities are hindering their investigation.

Guest Stars: Patrick Waddington as NATO General | John Bindon as Greer | Ray Marioni as Spanish Mechanic | Raymond Young (1) as Spanish Colonel | Peter Myers (1) as Colonel Barfield | David Lander as Lorio | William Kendall as Sir Wilfred | George Pastell as Sarrat | Kate O'Mara as Pietra | Alan MacNaughtan as Gilford
Director: John Gilling

12 :01x12 - The Man Who Got a New Face

Location: Cap D'Antibes, France
Date: August 16th

A man sneaks into a very secure, heavily guarded estate and glues a theatrical mask onto a sleeping man's face. The man awakens the next morning, sees the mask, and suffers a fatal heart attack. As the deceased man was a friend of Sir Curtis Seretse, the Department is called in to investigate who was responsible for the prank -- and, more importantly, why.
Guest Stars: David Kelsey as Film Director | Angela Lovell as French Cabaret Artiste | Arnold Diamond as KollIatis | Eric Pohlmann as Emilio Andre | Adrienne Corri as Monique | Alexandra Bastedo as Nicole | Nik Zaran as Jean | Clifford Earl as Dave | William Wilde as Gerhard
Director: Cyril Frankel

13 :01x13 - Les Fleurs du Mal

Location: Rome, Italy
Date: September 26th

A man is ordered to take a deliver a package to a person in Paris. After the man’s boss is killed in an exchange of gunfire, he opens the package to discover three flowers and a message written on the paper. A number of people, including the Department, want to know what the three flowers and cryptic message have to do with an unsolved bank robbery.
Guest Stars: Dennis Bernard as Commandante | Ricardo Campos as Boy | John Porter Davison as Johnnie | Joanna Jones as Gina | Edina Ronay as Danielle | John Tate as Henri Rachou | Alex Scott (1) as Enzo Brandini | Michael Gothard as Weber | Donal Donnelly as Stacey
Director: Cyril Frankel

14 :01x14 - The Shift That Never Was

Location: Stepney, London, England
Date: October 10th

A chemical company's manager tells the police that no one showed up for work the previous day, yet the neighbors of the company all claim the factory seemed to have had a perfectly normal day of operation. The Department finds that one worker who did show up for work has been murdered, and there is a tie to a nuclear-powered generating station's opening.
Guest Stars: Eddie Byrne as Frank Bellman | Laurie Asprey as Photographer | Leslie Schofield as Sam | Anthony Dutton as Frank | John Horsley as Detective | Toke Townley as Parsons | Eric Lander as Douglas Stayte | Caroline Blakiston as Kate Mortimer | James Kerry (1) as Johnny
Director: John Gilling

15 :01x15 - Dead Men Die Twice

Location: Southern France
Date: July 19th

A photographer presents a man with a picture of a man taken in a festival crowd. People break into the man's house to kill him, but he dies of a heart attack. The criminals then go to the morgue -- and shoot the body. These actions center around a notorious criminal named Christopher Lomax, thought dead for three years. The Department wants to know who was behind the attack on the corpse; and, more importantly, if Lomax is indeed still alive.
Guest Stars: John Serret as Mortuary Attendant | Mary Mitchell as Hotel Receptionist | Roy Hanlon as Machet | Jacques Cey as Taxi Driver | Anna Matisse as Brunette | Steve Plytas as Lizardos | Edward Caddick as Alain | Barbara Murray as Tania | Kieron Moore as Christopher Lomax/Stanley Reeves | Alan Lake as The Dandy | David Bauer as Harlan | John Cater as Charles Barjou
Director: Ray Austin

16 :01x16 - A Ticket to Nowhere

Location: Heathrow Airport, London, England
Date: December 6th

A plane landing at the airport kills a man who was wandering on the runway. The man had developed a brainwashing technique. The Department is afraid the device has fallen into the wrong hands. As they investigate, however, Jason and Stewart find themselves victims of the brainwashing machine.
Guest Stars: John Steiner as Hershall | Brian Harrison (1) as Co-Pilot | Anthony Ainley as Supervisor | Juliet Harmer as Paula | Neil McCarthy as Quince | Griffith Davies as Black | Bridget Brice as Susan Blain | Michael Gwynn (1) as Drieker | Fiona Lewis as Lisa Crane | Alan Wheatley as Carter
Director: Cyril Frankel

17 :01x17 - The Last Train to Redbridge

Location: London, England
Date: November 22nd

Someone kills a subway car filled with people on their way home with nerve gas. The widow of one of the victims is kidnapped while at the morgue with Annabelle. Jason is also abducted, leaving Stewart and Annabelle to solve why it happened and who did it -- and how a "Stop Hitler Now!" poster figures as a clue.
Guest Stars: Roger Avon as Hooper | Leslie Sands as Draper | Derek Newark as Clark | Harvey Hall as Rogers | Tommy Godfrey as Cabbie | Frank Forsyth as Sawyer | Patricia English as Mrs. Taylor
Director: John Gilling

18 :01x18 - The Ghost of Mary Burnham

Location: London, England
Date: January 4th

A professor's wife is gunned down in a seemingly random act of violence. The man is distraught, but becomes more distrubed as he begins to see his dead wife and receive phone calls from her. The Department is put on the case -- but Sir Curtis will not tell them why the professor "is an important man to the world."
Guest Stars: Christine Pryor as Blonde | Michelle Karlli as Nurse | Gustav Henry as Young Boy | Suzanne Vasey as Telephone Operator | Ellis Dale as Priest | Ron Pember as Taxi Driver | Susan Fleetwood as Miss Bronson | Weston Gavin as Novack | Anthony Nicholls as Dr. Grant | Norman Bird as Drayton | Donald Houston as John Burnham | Lois Maxwell as Mary Burnham
Director: Cyril Frankel

19 :01x19 - The Man from X

Location: London, England
Date: February 2nd

A couple in a car discover a dying man in a spacesuit staggering toward their auto. Stewart investigates at a company that manufactures spacesuits, but an attempt is made on his life once he discovers some spacesuits are missing. Jason, meanwhile, poses as an American safecracker to solve the case.
Guest Stars: Sally-Jane Spencer as Young Girl in Car | Robbin John as Young Man in Car | Carol Rachelle as Young Woman in Discotheque | Rosemary Donnelly as Receptionist | Robert Hamilton (2) as Young Man in Discotheque | Godfrey James as Danvers | Brian Badcoe as Travers | Norman Chancer as Max Rinston | John Nettleton as Carter | Wanda Ventham as Leila Rankin | Duncan Lamont as Lowery | Tony Selby as Mallin | Stanley Lebor as Fraser
Director: Gil Taylor

20 :01x20 - Death on Reflection

Location: Bond Street, London, England
Date: January 18th

A mirror at an auction sparks a bidding war. Sir Curtis, who is in attendance at the auction, calls the Department to investigate why a relatively inconsequential mirror would sell for £9,000 -- and why the man who bought the mirror was murdered shortly after the purchase.
Guest Stars: Vivienne Cohen as Marie | Cathy Graham (1) as Moira | Vicki Graham as Joanna | Susan Denny as Cynthia | Harvey Sokoloff as Terry Mitchell | Michael Barrington as Heppel | Paul Whitsun-Jones as Gresford | Peter Copley as Auctioneer | Jennifer Hilary as The Comtesse | Guy Rolfe as Yves
Director: Ray Austin

21 :01x21 - The Perfect Operation

Location: City of Southwark Hospital, London, England
Date: October 24th

The lead brain surgeon operating on a British official is knocked unconscious and replaced with another man. The surgery is not botched; to the contrary, the replacement surgeon performed flawlessly. The Department wants to know why someone would replace a surgeon, while Jason investigates a connection to Istanbul.
Guest Stars: George Roubicek as Balik | Tony Thawnton as 1st Reporter | Johnny Briggs (1) as 2nd Reporter | Nik Zaran as Turkish Inspector | Sue Gerrard as English Nurse | Victor Baring as Waiter | Sultana Noga as Belly Dancer | Philip Locke as Topek | Francisca Tu (1) as Turkish Nurse | Harold Kasket as Korlandt | Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Haslet-Wood | Cyril Luckham as Walker | Ronald Radd as Allison | Jean Marsh as Agatha Pollen | Basil Dignam as Smith | Martin Miller as Dutrov | Marne Maitland as Turkish Caretaker
Director: Cyril Frankel

22 :01x22 - The Duplicated Man

Location: Foreign Office, London, England
Date: February 16th

A plane explodes over the English Channel with a British diplomat aboard. Although a number of witnesses on a ferry boat saw the plane explode, Sir Curtis is convinced the man is still alive and was serving as a double agent. The Department has to track him down before the Russians do.
Guest Stars: Edward Cast as Hallam | Winifred Evans as Mrs. Harvey | Robert Mill (1) as Cranmore | Patrick Westwood as Parkinson | James Donnelly (1) as Gerald | Constantine Gregory as Volodin | Oliver MacGreevy as Karnack | Robert Urquhart as Anthony Harvey/Andrew Heywood | Ann Bell as May Heywood | Guy Deghy as Kirov | Sarah Lawson as Miss Wexler | Basil Dignam as Henry Smith

23 :01x23 - Mysterious Man in the Flying Machine

Location: Paris, France
Date: March 8th

A pilot announces a flight bound for Athens is underway. As the flight progresses, a man shoots another passenger. He then opens the plane door and jumps -- to the floor of a warehouse. The Department needs to figure out who the murdered man was, and why anyone would construct a set to make people think they were on a passenger plane.
Guest Stars: Michel Faure (1) as Durand | Virginia North as Francoise | Makki Marseilles as Gendarme | Hal Galili as Maziol | Anthony Scott (1) as Carl | Sue Gerrard as Veronica | Clinton Greyn as Gerard | Hans Meyer as Lucky Le Beau
Director: Cyril Frankel

24 :01x24 - Spencer Bodily Is Sixty Years Old

Location: London, England
Date: May 8th

A distraught young man commits suicide in a London park after throwing his passport away. What would be considered a routine case becomes Department material when the coroner rules, without question, the youthful man was in fact 60 at the time of his death. The case becomes more confusing when the dead man's body is stolen from the morgue.
Guest Stars: Hilary Pritchard as Lydia | Leonardo Pieroni as Guido Volponi | Gavin Campbell as Spencer Bodily | Reginald Jessup as Gerald | Milton Reid as Arab | Richard Heffer as Hughes | Barry Andrews as Gadden | Arthur Cox as Green | Garfield Morgan as Mendham | Bob Sessions as Martin | Warren Stanhope as Graves | Patricia Donahue as Ingrid von Etzdorf | Iain Cuthbertson as Dr. George Kendall
Director: Leslie Norman

25 :01x25 - A Fish out of Water

Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Date: March 22nd

An Interpol agent dies while on vacation in Beirut. Stewart, a close friend of the dead agent, does not believe that his friend, an accomplished scuba diver, died in a scuba diving accident and demands that the Department investigate. Sir Curtis first says no, then relents and allows Jason to fly to Lebanon to investigate. However, he orders Stewart to stay away from the case because Sir Curtis believes Stewart is "far too emotional" to properly investigate the case.
Guest Stars: Elma Soiron as Second Bridge Player | Yuri Borienko as Filipo | John Keston as Nazib | Beverly Winn as Girl | Richard Essame as Boy | Alex Gallier as First Bridge Player | Maggie Wright as Sandra | Lee Montague as Rafic | Magda Konopka as Michele Duplay | Cyril Shaps as Esplin | Wolfe Morris as Takla | John Cazabon as Chemist
Director: Cyril Frankel

26 :01x26 - A Small War of Nerves

Location: Wiltshire, England
Date: April 20th

Greg Halliday, a noted chemist, has disappeared. The Department is called on to find him quickly, as he has disappeared with a canister of nerve gas that he helped create. Frustrated with humanity, Halliday threatens to unleash the nerve gas on London.
Guest Stars: David Rendall as Policeman | Peter Graves (2) as Reggie | Nosher Powell as Carl Young | Charles Lamb as Porter | Professor Larry Martin (1) as Mechanic | Mark Elwes as Corbett | Brian Worth as Ruckert | Eleanor Summerfield as Mrs. Evans | Colin Gordon as Doctor Stickney | Frederick Jaeger as Major Harwood | Anthony Hopkins as Greg Halliday
Director: Leslie Norman

27 :01x27 - The Bones of Byrom Blain

Location: Marling Dale, Cheshire, England
Date: April 4th

Upon arrival at a Ministry of Defense compound, a government official's driver discovers that the man he has been transporting has apparently become a skeleton. The Department investigates, but more officials become skeletons -- including the Department's own official, Sir Curtis Seretse.
Guest Stars: Anouska Hempel as Stewardess | Ben Howard (2) as Delivery Man | John Acheson as Captain of Aircraft | Gerald Campion as Eldon | Albert Shepherd as Lomax | Ian Cullen as Special Branch Man | Katherine Schofield as Miss Garwood | Davyd Harries as Logan | Richard Durden as Head Waiter | Michael Griffiths as Supt. Collins | Patrick Barr as Crawley | John Barron as Byrom Blain | John Carson (1) as Kilvern

28 :01x28 - The Soup of the Day

Location: Liverpool, England
Date: May 2nd

An elaborate break-in at a customs warehouse on a loading dock results in the theft of one case of fish soup from Portugal. As Stewart and Annabelle are investigating, the case of soup is found outside, discarded. Jason thinks there is a larger crime behind the breaking and entering, so he heads to Lisbon to check the factory where the soup originated from.
Guest Stars: Pamela Ann Davy as Melissa | Sandor Eles as Dominic | Patrick Durkin as Albert | Robert Cawdron as Police Inspector | Ellis Dale as Finlay | David Morrell (1) as Driver | Michael Guest (1) as Rogers | Pippa Steel as Trish | Ann Holloway as Lavinia | David Healy (1) as Ramos | Peter Arne as Segres | Isobel Black as Maria | Patrick Mower as Greene | John Ronane as Villiers | Ronald Lacey as Jeremy Standish | Michael Coles (1) as Rupert Fallon | Anthony Valentine as Gregory | Cecil Cheng as Waiter
Director: Leslie Norman
Warning: Department S guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: itv ( United Kingdom)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 09, 1969
Ended: March 18, 1970
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