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A Molehill Out Of a Mountain - Recap

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Climbing a mountain, Koji hears cries for help coming from a cave. He investigates and finds caged Numemon. He tries to free them, but suddenly a mysterious digimon grabs him and throws him out of the cave.
Meanwhile, the others stop by a village to find food, but their money isn't accepted anywhere. They then see a sign reading "Heroes Wanted, All Your Meals for Free," so they rush there, finding a group of Numemon. Later, the gang waits in a cart by train tracks, and the Numemon connect the cart to the train as it passes by, pulling them along with it. The Numemon then tell them that a digimon named Grumblemon attacked them and demanded their mountain's fractal code. They don't know its location, but Grumblemon thought they were lying, so he took all their women to exchange for the fractal code.
They arrive at the mountain seen earlier and discover that Koji is there. After eating, they plan on how to rescue the women, but when JP mentions that they are the Legendary Warriors, the Numemon freak out and send them to bed. They then wake up hanging off the mountain, tied up. The Numemon accuse them of being in league with Grumblemon. A hole in the mountain explodes outward, and Grumblemon appears. The gang is shocked to see that he wears the symbol of a Legendary Warrior!
Thinking they are allies of Grumblemon, the Numemon offer them up for a trade. When Grumblemon learns that they are Legendary Warriors, he attacks the gang to steal their Spirits. However, Koji manages to free himself and Spirit Evolve to Lobomon. As he and Grumblemon battle, the Numemon free the rest of them. They Spirit Evolve and attack. However, Grumblemon digs into the mountain and disappears. Koji/Lobomon sends Zoe/Kazemon and Tommy/Kumamon to free the Numemon women as he joins Takuya/Agunimon and JP/Beetlemon.
After Grumblemon repeatedly attacks but then retreats back into the mountain, it begins to rain. JP/Beetlemon then sends electricity up the side of the mountain, causing rocks to fall onto Grumblemon when he emerges, sending him plummeting below. The mountain's fractal code then becomes visible, and Grumblemon reappears. He then Beast Spirit Evolves into Gigasmon, and after easily defeating them, he steals the mountain's fractal code! The mountain disappears, sending the gang plummetting down tunnels and separating them!

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