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All Aboard The Tag Team Express - Recap

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Takuya, Koji, Koichi, and Tommy are at the Autumn Leaf Fair. Sepikmon alerts them that his Spirit Boomerang has detected the Royal Knights approaching. Using a machine that appears to be a TV with a satellite dish attached, they show Sepikmon and Datamon an image of the Digital World; Ophanimon's castle and the Autumn Leaf Fair are the only sections still unscanned. They then explain that because the location of the fractal code of Ophanimon's castle has never been located, they correctly guessed that the Royal Knights would come to the Autumn Leaf Fair first. Meanwhile, at the Autumn Leaf Fair's train station, the rest of the gang is helping digimon board trains to escape. In the center of the town, JP uses a control panel on top of the giant furnace to rearrange the town, thereby breaking up the fractal code.
With the Toucanmon's help, Tommy builds a snow catapult to hurl snowballs at the Royal Knights. Just as the last of the digimon are sent away by train, Sepikmon detects that Zanbamon, Gryphonmon, Pteramon, GranKuwagamon, and a few Airdramon are about to attack the Royal Knights. Knowing that those digimon will be no match against Dynasmon and Crusadermon, Takuya and Koji Unified Spirit Evolve. While Sepikmon, Datamon, and the Toucanmon depart for safety, Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon head off to save the attacking digimon. Unfortunately, by the time they arrive, only two Airdramon remain.
While Takuya/EmperorGreymon fights Crusadermon, Koji/MagnaGarurumon battles Dynasmon. The rest of the gang fires some snowballs, distracting Crusadermon. However, before Takuya/EmperorGreymon can attack, Dynasmon rams into him, crashing him into the Autumn Leaf Fair. Dynasmon then shoves him up against the furnace. Seeing that Takuya/EmperorGreymon is in trouble, the gang fires a snowball at Dynasmon. However, the intense heat melts the snowball before it can make contact. Since fire is Takuya/EmperorGreymon's element, he uses the heat to power up. He then attacks Dynasmon with flames and gains the upper hand.
Meanwhile, the gang fires a snowball at Crusadermon, who accidentally fires at them. Koji/MagnaGarurumon takes the hit, but the blast badly injures them all. When Koichi, who is relatively unhurt, sees that all of the other kids have their fractal codes visible, he remembers other times in which all but he were injured. He questions why this is so, and Crusadermon explains. According to her, data comes only from those who have a physical form, which Koichi doesn't have! He then realizes that he is only a spirit in the Digital World! However, before Crusadermon can elaborate, Koji/MagnaGarurumon attacks her.
While Dynasmon and Takuya/EmperorGreymon fight, Dynasmon sees the fractal code. He manages to subdue Takuya/EmperorGreymon, but he only finds pieces of the Autumn Leaf Fair's code. Shocked, he calls Crusadermon. While she holds them off, Dynasmon searches for the rest of the data. He manages to connect the fragments, and although Takuya/EmperorGreymon and Koji/MagnaGarurumon try to stop the Royal Knights, Crusadermon steals the code. The Autumn Leaf Fair disappears, and the Royal Knights leave for Ophanimon's castle. The gang then follows after them.

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