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The Arsenio Hall Show (2013) Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Chris Tucker

First aired: Sep/09/2013
Guest star: Tara Reid (Herself (Taped Segment)), Jay Leno (Himself (Taped Segment)), Paula Abdul (Herself (Walk On)), Snoop Dogg (Himself (Surprise Guest)), Chris Tucker (Himself)

Comic Chris Tucker and special guests.

2 :01x02 - Ice Cube | Lisa Kudrow | Mac Miller

First aired: Sep/10/2013
Guest star: Mac Miller (Himself), Ice Cube (Himself), Lisa Kudrow (Herself)

Hip-hop artist Ice Cube; actress Lisa Kudrow; rapper Mac Miller

3 :01x03 - Magic Johnson | George Lopez | Nas

First aired: Sep/11/2013
Guest star: Nas (Himself), George Lopez (Himself), Magic Johnson (Himself)

NBA star Magic Johnson; comic George Lopez; rapper Nas.

4 :01x04 - Mark Harmon | Penn & Teller | Ariana Grande

First aired: Sep/12/2013
Guest star: Ariana Grande (Herself), Teller (Himself), Mark Harmon (Himself), Penn Jillette (Himself)

Actor Mark Harmon; magicians Penn & Teller;

5 :01x05 - Angela Bassett | Beth Behrs | Emblem3

First aired: Sep/13/2013
Guest star: Emblem3 (Themselves), Angela Bassett (Herself), Beth Behrs (Herself)

Actress Angela Bassett; music group Emblem3

6 :01x06 - Seth Green | Giovanni Ribisi | The Band Perry

First aired: Sep/16/2013
Guest star: The Village People (Themselves (Comedy Segment)), The Band Perry (Themselves), Seth Green (Himself), Giovanni Ribisi (Himself), Melissa Leo (Herself), Lou Diamond Phillips (Himself (Comedy Segment))

Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi; Melissa Leo; music group The Band Perry.

7 :01x07 - Allison Janney | David Oyelowo | Kendrick Lamar

First aired: Sep/17/2013
Guest star: Kendrick Lamar (Himself), David Oyelowo (Himself), Allison Janney (Herself)

Allison Janney; David Oyelowo; performer Kendrick Lamar.

8 :01x08 - Dr. Phil McGraw | Bill Bellamy

First aired: Sep/18/2013
Guest star: Bill Bellamy (Himself), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Himself), Dr. Phil McGraw (Himself)

Dr. Phil McGraw; comic Bill Bellamy.

9 :01x09 - Russell Simmons | Stacy Keibler | Big Sean

First aired: Sep/19/2013
Guest star: Big Sean (Themselves), Stacy Keibler (Herself), Russell Simmons (Himself)

Business magnate Russell Simmons; actress Stacy Keibler; hip-hop artist Big Sean.

10 :01x10 - Terry Bradshaw | Tia & Tamera Mowry | Sean Kingston

First aired: Sep/20/2013
Guest star: Sean Kingston (Himself), Tia Mowry (Herself), Tamera Mowry (Herself), Terry Bradshaw (Himself)

Terry Bradshaw; actresses Tia and Tamera Mowry; rapper Sean Kingston.

11 :01x11 - Nick Cannon | Steven Van Zandt | 2 Chainz

First aired: Sep/23/2013
Guest star: 2 Chainz (Himself), Steve Van Zandt (Himself), Nick Cannon (Himself)

Nick Cannon; Steven Van Zandt; 2 Chainz performs.

12 :01x12 - Howie Mandel | Jill Scott | Bad Rabbits feat. Teddy Riley

First aired: Sep/24/2013
Guest star: Bad Rabbits (Themselves), Teddy Riley (Himself), Jill Scott (Herself), Eric Stonestreet (Himself)

Eric Stonestreet; singer Jill Scott; Bad Rabbits, featuring Teddy Riley & Clinton Sparks, perform.

13 :01x13 - Gordon Ramsay | Laila Ali | Louie Anderson

First aired: Sep/25/2013
Guest star: Laila Ali (Herself), Louie Anderson (Himself), Gordon Ramsay (Himself)

Chef Gordon Ramsay; Laila Ali; comic Louie Anderson.

14 :01x14 - Orlando Jones | Julia Ormond | Mayer Hawthorne

First aired: Sep/26/2013
Guest star: Mayer Hawthorne (Himself), Orlando Jones (Himself)

Orlando Jones; Karen Jacobsen, the voice of iPhone's Siri; Mayer Hawthorne performs.

15 :01x15 - Paula Patton | Anson Mount | Gloria Estefan

First aired: Sep/27/2013
Guest star: Emilio Estefan (Himself (Sitting in w/ the Band)), Gloria Estefan (Herself), Paula Patton (Herself), Anson Mount (Himself)

Paula Patton; Anson Mount; Gloria Estefan performs.

16 :01x16 - Max Greenfield | Giancarlo Esposito | John Henton

First aired: Sep/30/2013
Guest star: A$AP Rocky (Himself), Giancarlo Esposito (Himself), John Henton (Himself), Max Greenfield (Himself)

Max Greenfield; Giancarlo Esposito; comic John Henton; A$AP Ferg and A$AP Rocky perform.

17 :01x17 - Margaret Cho | Rich Eisen | Gary Clark Jr.

First aired: Oct/01/2013
Guest star: Gary Clark Jr. (Himself), Margaret Cho (Herself), Rich Eisen (Himself)

Margaret Cho (Drop Dead Diva); NFL Network's Rich Eisen; Gary Clark Jr. performs.

18 :01x18 - Tony Goldwyn | J.B. Smoove | Iliza Shlesinger

First aired: Oct/02/2013
Guest star: Iliza Shlesinger (Herself), Tony Goldwyn (Himself), J.B. Smoove (Himself)

Tony Goldwyn (Scandal); J.B. Smoove (The Millers); comic Iliza Shlesinger.

19 :01x19 - Vivica A. Fox | Andrew Dice Clay

First aired: Oct/03/2013
Guest star: Kevin Eubanks (Himself (Sitting in w/ the Band)), Bill Nye (Himself (Walk On)), Vivica A. Fox (Herself), Andrew Dice Clay (Himself)

Vivica A. Fox (Mr. Box Office); Andrew Dice Clay (Blue Jasmine).

20 :01x20 - Gina Gershon | Amber Riley & Derek Hough

First aired: Oct/04/2013
Guest star: Gina Gershon (Herself), Amber Riley (Herself), Derek Hough (Himself)

Gina Gershon (House of Versace); Amber Riley and Derek Hough (Dancing With the Stars)

21 :01x21 - Andre Braugher | Danny Trejo | Mike Epps | Gogol Bordello

First aired: Oct/07/2013
Guest star: Gogol Bordello (Themselves), Mike Epps (Himself), Andre Braugher (Himself), Danny Trejo (Himself)

22 :01x22 - James Caan | Chandra Wilson | Thompson Square

First aired: Oct/08/2013
Guest star: Thompson Square (Themselves), Chandra Wilson (Herself), James Caan (Himself)

23 :01x23 - Bill Maher | Margo Martindale | MC Lyte

First aired: Oct/09/2013
Guest star: MC Lyte (Herself), Bill Maher (Himself), Margo Martindale (Herself)

24 :01x24 - Tyra Banks | Chris Spencer | Daymond John

First aired: Oct/10/2013
Guest star: Tyra Banks (Herself), Daymond John (Himself), Chris Spencer (Himself)

25 :01x25 - Cedric the Entertainer | Nikki Glaser | Sara Schaefer

First aired: Oct/11/2013
Guest star: Steve Earle (Himself), Kat Graham (Herself), Nikki Glaser (Herself), Sara Schaefer (Herself), Cedric the Entertainer (Himself)

26 :01x26 - Eric Stonestreet | Laura Prepon | Ron Isley

First aired: Oct/14/2013
Guest star: Kem (Himself), Eric Stonestreet (Himself), Laura Prepon (Herself)

27 :01x27 - Blair Underwood | Cheryl Hines | Rachael Harris | Nelly

First aired: Oct/15/2013
Guest star: Nelly (Himself), Rachael Harris (Herself), Blair Underwood (Himself), Cheryl Hines (Herself)

28 :01x28 - Jackie Chan | Judy Greer | Dave Koz | Tamar Braxton

First aired: Oct/16/2013
Guest star: Tamar Braxton (Herself), Dave Koz (Himself), Jackie Chan (Himself), Judy Greer (Herself)

29 :01x29 - Andrew Dice Clay | Wayne Brady | Amber Riley

First aired: Oct/17/2013
Guest star: Derek Hough (Himself), Amber Riley (Herself), Andrew Dice Clay (Himself), Wayne Brady (Himself)

30 :01x30 - Nene Leakes | Leah Remini | Lil P-Nut

First aired: Oct/18/2013
Guest star: G-Thang (Himself), Nene Leakes (Herself), Leah Remini (Herself)

31 :01x31 - Kevin Hart | Duane Martin | Bobby Brown | Fifth Harmony

First aired: Oct/21/2013
Guest star: Fifth Harmony (Themselves), Bobby Brown (Himself), Kevin Hart (Himself), Duane Martin (Himself)

32 :01x32 - Piers Morgan | Jillian Rose Reed | Hiatus Kaityote

First aired: Oct/28/2013
Guest star: Hiatus Kaiyote (Themselves), Piers Morgan (Himself), Jillian Rose Reed (Herself)

33 :01x33 - Beau Bridges | Priyanka Chopra | Wayne Shorter Quartet

First aired: Oct/29/2013
Guest star: Beau Bridges (Himself), Priyanka Chopra (Herself)

34 :01x34 - Naya Rivera | Tommy Davidson | Raheem DeVaughn

First aired: Oct/30/2013
Guest star: Raheem Devaughn (Himself), Naya Rivera (Herself), Tommy Davidson (Himself)

35 :01x35 - Arsenio's Halloween Show

First aired: Oct/31/2013

36 :01x36 - Simon Cowell | Regina King & Tracee | Bernhoft

First aired: Nov/01/2013
Guest star: Bernhoft (Himself), Tracee Ellis Ross (Herself), Simon Cowell (Himself), Regina King (Herself), Paulina Rubio (Herself)

37 :01x37 - Michael Weatherly | Barkhad Abdi | Janelle Monáe

First aired: Nov/04/2013
Guest star: Janelle Monáe (Herself), Barkhad Abdi (Himself), Michael Weatherly (Himself)

38 :01x38 - Ted Danson | Shemar Moore | Atlas Genius

First aired: Nov/05/2013
Guest star: Atlas Genius (Themselves), Shemar Moore (Himself), Ted Danson (Himself)

39 :01x39 - Hosts of The Talk | DJ Quik | George Wallace

First aired: Nov/06/2013
Guest star: DJ Quik (Himself), Sharon Osbourne (Herself), Sheryl Underwood (Herself), Sara Gilbert (Herself), Julie Chen (Herself), Aisha Tyler (Herself), George Wallace (Himself)

40 :01x40 - Jerry Springer | Quincy Jones | Tyler, The Creator

First aired: Nov/07/2013
Guest star: Tyler The Creator (Himself), Quincy Jones (Himself), Jerry Springer (Himself)

41 :01x41 - Terry Crews | Jerry Ferrara | Kirk Fox

First aired: Nov/08/2013
Guest star: Jerry Ferrara (Himself), Terry Crews (Himself), Kirk Fox (Himself)

42 :01x42 - Donnie Wahlberg | Retta | Lil Rel

First aired: Nov/11/2013
Guest star: Retta (Herself), Donnie Wahlberg (Himself)

43 :01x43 - Patricia Heaton | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Childish Gambino

First aired: Nov/12/2013
Guest star: Donald Glover (Himself), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Himself), Patricia Heaton (Herself)

44 :01x44 - Anthony Hopkins | Melissa Joan Hart | RZA

First aired: Nov/13/2013
Guest star: RZA (Himself), Melissa Joan Hart (Herself), Anthony Hopkins (Himself)

45 :01x45 - Taye Diggs | Terrence Howard | Harold Perrineau

First aired: Nov/14/2013
Guest star: Anthony Hamilton (Himself), Taye Diggs (Himself), Terrence Howard (Himself), Harold Perrineau, Jr. (Himself), Morris Chestnut (Himself)

46 :01x46 - Nia Long | Sanaa Lathan | Regina Hall | Melissa De Sousa

First aired: Nov/15/2013
Guest star: Regina Hall (Herself), Sanaa Lathan (Herself), Nia Long (Herself), Melissa De Sousa (Herself)

47 :01x47 - Zooey Deschanel | Mayim Balik | Sherri Shepherd

First aired: Nov/18/2013
Guest star: Mayim Bialik (Herself), Sherri Shepherd (Herself), Zooey Deschanel (Herself)

48 :01x48 - Eddie Murphy | Flo Rida

First aired: Nov/19/2013
Guest star: Flo Rida (Himself), Eddie Murphy (Himself)

49 :01x49 - Whoopi Goldberg | Hill Harper | David Morrissey

First aired: Nov/20/2013
Guest star: David Morrissey (Himself), Whoopi Goldberg (Herself), Hill Harper (Himself)

50 :01x50 - Key and Peele | Rosie Perez | Yo Gotti featuring T.I.

First aired: Nov/21/2013
Guest star: T.I. (Himself), Rosie Perez (Herself), Keegan-Michael Key (Himself), Jordan Peele (Himself)

51 :01x51 - Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. | Babyface | Toni Braxton

First aired: Nov/22/2013
Guest star: Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds (Himself), Toni Braxton (Herself), Jesse Jackson (Himself)

52 :01x52 - Mario Lopez | Blake Leeper | Juicy J

First aired: Nov/25/2013
Guest star: Juicy J (Himself), Mario López (Himself)

53 :01x53 - Mike Epps | Paul Scheer | Trombone Shorty

First aired: Nov/26/2013
Guest star: Troy Michael Andrews (Himself), Mike Epps (Himself), Paul Scheer (Himself)

54 :01x54 - Mike Tyson | Niecy Nash | Nathan East

First aired: Nov/27/2013
Guest star: Mike Tyson (Himself), Niecy Nash (Herself)

55 :01x55 - Anthony Anderson

First aired: Nov/29/2013
Guest star: Doug E. Fresh (Himself), Anthony Anderson (Himself)

56 :01x56 - Sean Combs | Wives of Real Husbands of Hollywood

First aired: Dec/02/2013
Guest star: Sean Combs (Himself), Cynthia Kaye McWilliams (Herself), Nicole Ari Parker (Herself), Tisha Campbell-Martin (Herself)

57 :01x57 - The Game | Steven Michael Quezada | Daughtry

First aired: Dec/03/2013
Guest star: Daughtry (Themselves), The Game (Himself), Steven Michael Quezada (Himself)

58 :01x58 - Ne-Yo | Alyssa Milano | Charlie Murphy

First aired: Dec/04/2013
Guest star: Ne-Yo (Himself), Charlie Murphy (Himself), Alyssa Milano (Herself)

59 :01x59 - R. Kelly | Mike E. Winfield

First aired: Dec/05/2013
Guest star: R. Kelly (Himself), Mike E. Winfield (Himself)

60 :01x60 - Real Housewives of Atlanta | Eric André | Erik Griffin

First aired: Dec/06/2013
Guest star: Erik Griffin (Himself), Phaedra Parks (Herself), Eric Andre (Himself), Cynthia Bailey (Herself)

61 :01x61 - Donald Faison | Tiffany Haddish

First aired: Dec/09/2013
Guest star: Donald Faison (Himself), Tiffany Haddish (Herself)

62 :01x62 - Jim Brown | Toks Olagundoye

First aired: Dec/10/2013
Guest star: Toks Olagundoye (Herself)

63 :01x63 - Kelly Rowland | Luenell

First aired: Dec/11/2013
Guest star: Kelly Rowland (Herself), Luenell (Herself)

64 :01x64 - B.o.B.

First aired: Dec/12/2013
Guest star: B.o.B (Himself)

65 :01x65 - Tyler Perry | Jonathan Kite | Sommore

First aired: Dec/13/2013
Guest star: Tyler Perry (Himself), Sommore (Herself), Jonathan Kite (Himself)

66 :01x66 - Gladys Knight | Rocky Carroll | Nadine Velazquez

First aired: Dec/16/2013
Guest star: Gladys Knight (Herself), Nadine Velazquez (Herself), Rocky Carroll (Himself)

67 :01x67 - Tom Selleck | Judge Mathis | Ashanti

First aired: Dec/17/2013
Guest star: Ashanti (Herself), Tom Selleck (Himself), Judge Greg Mathis (Himself)

68 :01x68 - Cast of Single Ladies | Bernard Hopkins | Prentice Powell

First aired: Dec/18/2013
Guest star: Bernard Hopkins (Himself), Denise Vasi (Herself), Letoya Luckett (Herself), LisaRaye McCoy (Herself), Charity Shea (Herself)

69 :01x69 - Megan Good | Chance the Rapper

First aired: Dec/19/2013
Guest star: Meagan Good (Herself)

70 :01x70 - The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Pentatonix

First aired: Dec/20/2013
Guest star: Pentatonix (Themselves), Kim Richards (Herself), Brandi Glanville (Herself), Kyle Richards (Herself)

71 :01x71 - Lee Daniels | Naomie Harris | Na'im Lynn | Sean Azzariti

First aired: Jan/06/2014
Guest star: Lee Daniels (Himself), Naomie Harris (Herself)

72 :01x72 - Nancy O' Dell | M.C. Serch | Lil Duval

First aired: Jan/07/2014
Guest star: Lil Duval (Himself), MC Serch (Himself), Nancy O'Dell (Herself)

73 :01x73 - Wayne Brady | Kym Whitley | J. Chris Newberg

First aired: Jan/08/2014
Guest star: Wayne Brady (Himself), J. Chris Newberg (Himself), Kym Whitley (Herself)

74 :01x74 - Ken Jeong | Nancy Grace | Dwayne Perkins

First aired: Jan/09/2014
Guest star: Dwayne Perkins (Himself), Ken Jeong (Himself), Nancy Grace (Herself)

75 :01x75 - Cuba Gooding Jr. | Marlee Matlin | Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

First aired: Jan/10/2014
Guest star: Bone Thugs N' Harmony (Themselves), Cuba Gooding, Jr. (Himself), Jimmy Riffle (Himself), Paul Bedard (Himself), Marlee Matlin (Herself)

76 :01x76 - Tyrese | Wendell Pierce | Gary Owen | TGT

First aired: Jan/13/2014
Guest star: Ginuwine (Himself), Gary Owen (Himself), Tyrese Gibson (Himself), Wendell Pierce (Himself)

77 :01x77 - The Braxtons | Yvonne Strahovski | Neal Brennan

First aired: Jan/14/2014
Guest star: Yvonne Strahovski (Herself), Traci Braxton (Herself), Trina Braxton (Herself), Evelyn Braxton (Herself), Neal Brennan (Himself), Towanda Braxton (Herself), Toni Braxton (Herself)

78 :01x78 - John Leguizamo | Tika Sumpter | Fiveology

First aired: Jan/15/2014
Guest star: Tika Sumpter (Herself), John Leguizamo (Himself)

79 :01x79 - Diahann Carroll | T-Pain

First aired: Jan/16/2014
Guest star: T-Pain (Himself), Diahann Carroll (Herself)

80 :01x80 - Nicole Beharie | Faith Evans | Steve McQueen

First aired: Jan/17/2014
Guest star: Faith Evans (Herself), Nicole Beharie (Herself), Steve McQueen (Himself)

81 :01x81 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar | Dr. Maya Angelou | Smokey Robinson

First aired: Jan/20/2014
Guest star: Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Himself), Smokey Robinson (Himself), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Himself), Michael K. Williams (Himself), Maya Angelou (Herself)

82 :01x82 - Kathy Griffin | Kenya Moore | Sky Blu

First aired: Jan/21/2014
Guest star: SkyBlu (Himself), Kenya Moore (Herself), Kathy Griffin (Herself)

83 :01x83 - Ice Cube

First aired: Jan/22/2014
Guest star: Ice Cube (Himself)

84 :01x84 - Aaron Eckhart | Gabourey Sidibe | Biz Markie

First aired: Jan/23/2014
Guest star: Biz Markie (Himself), Aaron Eckhart (Himself), Gabourey Sidibe (Herself)

85 :01x85 - Chuck D | Luther Campbell | Rapper's Delight

First aired: Jan/24/2014
Guest star: Deidre 'Spinderella' Roper (Herself), Chuck D. (Himself), Luther Campbell (Himself)

86 :01x86 - Dana White | Gabby Douglas | Ty Dolla $ign

First aired: Jan/27/2014
Guest star: Dana White (Himself), Gabrielle Douglas (Herself), Imani Hakim (Herself), Sydney Mikayla (Herself)

87 :01x87 - Andrew Dice Clay | Yvette Nicole Brown | YG ft. Jeezy

First aired: Jan/28/2014
Guest star: Young Jeezy (Himself), Andrew Dice Clay (Himself), Yvette Nicole Brown (Herself)

88 :01x88 - Paula Abdul | Monica Potter | Vernon Davis

First aired: Jan/29/2014
Guest star: Paula Abdul (Herself), Monica Potter (Herself), Vernon Davis (Himself)

89 :01x89 - Steve Austin | Lamorne Morris

First aired: Jan/30/2014
Guest star: Lamorne Morris (Himself), Steve Austin (Himself)

90 :01x90 - Mekhi Phifer | Ming-Na Wen | Bow Wow

First aired: Jan/31/2014
Guest star: Bow Wow (Himself), Ming-Na (Herself), Mekhi Phifer (Himself)

91 :01x91 - Magic Johnson | Cookie Johnson | LaLa Anthony

First aired: Feb/03/2014
Guest star: Lala Vazquez (Herself), Magic Johnson (Himself)

92 :01x92 - Kenny Smith | Tatyana Ali

First aired: Feb/04/2014
Guest star: Tatyana Ali (Herself), Kenny Smith (Himself)

93 :01x93 - Larry King | DeRay Davis | DJ Baby Chino

First aired: Feb/05/2014
Guest star: Larry King (Himself), DeRay Davis (Himself)

94 :01x94 - | Zoey Deutch | Jason Derullo

First aired: Feb/06/2014
Guest star: Jason Derulo (Himself), (Himself), Zoey Deutch (Herself)

95 :01x95 - Drew Carey | Charlamagne Tha God | Don Felder

First aired: Feb/07/2014
Guest star: Don Felder (Himself), Charlamagne Tha God (Himself), Drew Carey (Himself)

96 :01x96 - Being Mary Jane | Michael Rapaport | Rico Love

First aired: Feb/10/2014
Guest star: Rico Love (Himself), Richard Brooks (Himself), Richard Roundtree (Himself), Gabrielle Union (Herself), Michael Rapaport (Himself), Margaret Avery (Herself), Lisa Vidal (Herself)

97 :01x97 - Mekhi Phifer | Hardcore Pawn

First aired: Feb/11/2014
Guest star: Mekhi Phifer (Himself)

98 :01x98 - T.I. | The Jacksons

First aired: Feb/12/2014
Guest star: Marlon Jackson (Himself), Jackie Jackson (Himself), Jermaine Jackson (Himself), Tito Jackson (Himself), T.I. (Himself)

99 :01x99 - Michael Ealy | Lauren Cohan | Sean Paul

First aired: Feb/13/2014
Guest star: Sean Paul (Himself), Michael Ealy (Himself), Lauren Cohan (Herself)

100 :01x100 - Dean Edwards | Regina King | Patti Stanger

First aired: Feb/14/2014
Guest star: Regina King (Herself), Patti Stanger (Herself), Dean Edwards (Himself)

101 :01x101 - Tom Arnold | Antoinette Tuff | Ron G

First aired: Feb/17/2014
Guest star: Ron G. (Himself), Tom Arnold (Himself), Antoinette Tuff (Herself)

Joining Arsenio tonight were Tom Arnold, Antoinette Tuff, with a performance from Ron G.

102 :01x102 - Basketball Wives LA | Corey Holcomb

First aired: Feb/18/2014
Guest star: Corey Holcomb (Himself), Jackie Christie (Herself), Brittish Williams (Herself), Sundy Carter (Herself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was the cast of 'Basketball Wives LA'. Plus music from Corey Holcomb.

103 :01x103 - Tyrese | TGT

First aired: Feb/19/2014
Guest star: TGT (Themselves), Tyrese Gibson (Himself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Tyrese who joined his band-mates in TGT for a performance.

104 :01x104 - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje | Sage the Gemini

First aired: Feb/20/2014
Guest star: Sage The Gemini (Himself), Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Himself)

Joining Arsenion tonight was Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Sage the Gemini also performed.

105 :01x105 - Anthony Anderson | Ilyasah Shabazz | 20 Feet from Stardom

First aired: Feb/21/2014
Guest star: Merry Clayton (Herself), Tata Vega (Herself), Judith Hill (Herself), Ilyasah Shabazz (Herself), Anthony Anderson (Himself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Anthony Anderson and Ilyasah Shabazz. The singers from 20 Feet from Stardom performed.

106 :01x106 - LL Cool J | Jesse Williams | Prentice Powell

First aired: Feb/24/2014
Guest star: LL Cool J (Himself), Jesse Williams (Himself), Prentice Powell (Himself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was LL Cool J and Jesse Williams. Plus a performance from Prentice Powell.

107 :01x107 - Scott Bakula | Wood & Steve Harris | K. Michelle

First aired: Feb/25/2014
Guest star: K. Michelle (Herself), Wood Harris (Himself), Scott Bakula (Himself), Steve Harris (Himself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Scott Bakula, Wood & Steve Harris and K. Michelle who also performed.

108 :01x108 - Deion Sanders | Ross Mathews | Schoolboy Q

First aired: Feb/26/2014
Guest star: Jay Leno (Himself (Walk On)), Schoolboy Q (Himself), Ross Mathews (Himself), Tracey E. Edmonds (Herself), Deion Sanders (Himself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Delon Sanders & Tracey Edmonds, Ross Matthews and a performance from Schoolboy Q. Plus a special announcement from Jay Leno.

109 :01x109 - Cloris Leachman | Tommy Chong | Ashley Wagner | J. Holiday

First aired: Feb/27/2014
Guest star: J. Holiday (Himself), Tommy Chong (Himself), Ashley Wagner (Herself), Cloris Leachman (Herself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Cloris Leachman & Tommy Chong, Ashley Wagner and J. Holiday who also performed.

110 :01x110 - Jada Pinkett Smith | Isaac Lufkin | Ralphie May | Geoff Brown

First aired: Feb/28/2014
Guest star: Ralphie May (Himself), Isaac Lufkin (Himself), Geoff Brown (Himself), Jada Pinkett Smith (Herself)

Joining Arsenio tonight was Jada Pinkett Smith, Isaac Lufkin, Ralphie May and Geoff Brown.

111 :01x111 - Cast of The Game | Mary Mary

First aired: Mar/03/2014
Guest star: Mary Mary (Themselves), Wendy Raquel Robinson (Herself), Lauren London (Herself), Brandy (Herself), Hosea Chanchez (Himself), Coby Bell (Himself), Jay Ellis (Himself)

On Monday, Arsenio is getting the week started with the cast of "The Game." Brandy Norwood, Coby Bell, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Hosea Chanchez, Jay Ellis, and Lauren London will all sit down with Arsenio. Plus, Mary Mary will be here for an interview and performance

112 :01x112 - Columbus Short | Cast of Basketball Wives

First aired: Mar/04/2014
Guest star: Draya Michelle (Herself), Malaysia Pargo (Herself), Columbus Short (Himself)

Tuesday, Arsenio is kicking off the show with Columbus Short from "Scandal." Then we've got "Basketball Wives," Draya Michele, Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo all here together.

113 :01x113 - Prince

First aired: Mar/05/2014
Guest star: Prince (Himself)

Wednesday's show belongs to Prince. The artist of our generation is taking over the entire show and creating a television event you do not want to miss.

114 :01x114 - Rick Ross | Cast of Total Divas

First aired: Mar/06/2014
Guest star: Natalie Eva Marie (Herself), Nicole Bella (Herself), Brie Bella (Herself), Ariane Andrew (Herself), Nattie Neidhart (Herself), Danielle Moinet (Herself), Rick Ross (Himself)

This Thursday, Rick Ross is going to be here to get the party started. Then, we have the "Total Divas" cast. The Bella Twins, Natalya, Cameron, Eva Marie, and Summer Rae will all be here together.

115 :01x115 - Cast of Son of God | Jeff Perry | David Banner

First aired: Mar/07/2014
Guest star: David Banner (Himself), Mark Burnett (Himself), Roma Downey (Herself), Diogo Morgado (Himself), Jeff Perry (Himself)

Friday, the producers of "Son of God," Mark Burnett and Roma Downey will be here with actor Diogo Morgado to discuss the film. Jeff Perry from "Scandal" will join Arsenio on the couch, spoken word poet David Banner will be here to perform, and the one and only Animal from "The Muppets" will be sitting in with The Posse all night long.

116 :01x116 - Cast of The Single Moms Club | Sevyn Streeter

First aired: Mar/10/2014
Guest star: Sevyn Streeter (Herself), Farah Cocoa Brown (Herself), William Levy (Himself), Eddie Cibrian (Himself), Amy Smart (Herself), Nia Long (Herself), Terry Crews (Himself), Zulay Henao (Himself), Wendi McLendon-Covey (Herself)

Monday, Arsenio's kicking off the week with the cast of "Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club." Nia Long, Eddie Cibrian, Cocoa Brown, Zulay Henao, Amy Smart, Terry Crews, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and William Levy will all be here together. Then, we've got a very special performance from Sevyn Streeter.

117 :01x117 - Kathy Griffin | Lance Gross | George Wallace

First aired: Mar/11/2014
Guest star: George Wallace (Himself), Kathy Griffin (Herself), Lance Gross (Himself)

Get ready, because anything could happen this Tuesday. Comedian Kathy Griffin will get the show started with Arsenio. Then, we have Lance Gross from "Crisis," and the one and only George Wallace will close out the show with both an interview and standup performance.

118 :01x118 - Jordan Burroughs | Macy Gray

First aired: Mar/12/2014
Guest star: Macy Gray (Herself), Jordan Burroughs (Himself)

Arsenio's got a good one for you this Wednesday. Olympic Gold Medal wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, will join Arsenio on the couch. Then we'll have Macy Gray here for an interview and performance.

119 :01x119 - Omar Epps | Alison Teal & Jonathan Klay | Misty Copeland

First aired: Mar/13/2014
Guest star: Jonathan Klay (Himself), Alison Teal (Herself), Omar Epps (Himself)

Thursday, Arsenio's doing it right. Omar Epps from “Resurrection” will be here to get things going. Alison Teal and Jonathan Klay from “Naked and Afraid” will stop by, and we'll have a very special performance and interview with ballerina and author Misty Copeland.

120 :01x120 - Kid Cudi | Jason Brown | Tiffani Thiessen

First aired: Mar/14/2014
Guest star: Kid Cudi (Himself), Tiffani Thiessen (Herself)

Arsenio's kicking off the weekend with a party this Friday. Kid Cudi will be here to perform and sit down for an interview. Olympic Bronze Medalist figure skater and friend of the show, Jason Brown, will return, and Tiffani Thiessen from “Dinner at Tiffani’s” will stop by too.

121 :01x121 - TGT

First aired: Mar/24/2014
Guest star: TGT (Themselves)

Get ready, because Monday night, TGT is taking over the show. Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank will get the party started and keep it rolling through the entire show. This is one you don't want to miss.

122 :01x122 - Dule Hill | Danny Brown | Miki Sudo | DJ Spider

First aired: Mar/25/2014
Guest star: Miki Sudo (Himself), Danny Brown (Himself), Dj Spider (Himself), Dulé Hill (Himself)

Tuesday, Arsenio is kicking off the show with Dule Hill from “Psych.” We'll have a special performance from Danny Brown, and competitive eating champion Miki Sudo will be here to show us why she's the best. Plus, DJ Spider will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

123 :01x123 - Russell Simmons | Monique | Tony Rock

First aired: Mar/26/2014
Guest star: Dj Battlecat (Himself), Black Ice (Himself), Mo'Nique (Herself), Russell Simmons (Himself), Tony Rock (Himself)

Wednesday is Def Jam Night on "The Arsenio Hall Show." Living legend and friend of the show, Russell Simmons will be here, and he's bringing some of his favorite guests including Monique, Tony Rock, and spoken word performer Black Ice, plus DJ Hollywood will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

124 :01x124 - Cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway? | Hot Chelle Rae

First aired: Mar/27/2014
Guest star: Hot Chelle Rae (Themselves), Aisha Tyler (Herself), Colin Mochrie (Himself), Wayne Brady (Himself), Ryan Stiles (Himself)

Arsenio's got a wild one lined up for you on Thursday. The cast of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” will be here. Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles will all be here to bring the funny together. Plus, the UFC's Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida will join Arsenio, and we'll have a performance by Hot Chelle Rae.

125 :01x125 - Hulk Hogan | Stephen A. Smith | Terrio

First aired: Mar/28/2014
Guest star: Terrio (Himself), Hulk Hogan (Himself), Stephen A. Smith (Himself)

Friday, Arsenio is closing out the week with the one and only Hulk Hogan. Plus, Stephen A. Smith will join Arsenio on the couch, and internet dance sensation Terrio will be here to sit down with Arsenio and get up and do his thing.

126 :01x126 - Wiz Khalifa | Glynn Turman | Golden Sisters

First aired: Mar/31/2014
Guest star: Glynn Turman (Himself), Mary Bartnicki (Herself), Wiz Khalifa (Himself), Josie Cavaluzzi (Herself), Teresa Dahlquist (Herself)

Monday, Arsenio is getting the week started with Wiz Khalifa, who will be here to kick off the show in style. Glynn Turman from “House of Lies” and “Unsung: Hollywood” will join Arsenio on the couch, and the Golden Sisters: Mary Bartnicki, Josie Cavaluzzi, Teresa Dahlquist will be here as well.

127 :01x127 - Isaiah Washington | Giuliana & Bill Rancic | August Alsina

First aired: Apr/01/2014
Guest star: DJ Rashida (Herself), August Alsina (Himself), Giuliana Rancic (Herself), Isaiah Washington (Himself), Bill Rancic (Himself)

Tuesday, Isaiah Washington from “The 100” will be here to get things going, Giuliana & Bill Rancic will join Arsenio on the couch, we'll have a special performance by August Alsina, and DJ Rashida will be sitting in with the Posse all night.

128 :01x128 - George Lopez | Albert Tsai | Camille Solari

First aired: Apr/02/2014
Guest star: Albert Tsai (Himself), George Lopez (Himself), Camille Solari (Herself)

Wednesday, comic legend, George Lopez from “Saint George” will return to the show to have some fun with Arsenio. Plus, Albert Tsai from “Trophy Wife” will stop by to chat, and "The Pregnant Comedian" Camille Solari will perform stand up.

129 :01x129 - T.I. | Gina Carano | K. Dubb | DJ Shy

First aired: Apr/03/2014
Guest star: K. Dubb (Himself), Dj Shy (Herself), T.I. (Himself), Gina Carano (Herself)

Rapper, actor, and reality star T.I. will return to the show this Thursday. Gina Carano from “In The Blood” will be here, we'll have a standup performance from K. Dubb, and DJ Shy will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

130 :01x130 - Don Cheadle | Billy Dee Williams & Emma Slater | Naturally 7

First aired: Apr/04/2014
Guest star: Naturally 7 (Themselves), Don Cheadle (Himself), Emma Slater (Herself), Billy Dee Williams (Himself)

Arsenio is kicking off the weekend with the one and only Don Cheadle. Don will be here to talk "House of Lies" and much more. Plus, Billy Dee Williams and his DWTS dance partner, Emma Slater, will be here, and Naturally 7 will be sitting in with The Posse all night long.

131 :01x131 - El DeBarge | DJ Shortee

First aired: Apr/07/2014
Guest star: Dj Shortee (Herself), El DeBarge (Himself)

Monday, Arsenio is kicking off the week with the one and only El DeBarge. The former frontman of DeBarge will be here to sit and chat with Arsenio and bring the house down with a performance. Plus, DJ Shortee will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

132 :01x132 - Kevin Smith | Ernestine Johnson

First aired: Apr/08/2014
Guest star: Ernestine Johnson (Herself), Kevin Smith (Himself)

Arsenio's bringing back writer, director, podcaster and all around Renaissance man Kevin Smith. You won't want to miss his conversation with Arsenio. Also, Ernestine Johnson will deliver a powerful spoken word performance.

133 :01x133 - Tracy Morgan | Nick Cannon

First aired: Apr/09/2014
Guest star: Tracy Morgan (Himself), Nick Cannon (Himself)

Tonight's guests are Tracy Morgan and Nick Cannon

134 :01x134 - Anthony Mackie | Shane West | SoMo

First aired: Apr/10/2014
Guest star: SoMo (Himself), Shane West (Himself), Anthony Mackie (Himself)

Arsenio's got a big show this Thursday. Anthony Mackie from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" will kick the show off. Plus, Shane West from "Salem" will join Arsenio, and we'll have a performance from SoMo.

135 :01x135 - Martina McBride | Charlamagne | Jackie Fabulous

First aired: Apr/11/2014
Guest star: Jackie Fabulous (Herself), Charlamagne Tha God (Himself), Martina McBride (Herself)

Friday, Arsenio is kicking off the weekend with Martina McBride. She'll be here to discuss her new album of soul classics, "Everlasting." Plus, Martina will take the stage to perform. On top of all that, we're bringing back the "Chop It Up" panel, featuring Charlamagne and Jackie Fabulous.

136 :01x136 - DeSean Jackson | Bill Wichrowski | Johnathan Hillstrand | Death

First aired: Apr/21/2014
Guest star: Death (Themselves), Johnathan Hillstrand (Himself), Bill Wichrowski (Himself), DeSean Jackson (Himself)

Monday, Arsenio's got a special show lined up for you. DeSean Jackson, now with the Washington Redskins, will stop by to fill us in on everything that has happened recently. 'Wild' Bill Wichrowski and Johnathan Hillstrand from "Deadliest Catch" will be here to share what it's really like on their deadly boats. Plus, seminal, African-American, protopunk band Death will be here to perform and drop some knowledge about a lesser known chapter of musical history.

137 :01x137 - Marlon Wayans | Jared Harris | Gabriel Iglesias | Joe Satriani

First aired: Apr/22/2014
Guest star: Gabriel Iglesias (Himself), Joe Satriani (Himself), Jared Harris (Himself), Marlon Wayans (Himself)

Arsenio's got a big show for you this Tuesday. Marlon Wayans will be here to talk about "Haunted House 2," and you never know what else could come out of his mouth. Then we'll have Jared Harris from “The Quiet Ones” on the couch. Plus, we'll have Gabriel Iglesias here to perform standup and chat, and on top of all that, Joe Satriani will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

138 :01x138 - Pat & Gina Neely | Earthquake | Samantha Ronson

First aired: Apr/23/2014
Guest star: Samantha Ronson (Herself), Gina Neely (Herself), Earthquake (Himself), Pat Neely (Himself)

It's going to be a fun one Wednesday. Pat and Gina Neely from "Down Home With The Neelys" will be here to cook up something special for Arsenio. Plus, we've got the one and only Earthquake on the show, and Samantha Ronson will be sitting in with The Posse all night long.

139 :01x139 - Taraji P. Henson | Earth, Wind & Fire

First aired: Apr/24/2014
Guest star: Earth, Wind and Fire (Themselves), Taraji Henson (Herself)

Thursday, Taraji P. Henson from “From The Rough” will stop by to join Arsenio on the couch. Plus, Arsenio will have Earth, Wind & Fire here to perform and sit down for a chat.

140 :01x140 - Dick Gregory | Daniel Beaty

First aired: Apr/25/2014
Guest star: Daniel Beaty (Himself), Dick Gregory (Himself)

Friday, Arsenio is kicking off the weekend with legendary comic, Dick Gregory. The two will sit down for a hilarious and impactful conversation. Then, we'll have a spoken word performance by Daniel Beaty.

141 :01x141 - Ray Romano | Future

First aired: Apr/28/2014
Guest star: Future (Himself), Ray Romano (Himself)

Monday, Arsenio is kicking the week off with the one and only Ray Romano. The living comedy legend will be here to talk about his role on "Parenthood" and so much more. Plus Future will be here for a special music performance.

142 :01x142 - Jimmie Walker | Kevin Taylor | Selectress Iriela

First aired: Apr/29/2014
Guest star: Jimmie Walker (Himself)

Tuesday, funny man Jimmie Walker will be here to perform standup comedy and tell us all about “Pioneers of Television." Then, get ready, because Arsenio's got Kevin Taylor, the Guinness World Record holder for speed brick breaking. Plus, Selectress Iriela will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

143 :01x143 - Shemar Moore | Malina Moye | Bootsy Collins

First aired: Apr/30/2014
Guest star: Bootsy Collins (Himself), Shemar Moore (Himself)

Wednesday, Arsenio's giving the fans what they want: Shemar Moore. Shemar will return to the show to talk “Criminal Minds” and more. On top of that, we'll have Malina Moye & Bootsy Collins sitting in with The Posse.

144 :01x144 - Katt Williams | Derek Hough | Hezekiah Walker

First aired: May/01/2014
Guest star: Hezekiah Walker (Herself), Amy Purdy (Herself), Katt Williams (Himself), Derek Hough (Himself)

Things might get crazy this Thursday. Katt Williams will be in the house to get the party started. Amy Purdy & Derek Hough from “Dancing with the Stars” will stop by, and we'll have a special performance and interview with Hezekiah Walker and his choir.

145 :01x145 - Jeff Garlin | Tameka Harris | Hit-Boy

First aired: May/02/2014
Guest star: Hit-Boy (Himself), Tameka Harris (Herself), Jeff Garlin (Himself)

Arsenio's kicking off the weekend with comic and actor Jeff Garlin from “The Goldbergs." Then Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris will come by, and we'll have a big performance by Hit-Boy.

146 :01x146 - Billy Bob Thornton | Paul Mooney

First aired: May/05/2014
Guest star: Billy Bob Thornton (Himself), Paul Mooney (Himself)

Monday, Arsenio is getting the week going with Billy Bob Thornton from the TV series “Fargo.” Then, game-changing comedian Paul Mooney will be here to perform standup and sit down with Arsenio.

147 :01x147 - Michael Emerson | Nicole Murphy | Ziggy Marley

First aired: May/06/2014
Guest star: Ziggy Marley (Himself), Michael Emerson (Himself), Nicole Mitchell Murphy (Herself), Jessica Canseco (Herself)

Tuesday, Michael Emerson from “Person of Interest” will stop by to chat with Arsenio. Then we have “Hollywood Ex’s” Nicole Murphy & Jessica Canseco here to tell Arsenio all about their show. Plus, we'll have a performance from Ziggy Marley.

148 :01x148 - Bill Cosby | Jerrika Hinton

First aired: May/07/2014
Guest star: Bill Cosby (Himself), Jerrika Hinton (Herself)

Wednesday, comedic legend Bill Cosby will join Arsenio for what's sure to be an impactful and hilarious conversation. Plus Jerrika Hinton from “Grey’s Anatomy” will stop by.

149 :01x149 - Talib Kweli | DJ Eque

First aired: May/08/2014
Guest star: Dj Eque (Herself), Talib Kweli (Himself)

Thursday, Talib Kweli will take the stage to perform and then sit down with Arsenio for an interview. Plus DJ Eque will be sitting in with The Posse all night.

150 :01x150 - IAMSU! | Sage The Gemini

First aired: May/09/2014
Guest star: Sage The Gemini (Himself)

Friday, we've got a special performance from IAMSU! Ft. Sage The Gemini and much more!

151 :01x151 - James Pickens Jr. | Jermaine Dupri | Katherine Schwarzenegger

First aired: May/12/2014
Guest star: Jermaine Dupri (Himself), Katherine Schwarzenegger (Herself), James Pickens, Jr. (Himself)

This week, Arsenio is celebrating the 20th anniversary of So So Def Recordings. On Monday, we're kicking it off with a special musical performance by Jermaine Dupri & Friends, and Jermaine will be sitting in with The Posse all week. Plus, James Pickens Jr. from "Grey's Anatomy" will be here to sit and chat with Arsenio, and Katherine Schwarzenegger, author of "I Just Graduated… Now What?" will stop by.

152 :01x152 - Carl Reiner | OVEOUS

First aired: May/13/2014
Guest star: Oveous (Himself), Jermaine Dupri (Himself), Carl Reiner (Himself)

Tuesday, comedy legend, Carl Reiner author of “I Remember Me” will be here to talk shop, comic-to-comic. We'll have a spoken word performance by OVEOUS, and Jermaine Dupri is back sitting in with The Posse all week in celebration of the 20th anniversary of So So Def.

153 :01x153 - Randy Jackson | Lil Jon | Jackie Fabulous | Kym Whitley

First aired: May/14/2014
Guest star: Lil' Jon (Himself), Jermaine Dupri (Himself), Kym Whitley (Herself), Randy Jackson (Himself), Jackie Fabulous (Herself)

Wednesday, the party keeps rolling when Randy Jackson stops by. Arsenio's also bringing you an interview and musical performance by Lil Jon. Plus comedians Jackie Fabulous and Kym Whitley will be here to bring the funny, and Jermaine Dupri is here again spinning with The Posse.

154 :01x154 - Shannen Doherty | Jasper Redd

First aired: May/15/2014
Guest star: Jermaine Dupri (Himself), Shannen Doherty (Herself), Jasper Redd (Himself)

Thursday, actress Shannen Doherty from “Blood Lake” will join Arsenio on the couch. Hilarious standup comedian, Jasper Redd, will come by to slings some jokes, and Jermaine Dupri is keeping it on lock with The Posse.

155 :01x155 - Gugu Mbatha-Raw

First aired: May/16/2014
Guest star: Jermaine Dupri (Himself), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Herself)

Friday, we're getting the weekend started with Gugu Mbatha-Raw from "Belle." Plus Jermaine Dupri will be here to close out his week with The Posse.

156 :01x156 - Betty White | Bill Klein & Dr. Jennifer Arnold | Cheech & Chong | WAR | Zainab Johnson | Caroline D'Amore

First aired: May/19/2014
Guest star: Zainab Johnson (Herself), Tommy Chong (Himself), Cheech Marin (Himself), Caroline D'amore (Herself), War (Themselves), Bill Klein (Himself), Jen Arnold (Herself), Betty White (Herself)

Monday, Arsenio is kicking off the party with the one and only Betty White from "Hot in Cleveland" and "Off Their Rockers." TLC's "The Little Couple," Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold, will be here to catch us up on everything going on in their lives. Zainab Johnson will join Arsenio for some comedy. Then, get ready, because WAR ft. Cheech & Chong will be here for a performance and sit down for an interview. Plus, Caroline D'Amore will be scratching with The Posse.

157 :01x157 - Bishop T.D. Jakes | Shawn Ashmore | Afrojack

First aired: May/20/2014
Guest star: Afrojack (Himself), Shawn Ashmore (Himself), T.D. Jakes (Himself)

Tuesday, Bishop T.D. Jakes will be here to discuss his new book, "Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive." Shawn Ashmore from "X-Men: Days of Future Past" is dropping by, and Afrojack will be here to perform and sit down with Arsenio.

158 :01x158 - J.B. Smoove | Terry O'Quinn | DJ Rashida

First aired: May/21/2014
Guest star: DJ Rashida (Herself), Terry O'Quinn (Himself), J.B. Smoove (Himself)

Wednesday, one of the funniest guys around, J.B. Smoove, will be here to tell us all about "Last Comic Standing," and so much more. Terry O'Quinn will stop by to talk "Gang Related," and DJ Rashida will be sitting in with The Posse.