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Ed, Edd n' Eddy

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 04/Jan/1999 The Ed-Touchables 9
2 1x02 04/Jan/1999 Nagged to Ed 9
3 1x03 11/Jan/1999 Pop Goes the Ed N/A
4 1x04 11/Jan/1999 Over Your Ed N/A
5 1x05 18/Jan/1999 Sir Ed-a-Lot N/A
6 1x06 18/Jan/1999 A Pinch to Grow an Ed N/A
7 1x07 25/Jan/1999 Read All About Ed N/A
8 1x08 25/Jan/1999 Quick Shot Ed N/A
9 1x09 01/Feb/1999 An Ed Too Many N/A
10 1x10 01/Feb/1999 Ed-n-Seek N/A
11 1x11 08/Feb/1999 Look Into My Eds N/A
12 1x12 08/Feb/1999 Tag Yer Ed 10
13 1x13 15/Feb/1999 Dawn of the Eds N/A
14 1x14 15/Feb/1999 Vert-Ed-Go N/A
15 1x15 22/Feb/1999 Who, What, Where, Ed N/A
16 1x16 22/Feb/1999 Keeping Up with the Eds N/A
17 1x17 01/Mar/1999 Fool on the Ed N/A
18 1x18 01/Mar/1999 A Boy and His Ed N/A
19 1x19 08/Mar/1999 It's Way Ed N/A
20 1x20 08/Mar/1999 Laugh Ed Laugh N/A
21 1x21 15/Mar/1999 Eds-Aggerate N/A
22 1x22 15/Mar/1999 Oath to an Ed N/A
23 1x23 22/Mar/1999 A Glass of Warm Ed N/A
24 1x24 22/Mar/1999 Flea-Bitten Ed N/A
25 1x25 29/Mar/1999 Button Yer Ed N/A
26 1x26 29/Mar/1999 Avast Ye Eds N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 2x01 13/Sep/1999 Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Ed N/A
28 2x02 13/Sep/1999 Ready, Set, Ed N/A
29 2x03 20/Sep/1999 Knock Knock Who's Ed? N/A
30 2x04 20/Sep/1999 One + One = Ed N/A
31 2x05 27/Sep/1999 Know it All Ed N/A
32 2x06 27/Sep/1999 Dear Ed N/A
33 2x07 04/Oct/1999 Hands Across Ed N/A
34 2x08 04/Oct/1999 Floss Your Ed N/A
35 2x09 11/Oct/1999 In Like Ed N/A
36 2x10 11/Oct/1999 Who Let the Ed In? N/A
37 2x11 18/Oct/1999 Home Cooked Eds N/A
38 2x12 18/Oct/1999 Rambling Ed N/A
39 2x13 25/Oct/1999 To Sir with Ed N/A
40 2x14 25/Oct/1999 Key to my Ed 10
41 2x15 01/Nov/1999 Honor Thy Ed N/A
42 2x16 01/Nov/1999 Scrambled Ed N/A
43 2x17 08/Nov/1999 Urban Ed N/A
44 2x18 08/Nov/1999 Stop, Look and Ed N/A
45 2x19 15/Nov/1999 Rent-a-Ed N/A
46 2x20 15/Nov/1999 Shoo Ed N/A
47 2x21 29/Nov/1999 Ed in a Halfshell N/A
48 2x22 29/Nov/1999 Mirror, Mirror, on the Ed N/A
49 2x23 06/Dec/1999 Hot Buttered Ed N/A
50 2x24 06/Dec/1999 High Heeled Ed N/A
51 2x25 20/Dec/1999 Fa, La, La, La, Ed N/A
52 2x26 20/Dec/1999 Cry Ed N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
53 3x01 23/Feb/2001 Wish You Were Ed N/A
54 3x02 23/Feb/2001 Momma's Little Ed N/A
55 3x03 25/May/2001 Once Upon an Ed N/A
56 3x04 25/May/2001 For Your Ed Only N/A
57 3x05 19/Sep/2001 It Came From Outer Ed N/A
58 3x06 19/Sep/2001 3 Squares and an Ed N/A
59 3x07 23/Nov/2001 Dueling Eds N/A
60 3x08 23/Nov/2001 Dim Lit Ed N/A
61 3x09 04/Jan/2002 Will Work for Ed N/A
62 3x10 04/Jan/2002 Ed, Ed and Away N/A
63 3x11 25/Jan/2002 X Marks the Ed N/A
64 3x12 25/Jan/2002 From Here to Ed N/A
65 3x13 15/Feb/2002 Boys Will Be Eds N/A
66 3x14 15/Feb/2002 Ed or Tails N/A
67 3x15 08/Mar/2002 Gimme Gimme Never Ed N/A
68 3x16 08/Mar/2002 My Fair Ed N/A
69 3x17 22/Mar/2002 Rock-a-Bye Ed N/A
70 3x18 22/Mar/2002 O-Ed Eleven N/A
71 3x19 21/Jun/2002 The Luck of the Ed N/A
72 3x20 21/Jun/2002 Ed, Pass it On N/A
73 3x21 28/Jun/2002 Brother, Can You Spare an Ed? N/A
74 3x22 28/Jun/2002 The Day the Ed Stood Still N/A
75 3x23 05/Jul/2002 If It Smells Like an Ed (1) N/A
76 3x24 05/Jul/2002 If It Smells Like an Ed (2) N/A
77 3x25 12/Jul/2002 Don't Rain on My Ed N/A
78 3x26 12/Jul/2002 Once Bitten, Twice Ed N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
79 4x01 27/Sep/2002 An Ed in the Bush N/A
80 4x02 27/Sep/2002 See No Ed N/A
81 4x03 01/Nov/2002 Is There an Ed in the House? N/A
82 4x04 01/Nov/2002 An Ed is Born N/A
83 4x05 15/Nov/2002 One Size Fits Ed N/A
84 4x06 15/Nov/2002 Pain in the Ed N/A
85 4x07 24/Aug/2003 Ed Overboard N/A
86 4x08 24/Aug/2003 One of Those Eds N/A
87 4x09 10/Nov/2003 They Call Him Mr. Ed N/A
88 4x10 10/Nov/2003 For the Ed, by the Ed N/A
89 4x11 17/Nov/2003 Little Ed Blue N/A
90 4x12 17/Nov/2003 A Twist of Ed N/A
91 4x13 23/Jan/2004 Your Ed Here N/A
92 4x14 23/Jan/2004 The Good Ol' Ed N/A
93 4x15 30/Jan/2004 Thick as an Ed N/A
94 4x16 30/Jan/2004 Sorry, Wrong Ed N/A
95 4x17 06/Feb/2004 Robbin' Ed N/A
96 4x18 06/Feb/2004 A Case of Ed N/A
97 4x19 13/Feb/2004 Run for your Ed N/A
98 4x20 13/Feb/2004 Hand Me Down Ed N/A
99 4x21 20/Feb/2004 Stiff Upper Ed N/A
100 4x22 20/Feb/2004 Here's Mud in Your Ed N/A
101 4x23 27/Feb/2004 Stuck in Ed N/A
102 4x24 27/Feb/2004 Postcards from the Ed N/A
103 4x25 05/Nov/2004 Take This Ed and Shove It (1) N/A
104 4x26 05/Nov/2004 Take This Ed and Shove It (2) N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
105 5x01 04/Nov/2005 Mission Ed-Possible N/A
106 5x02 04/Nov/2005 Every Which Way But Ed N/A
107 5x03 11/Nov/2005 Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed N/A
108 5x04 11/Nov/2005 Cleanliness Is Next to Edness N/A
109 5x05 18/Nov/2005 Out with the Old, In with the Ed (1) N/A
110 5x06 18/Nov/2005 Out with the Old, In with the Ed (2) N/A
111 5x07 25/Nov/2005 I Am Curious Ed N/A
112 5x08 25/Nov/2005 No Speak Da Ed N/A
113 5x09 31/Mar/2006 Cool-Hand Ed N/A
114 5x10 31/Mar/2006 Too Smart for His Own Ed N/A
115 5x11 28/Jun/2006 Who's Minding the Ed? N/A
116 5x12 28/Jun/2006 Pick an Ed N/A
117 5x13 03/Jul/2006 Truth or Ed N/A
118 5x14 03/Jul/2006 This Won't Hurt an Ed N/A
119 5x15 14/Aug/2006 Tinker Ed N/A
120 5x16 14/Aug/2006 The Good, The Bad and The Ed N/A
121 5x17 28/Aug/2006 Tight End Ed N/A
122 5x18 28/Aug/2006 'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place N/A
123 5x19 13/Apr/2007 All Eds Are Off N/A
124 5x20 13/Apr/2007 Smile for the Ed N/A
125 5x21 20/Apr/2007 Run Ed Run N/A
126 5x22 20/Apr/2007 A Town Called Ed N/A
127 5x23 28/Apr/2007 A Fistful of Ed (1) 10
128 5x24 28/Apr/2007 A Fistful of Ed (2) N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
129 6x01 29/Jun/2008 May I Have this Ed? 10
130 6x02 29/Jun/2008 Look Before You Ed 10

S04 - #103/Dec/2004Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle10
S04 - #211/Feb/2005Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo10
S05 - #328/Oct/2005Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw10
S05 - #411/May/2007The Eds are Coming10

08/Nov/2009Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show10

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Warning: Ed, Edd n' Eddy guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 04, 1999
Ended: May 11, 2007
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