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Believe is a drama that follows a gifted young girl and a man sprung from prison who has been tasked with protecting her from the evil elements that hunt her power. (Source: NBC)
  • Currently 7.9/10
7.9/10 (17 Votes cast)

Episode Info

Next: 1x08 -- Together (Apr/27/2014)

Worried that Skouras has developed the ability to locate Bo, Winter sends Channing on a mission to infiltrate the Orchestra campus. Despite Winter's instructions to keep a low profile, Bo is compelled to help a family man who is in over his head.


Prev: 1x07 -- Bang and Blame (Apr/20/2014)

An encounter with one of Skouras' teams leaves Bo in a coma, and forces Winter to take drastic action to save her life. Flashbacks reveal Channing's surprising history with Bo.

  • Currently 7.3/10
7.3/10 (4 Votes cast)

Available Episodes

Bang and Blame
Apr 20, 2014
Season 1 episode 7

Apr 13, 2014
Season 1 episode 6

White Noise
Apr 06, 2014
Season 1 episode 5

Mar 30, 2014
Season 1 episode 4

Mar 23, 2014
Season 1 episode 3

Jake McLaughlinJake McLaughlin
As William Tate
Johnny SequoyahJohnny Sequoyah
As Bo Adams
Jamie ChungJamie Chung
As Janice Channing
Sienna GuillorySienna Guillory
As Moore (Pilot only)
Arian MoayedArian Moayed
As Corey
Kyle MacLachlanKyle MacLachlan
As Dr. Roman Skouras
Delroy LindoDelroy Lindo
As Dr. Milton Winter


Reviews: 2
unBELIEVEableRating: 2 likes, 1 dislikes

This is without a doubt the worst made show Ive seen since the 80's. I kept thinking that it HAD to have been produced by m. night shyamalan, because its THAT bad. It was about as polished as watching Dailies. photography is crap. direction is crap. A better director could have pulled better acting from the cast, but as it is, it was mediocre at best. and the script? FIRE the writers! Ive seen better productions from high school A/V students. Read more

Review posted on Saturday, March 22nd 2014 at 7:27 am


Reviews: 1
Beyond awfulRating: 1 likes, 1 dislikes

have to totally agree with other post, this show numbs all the sense at how mind blowingly ridiculous it is. Might have been better if the show "Touch" that failed about a year back was not introduced first. Even then the writing in this is some of the worst. Majority of the scenarios are so far fetched its almost as if they took no time to research any of the back story. Sorry but a guy on death row claiming his innocense is doubtful to be up for execution in 7years, even in Texas, and this is plotted back east. The sad use of the supposed resources and how they need to keep moving but only the guy and the girl are supposed to move while the money/ support team helps them is so off the beaten track because at the end of each episode they are all together anyways so would seem more reasonable to just keep them that way. And probably the biggest killer, they preach on keeping the girl low key, yet most times when she uses her "powers", she makes a massive public scene as she is doing it. Its like "hey everyone look at me" then the screeming, then the mystical feat occurs when everyone is watching.. Cut your loses and cancel this. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, April 8th 2014 at 2:09 pm

2 reviews available
Recurring Guests

Kerry Condon as Dr. Zoe Boyle (8 eps)
Katie McClellan as Lila Leeds (6 eps)
Trieste Dunn as FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Ferrell (5 eps)
Matthew Rauch as FBI Agent Martin (4 eps)
Ato Essandoh as FBI Agent Garner (4 eps)
Juri Henley-Cohn as Luke Hayden (4 eps)
Rob Morgan as Joshua Carpenter (4 eps)
Peter McRobbie as FBI Director Lofton (3 eps)
Nick Tarabay as Niko Zepeda (2 eps)
Richard Hollis as Robert Gilman (2 eps)

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