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Episode discussion for: 01x02 | Murder by Minivan / Lose a Sister, Gain a Baby (Apr 01, 2013)

The episode of >> Lose a Sister, Gain a Baby - Pregnant at the Same Time (My Evil Sister) (2:16) is so bogus. We actually know of these people and the crazy part is no one mentions the sexual abuse these girls went thought. How the dad had sex with these girls from babies to adulthood.I m quite sure this has had something to do with how the WHOLE family turned out. I cant believe no one maybe interviewed any "friends" of this family. The town we live in is one that EVERYONE, knows every ones business. The Merrifield family's name is like roaches here. Even the little white girl in the family photo was at a early age molested by Joe Merrifield.Its such a lie that the story would lead you to believe the father wasn't watching over his daughters .He was watching a little TOO MUCH , even the black milk dud head brother in that interview was sexually abusing them .This story is so inaccurate! That's a fact jack.
Message Posted On Thursday, April 4th 2013 at 7:06 pm

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