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Father Knows Best

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 03/Oct/1954 Bud Takes Up the Dance 9
2 1x02 10/Oct/1954 Lesson in Citizenship N/A
3 1x03 17/Oct/1954 The Motor Scooter N/A
4 1x04 24/Oct/1954 Football Tickets N/A
5 1x05 31/Oct/1954 Live My Own Life N/A
6 1x06 07/Nov/1954 Grandpa Jim's Rejuvenation N/A
7 1x07 14/Nov/1954 Bud's Encounter With the Law N/A
8 1x08 21/Nov/1954 Thanksgiving Day N/A
9 1x09 28/Nov/1954 Second Honeymoon N/A
10 1x10 05/Dec/1954 Typical Father N/A
11 1x11 12/Dec/1954 Margaret Goes Dancing N/A
12 1x12 19/Dec/1954 The Christmas Story N/A
13 1x13 26/Dec/1954 Sparrow in the Window N/A
14 1x14 02/Jan/1955 Boy's Week N/A
15 1x15 09/Jan/1955 A Friend of Old George's N/A
16 1x16 16/Jan/1955 Bud the Snob N/A
17 1x17 23/Jan/1955 The Promised Playhouse N/A
18 1x18 30/Jan/1955 Jim the Farmer N/A
19 1x19 06/Feb/1955 Father of the Year N/A
20 1x20 13/Feb/1955 The Mink Coat N/A
21 1x21 20/Feb/1955 The Matchmaker N/A
22 1x22 27/Feb/1955 Bud the Bridesmaid N/A
23 1x23 06/Mar/1955 Proud Father N/A
24 1x24 13/Mar/1955 Father Delivers the Papers N/A
25 1x25 20/Mar/1955 No Partiality N/A
26 1x26 27/Mar/1955 Close Decision N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
27 2x01 31/Aug/1955 Art of Salesmanship N/A
28 2x02 07/Sep/1955 Father's Private Life N/A
29 2x03 14/Sep/1955 Lessons in Civics N/A
30 2x04 21/Sep/1955 First Disillusionment N/A
31 2x05 28/Sep/1955 Woman in the House N/A
32 2x06 05/Oct/1955 New Girl at School N/A
33 2x07 12/Oct/1955 Kathy Makes Magic N/A
34 2x08 19/Oct/1955 Advantage to Betty N/A
35 2x09 26/Oct/1955 The Big Test N/A
36 2x10 02/Nov/1955 Father Is a Dope N/A
37 2x11 09/Nov/1955 Spirit of Youth N/A
38 2x12 16/Nov/1955 Bud, the Ladykiller N/A
39 2x13 30/Nov/1955 Margaret's Premonition N/A
40 2x14 07/Dec/1955 Stage to Yuma N/A
41 2x15 14/Dec/1955 Bad Influence N/A
42 2x16 28/Dec/1955 Betty Hates Carter N/A
43 2x17 04/Jan/1956 Jim, the Tyrant N/A
44 2x18 11/Jan/1956 Betty's Brother N/A
45 2x19 18/Jan/1956 Betty Earns a Formal N/A
46 2x20 25/Jan/1956 The House Painter N/A
47 2x21 01/Feb/1956 Bud, the Wallflower N/A
48 2x22 08/Feb/1956 The Bus to Nowhere N/A
49 2x23 15/Feb/1956 Kathy, the Indian Giver N/A
50 2x24 22/Feb/1956 The Historical Andersons N/A
51 2x25 29/Feb/1956 The Grass is Greener N/A
52 2x26 07/Mar/1956 The Persistent Guest N/A
53 2x27 14/Mar/1956 Family Reunion N/A
54 2x28 28/Mar/1956 Family Dines Out N/A
55 2x29 04/Apr/1956 Bud, the Boxer N/A
56 2x30 11/Apr/1956 Betty, Girl Engineer N/A
57 2x31 18/Apr/1956 The Martins and the Coys N/A
58 2x32 25/Apr/1956 Dilemma for Margaret N/A
59 2x33 02/May/1956 Hero Father N/A
60 2x34 09/May/1956 Father, the Naturalist N/A
61 2x35 16/May/1956 The Ten Dollar Question N/A
62 2x36 23/May/1956 Adopted Daughter N/A
63 2x37 30/May/1956 Betty's Graduation N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
64 3x01 12/Sep/1956 No Apron Strings N/A
65 3x02 19/Sep/1956 Never in Twain N/A
66 3x03 26/Sep/1956 Betty Goes to College N/A
67 3x04 03/Oct/1956 Man About Town N/A
68 3x05 10/Oct/1956 The Homing Pigeon N/A
69 3x06 17/Oct/1956 Spaghetti for Margaret N/A
70 3x07 24/Oct/1956 Betty's Birthday N/A
71 3x08 31/Oct/1956 Bud, the Millionaire N/A
72 3x09 07/Nov/1956 The Old Days N/A
73 3x10 14/Nov/1956 Whistle Bait N/A
74 3x11 21/Nov/1956 The Great Guy N/A
75 3x12 28/Nov/1956 The Family Goes to New York N/A
76 3x13 05/Dec/1956 Betty Goes Steady N/A
77 3x14 12/Dec/1956 The Good Prospect N/A
78 3x15 19/Dec/1956 The Angel's Sweater N/A
79 3x16 26/Dec/1956 The Promising Young Man N/A
80 3x17 02/Jan/1957 Margaret Hires a Gardener N/A
81 3x18 09/Jan/1957 Swiss Family Anderson N/A
82 3x19 16/Jan/1957 Brief Holiday N/A
83 3x20 23/Jan/1957 The Lawn Party N/A
84 3x21 30/Jan/1957 Short Wave N/A
85 3x22 06/Feb/1957 Carnival N/A
86 3x23 13/Feb/1957 Betty and the Jet Pilot N/A
87 3x24 20/Feb/1957 Trip to Hillsborough N/A
88 3x25 27/Feb/1957 An Evening to Remember N/A
89 3x26 13/Mar/1957 Bud Buys a Car N/A
90 3x27 20/Mar/1957 Safety First N/A
91 3x28 27/Mar/1957 Bud, the Hero N/A
92 3x29 03/Apr/1957 Betty, the Track Star N/A
93 3x30 17/Apr/1957 The Spelling Bee N/A
94 3x31 24/Apr/1957 Bud, the Philanthropist N/A
95 3x32 01/May/1957 Baby in the House N/A
96 3x33 08/May/1957 Class Prophecy N/A
97 3x34 15/May/1957 The Art of Romance N/A
98 3x35 22/May/1957 Margaret Disowns Her Family N/A
99 3x36 29/May/1957 Grandpa Retires N/A
100 3x37 05/Jun/1957 Shoot for the Moon N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
101 4x01 25/Sep/1957 Follow the Leader N/A
102 4x02 02/Oct/1957 The Awkward Hero N/A
103 4x03 09/Oct/1957 The Good Neighbor N/A
104 4x04 16/Oct/1957 Bud, the Executive N/A
105 4x05 23/Oct/1957 Sentenced to Happiness N/A
106 4x06 30/Oct/1957 Mother Goes to School N/A
107 4x07 06/Nov/1957 The Indispensable Man N/A
108 4x08 13/Nov/1957 Kathy's Big Chance N/A
109 4x09 20/Nov/1957 Margaret Learns to Drive N/A
110 4x10 04/Dec/1957 The Way of a Dictator N/A
111 4x11 11/Dec/1957 Mr. Beal Meets His Match N/A
112 4x12 25/Dec/1957 Kathy Makes a Wish N/A
113 4x13 01/Jan/1958 Man With a Plan N/A
114 4x14 08/Jan/1957 Big Sister N/A
115 4x15 15/Jan/1958 Calypso Kid N/A
116 4x16 22/Jan/1958 Father's Biography N/A
117 4x17 29/Jan/1958 The Rivals N/A
118 4x18 05/Feb/1958 Bud, the Mind Reader N/A
119 4x19 12/Feb/1958 Margaret's Other Family N/A
120 4x20 19/Feb/1958 The Trial N/A
121 4x21 26/Feb/1958 Revenge is Sweet N/A
122 4x22 05/Mar/1958 Country Cousin N/A
123 4x23 12/Mar/1958 Poor Old Dad N/A
124 4x24 19/Mar/1958 Betty's Crusade N/A
125 4x25 26/Mar/1958 Young Love N/A
126 4x26 02/Apr/1958 Tell It to Mom N/A
127 4x27 16/Apr/1958 A Friend in Need N/A
128 4x28 23/Apr/1958 A Medal for Margaret N/A
129 4x29 30/Apr/1958 The Weaker Sex N/A
130 4x30 14/May/1958 Jim, the Answer Man N/A
131 4x31 21/May/1958 Bud Quits School N/A
132 4x32 04/Jun/1958 A Matter of Pride N/A
133 4x33 11/Jun/1958 Betty Finds a Cause N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
134 5x01 15/Sep/1958 Vine Covered Cottage N/A
135 5x02 22/Sep/1958 Be Kind to Bud Week N/A
136 5x03 29/Sep/1958 Kathy's Romance N/A
137 5x04 06/Oct/1958 Voice From the Past N/A
138 5x05 13/Oct/1958 Frank's Family Trees N/A
139 5x06 20/Oct/1958 Always Plan Ahead N/A
140 5x07 27/Oct/1958 Second Wedding N/A
141 5x08 03/Nov/1958 Bud, the Caretaker N/A
142 5x09 10/Nov/1958 Betty, the Pioneer Woman N/A
143 5x10 17/Nov/1958 Fair Exchange N/A
144 5x11 24/Nov/1958 Bud, the Snob N/A
145 5x12 01/Dec/1958 Margaret Wins a Car N/A
146 5x13 08/Dec/1958 The Great Experiment N/A
147 5x14 15/Dec/1958 The Christmas Story N/A
148 5x15 22/Dec/1958 The Basketball Coach N/A
149 5x16 29/Dec/1958 Kathy, Girl Executive N/A
150 5x17 05/Jan/1959 The Good Samaritan N/A
151 5x18 12/Jan/1959 The Ideal Father N/A
152 5x19 19/Jan/1959 Big Shot Bud N/A
153 5x20 26/Jan/1959 Hard Luck Leo N/A
154 5x21 02/Feb/1959 Bud, the Campus Romeo N/A
155 5x22 09/Feb/1959 Crisis Over a Kiss N/A
156 5x23 16/Feb/1959 Kathy Grows Up N/A
157 5x24 23/Feb/1959 A Man of Merit N/A
158 5x25 02/Mar/1959 Betty Makes a Choice N/A
159 5x26 09/Mar/1959 It's a Small World N/A
160 5x27 16/Mar/1959 Two Loves Has Bud N/A
161 5x28 23/Mar/1959 An Extraordinary Woman N/A
162 5x29 30/Mar/1959 The Art of Romance N/A
163 5x30 06/Apr/1959 Formula for Happiness N/A
164 5x31 13/Apr/1959 Bud and the Debutante N/A
165 5x32 20/Apr/1959 The Promised Playhouse N/A
166 5x33 27/Apr/1959 The Meanest Professor N/A
167 5x34 04/May/1959 Live My Own Life N/A
168 5x35 11/May/1959 Bud Has A Problem N/A
169 5x36 18/May/1959 The Great Anderson Mystery N/A
170 5x37 25/May/1959 Margaret Goes Dancing N/A
171 5x38 01/Jun/1959 The Gold Turnip N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
172 6x01 05/Oct/1959 A Day in the Country N/A
173 6x02 12/Oct/1959 Bud Branches Out N/A
174 6x03 19/Oct/1959 The Gardener's Big Day N/A
175 6x04 26/Oct/1959 The Imposter N/A
176 6x05 02/Nov/1959 Bud Plays It Safe N/A
177 6x06 09/Nov/1959 Bicycle Trip for Two N/A
178 6x07 16/Nov/1959 First Disillusionment N/A
179 6x08 23/Nov/1959 Margaret's Old Flame N/A
180 6x09 30/Nov/1959 Kathy Becomes a Girl N/A
181 6x10 07/Dec/1959 Bud, the Willing Worker N/A
182 6x11 14/Dec/1959 Turn the Other Cheek N/A
183 6x12 28/Dec/1959 Good Joke on Mom N/A
184 6x13 04/Jan/1960 Betty's Double N/A
185 6x14 11/Jan/1960 Father, the Naturalist N/A
186 6x15 18/Jan/1960 Bud Hides Behind a Skirt N/A
187 6x16 25/Jan/1960 Togetherness N/A
188 6x17 01/Feb/1960 Second Best N/A
189 6x18 08/Feb/1960 Kathy's Big Deception N/A
190 6x19 15/Feb/1960 Cupid Knows Best N/A
191 6x20 22/Feb/1960 The Big Test N/A
192 6x21 29/Feb/1960 Jim's Big Surprise N/A
193 6x22 07/Mar/1960 Time to Retire N/A
194 6x23 14/Mar/1960 Bud, the Speculator N/A
195 6x24 21/Mar/1960 The $500 Letter N/A
196 6x25 28/Mar/1960 Adopted Daughter N/A
197 6x26 04/Apr/1960 Family Contest N/A
198 6x27 11/Apr/1960 Love and Learn N/A
199 6x28 18/Apr/1960 Blind Date N/A
200 6x29 25/Apr/1960 Betty's Career Problem N/A
201 6x30 09/May/1960 Bud Lives It Up N/A
202 6x31 16/May/1960 Not His Type N/A
203 6x32 23/May/1960 Betty's Graduation N/A

S06 - #115/May/1977The Father Knows Best ReunionN/A

18/Dec/1977Father Knows Best: Home for ChristmasN/A

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Warning: Father Knows Best guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: October 03, 1954
Ended: May 23, 1960
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