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The Garage Door - Recap

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Sam sees Neal's father embracing a woman in a department store. Dr. Schweiber claims that the woman is just a friend, but asks Sam to keep it a secret. He also buys Neal an Atari game system, apparently as a means of assuaging his guilt. Bill insists that they have to tell Neal the truth. Neal blows up at Sam and Bill and accuses them of jealousy. Dr. Schweiber tries to convince Sam that nothing is going on. Neal snoops in his dad's car and finds a mysterious garage door opener. He gets the guys to ride their bikes around town and help him search for his father's love nest. After several hours, Sam and Bill give up and head home. Harold and Jean surprise Sam with an Atari as a reward "for being a good kid." The realization of what Neal is going through suddenly hits Sam, as he bursts into tears and hugs his dad. Neal gets a garage to open and finds his father's car parked inside. Ken develops a crush on the tuba player in the school's marching band. Lindsay talks to her on his behalf and is surprised to learn that she likes Ken. Daniel frustrates Kim by refusing to argue with her. Kim encourages Lindsay to act bitchy around Nick to avoid leading him on. At the same time, Daniel suggests that Nick hide his true feelings by giving Lindsay the cold shoulder. Everyone goes to the planetarium to see a Laser Floyd show (or so they think). Nick and Lindsay apologize for their behavior, but become very uncomfortable as the other couples make out.

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