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The Inheritance - Recap

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The Simms and their young daughter Mary arrive at an antique store owned by Lewis Vendredi. He is busy going through a manifest when the couple comes in. He tells them that the shop is closed and reluctantly lets them browse. They leave their daughter to stand while they look around, but Mary soon starts playing with the antiques. Her stepmother, Irene, tries to stop her and Mary points out she isn't her real mother. Once her parents leave her, Mary looks around and notices an antique doll, and is enchanted. She picks it up and sneaks out of the store with it. In the alleyway, the doll comes to life, says it is Vita, and say they'll be the best of friends. Two teenagers come over, and the doll tells Mary she can have whatever she wants. It then leaps at one of the teenagers and scratches his throat.

Mary runs back inside as Lewis puts away the manifest beneath a floorboard. Her parents wonder where she is and Irene complains that she's ruined the dress. Lewis snatches the doll away and insists that nothing in the store is for sale, and pushes them out. He then starts grabbing up antiques and takes them down to a vault in the basement. A wind blows the doors open upstairs and Vendredi hastily puts the antiques away as a strong breeze blows through the store. Lewis closes the door and runs to the stairs, only to see fiery hoofprints appear. As the temperature rises and the antiques in the store come to life, Lewis runs to the elevator. The vault door opens and the antiques fly out. Lewis grabs one of them, a cross and it burns his hand. Lewis steps back into the elevator, which starts to ascend as an unholy symbol burns itself into the floor and sets the wood on fire. A chasm leading into Hell opens beneath him and Lewis plummets straight down.

Six months later, Micki Foster prepares to leave on a trip. She apologizes to her fiancé, Lloyd, who is unhappy that she won't be there for the law company party to impress his partners. Micki snaps at him and then apologizes for having to dispose of the antique store that Uncle Lewis left to her and her cousin that she's supposed to be sharing everything with.

Micki arrives at the antique store and goes inside. No one is apparently there but a figure suddenly pops up from the counter. Micki hits it over the head and realizes it's her cousin, Ryan Dallion, playing a practical joke. They exchange introductions and Ryan admits he thought she was Michael, a boy. He's obviously impressed by her looks. When Micki tries to call Lloyd, Ryan explains that the phone and power are out until the next day. They look around and Ryan is clearly impressed with the antique collection. Micki wonders why Lewis left the place to them, and Ryan explains that they received it because it was in probate and they won by default. In the garage they find a Royal Vic belonging to Lewis. Ryan gets in and even Micki has to admit she's impressed. A black cat leaps into the car, scaring Micki.

Ryan goes after Micki as she goes to the basement to do an inventory. Ryan notices the vault and insists that they need to know what they're inheriting. Inside are more antiques, and Ryan props open the door with a poker so they can investigate. They hear something outside and Ryan goes to investigate, and the poker slips, sealing Micki inside. As Ryan tries to get the door open, the doll comes to life as Micki looks on in horror. She backs away and more antiques fall on her. She finally gets the door open and runs upstairs in a panic. When she trips and grabs a banister post, it turns in her hand and the manifest falls out of a compartment in the ceiling. Micki doesn't want to stick around, and doesn't even want to try to explain the doll. When Ryan accuses her of being a tight-ass, Micki throws a vase at her. He gets her to calm down enough so she can explain she wants to sell everything and get rid of the store. Ryan insists he won't sell.

The cousins are soon selling the store, and Ryan admits that he isn't cut out for business. Mr. Simms comes by and asks for the doll, and Ryan is eager to sell it. Micki insists that they can't sell it, but doesn't want to explain what she thinks she saw in the vault. She reluctantly gives it up and Ryan sells that and the other antiques. That night, they're working in the basement when a hooded figure slips into the shop. They hear the intruder moving around and go to investigate. The man gets the drop on them with a sword and introduces himself as Jack Marshak, the man who supplied Lewis with his antiques. He explains that Lewis was slow to pay his bills, and they explain that he's dead.

Over coffee, Jack explains that he and Lewis were boyhood friends, and Jack taught him about the world beyond. Lewis was passionate about wealth and immortality, and dabbled in things that Jack refused to take part in. Jack knew that Lewis planned to make a deal with the Devil involving his antiques in return for immortality, and Micki points out that it couldn't have worked out since he died. They show him the manifest and Jack finds another secret compartment with a file of newspaper clippings. The clippings document various horrific deaths, and each one corresponds to an item shown as sold in the manifest. They realize that Lewis made the pact after all, and Jack suggests that Lewis tried to get out of the pact and it cost him his life. The antiques remain cursed... including the ones that the cousins sold. Micki realizes that the doll is cursed and when it came to life, it wasn't her imagination.

Mr. Simms gives Mary the doll. He tells her not to let Irene know about it. Upstairs in her room, the doll talks to Mary again and says they can do anything they want... including with Irene.

Later, Irene finds the wrappings from the present and accuses her husband of spoiling Mary. She insists on taking the doll away from Mary.

Micki finds Simms' receipt and she prepares to get it along with Ryan. Jack has to check with a card reader. Before they leave, he tells them that it's not too late for them to go home and forget it ever happened. Micki admits she isn't convinced about the curse, but she's not willing to take the risk if Mary is in danger.

As Mary has a tea party, the doll points out that Irene is mean and encourages the girl to "punish" her stepmother. Before the doll can suggest anything definite, Irene comes in and insists on talking. She tries to take the doll away and Mary runs out to the upstairs hallway. Irene finally gets the doll and sends Mary to her room. She then puts the doll in the closet, unaware that Mary is watching her.

As Ryan and Mick drive to the house, Mary tries to get the doll. Irene spots her and demands she turn over the doll. In response, the doll causes a roller skate to move behind Irene. When Mary advances on her stepmother with the doll, it comes to life, startling her and causing her to trip on the roller skate. Irene falls down the steps.

Ryan and Micki arrive as the injured Irene is taken away. They notice Mary with the doll, sitting on the curb, and try to convince her they're friends. Mary doesn't believe them and the doll snarls at them before Mr. Simms takes his daughter away in the ambulance.

At the hospital, Mr. Simms tries to comfort his wife. When he leaves to get a doctor, the doll tells Mary to kill her stepmother. The girl puts the doll on Irene and it chokes her to death. Mr. Simms returns and realizes that his wife is dead, while a smiling Mary sits down with her doll.

Ryan and Micki arrive at the hospital the next day and learn that Mrs. Simms is dead. Micki worries what to do, but Jack is out of contact.

Mr. Simms leaves to make the funeral arrangements and has the neighbor lady watch Mary while he's gone. Mary is playing in her room with her dolls while the babysitter watches over her. When Mary demands more cookies and the babysitter refuses, Mary snaps at her and the woman gives in. The girl tells her to go away and the doll talks again. It causes records to shoot from the player to hit the babysitter, and then brings the other dolls to life, Finally it starts choking the babysitter with an animated jump rope. Micki and Ryan arrive outside and hear the commotion, and manage to break in. Mary walks out the patio door while the bookshelf falls on the babysitter. Everything moves back to its normal place as the cousins arrive and discover the woman, badly injured. Ryan calls an ambulance while Micki sees Mary playing at a nearby playground.

Micki approaches the girl, who is swinging, The girl realizes that Micki wants the doll and runs over to a slide. The doll causes swings and tetherballs to attack Micki and clown heads to breathe fire. The girl then gets on a carousel and Micki gets on with her. As storm clouds gather, the carousel spins faster and faster. Ryan arrives and leaps on. He manages to grab the doll and the spell is broken. As everything reverts to normal, Mary is thrown off and Micki goes to comfort her.

Back at the store, Jack places the doll in the vault and closes the door. He explains that the cursed antiques can't be destroyed so the vault is the best place for them. Micki calls Lloyd and tells her that they're going to have to put their engagement on hold. She lies and claims that Lewis left his affairs in a terrible state, but Lloyd isn't impressed and hangs up. Ryan suggests they change the name of the store, and Jack suggests "Curious Goods." Micki realizes that they have to get everything back that Lewis sold, as well as the items they sold. She wonders where to begin... and Jack reads another newspaper article about a mysterious death.

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