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Season 2

35 :02x01 - The Singing Mountie

A Canadian mountie, in search of Agarn's look-alike cousin Lucky Pierre Agarniere, comes to Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: Paul Lynde as Sgt. Ramsden (phoney) | Don Kent as Sgt. Ramsden (real)

36 :02x02 - How to be F Troop Without Really Trying

A transfer sends Agarn to train the crew at G Troop, who are more incompetent than the soldiers at Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: George Tyne as Major Bradley | Les Brown, Jr. as Lieutenant Mark Harrison

37 :02x03 - Bye, Bye, Balloon

Fort Courage is visited by a Prussian balloonist, in search of new recruits.
Guest Stars: Harvey Korman as Colonel Heindrich Von Zeppel | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson
Director: Seymour Robbie

38 :02x04 - Reach for the Sky, Pardner

With the troops payroll having been stolen in a train robbery, O'Rourke and Agarn volunteer to guard the next shipment from Washington D.C.
Guest Stars: George Barrows as Pecos | Charles Lane as Mr. McGuire | Paul Sorenson as Tombstone | Mary Young as Miss O'Brien
Director: Seymour Robbie

39 :02x05 - The Great Troop Robbery

Agarn's amnesia seems like a perfect excuse for him to be blamed for a robbery by a phony medicine man.
Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Wise Owl | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson
Director: Seymour Robbie

40 :02x06 - The West Goes Ghost

With a railroad buying up land, O'Rourke Enterprises along with Vanderbilt and Dobbs, decide to retire and take claim of a ghost town.
Guest Stars: Don Beddoe as Harry the hermit
Director: Seymour Robbie

41 :02x07 - Yellow Bird

An Indian woman who takes a liking to Captain Parmenter, is the daughter of a tycoon kidnapped as a child by a tribe.
Guest Stars: Jacques Aubuchon as Gideon D. Jefferies | Julie Newmar as Yellow Bird | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson

42 :02x08 - The Ballot of Corporal Agarn

Agarn is showered with gifts after it's discovered that he is the deciding vote of the Mayoral race in his hometown.
Guest Stars: Luana Patten as Mindy McGurney | Lew Parker as George C. Bragen | Tol Avery as Derby Dan McGurney | Jimmie Horan as Soldier
Director: Seymour Robbie

43 :02x09 - Did Your Father Come from Ireland?

Fort Courage becomes a Little Ireland once Sergeant O'Rourke's father pays a visit.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Crazy Cat | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson

44 :02x10 - For Whom the Bugle Tolls

A visiting Colonel with a fetish for bugle calls spells trouble for Dobbs, the worlds worst bugler.
Guest Stars: Richard X. Slattery as Col. William Bartlett | Tommy Farrell as Jenks | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson

45 :02x11 - Miss Parmenter

Captain Parmenter's sister has a wild time during her visit to Fort Courage, including chasing after Dobbs and assisting with Wild Eagle's appendectomy.
Guest Stars: Dennis Troy as Drunken Man | Patty Regan as Daphne Parmenter
Director: Seymour Robbie
Writer: Richard Baer

46 :02x12 - La Dolce Courage

A scorned member of the Italian Secret Society comes searching for his girlfriend and her father, believed to be hiding at Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: Leticia Roman as Gina | Jay Novello as Emilio | Joby Baker as Mario

47 :02x13 - Wilton, the Kid

Captain Parmenter's look-alike, Kid Vicious the notorious bank robber, comes to town.
Guest Stars: Tom Williams (1) as Bank Teller | Sterling Holloway as Sheriff Lawton | Don Diamond as Crazy Cat
Director: Phil Rawlins
Writer: Richard Baer

48 :02x14 - The Return of Wrongo Starr

Bumbling Wrongo Starr returns to Fort Courage escorting a load of dynamite.
Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Smokey Bear | Henry Gibson as Pvt. Wrongo Starr | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson |
Co-Guest Stars: David Roya as Apache Warrior
Director: Gary Nelson

49 :02x15 - Survival of the Fittest

To ensure Captain Parmenter and Agarn pass their survival fitness test, O'Rourke sneaks them food.
Guest Stars: George Furth as Captain Jonathan W. Blair | I. Stanford Jolley as Colonel Ferguson | Arthur Julian as Undertaker | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson
Director: Gene Nelson

50 :02x16 - Bring on the Dancing Girls

Sergeant O'Rourke plans revenge after a blackmailer tries to take his saloon away from him.
Guest Stars: Pepper Curtis as Lilly | Peter Leeds as Mr. Larson

51 :02x17 - The Loco Brothers

Two lonely Indians kidnap Captain Parmenter, just for company.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Crazy Cat | Med Flory as Indian 1 | Jim Danis as Cowboy
Writer: Richard Baer

52 :02x18 - From Karate with Love

A Japanese Samurai is searching for his intending wife from an arranged marriage who has fled to Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: Miko Mayama as Miko Tanahara | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson | Mako as Samurai Warrior

53 :02x19 - The Sergeant and the Kid

Sergeant O'Rourke tries to convince a runaway boy to go back home.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Crazy Cat | Peter Robbins as Joey Walker | Pippa Scott as Mrs. Molly Walker
Director: Seymour Robbie

54 :02x20 - What Are You Doing After the Massacre?

The Hikawi's 147 year-old High Chief Flaming Arrow, comes down from the mountain to lead the tribe in an attack on Fort Courage to retrieve their land.
Guest Stars: Dorothy Neumann as Old Indian Woman | Marilyn Fisk as Kissing Squaw | Phil Harris (1) as Flaming Arrow
Director: Phil Rawlins

55 :02x21 - A Horse of Another Color

Captain Parmenter tries to capture a wild stallion to impress Wrangler Jane, but O'Rourke sees money in it if he can sell it to a circus.
Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Smokey Bear | Don Diamond as Crazy Cat | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson
Director: Phil Rawlins

56 :02x22 - V is for Vampire

The troop believes a Transylvanian count is responsible for the disappearance of Wrangler Jane.
Guest Stars: Vincent Price as Count Sforza | Don Diamond as Crazy Cat

57 :02x23 - That's Show Biz

Agarn resigns to become the manager of "The Bedbugs," a new rock-n-roll group who has been brought in to play at a camp dance. But when O'Rourke hears Agarn is leaving, he creates his own band to best the Bedbugs and run them out of town.
Guest Stars: The Factory as The Bedbugs

58 :02x24 - The Day They Shot Agarn

Agarn must face a firing squad after a prisoner he was guarding escapes and since has seemingly killed Sergeant O'Rourke.
Guest Stars: Victor French as Matt Delaney | Charles Seel as Prospector | Fred Clark as Major Hewitt | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson |
Uncredited: John Mitchum as The Balladeer

59 :02x25 - Only One Russian is Coming! Only One Russian is Coming!

A battle for Wrangler Jane's affection occurs after Agarn's Russian cousin comes for a visit to Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: Ben Frommer as Smokey Bear | Rudy Doucette as Slim

60 :02x26 - Guns, Guns, Who's Got the Guns?

Captain Parmenter, O'Rourke and Agarn is sent undercover to find the traitor who is selling guns to Indians.
Guest Stars: Arch Johnson as Col. Adams | Ivan Bell as Trooper Duddleson
Director: Phil Rawlins

61 :02x27 - Marriage, Fort Courage Style

A marriage broker gives O'Rourke a money-making idea, Agarn nightmares and terrifies Captain Parmenter after Wrangler Jane enlists her services.
Guest Stars: Mary Wickes as Samantha Oglesby | Rudy Doucette as Stage Driver
Director: Phil Rawlins

62 :02x28 - Carpetbagging, Anyone?

Fort Courage must prove itself useful after Big Jim Parker buys up their land along with the Hikawis.
Guest Stars: James Gregory as Big Jim Parker | Jack De Mave as First Trooper Stanley
Director: Phil Rawlins

63 :02x29 - The Majority of Wilton

The cure is worse than the illness after Captain Parmenter comes down with a cold just before his examination for a promotion to Major.
Guest Stars: Don Diamond as Crazy Cat
Director: Phil Rawlins

64 :02x30 - Our Brave in F Troop

Wild Eagle becomes a soldier so he can visit their dentist and fix his toothache. But after a visiting General promotes him, he decides to remain at Fort Courage.
Guest Stars: Cliff Arquette as General Sam Courage | Hal England as Lt. Goodbody
Director: Seymour Robbie

65 :02x31 - Is This Fort Really Necessary?

A former troop member returns to Fort Courage for his wedding, but is mistaken as an inspector sent to shut down the camp.
Guest Stars: Amzie Strickland as Emily Barker | Patrice Wymore as Peggy Gray | Charles Drake as Major Terence McConnell
Director: Hal March
Warning: F Troop guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1965
Ended: August 31, 1967
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