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Gilmore Girls: Written in the Stars

After Lorelai and Luke spend a romantic night together at Luke's place, Lorelai, walks into the diner early the next morning dressed in one of Luke's flannel shirts, only to discover that the place is full of customers. Lorelai is a little offended when it appears that no one cares about their relationship, until it becomes a topic of heated discussion at the town meeting. Rory has an angry exchange with a haughty, rich student named Logan after he is rude to her friend Marty. Paris holds a wake for her older lover Asher, who died over the summer. Richard and Emily bicker about their separation protocol.

Episode Info

Episode number: 5x3
Production Number: 2T5303
Airdate: Tuesday October 05th, 2004

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Vox) Nov 15, 2005


Guest Stars
Alan LoayzaAlan Loayza
As Colin
Ed BrigadierEd Brigadier
As Robert the Valet
Jared PadaleckiJared Padalecki
As Dean Forester
Liz TorresLiz Torres
As Miss Patty
Matt CzuchryMatt Czuchry
As Logan Huntzberger
Michael WintersMichael Winters
As Taylor Doose
Mike GandolfiMike Gandolfi
As Andrew
Pat Crawford BrownPat Crawford Brown
As Mrs. Cassini
Rose AbdooRose Abdoo
As Gypsy
Sally StruthersSally Struthers
As Babette Dell
Tanc SadeTanc Sade
As Finn
Wayne Wilcox (1)Wayne Wilcox (1)
As Marty
Kathryn JoostenKathryn Joosten
As Maisy Fortner
Lisa K. WyattLisa K. Wyatt
As Madonna Louise
Owen SmithOwen Smith
As Moving Man
Main Cast
Lauren GrahamLauren Graham
As Lorelai Gilmore
Alexis BledelAlexis Bledel
As Rory Gilmore
Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy
As Sookie St. James
Scott PattersonScott Patterson
As Luke Danes
Edward HerrmannEdward Herrmann
As Richard Gilmore
Kelly BishopKelly Bishop
As Emily Gilmore
Yanic TruesdaleYanic Truesdale
As Michel Gerard
Keiko AgenaKeiko Agena
As Lane Kim
Liza WeilLiza Weil
As Paris Gellar
Sean GunnSean Gunn
As Kirk Gleason
Episode Notes
Rating: 4.0/6

This is the first appearance of Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger).

We learn that Luke's astrological sign is Scorpio.

This episode marks the first appearance of Marty since "Ted Koppel's Big Night Out".

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Grant-Lee PhillipsLily-A-Passion 
Tony BennettThe Best Is Yet To Come 

Episode Quotes
Luke: (Bringing the food over to Lorelai and Rory) Hot plates.
Lorelai: See? He called me "Hot Plates." He so likes me.

Lorelai: This has been a great first date.
Luke: It only took us eight years to get here.

Lorelai: You gestured?
Luke: Those jeans are really working for you.
Lorelai: Yeah?
Luke: They're working for me too.
Lorelai: You're flirting with me...
Luke: Something like that.
Lorelai: Finally! Do it some more.
Luke: Your shoes work great with that shirt.
Lorelai: Gee, Carson, thanks.

Rory: Heart attack? Umm.. it wasn't during... umm... was it?
Paris: No Rory! This great man was not brought down by my vagina!

(about the horoscope)
Luke: She asked me my birthday. I wouldn't tell her, she wouldn't stop talking, finally I gave in. I told her my birthday. She went and got the newspaper, opened it up to the horoscopes page, wrote something down, tore it out, handed it to me. So I was looking at this piece of paper in my hand, and under Scorpio, she had written: 'You will meet an annoying woman. Give her coffee, and she'll go away.' So I gave her coffee.
Lorelai: But she didn't go away!
Luke: She told me to hold onto that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and one day it would bring me luck.
(Luke takes his wallet out and shows Lorelai the horoscope)
Lorelai: Boy, I will say anything for a cup of coffee! (long pause) I can't believe you kept this. You kept this in your wallet? You kept this in your wallet...
Luke: Eight years.
Lorelai: Eight years.

Rory: Asher Fleming died.
Marty: In bed?
Rory: No.
Marty: Damn. I lost the pool.

Luke: Lorelai, this thing we're doing here -- me, you -- I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in. (watches her reaction) Does that, uh -- are you, uh, scared?
(Lorelai blushes and smiles at Luke)

Lorelai: All right, but no taking me to an art museum after hours and then to an empty Hollywood Bowl where you'll give me a pair of diamond earrings that you bought with your college money, when all the time you're really in love with your best friend, the drummer, who's posing as our driver for the evening.
Luke: (Pause) Okay, I'll think of something else.

Episode Goofs
In "A Messenger, Nothing More", the Forrester's house only had a single front door, but in this episode they have a double front door.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Written in the Stars

"Written in the Stars" is the title of a song by Elton John and Tim Rice that was used in the musical Aida.

Character: Logan Huntzberger

Logan's last name is a reference to the Sulzbergers, the family that owns the New York Times.

Paris: He's my Mike Todd.

Mike Todd is a film producer who was married to Elizabeth Taylor at the time of his death.

Babette: The times, they are a-changin'.

Babette is referring to the Bob Dylan song of the same name.

Gypsy: You got in, you turned on your car, and then you whipped out of that space like you were Lizzie Grubman.

Publicist Lizzie Grubman backed her SUV into a crowd of people outside a nightclub in the Hamptons and injured 16 people in the process.

Lorelai: All right, but no taking me to an art museum after hours and then to an empty Hollywood Bowl where you'll give me a pair of diamond earrings that you bought with your college money, when all the time you're really in love with your best friend, the drummer, who's posing as our driver for the evening.

Lorelai is describing a scene from the movie Some Kind of Wonderful.

Rory: Crazy.
Lorelai: You said it, Patsy Cline.

"Crazy", a song written by Willie Nelson was one of Patsy Cline's most well-known and successful hits.

Paris: It'll be the Mountain Girl trial all over again.

Greatful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia's estate was sued by his ex-wife who was known as "Mountain Girl" during her hippie days in the 1960s.

Lorelai: Did Paul Thomas Anderson write this?

Paul Thomas Anderson is the writer and director of Magnolia, a movie that is over 3 hours long.

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