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Blind Justice - Recap

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In Cairo, pilot Arthur Holt and co-pilot Sandy Mason are on stopover. Mason says that he wants to pick something up, goes down the street, and then gestures to a local man standing in a second-story window. The man shoots at Arthur, and Mason ducks for cover. Arthur manages to escape as Mason catches up to him.

Later, the two pilots are flying back to England and Mason wonders who might shoot at them. Arthur figures that they were drug smugglers, and that they approached him to smuggle heroin back on the plane. He refused and has been doing some snooping, and asks if anyone has approached Mason. Mason says that they haven’t and warns that the smugglers can be dangerous. Arthur tells Mason to call ahead and ask for a special customs search for drug. Mason makes the call but only asks or a regular customs agent. When Arthur objects, Mason claims that he didn’t want to make too much out of it over the radio and Arthur agrees.

Once the plane touches down, Mason immediately tells the customs officer, Simmons, that he believes there are drugs onboard. He finds nothing on the plane and takes the two men back to the office to check their bags. The customs officer finds a container of face powder in Arthur’s bag and confirms that it contains heroin. When Arthur points out that he wouldn’t have called for a special search if he was guilty, Simmons points out that Mason called for the search. Mason lies and says that it was his idea, and Simmons sides with him and takes Arthur’s passport.

Peter is out mowing the lawn when Diane calls him in for a telephone call. It’s Arthur, a friend of the family. He assures Peter that his wife Katherine is adjusting, and then explains that he’s been framed for smuggling drugs. Arthur explains that Mason may be one of the people responsible and asks Peter to meet him at his house.

At home, the blind Katherine is reading a Braille book when a man pulls up to her door and rings the bell. The man introduces himself as Sparrow and explains that he works for the “old firm,” the same as Arthur. Katherine invites him in and admits that she doesn’t remember her husband ever mentioning Sparrow. Well aware that she’s blind, he takes out a gun and makes sure that it’s loaded. Katherine asks Sparrow not to stay too long because her husband has been flying. She’s unaware that Sparrow is being careful not to leave any fingerprints. Katherine hears Arthur pull up and goes to greet him. Once he’s inside, Sparrow shoots him twice in the chest and escapes.

Peter and Diane pull up just as Sparrow leaves, and Peter has Diane look after Arthur while he drives after the killer. Sparrow finally pulls over, crosses a field, and escapes in a second waiting car before Peter can catch up to him.

Arthur is rushed to the hospital and Katherine and Diane wait outside while he undergoes surgery. Detective Inspector Heath asks Katherine if she can give them anything to go on, and she gives him as complete a description as she can based on what she smelled, heard, and felt. Katherine explains that Arthur did tell her that Customs found heroin in his bag and Heath checks with the airport.

Mason meets briefly with Sparrow and tells him to pick up his pay the next day at the usual place.

Heath talks with Simmons, who confirms that the powder he found was heroin. The inspector informs the customs officer that Arthur was shot. As Heath goes back to update his sergeant, Peter invisibly comes in and introduces himself, and passes on what Arthur said about Mason framing him. Heath tells the sergeant to bring in Mason for questioning and invites Peter to come along with him.

Later at Scotland Yard, Heath has Peter sitting invisibly in his office and the sergeant brings Mason in. Mason claims he didn’t see the shooting in Cairo, but has an alibi for when Arthur was shot. Once Mason leaves, Peter figures that the co-pilot could be involved and agrees to follow him.

Mason takes the bus, unaware that Peter is following him. He catches a cab and Peter rides unseen on the running board. Once he has a chance, Peter calls to tell Heath that Mason took out some hidden money and left it with a newsagent. They both figure that it’s the pay envelope for the gunman. Peter hangs up and leaves the phone booth, brushing past a startled woman, and watches as Sparrow picks up the envelope. When Sparrow leaves in his car, Peter hides in the back seat. Once Sparrow goes into a restaurant, Peter calls Heath again to update him and ask about Katherine. Once he confirms that Katherine is heading for Scotland Yard, Peter tells Heath to have his men drop her off at the restaurant and then wait around the corner where he’ll meet him.

When Katherine arrives, she gets into the car with Peter and he explains that he wants her to go in and identify Sparrow by his voice. Heath warns that her identification won’t stand up in a court of law so Peter figures that they have to make the gunman give himself away. Peter suggests that they convince Sparrow that she can see, and he’ll help her pull it off by leading her over and having Katherine accuse him.

Peter escorts Katherine to his car and have her sit on the driver’s side. He then squeezes over and drives the car while Katherine holds the wheel. They drive past the restaurant window and a startled Sparrow sees her apparently driving on her own. Peter helps her continue the charade, fixing her makeup in the mirror and then walking her across the street. Katherine then enters the restaurant, walks right up to Sparrow and accuses him of shooting Arthur. The gunman panics and drives off in his car, and Peter has her sit in the car while he drives after Sparrow, while Heath and his men drive after them. Sparrow drives out into the countryside and finally pulls over, and then draws his gun and prepares to shoot Katherine. Peter disarms him just as Heath and his men pull up and arrest the killer.

Later, Heath and the sergeant go to arrest Simmons after Sparrow tells them who his accomplices were.

At the hospital, Arthur pulls through and the waiting Katherine is reunited with her husband.

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