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Season 12

265 :12x01 - A Lion in the Streets (1)

McGarrett is caught up in the center of a battle between the Hawaiian mob and a local faction of the union workers concerning their upcoming elections.
Guest Stars: Harry Guardino as Johnny Mio | Howard Kaohi as Reverend Akea | Edward Larry Akau as Kahuna | Ross Borden as District Attorney | Colin De Silva as Judge Daniel deSilva | Peter Kalua as Santos | Don Rockwell as Detective | Varoa Tiki as Marge | Jahan Byrne as Andy Jr. | Paul Martin as Moki Kalii | Ross Martin (1) as Tony Alika | Ed Fernandez as Sam Limahelu | Bill Valentine as Benny | Jack Hisatake as Napali | Jerry Boyd as Billy Swan | Paul L. Smith as Andy Kamoku | Barbara Luna as Elena Kamoku
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Robert Janes

266 :12x02 - A Lion in the Streets (2)

McGarrett must prevent a street war when the local union and the Hawaiian syndicate battle over the coming union elections.
Guest Stars: Varoa Tiki as Marge | Don Rockwell as Detective | Peter Kalua as Santos | Colin De Silva as Judge Daniel deSilva | Ross Borden as District Attorney | Edward Larry Akau as Kahuna | Howard Kaohi as Reverend Akea | Jahan Byrne as Andy Jr. | Paul Martin as Moki Kalii | Barbara Luna as Elena Kamoku | Harry Guardino as Johnny Mio | Ross Martin (1) as Tony Alika | Ed Fernandez as Sam Limahelu | Bill Valentine as Benny | Jack Hisatake as Napali | Jerry Boyd as Billy Swan | Paul L. Smith as Andy Kamoku
Director: Reza Badiyi
Writer: Robert Janes

267 :12x03 - Who Says Cops Don't Cry?

A Honolulu policewoman vows revenge against the robbers who shot down her husband.
Guest Stars: Sandi Shirai as Market Checker | Leeannah Roberts as Terry Pryor | Johnny Walker (2) as Otis | Robert Carson as Minister | Frankie Stevens as Kevin Wilson | Darrell Fetty as Lloyd Dawson | Alan Fudge as Ben Dawson | Reggie Ho as Reed | Carole Kai as Linda | Jorie Remus as Maid
Director: Jack Lord (1)
Writer: Robert Janes

268 :12x04 - Though the Heavens Fall

A group of high society men want to make sure that justice is brought to the area, and on their terms.
Guest Stars: Jerry LeRal as Morgan | Saloman Kauha as HPD Officer | Peggy Oumansky as Old Woman | Cathy Foy as Operator | John Allen (1) as Harrison | Dennis Patrick as Elliot Webster | Michael Strong (1) as Meredith Howell | Robert Reed (1) as Richard Slade | Chris Black as Anderson | Hans Strasser as Waiter

269 :12x05 - Sign of the Ram

After an astrologist foretells the impending doom for a boxer in his next match, McGarrett must shun his skepticism to use her clues to help him with a murder case.
Guest Stars: Dana Goodson as Gunner Larkin | Douglas Day as Banning | Jake Ho'Opai as Kamika | Barbara Kelly as Licia Nibley | Kerrigan Prescott as Lucky | Sonny Westbrook as Fiddler | Eddie Firestone as Joe Donovan | Antony Ponzini as Eddie Marco | Joe Moore as Pete Shore | Les Keiter as Announcer | Galen Kam as Lee Ting | Jayne Meadows as Jessica Humboldt
Director: Ralph Levy
Writer: Sam Roeca

270 :12x06 - Good Help is Hard to Find

"Pigs on the Wing"
Guest Stars: Madeleine Hayashida as Band Leader | Dave Lancaster as Joey | Jason Evers as Lieutenant Dexter | John P. Ryan as Guido Marioni | Josie Over as Liani | Les Keiter as Mark Maynard | Jerry Boyd as Billy Swan | Ross Martin (1) as Tony Alika | Beau van den Ecker as Unknown

271 :12x07 - Image of Fear

McGarrett seems to be the only one who doesn't buy the theory that a woman who has been suffering frightening attacks is only seeing them in her mind, and that she is mentally ill as someone is trying to convince everyone.
Guest Stars: Tom Matsusaka as Franklin | Guy Boyd as Gary Carter | Katy Kurtzman as Annie Carter | Linda Marsh as Joan Carter | Wayne Ward as Stan Thomas | Patricia Herman as Nancy Warren | Soon-Tek Oh as Robert Kwon

272 :12x08 - Use a Gun, Go to Hell

When a pair of surfers use a handgun to rob a shop, it leads to a painful trail of death and misery, and McGarrett must find the gun before it wreaks anymore havoc.
Guest Stars: Brad Gorman as Young Tourist | Phil Sunada as HPD Officer | Dan Cicogni as HPD Officer | Cha Thompson as Mother | Damien Kaha'ulelio as Taki | Nicole Erickson as Perky | Paul Koslo as Rolly | Richard Dmitri as Tanami | Robert L. Silva as HPD Officer | Harry Chang as Sunada | Andrew Duggan as Roger Bancroft | Jack Stauffer as Elliott Bancroft
Writer: Sam Roeca

273 :12x09 - Voice of Terror

A pair of political terrorists have taken a policewoman hostage to use in their scheme to complete their demands. McGarrett must take them out without harming the officer.
Guest Stars: Mary Angela Shea as Officer Sally Dean | Anne Zimmelman as Willa | Edwin K. Awakuni as HPD Sergeant | Fred Lerner as Harmon | Juliet Kono as HPD Central | Kaz Garas as Mark | Cal Bellini as Karl | Michael H. Hasegawa as Medic | Gary Kau as Store Manager | Danny Kamekona as Tom Kellogg | Barton McCullough as Officer | Beau van den Ecker as Unknown

274 :12x10 - A Shallow Grave

A young psychic on vacation has a vision which leads to the whereabouts of a missing cache of $2 million in stolen jewels.
Guest Stars: John Ireland as Phil Coleman | John Zenda as Jake Cochran | Madeline Press as Female Reporter | John Alexis Howard as Harley | Carmella Letman as Hawaiian Girl | John David Carson as Mike Harper | David Palmer as Old Reporter | Tommy Fujiwara as First Reporter | Jo Pruden as Lady Tourist | Electra Gailas Fair as Mrs Harper | Bill Edwards (1) as John Tarnow | Patricia Herman as Nora Tarnow | Linda Ryan as Dr Ramsey
Director: Dennis Donnelly

275 :12x11 - The Kahuna

Five-O investigates when the remains of two young boys are dug up on a private Hawaiian island in order to bury them at sea and prevent an autopsy being performed.
Guest Stars: Charles Peck as Dr Cooper | Bill Verdier as Addison Bower | Edward Larry Akau as Kahuna | Fred Lerner as Turley | Kamalei Sataraka as Woman | Cathy Lee Crosby as Dr Karen Lynch | Terry Plunkett as Barber | Don Knight as George Lamb | Emma Veary as Singer | Elizabeth Smith as Landlady | Winston Char as Coroner | Barton McCullough as HPD Bomb Officer

276 :12x12 - Labyrinth

The husband of a wealthy socialite kidnapping victim objects to the Five-O being involved in the investigation of her disappearance, fearing she will be harmed if they do.

Five-O's investigation of the kidnapping of Mrs Ames, puts her husband in a dangerous position. The kidnappers had warned him that they would kill his wife if the police were involved.

McGarrett comes up with no clues until Mrs Ames' hairdresser gives him some information.
Guest Stars: Dennis Edenfield as Man on Beach | Robert Allan Cabral as Honolulu Fats | Don Lamond (1) as Nick Rossiter | Andrea Pike as Gloria | Anthony Inneo as Georgio | Tricia O'Brien as Lisa/Christine | Ted Hamilton as Larry Wilkens | Robert L. Silva as HPD Officer | James Olson as Dr Kenneth Ames
Director: Barry Crane
Story: Paul Playdon | Teleplay: Michael Janover

277 :12x13 - School for Assassins

McGarrett and the Five-O try to keep a meeting of the energy ministers on track, when a group of international forces will do anything to stop it, even an assassination.
Guest Stars: Phil Chong as Chang | David O'Malley as Ellington Aide | Murli Manghnani as Sheikh Ahmed Bishara | Sonny Shields as Captain Koni | Dorothy Mackaill as Old Lady | Christopher Law as Ted Morley | Steve Cassidy as Marco | Gary Lockwood as Kelsey | Pamela Susan Shoop as Jennifer Fair | Monte Markham as John Ellington | Bernard Ching as Ross | Lynne Ellen Hollinger as Idra | Lloyd Bochner as Colonel Avery
Director: Don Weis

278 :12x14 - For Old Times Sake

An old counterfeiter fails to see any problems arising by using ancient $1 plates to raise money for a worthy charity.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Hoy as Rico | Patrick Hume as Janie | Petra Fuji as Palani | Michael F. Martin as Pierre Soule | Paul Udell as John Holland | Kelly Preston as Wendy | Neva Patterson as Dolly Simmons | Peter Bromilow as Willie McFee | Elizabeth Smith as Auntie Ida | Michael Morgan as Tony Balsani | Ric Marlow as Sol Bruno | Yankee Chang as Sam Chong | George Herman as Eddie Riford | Dick Fair as Joe Morgan | Bill Bigelow (1) as Salesman
Director: Dennis Donnelly
Story: Susan Wakeford | Teleplay: Ben Masselink

279 :12x15 - The Golden Noose

McGarrett believes something is not right when an aide to a southeast Asian premier comes to Hawaii to bring back the $150 million in gold from the country's treasury.
Guest Stars: John Stalker as B. A. Barney | Ed Lauter as Jonas Halloran | Colin De Silva as Premier Lon Tho | Kimo Hugho as Le Doc | Jim Hutchison as The Undertaker | Jim Doney as Tom Chambers | Robert Turnbull as Parsons | Harry Chang as Manners | John A. Hunt as Dutchman | Irene Yah-Ling Sun as Nadira | Beau van den Ecker as Unknown | Ed Fernandez as P. Sandifer | Bill Bigelow (1) as Wriggins | Joe Moore as James Weaver | Harold Iseke as City Engineer

280 :12x16 - The Flight of the Jewels

A radio controlled planes are being used by clever students to smuggle priceless jewels from an exhibition in Honolulu.
Guest Stars: Norris Shimabuku as Monty | Gus Rethwisch as Big Man | Christerpher Neddels as Al Larkin | Mike Miyashiro as Jerry Otami | Linwood Boomer as Nick Zano | Jeff Daniels as Neal | Tommy Fujiwara as Mohai | Kathy Paulo as Cathie | Kwan Hi Lim as Hank Yamura
Director: Don Weis

281 :12x17 - Clash of Shadows

McGarrett and the Five-O are drawn into the world of the Nazi regime as the investigate the murder of a famed Nazi-hunter, who's bullet riddled body was found with a rare German medal upon his chest.
Guest Stars: Daniel Taba as Mr Mohai | Bill Fiddler as John Turner | Vince Alameida as Desk Clerk | Philip McMorrow as Blond Agent | Barbara Kelly as Christine Miller | Terence Knapp as Professor Shipman | Elaine Giftos as Anne Chernus | Albert Paulsen as Adrian Cassell/Emil Klaus | Winston Char as Harry | Lou Richards as Israeli Agent | Ernest Chan as Captain Raymond | Lloyd Bochner as Israeli Minister | George DiCenzo as Yuri Bloch
Director: Ralph Levy

282 :12x18 - A Bird in Hand...

The Five-O investigate why a seemingly harmless group of bird watchers are being targeted for a bloody vendetta.
Guest Stars: Paul Dennis Martin as Johnny Salomao | Monique Keo as Lea | Gillian Dobb as Gertrude Firth | Edward Vierra as Santos | Angus Duncan as Tom Gordon | Rudy Aquino as Harrison | Kalani Hoapili as Skipper Newton | Jim Reynolds as Grebbs | Sylvia Clinger as Julie Mae | Randy Ruff as Marty Watts | Beau van den Ecker as Unknown | Seth Sakai as Professor Hatari | Wayne Oxford as Clarence Firth | George Groves as HPD Officer | John Dehner as Anthony Del Vecchi | Lara Parker as Angie Walker | George Fisher (1) as Klieber
Writer: Sam Roeca

283 :12x19 - The Moroville Covenant

A candidate for the US senate finds his campaign in peril when his blackmailer is found murdered.
Guest Stars: Karen Ahn as Announcer | Alan Becker as Record Keeper | Elsie Russell as Sara May | Don Carter as Burton Briggs | Carleton Smith as Phil McCorkendale | Christerpher Neddels as Jack Smith | Diane McBain as Eva Pritchard | John Stalker as George Sulieman | Don Pomes as Winnie Winston | Danny Kamekona as Lt Akane | Paul Burke (1) as David Lawrence | Helen Funai as Margot Lawrence

284 :12x20 - Woe to Wo Fat

McGarrett disguises himself as a famous scientist to help find a missing colleague, and finds himself locked in combat once again with Wo Fat.
Guest Stars: G. Robert Gleason as Second Operator | Bill Larstead as First Operator | James Roach as Naval Officer | Lloyd Kino as Ho Lee | Henry Niedzielski as Dr Schumacher | Terence Knapp as Dr Lindquist | Pat Crowley as Dr Elizabeth Fielding | Vito Scotti as Bill Baskin | Reggie Ho as Cab Driver | Wayne Ward as Philip Duvenal | Khigh Dhiegh as Wo Fat | Tin Hop Pang as Servant
Director: Barry Crane
Warning: Hawaii Five-O (1968) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 20, 1968
Ended: April 05, 1980
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