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Season 1

Hercules and the Amazon Women

Iolaus is getting married and Hercules is going back with him to his home. While he is there a man shows up who says his village is being attacked by monsters. Hercules says he will go and help, and Iolaus decides to come too, even though his fiancée doesn't want him to go. When they get to the town they see it is all men and find out the beasts are really a tribe of fierce warrior women who used to live in the village and are sick of being pushed around.
Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless as Lysia | Nina Sosanya as Chilla | Margaret-Mary Hollins as Megara | Kristin Darragh as Lucina | Fiona Mogridge as Illa | Peter Malloch as Young Hercules | Daniel James (1) as Young Iolaus | Jeff Boyd as Echetus | Simone Kessell as Jana | John Steemson as Village Boy | Heidi Anderson as Girl Being Heckled | Vicki Burrett as Old Amazon Woman | Jacques Dupeyroux as Baby Hercules | Mick Rose as Hector | Andrew Thurtell as Kurlon | Murray Keane as Tiber | Anthony Quinn as Zeus | Roma Downey as Hippolyta | Jennifer Ludlam (1) as Alcemene | David Taylor as Franco | Lloyd Scott as Pithus | Christopher Brougham (2) as Lethan | Timothy Lee (1) as Ilus | Jill Sayre as Ania | Nick Kemplen as Village Heckler | Rose McIver as Girl (Hydra) | Maggie Tarver as Village Mother | Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom

After defeating a giant, Hercules is approached by a man who says that his people have been forced out of the city of Troy by Hera and asks for his help. Hercules rescues a girl named Deianeira who was going to be sacrificed while on his way to visit Queen Omphale, who has a compass that will lead to Troy, which has been impossible to find for years. After getting the compass he goes with Deianeira to Troy and sees it has been taken over by the Blue Priests of Hera. Hercules has to train the villagers to take their city back.
Guest Stars: Patrick Wilson (2) as Chief Monk | Maggie Tarver as Motherly Fighter | Onno Boelee (1) as Gargan the Giant | Alex Beasley as Marathon Messenger #1 | Te Whatanui Skipwith as Chief Elder | Daniel Warren as Strongman Brother | Darren Warren as Strongman Brother | Francis Bell as Auctioneer | Brenda Kendall as Janus the Bartender | Barry Hill as King Ilus | George Boyle as Old Man | Gilbert Goldie as Nevus | Todd Rippon as Melus the Hood | Anthony Quinn as Zeus | Renee O'Connor as Deianeira | Robert Trebor as Waylin | Eric Close as Telamon | Elizabeth Hawthorne as Queen Omphale | Nathaniel Lees as Blue Priest | Jay Saussey as Village Girl | John Sumner as Inn Owner | Lee Jane Foreman as Villager #2 | Chic Littlewood as Gambling Villager | Peter Rowley (1) as Auctioneer's Sidekick
Director: Harley Cokeliss

Hercules and the Circle of Fire

The world has lost fire because the Hera is sick of mortals and has decided to freeze the world. Slowly the fires on Earth start to die out. While trying to help a group of villagers, Hercules meets a woman named Deianeira (not the one from the previous movie). Together they go to visit Prometheus and find that his forge is frozen. The only way to restore fire to the world is to thaw his forge with the fire Hera stole from it. The problem is that the Flame of Prometheus is surrounded by the Circle of Fire, which has the power to kill a god.
Guest Stars: Kim Michalis as Daughter #2 | Lisa Chappell as Daughter #1 | Martyn Sanderson as Thespius | Geoff Snell (1) as Peasant #2 | Amy Morrison as Cold Child #1 | Patrick Morrison as Cold Child #2 | Nell Weatherly as Hag/Girl | Mark Newnham as Antaeus | Philip Gillis as Innkeeper | Leticia Bridges as Daughter #3 | Joy Watson as Hera | Zo Hartley as Peasant #1 | Yvonne Lawley as Peasant Woman | Sharon Tyrell as Temple Priestess | Anthony Quinn as Zeus | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Kevin Atkinson as Cheiron | Mark Ferguson as Prometheus | Stephanie Barrett as Phaedra | Christopher Brougham (2) as Warlock/Janus | Simone Kessell as Girl/Hag | Alexander Gandar as Telemon | Joseph Greer (1) as Peleus | Kerry Gallagher as Amalthea | John Watson as Temple Priest
Director: Doug Lefler

Hercules in the Underworld

A beautiful woman named Iole shows up and tells Hercules her town is being destroyed by a hole in the ground. Nessus the centaur convinces Deianeira that Iole is trying to steal Hercules from her, but then when she won't love him he tries to hurt her. Hercules kills him and Deianeira takes a cloak with the blood of Nessus and gives it to Hercules. Nessus had told her the cloak would make Hercules stay loyal to her. Hercules puts it on as he is in the town and it drives him insane and he jumps into the hole which leads to the Underworld. While there he finds all the people he has killed in the past, as well as Deianeira, who jumped off a cliff upon hearing that Hercules had gone insane and killed himself. Hercules talks to Hades about letting her live and strikes a deal; if he can capture Cerberus who has gotten loose in the underworld, Hades will allow his wife to leave the underworld with him.
Guest Stars: Pio Terei as Sestus | John Dybvig as Minion #3 | Stephen Hall (1) as Minion #2 | Gordon Hatfield as Minion #1 | Stig Eldred as Minion Leader | Peter Morgan (2) as Townperson #2 | Amber Jane Raab as Townperson #1 | Michael Wilson (3) as Opium/Echion | Rose Glucina as Althea | André Kovachevitch as Berserk Man in Inn | Mario Gaoa as Townsperson #3 | Hilary Cleary as Gryphon Elder | Nic Fay as Runner from Gryphon | Nicky Mealings as Seductress #1 | Liseli Mutti as Seductress #2 | Vernon King as Wall Ghoul | Sarah Litherland as Woman in Elysian Fields | Vicki Burrett as Haggard Woman | Sydney Jackson as Rustic Innkeeper | Yvonne Lawley as Old Woman in Market | Anthony Quinn as Zeus | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Marley Shelton as Iole | Cliff Curtis as Nessus | Mark Ferguson as Hades | Jorge Gonzáles as Eryz the Boxer | Tim Balme as Lycastus | Michael Mizrahi (1) as Metion | Grant Bridger as Pinched Face | John McKee (2) as Fake Eryx the Boxer | Greg Johnson (1) as Idas | Simone Kessell as Worshipper | Jason Hunt as Boy from Town | Simon Lewthwaite as Klonus | Paul McIver as Aeson | Rose McIver as Ilea | Buzz Moller as Cletis

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur

Hercules and Iolaus are sent to Alturia to fight a minotaur who has been capturing people. Hercules goes to kill it after Iolaus is taken but finds out the minotaur might be misunderstood, and was once a son of Zeus.
Guest Stars: Andrew Glover as Crowdmember | Terry Batchelor as Trikonis | Lawrence Wharerau as Thug #1 | Jeff Allen (1) as Martan | Scott Freeman as Little Kid | Pio Terei as Innkeeper | Maya Dalziel as Townswoman | Al Chalk as Minotaur | John Mellor as Thug #2 | Marise Wipani as Maiden | Sydney Jackson as Darthus | Warren Carl as Lover Boy | Anthony Quinn as Zeus | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Anthony Ray Parker as Minotaur | Nic Fay as Andius | Andrew Thurtell as Danion | Paul McIver as Aeson | Simon Lewthwaite as Klonus | Rose McIver as Ilea | Katrina Hobbs as Lover Girl
Director: Josh Becker

1 :01x01 - The Wrong Path

After the death of his family at Hera's hand, Hercules decides he is done playing hero. Iolaus goes to take care of a demon that Hercules wouldn't fight but is turned to stone. Hercules goes to destroy the Seven Temples of Hera for revenge. After the first temple is destroyed he stumbles into the town Iolaus was at and finds out what happens to Iolaus. Realizing what a mistake he made, he decides to go after the She-demon.
Guest Stars: Martyn Sanderson as Thoas | Nicky Mealings as She-demon | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Clare Carey as Aegina | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Eric Gruendemann as High Priest
Director: Doug Lefler

2 :01x02 - Eye of the Beholder

When a village is being terrorized by a cyclops, Hercules is called on for help. The cyclops had diverted the river to give water to Hera's vineyard. Hercules goes to fight the cyclops and defeats him, but decides not to kill him. He soon finds out that the cyclops had been working for Hera because the villagers had tormented him for his entire life. Together they strike up an alliance and decide to fight the henchman of Hera who had been manipulating him into hurting the villagers.
Guest Stars: Michael Mizrahi (1) as Castor | Jim McLarty as Myles | David Press as Glaucus | Ray Woolf as Executioner | Ken Blackburn as Atrens | Kim Michalis as Scilla | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Richard Moll as Cyclops
Director: John Kretchmer

3 :01x03 - The Road to Calydon

A group of refugees stumble upon an empty city and decide to stay the night there. After their leader Broteas steals a cursed golden chalice from the temple of Hera, Hercules decides to help the members of their village escape her wrath by taking them to Calydon where they will be safe, but Hera sends her warriors after the refugees. After defeating them, they were still left with one challenge, get through the swamps guarded by the Stymphalian Bird.
Guest Stars: Bruce Allpress as Blind Man | Peter Rowley (1) as Ephadon | Portia Dawson as Jana | Norman Forsey as Tiresias | John Sumner as Broteas
Director: Doug Lefler

4 :01x04 - The Festival of Dionysus

Hercules goes to the Festival of Dionysus to help prevent King Iphacles (not to be confused with his brother) from being killed. Each year as part of the ceremony to bless the wine, a group of maidens is chosen to drink the first of it. If Dionysus deems the king a worthy leader nothing will happen, but if the god deems him unworthy to rule, the maidens will be sent to kill him. King Iphacles' wife fears for his life because of dreams she has been having, which show him being killed.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Blick as Nestor | Martyn Sanderson as Anciet Priest | Todd Rippon as Gudrun | Norman Forsey as Tiresias | Katrina Hobbs as Marysa | Warren Carl as Prince Pentheus | Noel Trevarthen as King Iphicles | Ilona Rodgers as Queen Camillia | Bruce Allpress as Blind Man
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

5 :01x05 - Ares

Ares, the god of war, is forming an army of teenage boys. The widow named Janista asks Hercules for help because she suspects her son is in with the wrong crowd. Hercules tries to convince the children what they are doing is wrong, but the power of Ares is too strong and they are blinded by bloodlust. Hercules has only one choice; fight Ares for their freedom.
Guest Stars: Peter Malloch as Titus | Corinna Everson as Atalanta | Marise Wipani as Janista | Rebecca Hobbs as Woman | Elizabeth Hawthorne as Alcemne
Director: Harley Cokeliss

6 :01x06 - As Darkness Falls

A beautiful girl named Penelope is about to marry a man named Marcus. The centaur Nemis does not like this and wants Penelope for himself, and is insulted by the fact that they are invited to the wedding, but all the centaurs are forced to hide in the back. They decide to get their friend Lyla, a human, to drug Hercules. After this they kidnap Penelope. Hercules is blinded by the drugged drink and is forced to fight Nemis and rescue Penelope while blind.
Guest Stars: Buzz Moller as Tyron | Mark Ferguson as Craesus | Peter Muller as Deric | Cliff Curtis as Nemis | Lucy Lawless as Lyla | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Jacqueline Collen as Penelope
Director: George Mendeluk

7 :01x07 - Pride Comes Before a Brawl

Iolaus is upset about having to be saved from a fight by Hercules so he decides to prove his manhood by racing him to the next town when they disagree over which way is faster. Hera sends her assassin Nemesis to kill Iolaus for having to much pride. Hercules has to stop his childhood friend Nemesis from killing his best friend Iolaus.
Guest Stars: Lisa Chappell as Lydia | Eric Gruendemann as Fisherman | Karen Witter as Nemesis | John Dybvig as Rankor
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

8 :01x08 - The March to Freedom

Hercules is in a town and sees a slave trader. Disgusted by this, he decides to buy the slave and set her free. The slave girl named Oi-Lan convinced Hercules to look for her boyfriend who has also been taken as a slave.
Guest Stars: Nathaniel Lees as Cyrus | Lucy Liu as Oi-Lan | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Elizabeth Hawthorne as Alcemne
Director: Harley Cokeliss

9 :01x09 - The Warrior Princess

Xena, a fierce female warlord is determined to take control of the region of Arcadia. She realizes the only way to do this is to kill Hercules, because no army would dare stand up to her if she had the head of the legendary hero. She seduces Iolaus and gets him to join her under the guise of a freedom fighter. She then convinces Iolaus that Hercules does not think Iolaus can handle this by himself and convinces him to fight Hercules to the death.
Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless as Xena | Elizabeth Hawthorne as Alcemne | Rebecca Clark (1) as Syreene

10 :01x10 - Gladiator

Hercules and Iolaus get themselves thrown in prison on purpose to rescue the husband of a woman they met in town. This man is being forced to fight as a gladiator for the entertainment of a man so wealthy that he is the law. While in prison Hercules and Iolaus are forced to participate in these fights and have to try to find a way to brake out with Gladius.
Guest Stars: Ian Miller as Toll Collector | Mark Nua as Skoros | Rob Tapert as Crowd member | Kyrin Hall as Felicita | Gabriel Pendergast as Spagos | Ray Bishop as Rankus | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Nigel Harbrow as Turkos | Stuart Turner as Leutis | Eric Gruendemann as crowd member | Warren Carl as Crowd Member | Jeffrey Thomas as Bellicus | Ian Mune as Menas Maxius | Alison Bruce as Postera | Tony Todd as Gladius
Director: Garth Maxwell

11 :01x11 - The Vanishing Dead

Hercules goes to investigate when he hears the bodies of soldiers are disappearing mysteriously from the battlefield. Upon his arrival he finds out that the war was sparked by the death of the king, and now his two children are at war because they blame the other one. Trying to figure out what is happening, he finds out from the spirits of the missing bodies that the bodies are being fed to Graegus, a demonic pet dog of Ares, who is manipulating his friends into the war just to feed his dog.
Guest Stars: Richard Vette as Aelon | Amber Jane Raab as Poena | Chris McDowell as Krytus | Stephen Hall (1) as Lead Soldier | Reb Brown as Jarton | Jon Brazier as Second Mercenary
Director: Bruce Campbell

12 :01x12 - The Gauntlet

Xena is back, and her men are losing faith in her after she spares the life of a child when they slaughter a village. Her lieutenant, Darphus, convinces the men to turn on her, and Xena is forced to face the gauntlet, an ancient ritual in which a member of an army is forced to walk through a line of all the men, and if she survives the beating, she is allowed to go. In order to get her men back she decides to kill Hercules and regain their respect but fails and joins Hercules in fighting her men and takes her revenge on Darphus.
Guest Stars: Mark Clare as Deros | Nathaniel Lees as Emissary | Matthew Chamberlain as Darphus | Anthony Ray Parker as Ipicles | Peter Daube as Spiros | Dean O'Gorman as Iloran | Lucy Lawless as Xena | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus
Director: Jack Perez
Writer: Peter Bielak

13 :01x13 - Unchained Heart

Ares decides to bring Darphus back from the dead and gives him Graegus, his demonic dog. When Hercules and Xena find out about him being alive they set out on a mission to kill him again. Along the way they meet up with Iolaus. Iolaus does not trust Xena because of what she put them through in the past. After finally earning his trust by saving his life, all of them go to hunt down Darphus and kill in a way that will make sure he stays dead.
Guest Stars: Lucy Lawless as Xena | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Matthew Chamberlain as Darphus

Season 2

14 :02x01 - The King of Thieves

Iolaus saves a man from five attackers in the woods. After he is saved, the man thanks Iolaus and leaves him with a box. Soon a group of guards show up and find Iolaus with a box of stolen jewels. Iolaus is sentenced to death for stealing from the king and Hercules has to track down Autolycus, the king of thieves, and bring him to justice before Iolaus can be killed.
Guest Stars: Peter Rowley (1) as Guard | Martyn Sanderson as King Menelaus | Lisa Chappell as Dirce | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
Director: Doug Lefler
Writer: Doug Lefler

15 :02x02 - All that Glitters

King Midas has started a new casino. Hercules and Salmoneus visit and Hercules does not like what is going on. He soon finds out that Midas got in with some bad people and is no longer in charge of his own kingdom. When Midas realizes what a mistake he has made and tries to fix it, he is arrested and it is up to Hercules to fix everything.
Guest Stars: Max Cryer as Barker | Alexander Gandar as Zacharias | Joseph Greer (1) as Romanus | James O'Farrell as Ironhead | Katherine Beasley as Harpis | Greg Morman as Cretus | Ray Sefo as Alee | Margaret-Mary Hollins as Hispides | Tracy Melchior as Flaxen | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Noel Trevarthen as King Midas | Terry Batchelor as Segallus | David Scott (2) as Pawnickles | Peter Rowley (1) as Comic | Dale Corlett as Thaddeus | Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Volupta
Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Craig Volk

16 :02x03 - What's in a Name?

While walking along a path, Hercules finds a woman in need of help. After he helps her she tells him that Hercules had helped her earlier today too. Hercules soon finds out that an imposter is pretending to be him. He finds out that this man is his brother, who is walking around pretending to be him, and that he joined the warlord Gorgus so that he could marry his daughter. While trying to fix everything Iolaus is thrown in a labyrinth and Hercules has to save him and stop his brother from destroying his name.
Guest Stars: Lewis Martin (2) as Priest | Jason Garner as Young Soldier | Bernard Moody as Old Man | John McKee (2) as Second Soldier | Ross Duncan as Pallaeus | Paul Glover as Josephus | John Watson as Hawker | Simon Prast as first soldier | Kenneth McGregor (1) as Gorgus | Simone Kessell as Rena | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles
Director: Bruce Campbell

17 :02x04 - Siege at Naxos

Hercules and Iolaus are in a tavern talking to an old friend when a warlord named Goth comes. After Goth kills their friend, Hercules captures him and decides to bring him to stand trial for all the crimes he has committed. When Goth's brother starts following them, they are forced to hide out in an abandoned fortress and fight off his brother.
Guest Stars: Zo Hartley as Patron | Richard Adams (1) as Argeas | Patrick Smyth as Charidon | Ray Woolf as Bledar | Robert Harte (2) as Dax | Rebecca Hobbs as Elora | Brian Thompson as Goth

18 :02x05 - Outcast

Lyla and her centaur husband Deric are attacked at their home by citizens of their town opposed to their marriage. Lyla is killed and Deric is being hunted. Hercules has to protect him and fix his problem with the villagers.
Guest Stars: Chris Bailey (2) as Cletis | Neil Holt as Merkus | Rose Dube as Leuriphone | James Croft (1) as Kefor | Kelson Henderson as Democles | Irene Drake as Karros | Norman Forsey as Tersius | Andrew Kovacevich as Sepsus | Peter Muller as Deric | Lucy Lawless as Lyla | Jon Brazier as Jakar | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus

19 :02x06 - Under the Broken Sky

Lucina is a beautiful woman who ran away from her life after her children died from a fever. Her husband wants to get her back from the "pleasure palace" where she is working and enlists the help of Hercules.
Guest Stars: Katherine Ransom as Mica | Julie Collis as Heliotrope | Maria Rangel as Lucina | Carl Bland as pilot | Bruce Phillips as Atticus | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus

20 :02x07 - The Mother of All Monsters

Hercules has already killed all the children of Echidna, the mother of all monsters. Echidna gets Demetrius to bring Alcemene to her so that she can force her to watch her kill Hercules, forcing her to suffer through the death of her children like she did. Hercules finds out and tries to save his mother and has to fight the mother of all monsters to save her.
Guest Stars: Martin Kove as Demetrius | Bridget Hoffman as Echidna | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene

21 :02x08 - The Other Side

Hades has taken Persephone down to the underworld and Hercules is sent to rescue her. While down there he sees his murdered wife and children and struggles to avoid the temptation to stay. But he realizes he has to get Persephone out of the underworld or her mother will destroy all plant life on earth. But there is a problem; Persephone loves Hades.
Guest Stars: Sarah Wilson (3) as Demeter | Paul McIver as Aeson | Simon Lewthwaite as Klonus | Ian Harrop as Triptolemus | David Banter as Tartalus | Jason Hoyte as Carus | Rose McIver as Ilea | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Michael Hurst as Charon | Paul Norell as Falafel | Erik Thomson as Hades
Director: George Mendeluk

22 :02x09 - The Fire Down Below

Salmoneus decides to get rich by selling some treasure he found in a cave. But it turns out that this treasure is Hera's and she does not appreciate it being sold, prompting her to send Nemesis to kill Salmoneus. Hercules has to protect him from her and Pyro, the fire demon Hera sent to kill his family a long time ago.
Guest Stars: Geoff Clendon as Vormann | Daniel Batten as Pyro | Stephanie Wilkin as Ayora | Emma Menzies as Syreeta | Stephen Hall (1) as Perces | Andy Anderson as Zandar | Teresa Hill as Nemesis | Jon Brazier as Slave Trader | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus
Director: Timothy Bond

23 :02x10 - Cast a Giant Shadow

Hercules meets a giant named Typhon on the side of the road and he is trapped in a rock. Hercules frees him and they become friends. But later he finds out that the giant is married to Echidna, the mother of all monsters, who Hercules has imprisoned in a cave.
Guest Stars: Fiona Mogridge as Breanna | Bruce Allpress as Septus | Stig Eldred as Maceus | Bridget Hoffman as Echidna | Glenn Shadix as Typhon | Bruce Hopkins as Pylon
Director: John Kretchmer

24 :02x11 - Highway to Hades

Hades goes to Hercules and tells him he wants him to bring King Sisyphus of Corinth to the underworld so that he can be punished instead of an innocent man that ended up there. The king wants the man's wife, Daphne, to bear his child, so Hercules and the ghost of her husband have to stop it.
Guest Stars: Ranald Hendricks as Epicurus | Tony Wood as Eluvious | Angela Gribben as Daphne | Craig Hall as Timuron | Leslie Wing as Queen Karis | Ray Henwood as King Sisyphus | Michael Hurst as Charon | Erik Thomson as Hades
Director: T.J. Scott

25 :02x12 - The Sword of Veracity

The Sword of Veracity is a magical sword that will prevent the holder from lying. Hercules and Iolaus have to find the sword so that they can prove their friend is innocent of a crime and that the king is setting him up. The problem is that the sword is in a valley with thousands of caves, and the king does not want them to find the sword.
Guest Stars: Kelly Greene as Epius | Danny Lineham as Lycus | Brad Carpenter as Amphion | Paul Minifie as Trachis | Kim Michalis as Lea
Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Steven Baum

26 :02x13 - The Enforcer

Nemisis is punished by Hera for not killing Hercules by turning her into a mortal. Hera then creates the enforcer, a creature made of water that will kill Hercules for her. Iolaus and Nemisis try to help Hercules, but ultimately are no match for the enforcer, leaving Hercules to fight her on his own.
Guest Stars: Jed Brophy as Gnatius | Karen Sheperd as Enforcer | Teresa Hill as Nemesis
Director: T.J. Scott

27 :02x14 - Once a Hero

Hercules and Iolaus go to a reunion with Jason and the Argonauts to find that Jason has become a drunk after his family was murdered. In his time of weakness the golden fleece is stolen and together, Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason go to get it back.
Guest Stars: Timothy Raby as Archivus | Latham Gaines (1) as Marcus | Mark Nua as Otus | Anthony Ray Parker as Valerus | John Sumner as Domesticles | Willa O'Neill as Phoebe | Edward Campbell as Artemus | Peter Feeney as Castor | Paul Norell as Falafel | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason

28 :02x15 - Heedless Hearts

Hercules meets a woman named Rheanna who needs his help. King Melkos had killed her husband and now her village was in trouble. Iolaus gets struck by lightning and gains the ability to predict the future and thinks Rheanna will betray them, but Hercules won't believe him.
Guest Stars: Michael Keir-Morrisey as King Melkos | Nigel Corbett as Gnossus | Robert Horwood as Vericles | Nigel Godfrey as Syrus | Audie England as Rheanna | Sara Wiseman as Hephates | Grant Triplow as Clarion | Michael Saccente as Grovelius | Bruce Hopkins as Jordis
Director: Peter Ellis (1)

29 :02x16 - Let the Games Begin

Hercules has to find a way to stop the members of two villages to stop fighting so he comes up with an idea with the help of Atalanta, a series of physical contests. Salmoneous names this the Olympic games after Mount Olympus.
Guest Stars: Selwyn Sargeson as Wagner | Matthew Humphrey (1) as Damon | John Watson as Taphius | Paul Glover as Brontus | Corinna Everson as Atalanta | Paul Norell as Falafel | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Chris Bailey (2) as Tarkon
Director: Gus Trikonis

30 :02x17 - The Apple

Aphrodite gives Iolaus a magic apple that will make the woman who eats it fall in love with him. He uses it on a woman named Thera, but it turns out that she is supposed to marry a man named Epius, which would bring peace to two villages.
Guest Stars: Rhonda McHardy as Artemis | Amanda Lister as Athena | Peter Needham as Plato | John Smith (1) as Socrates | Stephen Tozer as King Diadorus | Ian Mune as King Sidon | Jonathan Blick as Epius | Claire Yarlett as Thera | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
Director: Kevin Sorbo
Writer: Steven Baum

31 :02x18 - Promises

King Beraeus is about to marry Ramina when she is kidnapped by Tarlus. Hercules knows that Tarlus is a good man and doesn't believe he would do this so he goes to investigate. He finds out that King Beraeus is forcing Ramina to marry him instead of Tarlus who she loves. Hercules has to stop King Beraeus from taking her back.
Guest Stars: Marton Csokas as Tarlus | Josephine Davison as Rumina | Joel Tobeck as King Boraeus | Calvin Tuteao as Natros | Paul Norell as Falafel

32 :02x19 - King for a Day

Iolaus visits his cousin Prince Orestes who looks exactly like him and is asked to pretend to be the king so that he can protect his cousin from losing the throne to his brother Minos.
Guest Stars: Michael Hurst as Orestes | Lisa Ann Hadley as Niobe | Will Kempe (1) as Archeus
Director: Anson Williams

33 :02x20 - Protean Challenge

Thanis, a sculptor, who is a friend of Hercules is punished for a crime by having his hands cut off. Hercules finds out that the god Proteus, who can change his appearance did the crime after Thanis' daughter ran away from Proteus after seeing his true ugly form. Hercules has to go get Proteus and take revenge.
Guest Stars: Jane Cresswell as Proteus | Paul Gittins as Thanas | Ashley Laurence as Daniela | Stephen Papps as Tritos | James O'Farrell as Bornus
Director: Oley Sassone

34 :02x21 - The Wedding of Alcmene

King Jason and Alcemene are going to get married. According to the laws, because Jason is going to marry a commoner he has to give up his throne. When Hercules declines the job of king, his brother Iphacles is chosen. This makes chief regent Patronius mad so he gets Hera to send her Blue Priest to attack the wedding.
Guest Stars: Willa O'Neill as Phoebe | Timothy Raby as Archivus | Brad Carpenter as Amphius | Nathaniel Lees as Blue Priest | Peter Muller as Deric | Simon Prast as Patronius | John Sumner as Domesticles | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Kim Michalis as Lea | Paul Norell as Falafel | Lisa Chappell as Dirce | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles
Director: Timothy Bond

35 :02x22 - The Power

Deon was the son of a mortal and Aphrodite the goddess of love. He had the power to get people to do whatever he wanted. He liked his uncle more than his father, but his uncle was the leader of a gang of criminals. Hercules had to convince Deon to go back to his father, rather than live a life of crime.
Guest Stars: Greer Robson as Sirene | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Bruce Phillips as Jacobus | David Drew Gallagher as Deon | Grant Bridger as Karis
Director: Charlie Haskell

36 :02x23 - Centaur Mentor Journey

Ceridian the centaur, who was a mentor to Hercules, was dying. Ceridian's last wish was for Hercules to convince Cassius, a centaur pupil of his to not wage war against the Humans of a town that were mistreating the centaurs. Hercules sets out to stop the possible war.
Guest Stars: James Townsend as Theseus | Edward Newborn as Perdiclis | Mark Clare as Gnoxious | Tony Blackett as Ceridian | Ray Bishop as Centaur #2 | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus

37 :02x24 - The Cave of Echoes

A girl named Melina disappeared in the Cave of Echoes and Hercules and Iolaus have to rescue her. Along the way they meet a writer named Parentheses and they tell him all about their journeys in this clip show episode.
Guest Stars: Owen Black as Parenthesis
Director: Gus Trikonis

Season 3

38 :03x01 - Mercenary

Hercules is bringing a man named Derk to Sparta to stand trial for murder. On the way there is a storm and Hercules wakes up on an island with pieces of his ship scattered along the beach, along with one piercing his arm. Hercules realizes Derk is on the island somewhere and goes looking for him. After fighting with each other for a while Derk and Hercules realize they need each other if they are going to get off the island alive.
Guest Stars: Paul Willis as Marcus | Philip Jones (2) as Trayus | Neil Duncan as Sordis | Sarah Smuts-Kennedy as Kara | Michael Mizrahi (1) as Ratface | Jeremy Roberts as Derkus 'Derk' Petronicus
Director: Michael Hurst

39 :03x02 - Doomsday

Daedalus is an inventor who has been suffering ever since his son flew close to the sun and died using one of his inventions. The king took advantage of his grief and got him to build the Megalith, a gigantic mechanical weapon. By the time Hercules talks him out of building it, the king has his weapon, and tries to use it on Hercules.
Guest Stars: Paul Norell as Falafel | Rebecca Hobbs as Katrina | Derek Payne as Daedalus | Frankie Stevens as King Nikolas
Director: Michael Lange

40 :03x03 - Love Takes a Holiday

Hephaestus is lonely and decides he wants a wife. Hephaestus' assistant promised to find him someone to love in exchange for a great weapon. Aphrodite just happens to have given up on making people fall in love, and this causes problems.
Guest Stars: Julian Garner as Hephaestus | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Mervyn Smith as Lagos | Sarah Smuts-Kennedy as Leandra | Fiona Mogridge as Evanthea
Director: Charlie Haskell

41 :03x04 - Mummy Dearest

The mummy of Queen Ishtar is alive and Hercules goes to warn her descendants. Salmoneous has accidentally come into possession of the mummy and does not know it is alive. The prince plans to use the mummy to take control of the throne
Guest Stars: Patrick Kuhtze as Delivery Man | Henry Vaeoso as Keb | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Galyn Gorg as Anaket | John Watson as Sokar
Director: Anson Williams

42 :03x05 - Not Fade Away

Hera brings back her enforcer, but this time it is a new stronger one. It kills Iolaus to send a message to Hercules, and while in the underworld trying to save Iolaus from death, Hercules finds the original enforcer and convinces her to fight with them to destroy the new enforcer.
Guest Stars: Cynthia Rothrock as Enforcer 2 | Gordon Hatfield as Freedom Fighter | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Bruce Allpress as Skouros | Karen Sheperd as Enforcer | Erik Thomson as Hades
Director: T.J. Scott

43 :03x06 - Monster Child in a Promised Land

Typhon and Echidna have a new child. A thief named Klepto kidnaps him to make him into a killing machine. Hercules has to save the child so that it will not grow up to be the kind of monster he will have to kill.
Guest Stars: Grant Heslov as Klepto | Glenn Shadix as Typhon | Bridget Hoffman as Echidna | Rebecca Clark (1) as Hera's Archer | Tony Wood as Bluth
Director: John Kretchmer

44 :03x07 - The Green-Eyed Monster

Aphrodite is mad because people are saying Psyche is more beautiful than her. Her son Cupid loves Psyche and when Hercules is accidentally shot by his bow and falls in love with Psyche, Cupid turns into a green eyed monster, literally.
Guest Stars: Susan Ward as Psyche | Karl Urban as Cupid | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
Writer: Steven Baum

45 :03x08 - Prince Hercules

Queen Parnassa of Kastus who is working with Hera tricks Hercules into thinking that he is her son when he has amnesia. Queen Parnassa has to make Hercules swear loyalty to Hera and then Hercules would become the leader of Kastus' army.
Guest Stars: Jane Thomas as Queen Parnassa | Sam Jenkins as Kirin | Paul Gittins as Lonius | Sean Marshall as Protos
Director: Charles Siebert

46 :03x09 - A Star to Guide Them

Iolaus has a dream and starts heading north. He finds out that a baby will be born and people are trying to kill him to prevent him from one day taking the throne.
Guest Stars: Jason Hoyte as Cohort | Jon Brazier as Trinculos | Latham Gaines (1) as Captain of the Guard | Denise O'Connell as Queen Maliphone | Edward Newborn as King Polonius | Brent Barrett as Uris

47 :03x10 - The Lady and the Dragon

A dragon named Braxis is being manipulated into destroying villages because a warlord is telling him that Hercules killed his mother. Hercules has to stop the dragon from doing any more damage to the villages in the area.
Guest Stars: Catherine Bell as Cynea | Rene Naufahu as Adamus | Geoff Dolan as Orent | Charles Pierard as Lemnos
Director: Oley Sassone

48 :03x11 - Long Live the King

King Orestes, who looks like Iolaus, wants to establish a league of nations. King Xenon of Garantus killed him to stop this, and Iolaus has to pretend to be king to make sure the league is formed.
Guest Stars: Michael Hurst as Orestes | Derek Payne as Xenon | Roger Oakley as Hector | Lisa Ann Hadley as Niobi
Director: Timothy Bond
Writer: Sonny Gordon

49 :03x12 - Surprise

Alcmene, Iphicles, Jason, Falafel and Iolaus throw Hercules a surprise birthday party. Calisto shows up pretending to be a peasant and poisons them. She says she will only give Hercules the antidote if he helps her get into the Labyrinth of the Gods so she can get to the tree of life, so that she can become an immortal by eating an apple from the tree protected by the temple.
Guest Stars: Paul Norell as Falafel | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles | Hudson Leick as Callisto
Director: Oley Sassone

50 :03x13 - Encounter

Prince Nestor is hunting Serena, a golden hind, so that he can get her golden horns and hooves. Ares agrees to let Nestor have her (she belongs to him) if he will kill Hercules once he has Serena, because the blood of a golden hind can kill a god. Hercules meets her in the woods, while she is in human form. Because of his half god status, Hercules is able to touch her without her turning into the half-deer, half-human she is normally. In the end Hercules falls in love with Serena, and has to protect her from hunters.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Joel Tobeck as Strife | Sam Jenkins as Serena
Director: Charlie Haskell

51 :03x14 - When a Man Loves a Woman

Hercules asks Serena to marry him and she agrees, but she still belongs to Ares. Ares agrees to free Serena, but only if Hercules will give up his strength and become mortal, which Hercules agrees to. Hercules also visits the underworld to tell his former wife Deinera about his decision.
Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins as Serena | Joel Tobeck as Strife | Rose McIver as Ilea | Tawny Kitaen as Deianeira | Ted Raimi as Joxer | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Charlie Haskell

52 :03x15 - Judgment Day

Hercules is having problems adjusting to life without his strength, prompting Ares and Strife decide to destroy Hercules while he is weak. The next morning Hercules wakes up and Serena is lying next to him dead, and Hercules is covered in her blood. Xena and Gabrielle show up to try to stop the angry mob from killing Hercules for murdering his wife.
Guest Stars: Sam Jenkins as Serena | Joel Tobeck as Strife | Lucy Lawless as Xena | Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Gus Trikonis

53 :03x16 - The Lost City

Iolaus is looking for his cousin Regina who is missing. Hercules and Iolaus find a underground utopia like city and Salmoneous, who happens to be living in it. Hercules finds out the citizens are being brainwashed and has to convince them to leave.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Amber Sainsbury as Regina | Matthew Chamberlain as Kamaros | Fiona Mogridge as Moira
Director: Charlie Haskell

54 :03x17 - Les Contemptibles

In 1789, Count Francois Demarigny and his two friends are trying to rob a woman, but when she is captured he inspires them to rescue her by telling them stories about the world's greatest hero, Hercules.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as Francois | Danielle Cormack as Marie | Paul Norell as Croissant
Director: Charlie Haskell

55 :03x18 - Reign of Terror

King Augeus has gone insane believing himself to be Zeus, and has ordered a temple of Aphrodite to be converted into a temple for Hera. To make matters worse, Hera has given him god like powers, which he will be able to keep if he can kill Hercules by sundown.
Guest Stars: Laurie Dee as Machus | Brett Stewart as Stichius | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Rainer Grant as King Augeas
Director: Rodney Charters
Writer: John Kirk

56 :03x19 - The End of the Beginning

Hercules is in a fight and Autolycus saves him by stopping time using the Chronos Stone which he stole from the museum in King Qualius' palace. Then when Autolycus is playing with it they accidentally travel back in time five years. The stone is broken and they have to steal it in the past. Hercules sees Serena in the past, on the day when Zeus slaughtered the golden hinds. Ares had just saved her and Hercules tries to convince him to leave her alone and turn her mortal so that she will have never died.
Guest Stars: Paul Norell as Falafel | Joel Tobeck as Strife | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Grant McFarland as Shellus | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares

57 :03x20 - War Bride

Princess Melissa of Alcinia was sold into slavery to avoid a marriage she didn't want, and her sister killed their father to take the throne. The new queen Alexa is using her father's most feared weapon, The Fist of Talos, to start a war and Hercules has to stop her.
Guest Stars: Lisa Chappell as Melissa | Marcel Kalma as Hargus | Chic Littlewood as Tolas | Josephine Davison as Alexa | Ross McKellar as Gordius | Mark Raffety as Acteon
Director: Kevin Sorbo

58 :03x21 - A Rock and a Hard Place

Cassus is accused of murdering his entire family and is trapped in a mine with Hercules after trying to escape. He is crushed under rocks and is slowly dying so Iolaus has to find his forgotten son who is living on the streets so that Cassus can convince him to lead a good life and not to end up like him.
Guest Stars: Caleb Ross as Nico | Lindsey Ginter as Cassus
Director: Robert Trebor

59 :03x22 - Atlantis

Hercules' ship is destroyed in a storm and he wakes up on the shores of Atlantis where a woman named Cassandra is predicting that island will be destroyed. They soon find out Hercules' ship was destroyed by a crystal powered laser and the crew is being forced to mine more crystals which power everything on the island.
Guest Stars: Claudia Black as Cassandra | James Beaumont as King Panthias
Director: Gus Trikonis

Season 4

60 :04x01 - Beanstalks and Bad Eggs

Autolycus and Hercules set out to find Lianna who was kidnapped by the giant named Typhoon many years ago and taken to his house in the clouds. They climb a beanstalk and find Lianna taking care of harpie eggs, which has been her job for years. She will only be allowed to leave when the eggs hatch, which they do, but harpies are mysterious creatures. Tyhpoon also does not want her to leave because he has developed feelings for her over the years.
Guest Stars: Kerry Gallagher as Leanna | Glenn Shadix as Typhoon | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
Director: John Kretchmer

61 :04x02 - Hero's Heart

Iolaus was trying to save a woman on a bridge but he couldn't and she fell to her death. Iolaus is very upset by this and tells Hercules to find a new partner. Fortune, the goddess of luck, agrees to wipe his memory of the event but accidentally takes away everything, including Hercules. Iolaus goes to work for a criminal named Zeno, who makes Iolaus fight Hercules.
Guest Stars: Stephen Butterworth as Zeno | Lori Dungey as Fortune
Director: Philip Sgriccia

62 :04x03 - Regrets... I've Had a Few

Celestra the goddess of death comes for Jaris who is an old friend of Hercules. She agrees to let Hercules tell him he will die and when Jaris find out he goes on a rampage killing all the evil people in his town so his family won't have to grow up with them.
Hercules thinks back to the time when he was younger and first met Jaris after accidentally killing his brother Bartoc and the time they were attacked by a gang of Bartoc's friends.
Guest Stars: Mark Wright (1) as Claxon | Jason Hoyte as Skell | Bruce Hopkins as Nehemiah | Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus | Winston Harris as Young Jaris | Belinda Waymouth as Celesta | Ian Bohen as Young Hercules
Director: Gus Trikonis

63 :04x04 - Web of Desire

Arachne was once a beautiful woman but was turned into a half-woman half-spider by the gods. Nebula, a pirate, goes to hide her treasure in a cave, which Arachne happens to be living in. Hercules and Iolaus end up in the cave and decide to help defeat Arachne and save Nebula's crew.
Guest Stars: Josephine Davison as Arachne | Derek Judge as Monicles | Gina Torres as Nebula

64 :04x05 - Stranger in a Strange World

Zeus is dying and when he sees Ares and Hercules fighting he throws down thunderbolts to stop them but accidentally opens a vortex to a parallel universe, one where Hercules is an evil dictator known as the Sovereign, Ares is the god of love, Iolaus is a jester, Aphrodite is queen of the gods, and and the Sovereign is in love with Xena. Iolaus is sucked into the vortex and finds out that Zeus is dying because he is being poisoned with hind blood in the alternate universe where if one person dies, they die in the other universe.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Lucy Lawless as Xena | Amber Sainsbury as Princess | Renee O'Connor as The Executioner | Ted Raimi as Joxer | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares

65 :04x06 - Two Men and a Baby

Nemesis is trying to escape from Ares with her child and runs into Hercules and tells him that he is Evander's father. But the baby is really Ares', and he wants Evander back.
Guest Stars: Meighan Desmond as Discord | Alistair Browning as Meniskos | Kimberley Joseph as Nemesis | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Kevin Sorbo
Writer: John Hudock

66 :04x07 - Prodigal Sister

Ruun's parents were killed years ago in an attack by the Amazons that led to his sister Siri being taken. Hercules frees Ruun from slavery and decides to help him find his sister, who is now living with the amazons and does not believe their story when she is told.
Guest Stars: Katrina Browne as Sery | Dean O'Gorman as Ruun | Tina Cleary as Mayhem
Director: Gus Trikonis

67 :04x08 - ...And Fancy Free

Althea is an ungraceful woman who has always wanted to compete in the Panathenia dance competition. When Hercules sees a rich girl named Oena making fun of Althea he volunteers to be her dance partner. Oena's father is nervous about this and decides to have someone kill them, but accidentally leads them to the Widow Twanky who is a world renowned dance instructor.
Guest Stars: Michael Hurst as Widow Twanky | Geoff Dolan as Henchman | Willa O'Neill as Althea | Stuart Devenie as Magistrate | Jay Saussey as Oena
Director: Michael Hurst

68 :04x09 - If I Had A Hammer

Hercules agrees to pose nude for a piece in King Armand's new museum with all profits going to war orphans. Atalanta is sad that Hercules does not love her and makes her own statue of Hercules which Hephaestus brings to life because of her prayers. Discord then shows up and has the statue commit murders and frame Hercules.
Guest Stars: Ross Brannigan as Curteus | Corinna Everson as Atalanta | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Meighan Desmond as Discord
Director: Gus Trikonis

69 :04x10 - Hercules on Trial

Kazankis, a Hercules impersonator, is accidentally killed and Hercules is put on trial on the basis that his brave deeds inspire others to copy him and that caused Kazankis to die. Hercules begins to doubt whether or not he is actually doing the world good.
Guest Stars: Sarah Major as Geala's doughter | John Sumner as Spencias | Claudia Black as Cassandra | Lisa Chappell as Dirce | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: John Laing (1)

70 :04x11 - Medea Culpa

Hercules is thinking back to a time when he, Iolaus and Jason were younger and they banded together to kill the ghidra, one of Hera's pets. They met a girl named Medea who drove Jason and Hercules to fight over her.
Guest Stars: Chris Conrad as Young Jason | Vanessa Guy as Beautiful Girl | Jacinda Barrett as Medea | Ian Bohen as Young Hercules | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus
Director: Charles Siebert

71 :04x12 - Men in Pink

Salmoneus and Autolycus are mistakenly accused of the murder of King Pholus. To escape they decide to dress as girls and pretend to be members of the Widow Twanky's dance group. Autolycus falls in love with one of the dancers named Cupcake, and the late king's brother Gekkus falls in love with Salmoneus. Salmoneus and Autolycus have to find a way out of their problem.
Guest Stars: Peter McCauley as Gekkus | Lacey Kohl as Cupcake | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Michael Hurst as Widow Twanky | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus
Director: Alan J. Levi

72 :04x13 - Armageddon Now (1)

Hope, the daughter of Dahak and Gabrielle, frees Callisto from the cave she is imprisoned in. Callisto, now a goddess joins Ares and frees the Sovereign to get his supply of hind blood, and then throw him back into his vortex with Hercules. Callisto steals the hind blood from Ares and kills Strife with it. Then she goes back in time to kill Hercule's mother. Iolaus convinces Ares to send him back and Ares does so that he can get revenge on Callisto for her betrayal.
Guest Stars: Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Joel Tobeck as Strife | Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Hudson Leick as Callisto
Director: Mark Beesley

73 :04x14 - Armageddon Now (2)

Iolaus failed to protect Alcemene and then Callisto kills her own family. The world has been changed into a place where the evil Xena is the ruler of the world. Iolaus has to get the Chronos Stone from Xena so he can change everything back to the way it was.
Guest Stars: Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle | Jim McLarty as Pankos | Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene | Lucy Lawless as Xena | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Hudson Leick as Callisto
Director: Mark Beesley

74 :04x15 - Yes Virginia, There is a Hercules

After an earthquake in Los Angeles, the producers of Hercules the Legendary Journeys realize Kevin Sorbo is missing. While arguing about the future of the show the producers all get into a fight and Ares and Strife are happy about this hoping it will lead to the show starring Kevin Sorbo (actually the real Hercules living in our modern world) being canceled.
Guest Stars: Charles Mesure as Johnny Pinto | Robert Trebor as B.S. Hollinsfoffer | Gina Torres as Beth Hymson | Ted Raimi as Alex Kurtzman | Joel Tobeck as David Scott Pollison/Strife | Lisa Chappell as Melissa | Kevin Smith (2) as Jerry Patrick Brown / Ares | Bruce Campbell as Rob Tapert | Hudson Leick as Liz Friedman
Director: Rick Jacobson

75 :04x16 - Porkules

Discord shoots Hercules with Artemis' bow and turns him into a pig. Discord hires a hunter to kill the Hercules pig and Iolaus and Autolucus have to get the bow and turn Hercules back.
Guest Stars: Meighan Desmond as Discord | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Rick Jacobson

76 :04x17 - One Fowl Day

Katherine, a pig who fell in love with Hercules while he was a pig tells him she wants to become human. Aphrodite grants her wish and turns her into a human, which she has a hard time adapting to. Ares get revenge on Autolycus and Iolaus for turning Discord into a chicken and the two of them are mistaken for one of the Big-footed Two-headed Forest People of a nearby legend and taken by a traveling circus.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Meighan Desmond as Discord
Director: Michael Hurst

77 :04x18 - My Fair Cupcake

Autolycus convinces Cupcake that he wants to introduce her to Prince Alexandros at a royal ball. What he really wants is a way to get in so he can steal the Sapphire of Antioch. Cupcake begins to fall in love with the prince and Autolycus realizes he still loves her.
Guest Stars: Mark Raffety as Prince of Antioch | Lacey Kohl as Cupcake | Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Angela Shirley as Princess Hippolyta
Director: Rick Jacobson

78 :04x19 - War Wounds

King Iphicles of Corinth, Hercules' brother is mad at all the soldiers who were rioting and forced him to be away from his wife while she died. He decides to punish them by forbidding the legendary soldiers, led by Ajax an old friend of Hercules, to dedicate a statue in honor of themselves. Instead he decides to send them to prison.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Iphicles | Gina Torres as Nebula | Peter McCauley as Ajax
Director: John Mahaffie

79 :04x20 - Twilight

Alcemene is dying and Hercules can't do anything to stop it. He thinks back to a time when he was younger and helped solve a dispute between the Parthans and the Caylains. Alcemene dies and Zeus appears, and offers Hercules the chance to become a god on Olympus with him.
Guest Stars: Glen Drake as Nikos | Ian Hughes (1) as Calimachus | Chris Conrad as Young Jason | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Ian Bohen as Young Hercules | Kim Michalis as Young Alcmene | Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus | Roy Dotrice as Zeus
Director: Philip Sgriccia

80 :04x21 - Top God

Hercules could not decide what to do about the decision of whether or not to become a god. He thought back to the time when he was younger and Apollo gave him ambrosia, which transformed him into a full fledged god. The past Zeus was angry and said he was never destined to become a god. Hercules gave his power back to Zeus and then fought Apollo over the fate of a girl named Ariadne, which ended in a draw. In the end Hercules realizes he can do more good as a full god and goes to Olympus with his father.
Guest Stars: Charmaine Guest as Ariadni | Scott Michaelson as Apollo | Dean O'Gorman as Young Iolaus | Chris Conrad as Young Jason | Ian Bohen as Young Hercules | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Roy Dotrice as Zeus
Director: Charles Siebert

81 :04x22 - Reunions

Iolaus goes to visit his mother while Hercules is on Olympus. Hercules soon finds out that the real reason he was brought to Olympus was to protect Zeus from Hera and the other gods who were conspiring against him. Zeus gives up his godhood when he finds out that Hera has Alcemene's spirit trapped in an eternal hell. Hercules goes to fight Apollo and Hera and defeats them, trapping Hera in the same prison with the Titans, and Zeus' powers are restored. Hercules goes back to being a half god and traveling the world with Iolaus.
Guest Stars: Glenis Levestam as Erytheia | Stephanie Leibert as Young Woman | Liddy Holloway as Alcemene | Jim McLarty as Ogar | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Roy Dotrice as Zeus | Meg Foster as Hera
Director: Charles Siebert

Season 5

82 :05x01 - Faith

When Hercules is asked to go to Sumeria to help because their gods are destroying the country he seeks out Nebula. She takes Hercules to Sumeria where he meets King Gilgamesh, also a half god, who says the only way to stop it is to go to a sacred pyramid and retrieve a chalice of sacred nectar which is said to only be attainable by a god. When they get to the nectar, King Gilgamesh drinks it all and leaves Hercules to die. Hercules finds out that King Gilgamesh is trying to bring Dahak, a demon so evil even the gods fear him, into the world. After escaping the temple, he goes to find Gilgamesh to prevent him from sacrificing a friend so that Dahak could once again walk the planet.
Guest Stars: James Gaylyn as Villager | Barry Duffield as Pirate | Tony Todd as King Gilgamesh | Ross Duncan as Imara | Gina Torres as Nebula
Director: Michael Hurst

83 :05x02 - Descent

Hercules decides to go to the Sumarian Underworld to try to bring Iolaus back from the dead. Nebula, who is in love with Iolaus goes with him and takes a group of her soldiers with her. After struggling to get to the underworld, Hercules confronts Dumuzi, the Sumarian god of the underworld. Dumuzi has been collecting souls to survive ever since the chalice of sacred nectar was destroyed. Hercules is told that Iolaus is gone forever leading Hercules to fight Dumuzi to the death.
Guest Stars: Gina Torres as Nebula | Antonio Te Maioho as Dumuzi
Director: Richard Compton
Writer: Lisa Klink

84 :05x03 - Resurrection

Hercules leaves Sumaria and is shipwrecked in a storm, and wakes up in Ireland. Bronagh, the leader of the Celts, tells Hercules he is their chosen one. Morrigan, a warrior with incredible power given by the gods is sent to destroy the druids, who the Celts have been worshiping. Hercules is told by the leader of the druids that he has to finally stop blaming himself for Iolaus's death, or he will never be able to defeat Morrigan.
Guest Stars: Renee Brennan as Druid of Faith | Nicko Vella as Mabon | Alistair Browning as Bronagh | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan
Director: Philip Sgriccia

85 :05x04 - Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My

Salmoneus and Autolycus have gotten their hands on a magic lamp with a genie. When they are told they get three wishes Autolycus asked to be invisible but instead ends up intangible too. Salmoneus couldn't decide if he wanted to be more sensitive or stronger, so he is given both, but what he really gets is two clones of himself with very different personalities. The two of them decide to give up their third wish when they realize that the genie is twisting their wishes, but are trapped in the lamp for breaking the rules of the genie. They have to find a way out.
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Paul Norell as Falafel | Robert Trebor as Salmoneus | Hilary McMillan as Genie

86 :05x05 - Render Unto Caesar

Caesar's army is approaching Ireland and Hercules has to organize the Celts to fight them and convince Morrigan that she can be a good person, now that she has become the druid of justice after killing the previous one. Kernunnos, an Irish god, was once her master and has her child Bridget, who Hercules agrees to get back for her. When Kernunnos tries to kill her Hercules is ready to kill him in cold blood but Morrigan convinces him not to and finally takes her place as the druid of justice. Together they go to fight of the armies of Caesar.
Guest Stars: Alistair Browning as Bronagh | Willy De Wit as Hirtius the Scribe | Karl Urban as Julius Caesar | Nicko Vella as Mabon | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan
Director: John Laing (1)

87 :05x06 - Norse by Norsevest

Hercules travels to go save the Norse god Balder, who he witnessed dying in a dream. He finds out that Balder's death is foretold by the Book of Fate. Balder's father Odin makes him invincible and because of this Hercules is tricked into killing him by Loki. This makes Thor mad, believing Balder's death was Hercules' fault. He attacks Hercules, but Hercules defeats him. Hercules goes to talk to Odin and finds out that he has started Ragnarok, the end of the world. By killing a god and bringing shame to another, two of the three parts of the prophecy have been fulfilled.
Guest Stars: Rupert Cox as Balder | Nicko Vella as Mabon | Donogh Rees as Frigga | Ben Reed (1) as Thor | Stephen Papps as The Darkness | Peter McCauley as Odin | Yvonne Lawley as Norn | Ian Hughes (1) as Loki | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan
Director: Philip Sgriccia

88 :05x07 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge

The prophecy goes "When light dies, then will Ragnarok begin", and begin it does. Loki blinds Odin with a metal mask to fulfill the prophecy and gain power over the land. Loki blows Gilma's Horn to begin the end of the world so the ice giants can take over. Thor tries to stop him, but Loki kills Thor when he gets in his way. Hercules decides the only way to stop what has happened is to find and change the Book of Fate.
Guest Stars: Denise Snoad as Hilda | Vadim Ledogorov as Blacksmith | Stephen Papps as The Darkness | Ann Baxter as Old Woman | Ben Reed (1) as Thor | Donogh Rees as Frigga | Peter McCauley as Odin | Yvonne Lawley as Norn | Ian Hughes (1) as Loki | Rupert Cox as Balder
Director: Michael Hurst

89 :05x08 - Darkness Rising

Hercules and Morrigan were living out a happy life until they find all of the druids dead. Hercules realizes this was done by Dahak, and returns to Sumeria with Morrigan. He finds out that Nebula has gone insane, constantly thinking she is seeing Iolaus. Hercules decides to go visit his tomb only to see that Iolaus' body is gone. Then as he is ready to leave he sees Iolaus, but finds out Iolaus's body is now the property of Dahak.
Guest Stars: Benedicta Joseph as Brigid | Tony Hopkins as Agenor | Tony Bishop as Druid of Tolerance | Renee Brennan as Druid of Faith | Alistair Browning as Bronagh | Nicko Vella as Mabon | Gina Torres as Nebula | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan | Michael Hurst as Dahak
Director: Chris Long
Writer: Lisa Klink

90 :05x09 - For Those of You Just Joining Us

The producers of the show along with the actors go to a camp to come up with new ideas for the show. While they are there they soon find someone is trying to kill them and Kevin has to find a way to stop it without revealing he is really Hercules.
Guest Stars: Robert Trebor as B.S. Hollinsfoffer | Renee O'Connor as Sunny Day | Tamara Gorski as Norma | Lisa Chappell as Melissa | Kevin Smith (2) as Jerry Patrick Brown / Ares | Hudson Leick as Liz Friedman | Bruce Campbell as Rob Tapert
Director: Bruce Campbell

91 :05x10 - Let There Be Light

Hercules, Nebula, and Morrigan follow Dahak back to Corinth and find that the Olympian gods have abandoned Greece. The citizens had been suffering and then Dahak showed up and led the people to believe he is the savior of Greece. While trying to find a way to stop Dahak, Hercules meets Zarathustra, and ancient man who resisted Dahak over a thousand years ago and was punished by being forced to live forever. Together they go to find the Stone of Creation, which is the only way to trap Dahak so that he can be exorcised from Iolaus' body.
Guest Stars: Danny Lineham as Schoolteacher | Donogh Rees as Mnemosyne | George Henare as Zarathustra | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Gina Torres as Nebula | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan | Michael Hurst as Dahak
Director: Robert Radler

92 :05x11 - Redemption

Dahak is chained to an alter by the Stone of Creation, prompting him to devise a plan to kill Ares, who has been weakened along with all the other gods due to Dahak's presence in Greece. If Ares dies, Dahak can escape his chains. Dahak decides to remove his immortality curse on Zarathustra, because he is the only one who knows how to do an exorcism. Dahak then shows Hercules how he convinced Iolaus to let him inhabit his body. Eventually Hercules' talking to Iolaus works and he is sucked inside Iolaus' body, where together Hercules and Iolaus fight Dahak.
Guest Stars: Daniel Logan as Zaylan | Bruce Allpress as Stouras | George Henare as Zarathustra | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Gina Torres as Nebula | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan | Michael Hurst as Dahak | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Bruce Campbell
Writer: Lisa Klink

93 :05x12 - Sky High

The volcano called Mount Pelion is about to erupt and Hercules decides he has to save the nearby town. He comes up with a plan to blow a hole in the side of the volcano using rocks from Atlantis and gets some of the citizens to help him, but they run into trouble along the way.
Guest Stars: Clint Sharplin as Opakus | Jonno Roberts as Kurth | James Gaylyn as Nagus | Taungaroa Emile as Linxus | Danielle Cormack as Ephiny
Director: John Laing (1)

94 :05x13 - Stranger and Stranger

Hercules re-enters the parallel dimension where his evil twin, the Sovereign rules. But when he gets there he sees that an evil Nebula is ruling alongside the Ares from his realm, and together they trapped the gods in the Labyrinth of Eternal Memory so that Ares could rule. Hercules disguises himself as the Sovereign and saves the cowardly Iolaus, the jester, who helps him throughout his time in the alternate world. Together they travel to the labyrinth and go to free the gods.
Guest Stars: Paul Norell as Falafel | Gina Torres as Nebula | Michael Hurst as Iolaus II | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares / Ares God of Love
Director: Bruce Campbell

95 :05x14 - Just Passing Through

Hercules is telling Iolaus II, who had decided to come to Hercules' universe after saving the gods, a story about the previous Iolaus. They were in a town where Autolycus had stolen a ruby from the head of a stone panther. But Autolycus soon finds out that at night the panther will come to life and hunt whoever has the ruby. The problem is that Autolycus swallowed the ruby so that he would not be caught with it. Hercules tells the story of he saved him with help from the original Iolaus, and Iolaus II says he will never be as brave as him. Hercules responds by saying nobody could ever be as brave as Iolaus was.
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Paul Norell as Falafel | Michael Hurst as Iolaus II
Director: Charles Siebert

96 :05x15 - Greece Is Burning

Hercules runs into his old dance partner Althea who is now a fashion designer, along with the rest of her city which has moved on from dance to fashion. Hercules agrees to help her put on her own fashion show when she is banned from participating in the town's show. But then he is arrested by the fashion police for wearing leather in summer, so Althea has to get some help from the Widow Twanky.
Guest Stars: Jay Saussey as Oena | Stuart Devenie as Magistrate | Brett Stewart as Titus | Geoff Dolan as Fashion Policeman | Willa O'Neill as Althea | Michael Hurst as Widow Twanky/ Iolaus II
Director: Michael Hurst

97 :05x16 - We'll Always Have Cyprus

Havisha, a former priestess for the Oracle of Cyprus, was killed along with her boyfriend Drayus after leaving her job with the Oracle. She rises from the dead to seek revenge on the Oracle because the Oracle told her she would be happy with her life. Hercules asks Morrigan to marry him and she agrees, but then she leaves later in the night. When Hercules wakes up in the morning he finds a note that Morrigan left. It said that she went to the Oracle to see if they would be happy together and the Oracle said that Hercules needed to be out in the world saving people. Hercules goes to the Oracle to save her from Havisha. The Oracle explains to them that Havisha was happy with her boyfriend until her death which is what she meant. Havisha does not like her answer and decides she wants revenge, and Hercules has to stop her.
Guest Stars: Aaron Devitt as Drayus | Alison Quigan as Oracle | Simone Kessell as Havisha | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan
Director: Garth Maxwell

98 :05x17 - The Academy

Hercules and Jason go to the academy, which is where they learned how to fight as children, after they are attacked on a road. They recognized the attack pattern their attackers used as one taught at the academy. When they get there they see that Cheiron's Academy has changed a lot. The kids are out of control and the headmaster quits, leaving Hercules in control. Hercules finds out that Zylus, an older student has a plan to take over the school. Hercules expels him and his friends, but they come back and try to destroy the school.
Guest Stars: Geoff Snell (1) as Headmaster | Susan Brady as Lilith | Jodie Rimmer as Seska | Ryan Gosling as Zylus | Jeffrey Thomas as Jason | Michael Hurst as Iolaus II
Director: Charlie Haskell

99 :05x18 - Love on the Rocks

Nautica, a beautiful mermaid, wants to see the world, but can't because her father has arranged a marriage for her. Discord gives her legs and when she is on land she meets Iolaus II, and they fall in love. But if Nautica doesn't return to the water the water will turn to ice, because when she was born she was given a heart so warm that it warms the water. She is captured and Iolaus II finally finds his courage and goes to save her.
Guest Stars: Michael Hurst as Iolaus II | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Meighan Desmond as Discord | Bruce Hopkins as Triton | Jim McLarty as Fish Merchant | Angela Dotchin as Nautica
Director: Rick Jacobson

100 :05x19 - Once Upon a Future King

Arthur of Camelot, who is an evil man, and his sorceress friend Mab are sent back in time by Merlin. Together they start to take over in the time of Hercules, but want to go back to their own time, so they decide to hunt down Merlin who is now a young man just learning magic. Hercules runs into Merlin and protects him from Arthur and his sword Excalibur. Soon Arthur realizes what he is doing is wrong and decides to help Hercules, Morrigan, and Merlin in the fight against Mab.
Guest Stars: Tim Faville as Arthur | Neill Rea as Merlin | Asa Lindh as Lady of the Lake | Sara Wiseman as Mab | Tamara Gorski as Morrigan
Director: Mark Beesley

101 :05x20 - Fade Out

The Rock of Arges was cursed by Zeus. Villagers did not know it, but the rock was in their food storage area, and because of this they started to fade out of existence. Hercules smashes the rock, but then the curse transfers to him. Hercules has to find the other two stones to return himself to normal before he disappears forever.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Michael Hurst as Iolaus II | Meighan Desmond as Discord | Joel Tobeck as Deimos
Director: Charles Siebert

102 :05x21 - My Best Girl's Wedding

Nautica has legs again and Iolaus II finds out that she is going to marry a man named Lysaka. Hercules goes to see her father Triton and find out why and he runs into his former wife Serena. Hercules find out that Triton's trident has been stolen and Nautica is marrying Lysaka to get it back. Hercules trys to get Cabiri, the orginal maker of the trident, to make a new one. He does and Hercules stops the wedding. Aphrodite offers to turn Iolaus II into a merman and together Iolaus II and Nautica swim off to live their life.
Guest Stars: Patrick Wilson (2) as Captain Lysocka | Angela Dotchin as Nautica | Bruce Hopkins as Triton | Sam Jenkins as Serena | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite | Michael Hurst as Iolaus II

103 :05x22 - Revelations

Michael the Archangel is bringing the apocalypse to the world. He is releasing the four horsemen to destroy the world and rid it of evil. Iolaus leaves the world of light to warn Hercules of the apocalypse and together they fight to stop the end of the world. Ares joins them, but even with his help they cannot stop the release of the final horseman, the bringer of death, who goes after Iolaus. Hercules jumps in the way of Death and seeing that there was still someone willing to die to save another, Michael calls off the apocalypse and lets Iolaus stay with Hercules.
Guest Stars: Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | Paul Norell as Falafel | Charles Mesure as Michael the Archangel
Director: Bruce Campbell

Season 6

104 :06x01 - Be Deviled

Sin, in the form of Serena, goes to visit Hercules. She tells Hercules she needs his help to capture Xerxos, an escaped murderer from her realm of evil. She is secretly in league with Xerxos, and poisons Hercules, so Hercules has to take power from her to fight Xerxos. Her power slowly turns Hercules into a demon and Hercules becomes more and more evil by the second.
Guest Stars: Katie Wolfe as Arciana | Jeremy Roberts as Xerxos | Sam Jenkins as Sin | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares
Director: Mark Beesley

105 :06x02 - Love Amazon Style

Hercules goes to a tavern and sees the Amazons waiting tables and dancing. He decides it has to be because of Aphrodite, because the Amazons are proud warriors who would never stoop to this, and he is right. She just broke up with Hephaestus and her powers are all messed up, which led to the Amazons being forced to obey all men. Diemos uses this to his advantage and has the Amazons dig for the Chronos Stone.
Guest Stars: Campbell Cooley as Vargus | Amber Sainsbury as Amazon | Simone Kessell as Kayla | Joel Tobeck as Deimos | Sonia Gray as Beautiful Amazon | Ben Cooke as Gang Leader | Jason Hoyte as Hephaestus | Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
Director: David Grossman

106 :06x03 - Rebel With a Cause

Cleon overthrows a the throne of Thebes and Hercules has to watch over the daughter of the former king, now the town drunk. Cleon plots to kill them both, and Hercules joins a group of rebels to fight to fix the kingdom and restore Oedipus to the thrown.
Guest Stars: Mick Rose as Oedipus | Stelios Yiakmis as Cleon | Paige Moss as Antigone | Mark Clare as Defense Minister | Elizabeth Hawthorne as Jocasta
Director: Garth Maxwell
Writer: Lisa Klink

107 :06x04 - Darkness Visible

Hercules and Iolaus go to help out an old friend, Vlad. Hercules goes to his home, and finds out that Vlad has become a vampire, and wants to drink Hercules' blood to become invincible.
Guest Stars: Rafe Battiste as Darius | Tiffany De Castro as Galen's sister | Stephen Lovatt as Galen | Jeffrey Meek as Vlad | Jon Brazier as Mateus
Director: Philip Sgriccia

108 :06x05 - Hercules, Tramps & Thieves

Autolycus and Hercules go to visit the First Bank of Greece, which Hercules made Autolycus promise not to rob. They find Autolycus' ex-wife, Luscious, working at a bar there. The next morning Autolycus' grappling hook is found in the bank, which had been robbed. Hercules knows Luscious robbed the bank for revenge on Autolycus, but Autolycus is willing to take the blame for it. Hercules has to find a way to save Autolycus from death.
Guest Stars: Bruce Campbell as Autolycus | Traci Lords as Luscious | Patrick Kake as Lynk | Glen Drake as Klunter | Stephen Hall (1) as Posse Leader | John Palino as Emcee
Director: Charles Siebert

109 :06x06 - City of the Dead

Hercules and Iolaus go to Egypt and save Queen Nefertiti from assassins. Iolaus suspected Princess Amensu was the one who sent the assassins. Prince Ramses was the real traitor and when he is found out he goes after the Book of the Dead, which will give him powers beyond any person in the world.
Guest Stars: Toi Iti as Ramses | Josephine Davison as Amensu | Gabriella Larkin as Nefertiti
Director: Chris Long

110 :06x07 - A Wicked Good Time

Discord needed a third girl to join Haleh and Sariah in their witchcraft. She convinces Seska to join so that she can fix the troubles of the world. Hercules arrives to save Seska, and Haleh framed Hercules for witchcraft. Haleh and Sariah summon Neibros, the first warlock. Hercules has to fight him to save Seska.
Guest Stars: Kelly Addis as Sariah | Susan Brady as Lilith | Jodie Rimmer as Seska | Katrina Browne as Haleh | Meighan Desmond as Discord
Director: Adam Nimoy

111 :06x08 - Full Circle

Evander has the power to create anything he wants just by thinking it. Zeus decides to use this power to free Hera so that they can make up. He takes Evander to the Abyss of Tartarus and has him free Hera, who has lost her memory. Unfortunately, this also releases the Titans, who go to attack Mount Olympus. Hercules has to stop them from destroying the pillar that holds up Olympus, because if it is destroyed, the entire world will be destroyed with Olympus.
Guest Stars: Charles Keating as Zeus | Kevin Smith (2) as Ares | David Press as Atlas | Meg Foster as Hera
Director: Bruce Campbell
Warning: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: May 05, 1994
Ended: November 27, 1999
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