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Season 6

145 :06x01 - Cuisine à la Stalag 13

LeBeau decides to escape from camp.
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as General Wexler | Chet Stratton as Karl | David Morick as Gestapo Officer | Jay Sheffield as Captain Richter | Brenda Benet as Marie Bizet

146 :06x02 - The Experts

Hogan hatches a plan to save a radio expert.
Guest Stars: Sabrina Scharf as Luisa | Barbara Babcock as Maria | Walter Janowitz as Schnitzer | Sigrid Valdis as Hilda | Edward Knight as Major Stern | Noam Pitlik as Captain Karl Metzler
Director: Marc Daniels

147 :06x03 - Klink's Masterpiece

Hogan tricks Klink into thinking that he's an artist in order to get contact with an underground art gallery.
Guest Stars: Jon Cedar as Cpl. Langenscheidt | Bard Stevens as Underground Agent #2 | Karl Bruck as Underground Agent #3 | David Frank (1) as Underground Agent #1 | Victoria Carroll as Rhona
Director: Richard Kinon
Writer: Phil Sharp

148 :06x04 - Lady Chitterly's Lover (1)

An English traitor comes to camp with a message for Hitler.
Guest Stars: Bernard Fox as Colonel Crittendon / Sir Charles Chitterly | Anne Rogers as Lady Leslie Chitterly | Harold Gould as General von Schlomm

149 :06x05 - Lady Chitterly's Lover (2)

Hogan's plan goes awry when Chittlerly escapes.
Guest Stars: Harold Gould as General von Schlomm | Anne Rogers as Lady Leslie Chitterly | Howard Caine as Hochstetter | Sigrid Valdis as Hilda | Bernard Fox as Colonel Crittendon / Sir Charles Chitterly

150 :06x06 - The Gestapo Takeover

The Gestapo take over Stalag 13 and plan on sending Klink and Schultz to Russia.
Guest Stars: Tom Drake as Bartender | Milli Schuber as Fraulein | Martin Kosleck as General Mueller | Joseph Ruskin as Major Strauss | Sigrid Valdis as Hilda | Leon Askin as Burkhalter | Forrest Compton as Captain Geissler | Bruce Kirby as Otto Baum
Director: Irving J. Moore

151 :06x07 - Kommandant Schultz

Schultz is named camp kommandant, but his new found power goes straight to his head.
Guest Stars: Walter Smith (1) as American POW | Tom Drake as Bartender | Eric Morris (1) as Hercules | Walter Janowitz as Schnitzer | Leon Askin as Burkhalter | Norbert Schiller as Farmer | Jon Cedar as Corporal Langenscheidt
Director: Marc Daniels

152 :06x08 - Eight O'Clock and All is Well

Hogan tells a prisoner about his operation, but soon learns that the man is a German spy.
Guest Stars: Dick Wilson (2) as Karl | Howard Caine as Hochstetter | Monte Markham as Lieutenant James Martin
Director: Richard Kinon

153 :06x09 - The Big Record

Klink gives the prisoners tape recorders so they can send messages home.
Guest Stars: John Myhers as Colonel Schneider | Leon Askin as General Albert Burkhalter | Jack Riley as SS Man
Director: Richard Kinon

154 :06x10 - It's Dynamite

Hogan plans on taking down a dynamite truck, but things don't go as planned when the truck doesn't follow its route.
Guest Stars: Sigrid Valdis as Hilda | Howard Caine as Major Wolfgang Hochstetter | Michael Fox as Berger | Lyn Peters as Elsa
Director: Bob Sweeney

155 :06x11 - Operation Tiger

Hogan and his men work to save an underground leader being sent to Berlin for execution.
Guest Stars: Walter Janowitz as Schnitzer | David Frank (1) as Guard Two | David Morick as Guard One | Dick Wilson (2) as Karl | Arlene Martel as Tiger | Frank Marth as Captain Steiger

156 :06x12 - The Big Broadcast

Hogan uses a radio to communicate with London.
Guest Stars: Yvonne E. Dardenne as Bertha | James Sikking as Hercules | Buck Young as Guard | Jay Sheffield as SS Man | Willard Sage as First Officer | Howard Caine as Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter | John Crawford as Second Officer

157 :06x13 - The Gypsy

Hogan is able to fake that LeBeau is a fortune teller in order to get German anti-radar machines to London.
Guest Stars: Sigrid Valdis as Hilda | Mathias Reitz as Captain Gruber
Director: Richard Kinon

158 :06x14 - The Dropouts

Three scientists are helped to escape by Hogan.
Guest Stars: Chris Anders as Guard | Ben Wright as Dr. Reimann | John Stephenson as Professor Bauer | Howard Caine as Major Wolfgang Hochstetter | Gordon Pinsent as SS Captain Steiner
Director: Marc Daniels

159 :06x15 - Easy Come, Easy Go

Klink and Hogan are sent to London to steal an Allied airplane.
Guest Stars: William Beckley as RAF Intelligence Man | Judson Morgan as Schindler | George Gaynes as General | Tom Hatten as Air Force Captain | Jocelyne Peters as Greta | Brett Parker as Lieutenant | Paul Lambert as Colonel Forbes | Leon Askin as Burkhalter | Stewart Moss as Lieutenant Mills | Cynthia Lynn as Eva

160 :06x16 - The Meister Spy

Hogan and his men pass themselves off for Nazi officers in order to get information out of an American traitor.
Guest Stars: Alan Bergmann as Major Martin | Eva von Felitz as Fraulein Kissinger | Ray Hastings as Herr Mayernick | Oscar Beregi as Herr Schneer | David Morick as Lieutenant J.B. Miller
Director: Bruce Bilson

161 :06x17 - That's No Lady, That's My Spy

Newkirk fakes that he's a general's wife so that he can get penicillin to the underground.
Guest Stars: Alice Ghostley as Mrs. Mannheim | Jon Cedar as Oskar Danzing | David Morick as Patrol Leader | Leon Askin as Burkhalter | Diana Chesney as Berta Burkhalter | Wendy Wilson (2) as Red Riding Hood

162 :06x18 - To Russia Without Love

Hogan has a beautiful Russian woman to convince Klink that he should volunteer to fight on the Russian front.
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Olga | H.M. Wynant as Col. Becker | Leon Askin as Gen. Albert Burkhalter
Director: Bruce Bilson

163 :06x19 - Klink for the Defense

Klink is ordered to serve as the defense for a German officer on trial for treason against Germany. Hogan helps Klink prove the man's innocence so that he can get his hands on secret plans.
Guest Stars: Howard Caine as Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter | Karl Bruck as President of Court | Leon Askin as Gen. Albert Burkhalter | Sandy Kenyon as Col. Hugo Hauptmann | Lynette Mettey as Fraulein Hibbler

164 :06x20 - The Kamikazes are Coming

A rocket lands near camp, but Hogan and his men can't come up with a way to get it to London for an evaluation.
Guest Stars: Erik Stern as German Partisan | Tom Drake as Assistant | Chris Anders as Guard | Howard Caine as Major Wolfgang Hochstetter | Nita Talbot as Marya | Henry Corden as Doctor Otto Von Bornemann

165 :06x21 - Kommandant Gertrude

Hogan hatches a plan to get more information to England.
Guest Stars: Erik Stern as German Partisan | Tom Drake as Assistant | Chris Anders as Guard | Henry Corden as Doctor Otto Von Bornemann | Howard Caine as Major Wolfgang Hochstetter | Nita Talbot as Marya
Director: Bruce Bilson

166 :06x22 - Hogan's Double Life

Hogan must pass himself off for a German officer to avoid being taken in by a Gestapo.
Guest Stars: John Hoyt as Field Marshal von Leiter | David Frank (1) as Albert | Dick Wilson (2) as Bruner | Malachi Throne as Major Pruhst
Director: Bruce Bilson
Writer: Phil Sharp

167 :06x23 - Look at the Pretty Snowflakes

Hogan starts an avalanche.
Guest Stars: Edward Knight as Cpl. Deitrich | Harold Stone as Gen. Strommberger
Director: Irving J. Moore

168 :06x24 - Rockets or Romance

Hogan partners up with a pretty underground agent to destroy a missile battery.
Guest Stars: Norman Alden as Major Heintzen | Leon Askin as Gen. Albert Burkhalter | Marlyn Mason as Lily Frankel | Kenneth DuMain as Guard | James Savett as Radio Operator
Director: Marc Daniels
Warning: Hogan's Heroes guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Military/War
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1965
Ended: July 04, 1971
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