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In Search of Ancient Mysteries - Recap

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Serling talks about the Nazca Lines and how aliens might have created it and colonized the area. The documentary then shows real footage and photos of the Nazca lines from above the sky. Serling then mentions Homer’s Illiad from one archaeologist may not have been a myth but real. The archaeologist refers to (but doesn’t mentions) is Heinrich Schliemann

Serling asks how many myths based on Ancient Mysteries are fact or fiction. NASA Engineer J.F. Blumrich is interviewed about ancient civilizations who talks about the Bible and then talks about extraterrestrials. Serling then talks about the sun burning up and dying in a million years. Again real footage is shown of NASA’s exploits on the moon then scene shifts to Lake Titicaca and how Lake Titicaca may have been visited by space colonists. An outer shown is shown of the Mesa of Titicaca where the “environment is harsh”. Serling says it’s possible that these space colonists might have lived in the area. Serling then talks about the Inca civilization and how that might have erased evidence of the former colonists. Despite that Serling mentions the city of Tiawonaca which still stands at 13000 ft above seal level and may have housed greater civilizations.

Serling points out how neither the Incas nor the Indians built Tiawonaca. Serling then says how grim helmeted carvings in South America seem to have drawn inspiration from the Tiawonac monolith. He says in 1927 a theory aroused about the carvings hinting at the revolvement of the moon but the theory was dismissed. Serling talks about the monolith in Tiawonaca referred to as the “Gate of the Sun”.. He says it weights ten tons and there is a giant mystery about who created it and the strange creatures on it. He also says at the top of the arch there is a face of a Sun God weeping but nobody can explain the significance of the tears.

The scene moves again and Serling says how three hundred miles away lie the plains of Nazca. The scene is narrated as aerial shots of the Nazca plain are shown. As with the popular theory of the plains exists Serling explains how the lines might represent a route map for space travel or to other parts of the Earth. He says one line pointing east leads to an ancient artifact called the Stone of Siwiti and how no one can explain how these carvings were made nor the date of these carvings. He says various interpretations have existed for the carvings usage from being a “sacrificial altar” to a “map of the universe” and “model of colonial outposts”. Once again the scene shifts and we see shots of the terraces of the Peruvian Andes and how they’ve been used for ages leading to an ancient city complete with temple, astronomical observatory and a fortress to guard crops. He asks the question of whether the space colonists design these stones for settling on earth.

Sacsayhuama a fortress built by the Incas and how Inca Kings got power from this stone. An explanation of the Incas is then covered. Serling says how the Incas knew “nothing of the wheel and yet their roads are still in use today” and how “they had no alphabet yet they developed engineering technology” such as Sacks de Iawan.

Serling ponders whether the Incas really create all of this and whether they were creators or inheritors.

The scenes shifts again to another ancient structure, the Bimini Wall in the Caribbean region known as the Bermuda Triangle. Serling then mentions of US Fighters disappearing near the Triangle. Reporter Art Ford is interviewed whose been following the story and a radio report where a LT. Cox said that UFOs were in the area. The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is then explained and Serling ends the explanation by asking if the Triangle is related to alien technology.

Serling then discusses how the earth was created. He discusses how volcanoes create islands and how life might have it’s beginning here. A scientist named Sidney Fox at the University of Miami talks about the possible creation of the earth by volatile chemicals or protonites. Serling then tells us that various explanations exists for the creation of life and despite the fact that the earth is four point billion years old the universe is much older.

Dr. Leslie Orville, a biologist from University of California is then interviewed who believes in the protonia theory that life on earth was created by a superior civilization.

Serling then talks about Neanderthal theory and evolution to man and ponders the connection to the space astronauts by looking at ancient drawings. Serling then talks about the Babylonian astronomers and their ancient tablets to look at astronomy. He then
moves on to Athens, Greece and talks about the ancient “Tower of the Winds” a piece of machinery built thousands of years ago which also stands as an early and advanced form
of astronomy. The scene shifts again and we get a shot of the sacred Inca Monument known as Intihuatana, or "hitching post of the sun”. Serling explains how the monument was important not just religiously but astronomically as a gateway to the stars.
The scene shifts again to ancient India where Serling talks about the Veta encyclopedia of language, technology and space travel. The Director of the National Museum of India speaks about the Veta history. Then the shift goes back to the Andes in a location called Todo Muerto then the famous Cuzco location is covered. Furthermore, Serling covers the Khipu string communication system a system using strings to store records and information about the Inca Empire. To date, however, the Khipu system has yet to be broken.

Other Ancient Mysteries are covered from Dead Sea Scrolls, Atlantis, and Walls of Jericho all with persuasive questioning that perhaps they a common link to outer space activity.
Later Serling explores the constellation system and talks about the giant red planet called Epsilon.

Near the end of the movie, Serling shows us more footage of NASA and famous explorations of the moon and then brings into question the constant growing number of UFO sightings which might help to prove that man's ancestors were from outer space.

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