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D.B. Cooper - Recap

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Nimoy recalls the case of DB Cooper who skyjacked a Boeing plane and allegedly got away with $200,000. Nimoy starts explains the beginning of the case. In Thanksgiving Eve , Flight 305 stopped of in Portland. A man identifying himself as Dan Cooper purchases a ticket for the last leg of the flight to Seattle. A 2:30 pm boarding began and Cooper got to his seat. Cooper then sent a note to the flight stewardess saying that he had a bomb. The stewardess told the captain who then communicated Cooper’s crime to the FBI and FAA. Unsure of whether Cooper was bluffing. Richard and Barbara Simmons, two passengers on the flight are interviewed and give their testimony about the events.

Both of them express their awareness of the situation that something was wrong. Another person Earl Cossi, a parachutist, is interviewed. Nimoy explains Cooper’s demands for four parachutes. He also mentions the fact that one parachute was defective. Nimoy also tells us that the FBI was trying to record the serial numbers on the ransom Cooper wanted to try to trace him.

Nimoy then says how the flight landed and how Cooper took control of the situation. The flight crew and Cooper took off again with the landing gear down. Airforce jet fighters tried to tailgate the plane to try to get a track on Cooper. Cooper then locks the crew in the cockpit and then makes his alleged escape at 8:11 PM. Nimoy mentions how the Airforce pilots didn’t see anyone escape out of the plane.

Nimoy now focuses on the area where Cooper allegedly landed along with theories of how he might still be alive or dead. Nimoy says that Cooper might have landed near Merwin Dam. FBI and local enforcement search the area but find no trace of Cooper.

Nimoy then mentions one report of a small plane meeting up with a small car in the area perhaps serving as a getaway car for any illegal activies. An FBI agent, Ralph Himmelsbach, is interviewed who is skeptical about Cooper’s success in pulling of the crime. He describes Cooper as a man who “was uneducated” , “desperate with a criminal background”, and “may have been in a service capacity”. Ultimately, however, Himmelsbach is as baffled by Cooper’s identity like everyone else. Earl Cossi then talks about the type of parachute Cooper used and how the person selecting this type of parachute might indicate Cooper was in the military.

Dr. David Hubbard, a psychiatrist, gives a portrait about who Cooper might be. Hubbard describes him as a mentally deteriorated aircraft pilot who might have served in Vietnam.

A hunter is then interviewed and says that he found what might be part of an emergency plaque attached to a parachute. The hunter then gives his opinion and says that Cooper was probably killed in the stunt.

Nimoy mentions another suspect who might have been Cooper. The suspect is later cleared. Nimoy ends the episode by saying that Cooper’s identity is still unknown along with the whereabouts of his body or the money he stole.

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