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Glenn Miller - Recap

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Nimoy talks about the December 15, 1944 and how Glenn Miller serving in the Army Aircorp band takes an invitation to play in France. Despite terrible weather, Miller decides to take the flight to Paris.

Nimoy says radio contact is initially made but the plane is never heard of again. He says it’s believed the plane went down in the English Channel but asks what were the circumstances behind the disappearance and why there was no major investigation into Miller’s death.

Nimoy then begins the episode by talking briefly about World War II and how death was constantly in the air. He says planes are destroyed near London but the plane Miller was flying has never been found.

Real footage is then shown of Miller and his band orchestra which introduced a different style of music. Nimoy calls him a “perfectionist and a loner” who remained a mystery even to his staff. He explains how in 1942, Miller announced he was volunteering for the Army. Nimoy says people called this the end of the big band era. Miller became a major in the Army. Meanwhile strove to put in jazz music in with military music. By 1944, Miller was stationed in England. Nimoy then jumps to December 15, 1944, the day Miller disappeared. Nimoy tells viewers that the flight had been delayed before due to poor weather.

Nimoy says Miller was going through the worst period of his life. He says Miller’s health was bad and lost twenty pounds. He then says that Miller had a fear of flying, yet still went ahead with this flight. Nimoy also states that there were no parachutes inside the plane in case of malfunction.

Glenn Miller’s brother is then interviewed who doubts the official report about Miller’s crash in the English Channels. He says the inquiry wasn’t handled well and there was no search done.

Nimoy then shows viewers official Airforce records that report Miller’s plane as missing five days later. Allen Stillwell, Miller’s valet, is interviewed and says that the military police didn’t delay in their search.

Then Nimoy states that the military cleared Miller’s room of all his belongings before he was officially declared dead. Nimoy then reiterates why there wasn’t such a great effort done to find Miller. Going back to the date of the plane takeoff, “In Search Of” tries to re-enact the events of that day.

A curator for the Army is interviewed who doesn’t budge in his opinion that Miller probably died as soon as the plane took off. The maintenance mechanic for the plane Miller was on is located and given an interview who reports that the plane had no problems. Dixie Clerk, the radio operator, at the time is also interviewed. She gives her opinion that the plane went down but no on the sea but on land.

In the end, Nimoy and the episode points doubt as to the official reports of the crash but leaves theories open as to what actually happened to Glenn Miller. The episode ends with freal footage of Glenn Miller and his big band orchestra playing.

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