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Kimber's Rebellion (3) - Recap

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Rio saves Jem from falling off the yacht when The Misfits aim it for an oil tanker. Jem kisses Rio but he tells her he can't do that to Jerrica. The yacht crew gets control of the yacht before it can hit the oil tanker. The Misfits jump back into their boat and take off. The Countess, Howard Sands and Anthony Julian all offer to help the Holograms make their music video in Paris. When Eric hears they are going to Paris, he send Zipper to sabotage the video shoot. At the shoot, Zipper tries to have a statue fall on the holograms but he mess it up again. The Holograms film their video "Twilight in Paris" and return home to find the town plastered with The Misfits posters. They try to play catch up but The Misfits manage to put their posters over theirs every time. Kimber heads off to confront Eric who ends up playing on Kimber's growing jealousy of Jem. When Kimber returns home, Jerrica gets a call from Lin-Z who wants to do an interview with just Jem. Kimber leaves in a huff quitting the band. Jerrica decides that they have to do the interview together and Lin-Z agrees. Jerrica turns herself into Jem and heads to Kimber's favorite radio station to plead for Kimber to return saying the group isn't the same without her. Kimber hears the pleads and rushes back the the mansion. Jerrica apologizes to Kimber and Rio tells Jerrica that he can't be Jem's road manager anymore but Jerrica convinces him to stay and they rush to the interview. At the interview, The Misfits show up and Lin-Z tells them she was going to invite them later but they ruined that. As The Misfits leave Pizazz pushes Rio and he runs into some equipment which starts to fall on Jem.

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Warning: Jem season 1 episode 3 guide may contain spoilers
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