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The Rock Fashion Book - Recap

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Robert Arlington asks Jem and the Hologram’s to appear in his rock fashion book. The Misfits hear about the fashion book on Lin-Z show and Pizzazz sends Clash to spy on the shoot. Jem and the Hologram’s are taking pictures where they feed fish to a whale when Kimber pushes to the front and she slips and falls taking Shana with her. Jem goes to grab Shana and the two fall into the pool. Aja tries to help Kimber up but all of the Holograms end up in the pool. Rio jumps in and saves Kimber and Aja. Rio and the photographer pull Shana to the surface. Rio doesn’t see Jem anywhere because Jem has turned back to Jerrica. A trainer hits a button releasing the dolphins and one of them saves Jerrica from the whale. Jerrica is able to change back to Jem before anyone notices. The Misfits are putting on their own fashion shoot with a photographer they hired. The photographer is annoyed with The Misfits and says something Pizzazz doesn’t like so she fires him. Pizzazz decides they will each take turn taking pictures. The Misfits try to sell their fashion book but each publisher refuses. Pizzazz decides they will just destroy the Hologram’s shoot. Clash is spying on the shoot again when a security guard sees them. Clash takes off and the security guard loses control of his golf cart and it runs into the scaffolding that the Holograms are taking pictures on. Luckily, all the Holograms are able to jump to safety and realize The Misfits must be behind this. The security guards tell them he only saw a stray tourist but Jem doesn’t buy it. The Misfits are in a cave so they can make a surprise guest appearance at the shoot. Jem and the Holograms are left on the cliff while Richard, Rio and the rest of the photo shoot staff head up in a helicopter to take long distance photos. The Misfits scare a bunch of bats into leaving the cave pushing the Holograms to the edge of the cliff. The helicopter returns and Rio is able to save the girl. Pizzazz is annoyed that the plan doesn’t go as she planned and begs her father to buy the fashion book rights. The Misfits show up at the Holograms latest shoot and announces that she is in creative control. Pizzazz demands Richard shoot the Holograms in shots where they are cleaning, carrying luggage and serving people. The Holograms want to quit but they are remind they have a control to deliver a fashion book. Richard shows up and shows them the proofs from their previous shoots and they head off to put together their fashion book. Richard gives Pizzazz the photos showing that The Misfits were responsible for the accidents at the shoots. Howard Sands shows up and tells Pizzazz’s father that Robert Arlington will buy back the fashion book rights at a lower price and Pizzazz’s father agrees. Jem and the Holograms celebrate the release of their fashion book.

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Warning: Jem season 1 episode 15 guide may contain spoilers
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