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Emma's Coming Out Party - Recap

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Kate is home in bed with a bad cold. So to pass time, Kate and Allie tell the kids the day they met each other after a two year absence. Kate had become an activist, hippie traveling through Europe with just a backpack. Allie had married Charles and lived in a huge home in Connecticut. But a day together reminiscing reveals that the only thing these two former best friends have in common is being pregnant with their first baby. While visiting Kate's apartment, Allie is disgusted by everything she sees, including the furniture, decor and even her tea kettle. To save the day, Allie invites Kate to her favorite restaurant for lunch. But when Kate starts playing the activist while Allie places her order, criticizing everything she chose, tempers start to flare. Deciding they have had enough, Allie offers Kate a ride home. Entering the parking lot they notice a car had parked too close to the passenger side, so Kate had to enter from the driver's entrance. When another argument ensues, Allie clumsily drops her keys out the window. Opening the door up she discovers a car had parked to close on the driver side also, and cannot retrieve the car keys. At that moment, Kate screams in pain as her labor pains begin. The scene then changes back to Kate's bedroom where they conclude the story.

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