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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

Kevin Hill, one of the most successful attorneys in town, has his life turned upside down when his cousin dies and custody of Kevin's 10 month-old niece has fallen to him. Overnight, Kevin must transform from a hot-shot lawyer to a father. In the days following the change, Kevin's firm thinks he may lose focus, forcing Kevin to join an independent law firm.
Guest Stars: John Anderson (10) as Hiring Lawyer #1 | Amy Todd as Hot Girl #2 | Tony Nappo as Probate Attorney | Leigh Rachel Faith as Flight Attendant | Jane McLean as Jane | Imali Perera as Indian Doctor Girl | Kathryn Haggis as Hasmik | Gerry Salsberg as Hiring Lawyer #2 | Arnold Pinnock as Hiring Lawyer #3 | Brendan Wall as Opposing Male Lawyer | Todd Dulmage as DCF Attorney | Catherine Burdon as Hot Girl #1 | Sheila Brand as Judge Crowe | Joel Keller as Andrew Klein | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn | Eric Weinthal as Record Company Lawyer | Matt Cooke (1) as Mr. Davis | Mark Cameron Fraser as Jack Dumonde | Jordan Barker as Brett | Shant Srabian as Record Executive | Karen Robinson as Aunt Kathy | Michelle Nolden as Robin Tate | Sean Gallagher as Sean Reynolds | Hayley Verlyn as Tiffany
Director: Arvin Brown

2 :01x02 - The Good Life

Kevin defends rockstar Carly Austin, who is fighting to not lose parental rights over her daughter. Meanwhile, Dame attempts to get Kevin back into the dating arena, but Kevin is thrown off when Sarah calls him daddy.
Guest Stars: Marvin Hinz as Attorney Robert Baker | Tasha Lawrence as Lisa Marks | Gina Gershon as Carly Austin | Athena Karkanis as Annalisa | Stephanie Drommond as Babysitter #1 | Talia Schlanger as Babysitter #2 | Beverlee Buzon as Babysitter #3 | Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Phil Steckler | Alison Sealy-Smith as Judge Rebecca Brooks | Alix Kermes as Page Austin
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Scott Simms

3 :01x03 - Making the Grade

Kevin and Nicolette defend a dating-service operator accused of bilking a client, and Kevin realizes he hasn't arranged for preschool for Sarah and panics.
Guest Stars: Jorge Molina as Ticket Scalper | Beatriz Yuste as Court Reporter | James Arnold as Assistant | Melody Johnson as Clerk | Jason Spevack as Child | Maria Syrgiannis as Mother | Fulvio Cecere as Jonas Givens | Josh Randall as Andrew LaFleur | Kate Hewlett as Teacher | Kelly King (1) as Judge Saul Stone | John Ross Bowie as Wayne Ellis | Aaron Abrams as Water Delivery Guy | Jahrome Haniff as Baby Sarah | Elijah Haniff as Baby Sarah | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Lia Alfonso as Baby Sarah | Kathleen Munroe as Monica Salzburg | Gil Rivera Blas as Jury Foreman
Director: Bruce McDonald

4 :01x04 - Homework

Kevin's attempt to win guardianship of Sarah is complicated by his past love life. Elsewhere, Kevin represents a young woman who's getting investment advice from her dead father via a psychic.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Haggis as Receptionist | Derek Keurvorst as Dr. Sogol | Carl Barlow as Bailiff | Karen Cassie as Impatient Mom | Philip Akin as Judge Sawyer | Martin Doyle as Judge Fields | Fiona Reid as Helen Walker | Kathryn Winslow as Joanne Carls | Matt Gordon as Russell Berlin | Rhea Perlman as Eleanor Frank | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Tamara Hope as Laura Walker | Michelle Hurd as Dr. Brooke Mills
Director: Arvin Brown
Writer: Alex Taub

5 :01x05 - Gods and Monsters

Kevin and Veronica represent a hockey player who's charged with assault and has his contract terminated by his team.
Guest Stars: Ellis Gerussi Turner as Manny Mallard | Fred Rutherford as Bouncer at Soho | Orlando Bowen as Lance Mitchell | Daniel Bruce as Judge Clarence Tibbs | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Dylan Neal as Trevor Mallard | Jahrome Haniff as Baby Sarah | Elijah Haniff as Baby Sarah | Anabella Ferreira as Whitney Bailey | Randy J. Goodwin as Victor Martin | Sasha Roiz as Nick Bratt | Deborah Odell as Randi Rice | Richard Fitzpatrick as Mel Stubbs | Lia Alfonso as Baby Sarah
Director: David Straiton

6 :01x06 - Snack Daddy

Kevin tries a sex-discrimination case and meets a single mother at a play group called Mommy and Me.
Guest Stars: Chantal Craig as First Mom | Miranda Edwards as Class Leader | Chris Bondy as Phil Jenks (as Christopher Bondy) | David Collins (2) as Judge Barney Nance | Kevin Jubinville as Benjamin Harris | Shauna MacDonald as Dana Goyer | Meredith Monroe as Kate Ross | Adam Harrington as Eli Phinn | Erin Vanderburg as Second Mom | Allan Royal as Bryce Graydon | Lia Alfonso as Baby Sarah | Jahrome Haniff as Baby Sarah | Elijah Haniff as Baby Sarah | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Imani Lindsay as Baby Sarah | Nia Lindsay as Baby Sarah | Johanna Black as Diandra
Director: Arvin Brown

7 :01x07 - House Arrest

Kevin's attempt to help Veronica with a case in which his best friend Dame is the opposing counsel is interrupted by a nasty cold that puts both him and Sarah out of commission.
Guest Stars: Robinne Fanfair as Hot Mom | Jason Lambert as Rodent Waiter | Megan Ward as Schoolteacher Heather | Leford Lawes as Jury Foreman | Michael Challenor as Traffic Court Bailiff | Amy Lalonde as Hot Female Lawyer | Damon Runyan as Officer Perkins | Eric Fink as Judge Troy Curtis | Lia Alfonso as Baby Sarah | Elijah Haniff as Sarah | Jahrome Haniff as Sarah | Nia Lindsay as Sarah | Imani Lindsay as Sarah | Scott Gibson as Ed Seastrand
Director: Kelly Makin

8 :01x08 - Full Metal Jessie

Jessie has to fight even harder than before to keep custody of her son. Meanwhile, Kevin works on behalf of a cheerleading squad, which gets him involved with a woman on opposing council.
Guest Stars: Stewart Bick as Herb Buchsbaum | Melinda Deines as Dancer #1 | Jamila Fleming as Dancer #2 | Mike Kennedy (1) as B-Ball Player | Kylee Evans as Dancer #3 | Gerry Mendicino as Judge Thomas Meadows | Lyriq Bent as Jack Johnson | Leila Arcieri as Monroe McManus | Aloma Wright as Nana Bea | Lia Alfonso as Sarah | Elijah Haniff as Sarah | Jahrome Haniff as Sarah | Xavier Benjamin as Brandon Grey | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle
Director: Mel Damski

9 :01x09 - Going for the Juggler

Kevin dates two women at once and plans Sarah's first birthday party while defending a dance instructor accused of breaking up her clients' engagement.
Guest Stars: Krista Sutton as Becca Pinkus | Janet Bailey as Judge L. Gower | Stephanie Moore as Ashley Mayer | Kristin Lehman as Serena Quinn | Maria Brooks as Foxy Court Clerk | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn | Leila Arcieri as Monroe McManus
Director: Arlene Sanford

10 :01x10 - The Unexpected

Kevin's nanny is sued for assault after intervening a gay-bashing brawl. Meanwhile, Kevin dates a movie star.
Guest Stars: Dennis Akayama as Judge Porter | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Aaron Berg as Sound Stage Guard | Brad Borbridge as Jim Flannigan | Laura DeCarteret as Judge Wagner | Jon De Leon as Jury Foreman | Josh Holliday as Boom Operator | Tracey Hway (1) as Doctor | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn | Lia Alfonso as Sarah

11 :01x11 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Kevin and Veronica are given the tough job of defending a man who wants joint custody of his children from multiple wives.
Guest Stars: Philip Williams as Old Santa | Alison Sealy-Smith as Judge Rebecca Brooks | Chris Diamantopoulos as Gil Hacker | Lorry Ayers as Unknown | Lisa Marcos as Evelyn Cruz | Imani Lindsay as Sarah | Jerry Levitan as Matthew Taper | Xavier Benjamin as Brandon Grey | Paula Brancati as Shelby Hacker | Eric Fink as Judge Troy Curtis | Karen LeBlanc as Rayven Pierre | Suzin Schiff as Paula Hacker
Director: Milan Cheylov

12 :01x12 - Homeland Insecurity

Kevin tries a case involving the Patriot Act; and Nicolette helps Jessie's nephew with a college assignment and a college problem. Later, Kevin goes home with a columnist and finds himself reviewed in her column.
Guest Stars: James Binkley as Campus Security Officer | Alexandra Castillo as Mariel Arden | Ingrid Hart as Shelly Budd | Mimi Kuzyk as Judge Polk | Ross MacKenzie as Aaron Logan | Jane Moffat as Ms. Walsh | Simon Reynolds as Gerald Draisin | Shaun Smyth as Jeffrey Arden | Lia Alfonso as Sarah | Lee Thompson Young as Levi

13 :01x13 - Man's Best Friend

When Kevin's law school mentor is sued by a female student for sexual harrassment, he goes to Kevin for help with his case.
Guest Stars: Steve Byers as Russell Minden | Amanda Brugel as Leanne Wheeden | Brad Austin as Jeff | Elijah Haniff as Sarah | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Stewart Francis (1) as Dr. Silvo Goldstone | Danielle Hampton as Jenny | Dorian Harewood as Professor Lincoln Mathis | Lia Alfonso as Sarah | Rachel Wilson as Bethany Phillips | Rhona Shekter as Judge Felicity Morgan | Sadie LeBlanc as Norah Barnes | Murray Oliver as Martin Piersall
Director: David Solomon

14 :01x14 - A River in Egypt

When a lawyer at Kevin's former firm passes away following a heart attack, Kevin begins to think about his own life and decides to look up his estranged father.
Guest Stars: Katherine Ashby as Realtor | Tim Campbell (2) as Jim Gardner | Caroline Cave as Andrea Gardner | Conrad Coates as Morris Wilson | David Fraser as Dr. Burns | Samantha Gutstadt as DDK Receptionist | Amy Price-Francis as Michael Tobias | Ronica Sajnani as Judge Guerra | Robin Thomas as Harlan Davis | Michael Warren as Lamont | Lia Alfonso as Sarah
Director: David Straiton

15 :01x15 - Occupational Hazard

The parents of a young soldier killed in Iraq has Kevin represent them as they sue the high school for letting military recruiters have access to the underaged students. Meanwhile, Nicolette takes over a dance club after the owner owes the firm $19,000 in legal fees.
Guest Stars: Randy Jackson (1) as Grundy | Paulino Nunes as Principal Leon Harris | Rocky Carroll as Tony Banks | Meagan Good as Melanie | Robert Smith (2) as Joe Gaskins | Barbara Eve Harris as Nora Banks | Victoria Fodor as Lynne Litt | Janaya Stephens as Allison | Shane Daly (1) as Staff Sgt. Gerry Anderson | Edward Diaz as Reporter | Peter Didiano as Gus | Rosemary Dunsmore as Judge Landell
Director: Oz Scott

16 :01x16 - Cardiac Episode

Kevin and Jessie defend Sarah's birth mother when she's charged with prossession of illegal substances. Meanwhile, Nicolette is put on a discrimination case involving a health club.
Guest Stars: Meagan Good as Melanie | Eva Marcille as Sandra | Thomas Mitchell (2) as Asst. Attorney Lupo | Kedar Brown as Harvey Harcort | Bobby Prochaska as Judge Marks | Frank Pellegrino (1) as Judge Donald Rosen | Jamie Robinson as Dion Serling | Janaya Stephens as Allison
Director: Milan Cheylov

17 :01x17 - Only Sixteen

A 16 year-old patient's psychiatrist is being sued by the boy's parents and Kevin is asked to defend the psychiatrist. Meanwhile, Veronica prepares her class-action suit against contraceptive maker.
Guest Stars: Janaya Stephens as Allison | Sugith Varughese as Judge Ames Stewart | Jonathan Walker as Miles Dollard | Joanne Alderson as Noelle | Michael Angarano as Ethan Claypool | Tom Barnett as Dr. Halloran | Michael Bradley as Waiter #2 | Jim Codrington (1) as Dennis | Matthew Deslippe as Hughes | Simon Wong as Delivery Guy | Hannah Simone as Larissa | Stefanie Samuels as Stadium Usher | Robbie Rox as Bailiff | Leila Arcieri as Monroe McManus | Neil Girvan as General Manager | Jahrome Haniff as Sarah | Kevin Hare as Stadium Manager | Tracey Hoyt as Gwen Claypool | Charles Kassatly as Waiter | Hamish McEwan as Mitch Claypool | Conrad Pla as Juan Fontez | Geoffrey Pounsett as Jerry | Vito Rezza as Construction Foreman
Director: David Solomon

18 :01x18 - In This Corner

Kevin and Dame defend a boxer after he's involved in a bar fight. Meanwhile, Jessie represents a child when he's excluded from a hospital's gene therapy program.
Guest Stars: Rick Roberts (2) as D.A. Miller | Conrad Pla as Juan Fontez | Phoenix Gonzales as Gina Tyler | Stefano Colacitti as Nigel | Tyler Labine as Lukas Shapiro | Billy Otis as Tully Baxter | Connor Price as Bryce | Elias Zarou as Judge X. Sommers | Doug Murray as Dr. Roth | Leila Arcieri as Monroe McManus | Janaya Stephens as Allison

19 :01x19 - The Monroe Doctrine

Kevin and Monroe reach a critical turning point in their relationship. Meanwhile, Dame starts his own law firm, and Jessie has a crush on a client.
Guest Stars: Natalie Lisinska as Claire | Kyle Radke as Jury Foreman | Jezzaeyah Slack as Sarah | Heather Allin as Board Member | Genelle Williams as Alyssa | Rick Fox as Stephen Melbourne | Kerry Laifatt as Sonya Bolton | Katie Griffin as Melissa Marsden | Xavier Benjamin as Brandon Grey | Janaya Stephens as Allison | Leila Arcieri as Monroe McManus | Michael Cronin as Board Member | Catherine Bruce as Judge Martha Berger | Paul Essiembre as Dr. Billy Rogers
Director: Ken Girotti

20 :01x20 - Through the Looking Glass

Kevin gets back together with a model he used to date. Meanwhile, Kevin represents a woman he met at a Parents Without Partners meeting.
Guest Stars: Toni Braxton as Terri | Clyde Whitham as First Canon Judge | Ryan Scott as Father Jack Reynolds | Eva Marcille as Sandra | Grant Nickalls as Keys | Jason Mercury as Ricky | Patrick Garrow as Robert Phillips | James Gallanders as Frank Drake | Shauna Black as Cynthia Drake | Rhea Akler as Lydia Stern | Janaya Stephens as Allison | Lia Alfonso as Sarah
Director: Chris Grismer

21 :01x21 - Sacrificial Lambs

Sarah's mother once again returns and wants to talk to Kevin about Sarah's custody. Meanwhile, Jessie and Nicolett's client does a number on their consciences.
Guest Stars: Idina Menzel as Francine Prescott | Cassidy Ruddock as Nadia Knox | Paul Stephen as Judge Reginald Cornell | Francisco Trujillo as Dr. Arturo Sanchez | Richard Waugh as Owen Rose | Kelly Hope Taylor as Mia Sanderson | Karen LeBlanc as Rayven Pierre | Shenae Grimes as Katie Lassman | Meagan Good as Melanie | Toni Braxton as Terri | Yannick Bisson as Austin Brooks | Kim Bourne as Genevieve Winslow | Wayne Brady as Pastor Jerry Carver | Leah Cudmore as Laine Broderick | Elle Downs as Danitra
Director: Eric Laneuville

22 :01x22 - Losing Isn't Everything

In the series finale, Kevin's battle for Sarah's custody against her mother is taken to trial. Meanwhile, Nicolette works for an honor guard funeral for a friend's war hero father.
Guest Stars: Scott Wickware as Benny | Ted Whittall as Lt. John Gorman | Sandy Wayne Robson as Major Paul Cahan | Todd Schroeder as Lawrence Stallinger | Idina Menzel as Francine Prescott | Mark McKinney as Professor Xavier Ambrose | Toni Braxton as Terri | Erik Knudsen as Ryan Stallinger | Meagan Good as Melanie | David Alpay as Donnelly | Michelle Arvizu as Michelle | Walker Boone as Cpt. Donald Burroughs | Wayne Brady as Pastor Jerry Carver | Christina Collins as Jeanette Stallinger | Xavier Benjamin as Brandon Grey | Mimi Kuzyk as Judge Polk
Director: Arvin Brown
Warning: Kevin Hill guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: UPN ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 2004
Ended: May 18, 2005
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