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Season 1

The Night Stalker

Investigative reporter Carl Kolchak is working in Las Vegas when a series of grisly serial killings of young women occur. Looking into the murders, Kolchak soon discovers that the killer has been draining the blood from his victims, and may in fact be a vampire.
Guest Stars: Carol Lynley as Gail Foster | Ralph Meeker as Bernie Jenks | Claude Akins as Sheriff Warren A. Butcher | Charles McGraw as Police Chief Ed Masterson | Kent Smith as District Attorney Tom Paine | Elisha Cook as Mickey Crawrford | Stanley Adams as Fred Hurley | Larry Linville as Dr. Robert Makurji | Jordan Rhodes as Dr. John O'Brien | Barry Atwater as Janos Skorzeny |
Uncredited: Buddy Joe Hooker as Intern | Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Brandon | Edward Faulkner as Las Vegas Policeman
Story: Jeff Rice | Teleplay: Richard Matheson

The Night Strangler

After the events in Las Vegas, a down-and-out Kolchak manages to get work in Seattle with his old boss Tony Vincenzo. However, a new series of serial killings plague the city, and this time a centuries-old alchemist is responsible for the series of grisly murders.
Guest Stars: Jo Ann Pflug as Louise Harper | Scott Brady as Capt. Schubert | Wally Cox as Titus Berry | Margaret Hamilton as Professor Crabwell | Al Lewis (1) as Tramp | John Carradine as Llewellyn Crossbinder | Nina Wayne as Charisma Beauty | Virginia Peters as Wilma Krankheimer | Richard Anderson as Dr. Richard Malcolm |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate Murtagh as Janie Watkins | Ivor Francis as Dr. Webb | Diane Shalet as Joyce Gabriel | Anne Randall as Policewoman Sheila | Francoise Birnheim as Restaurant Woman | Regina Parton as Regina Parton |
Uncredited: George Tobias as Jimmy Stackhaus (deleted scenes) | George DiCenzo as Underground Tour Guide | Bill McLean as Charlie The Bartender | Bill Speidel as Himself
Director: Dan Curtis

1 :01x01 - The Ripper

After four young women are murdered, Kolchak sees some eerie coincidences to the Whitechapel killings of 1888 and must race to find and save the fifth victim from "Jack the Ripper".
Guest Stars: Ruth McDevitt as Elderly Woman | Donald Mantooth as 2nd Policeman | Dulcie Jordan as Driver's Wife | Lilyan MacBride as 2nd Museum Patron | Ike Jones as Mail Boy | Gwyn Karon as Cheryl | Denise Dillaway as Debbie Fielder | Roberta Collins as Police Detective Susan Cortazzo | Mickey Gilbert (1) as The Ripper | Lavina Dawson as 1st Museum Patron | Beatrice Colen as Jane Plumm | Ken Lynch as Captain R.M. Warren | Ivor Francis as Wax Museum Curator | Mews Small as Masseuse | Cathy Paine as Ellen | Clint Young as Driver
Director: Allen Baron

2 :01x02 - The Zombie

Someone is using a twice dead Haitian named Francois Edmunds to put a hurt on the mob, but Kolchak's the only one who believes the man is a zombie.
Guest Stars: J. Pat O'Malley as Cemetary Caretaker | Roland Bob Harris as Poppy | Gary Baxley as Willie Pike | Hank Calia as Albert Berg | Chuck Waters as Jerry | Paulene Myers as Mamalois "Marie Juliette" Edmonds | Val Bisoglio as Victor Friese | Joseph Sirola as Benjamin Sposato | Charles Aidman as Capt. Leo Winwood | Ben Frommer as The Monk | Antonio Fargas as Sweetstick Weldon | John Fiedler as Gordy "The Ghoul" Spangler | Carol Ann Susi as Monique Marmelstein | Scatman Crothers as Uncle Filemon | Earl Faison as Francois Edmonds

3 :01x03 - They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be

Animals missing from the zoo, lead ingots, stereo parts and electrical equipment stolen by invisible thieves, and a strange black substance found at the location of each incident lead Kolchak to one conclusion, a UFO.
Guest Stars: Gary Glanz as Keeter Hudson | Tony Rizzo as Leon Van Heusen | Dennis McCarthy as Security Guard Riley | Fritz Feld as Waiter | Len Lesser as Crowley | Phil Leeds as Howard Gough | Rudy Challenger as Stanley Wedemyer | Maureen Arthur as Woman Speaker | John Fiedler as Gordy "The Ghoul" Spangler | Carol Ann Susi as Monique Marmelstein | Dick Van Patten as Alfred Brindle | James Gregory as Capt. Quill | Mary Wickes as Dr. Bess Winestock
Director: Allen Baron
Story: Dennis Clark | Teleplay: Rudolph Borchert

4 :01x04 - The Vampire

Kolchak convinces Tony to send him to Los Angeles to cover a story about a transcendental meditation guru, but he's using the trip as a cover so he can investigate a series of murders in which the victims have been completely drained of their blood.
Guest Stars: Bill Baldwin as Reporter #1 | Stuart Nisbet as Hotel Manager | Betty Endicott as Linda Courtner | Tony Epper as Andrew Garth | Scott Douglas as Reporter #2 | Alyscia Maxwell as Reporter #3 | Howard Gray as Bellboy | Biene Blechscmidt as Elena Munoz | Rand Warren as Stacker Schumaker | Anne Whitfield as Girl | Jan Murray as Ichabod Grace | Larry Storch as Jim "The Swede" Brytowski | Kathleen Nolan as Faye Kruger | Suzanne Charney as Catherine Rawlins | William Daniels as Lieutenant Jack Matteo | John Doucette as Deputy Sample | Milt Kamen as Gingrich | Army Archerd as Man | Selma Archerd as Woman | Noel de Souza as Chandra
Director: Don Weis
Story: Bill Stratton | Teleplay: David Chase

5 :01x05 - The Werewolf

Just as Tony's about to take his first vacation in five years, auditors show up at the INS newsroom. Tony decides to send Carl in his place on the condition that Kolchak come back with a few stories about the ship and its single's cruise, not knowing that a werewolf will be along for the trip.
Special Guest Stars: Eric Braeden as Bernhardt Stieglitz | Nita Talbot as Paula Griffin |
Guest Stars: Lyn Guild as Lois Prysock | Ray Ballard as Bernie Efron | Heath Jobes as Radio Man | Steve Marlow (1) as Sailor | Jimmy Hawkins as Jay Remy (as Jim Hawkins) | Dort Clark (1) as Gribbs | Barry Cahill as Dr. Alan Ross | Lewis Charles as George Levitt | Jackie Russell as Wendy | Henry Jones (1) as Captain Julian Wells | Bob Hastings as Hallem | Dick Gautier as Mel Tarter
Director: Allen Baron

6 :01x06 - Firefall

Several members of the Great Lakes Symphony are seeing a mysterious doppelganger of the conductor, Ryder Bond, and then apparently dying from "spontaneous combustion".
Guest Stars: Carol Veazie as Mrs. Sherman | Gary Glanz as Bert, The Stage Manager | Marcus Smith as Young Man | Martha Manor as Woman | Virginia Vincent as Mrs. Markoff | Lenore Kasdorf as Doctor | Alice Backes as Dr. Shropell | David Doyle as Cardinale | Joshua Shelley as George Mason | Patricia Estrin as Felicia Porter | Carol Ann Susi as Monique Marmelstein | Fred Beir as Ryder Bond | Madlyn Rhue as Marie | Philip Carey as Sgt. Mayer
Director: Don Weis

7 :01x07 - The Devil's Platform

While being hounded by a devilish dog with a Satanic medallion on its collar, Kolchak tries to piece together the puzzle of a series of mysterious deaths surrounding a young politician.
Guest Stars: Dick Patterson as Stephen Wald | Bill Welsh as TV Announcer | Bruce Powers as Policeman | Sam Edwards as Mailman | Ross Sherman as Policeman #2 | Ike Jones as Maintenance Engineer | John Dennis as Maintenance Engineer #2 | Keith Walker (1) as TV Reporter | Robert DoQui as Park Policeman | Ellen Weston as Lorraine Palmer | Julie Gregg as Susan Driscoll | Tom Skerritt as Robert W. Palmer | William Mims as Officer Hale | Jeanne Cooper as Dr. Kline | John Myhers as Senator James Talbot | Stanley Adams as Louie The Bartender
Director: Allen Baron
Story: Tim Maschler | Teleplay: Donn Mullally

8 :01x08 - Bad Medicine

The police have ruled the deaths of several of Chicago's upper class as suicides, but Carl believes they were murdered by a Native American shape-shifter.
Guest Stars: Riza Royce as Mrs. Charlotte Elaine Van Piet | Troy Melton as Desk Officer | Walt Davis as Policeman #2 | Dick Geary (1) as Auction Guard | Madilyn Clark as Hostess | Lois January as Mrs. Rhonda June Marsky | Ernie Robinson as Chauffer | Arthur Wong as Oriental Man | Bob Golden (1) as Police Detective | Barbara Morrison as Mrs. Luci Lapont Addison | Alex Sharp as Policeman | Bill Deiz as Reporter #2 | Marvin Kaplan as Albert Delgado | Alice Ghostley as Dr. Agnes Temple | Richard Kiel as The Indian (Diablero) | Victor Jory as Charles Rolling Thunder | Ramon Bieri as Captain Joe Baker | James Griffith (1) as George M. Schwartz | Dennis McCarthy as Ballistics Man | Morris Buchanan as Night Watchman | Keith Walker (1) as Reporter #1 |
Uncredited: David Lewis (3) as Auctioneer Belloy

9 :01x09 - The Spanish Moss Murders

A slimy green substance, identified as swamp moss, seems to connect a series of deaths to the legend of a Cajun bogeyman.
Guest Stars: Brian Avery (2) as Record Producer | Donald Mantooth as Sleep Subject | Bill Deiz as Reporter #1 | Frieda Rentie as Reporter #2 | Roberta Dean as Michelle Kelly | Elisabeth Brooks as Lab Assistant | James Lasane as Officer Johnson | Ned Glass as Apartment Superintendent | Rudy Diaz as Sgt. Villaverde | Richard Kiel as The Bayou Monster (Peremalfait) | Keenan Wynn as Capt. Joe Siska | Severn Darden as Dr. Aaron Pollack | Randy Boone as Jean The Fiddler | Johnny Silver as Pepe LaRue | Virginia Gregg as Dr. Hollenbeck | Maurice Marsac as Henri Villon
Director: Gordon Hessler

10 :01x10 - The Energy Eater

A series of deaths during the construction of a hospital on sacred Indian land leads Kolchak to team with a Native American shaman to stop a vengeful bear god.
Guest Stars: Bob Golden (1) as Policeman | William Smith (1) as Jim Elkhorn | Joyce Jillson as Diana Lanier | Barbara Graham as Laurie | Melissa Greene as Girl | Dianne Harper as Girl #2 | Ella Raino as Receptionist | John Mitchum as Janitor | Robert Cornthwaite as Dr. Hartfield | Michael Fox as Frank Wesley | Elaine Giftos as Nurse Janice Eisen | Michael Strong (1) as Walter Green | John Alvin as Dr. Ralph Carrie | Tom Drake as Don Kibbey | Robert Yuro as Capt. Webster

11 :01x11 - Horror in the Heights

Elderly residents of Roosevelt Heights are being killed by a creature that appears as the person they trust the most.
Guest Stars: Ned Glass as Joe | Jim Goodwin (1) as Frank Rivas | John Bleifer as Charlie | Naomi Stevens as Mrs. Miriam Goldstein | Robert Karnes as Officer Thomas | Paul Sorenson as Officer Prodman | Shelly Novack as Officer York | Benny Rubin as Julius "Buck" Fineman | Barry Gordon as Barry the Waiter | Herb Vigran as Sal Goldstein | Murray Matheson as Lane Merriott | Eric Server as Officer Boxman | Phil Silvers as Harry Starman | Abraham Sofaer as Ali Lakshmi
Director: Michael Caffey

12 :01x12 - Mr. R.I.N.G.

A hush-hush government project tries to keep Kolchak from reporting a story of a self-aware android who is killing those who would try to shut him down.
Guest Stars: Corinne Camacho as Dr. Leslie Dwyer (as Corinne Michaels) | Don 'Red' Barry as Guard | Gail Bonney as Miss Barham | Read Morgan as Man | Bruce Powers as Peters | Vince Howard as Policeman | Myron Healey as Colonel Wright | Maidie Norman as Librarian | Julie Adams as Mrs. Walker | Bert Freed as Capt. Akins | Craig R. Baxley as Mr. R.I.N.G. | Robert Easton as Bernard Carmichael | Henry Beckman as Senator Duncan Stephens
Director: Gene Levitt

13 :01x13 - Primal Scream

Carl stumbles into an oil company cover-up involving a murdered research scientist and what may be a creature revived from the ice age.
Guest Stars: Gary Baxley as The Humanoid | Paul Picerni as Humane Society Man | Paul Baxley as Dr. Jules Copenick | Craig R. Baxley as Robert Gurney | Chuck Waters as William Pratt | Jeanie Bell (1) as Rosetta Mason | Barbara Luddy as Woman | Arnold Williams as Barney | Vince Howard as Policeman | Al Checco as Nils | Barbara Rhoades as Secretary | Jamie Farr as Jack Burton | Pat Harrington, Jr. as Thomas J. Kitzmiller | Sandra Gould as Landlady | John Marley as Capt. Molnar | Katherine Woodville as Dr. Helen Lynch | Lindsay Workman as Dr. Fisk | Regis Cordic as Dr. Peel | Byron Morrow as Dr. Cowan
Director: Robert Scheerer

14 :01x14 - The Trevi Collection

Fashion models and snitches are being murdered and the only link is Madame Trevi and her salon. When Carl starts to poke around, he finds evidence that witchcraft may be involved.
Guest Stars: Henry Slate as Hood #2 | Henry Brandon as Man | Dennis McCarthy as The Figure | Diana Quick as Ariel | George Chandler as Model Agency Manager | Beverly Gill as Melody Sedgwick | Richard Bakalyan as Hood | Peter Leeds as Photographer | Douglas Fowley as Superintendant | Marvin Miller as The Lecturer | Nina Foch as Madame Trevi | Chuck Waters as Mickey Patchek | Lara Parker as Madelaine | Bernie Kopell as Doctor | Priscilla Morrill as Griselda
Director: Don Weis

15 :01x15 - Chopper

A headless biker from the 50's returns from the grave to exact his revenge on those responsible for his grisly death.
Special Guest Stars: Jim Backus as Herb Bresson |
Guest Stars: Brunetta Barnett as Nurse | Jack Bernardi as Otto | Jimmy Murphy (1) as Beaner | Ralph Montgomery as Claude | Steve Boyum as Harold "Swordman" Baker/Headless Rider | Fern Barry as Mrs. Rita Baker | Jim Malinda as Snow White | Jimmy Joyce as Watchman #2 | Jesse White as Watchman | Joey Aresco as Electric Larry | Larry Linville as Capt. Jonas | Sharon Farrell as Lila Morton | Art Metrano as Henry "Studs" Spake | Jay Robinson as Professor Eli Strig | Frank Aletter as Norman Kahill | Steve Franken as Neil, The Morgue Attendant
Director: Bruce Kessler

16 :01x16 - Demon in Lace

A college professor unknowingly unleashes a succubus, a demon that takes female form, on the male students of Illinois State Tech. Kolchak teams with a reporter from the campus newspaper to find a way to destroy the creature before it kills again.
Special Guest Stars: Andrew Prine as Professor C. Evan Spate |
Guest Stars: Maria Grimm as Maria Venegas | Carlos Molina as The Landlord | Hunter Von Leer as Don Rhiner | Jackie Vernon as Coach Toomey | John Elerick as Mark Hansen | Iris Edwards as Girl | Teddie Blue as Demon | Carmen Zapata as Spanish Woman | Donald Mantooth as Tim Brennan | Steve Stafford as Craig Donnelly | Ben Masters as Mike Thompson | Carolyn Jones (1) as The Registrar | Kristina Holland as Rosalind Winters | Margaret Impert as Betty Walker | Keenan Wynn as Capt. Joe Siska | Davis Roberts as Coroner | Milton Parsons as Dr. Salem Mozart
Director: Don Weis

17 :01x17 - Legacy of Terror

While investigating the deaths of four men whose hearts have been cut out of their chests, Kolchak uncovers ties to an Aztec cult and a 500-year-old mummy in the basement of a hotel.
Guest Stars: Victor Campos as Professor Jamie Rodriguez | Pippa Scott as Tillie Jones | Ramon Bieri as Captain Webster | Sorrell Booke as Mr. Eddy |
Co-Guest Stars: Ernesto Macias as Andrew Gomez | Mina Vasquez as Rita Torres | Gene LeBell as Officer Olson | Ron Stein as Officer Smith | Cal Bartlett as Officer Lyons | Merrie Lynn Ross as Nina | Dorrie Thomson as Lona | Scott Douglas as Major Taylor | Erik Estrada as Pepe Torres | Carlos Romero as George Andrews | Sondra Currie as Vicky | Udana Power as Capt. Madge Timmins | Robert Casper as Professor Jones |
Uncredited: Mickey Gilbert (1) as Nanautzin (The Mummy) | Craig R. Baxley as Sgt. Rolf Anderson | Alma Beltran as Mrs. Torres | Pitt Herbert as Medical Examiner
Director: Don McDougall
Writer: Arthur Rowe

18 :01x18 - The Knightly Murders

Carl Kolchak is the Knight Stalker, as a haunted suit of armor goes on a killing spree when there are plans to turn the museum that houses it into a disco.
Guest Stars: Lucille Benson as Maura | John Dehner as Capt. Vernon Rausch | Hans Conried as Mendel Boggs | Robert Emhardt as Roger |
Co-Guest Stars: Ed McReady (1) as Reporter #1 | Alyscia Maxwell as Freshman Reporter | Gregg Palmer as Sgt. Buxbaum | Don Carter as Lester Nash | Bryan O'Byrne as Charles, The Butler | Jim Drum as Leo J. Ramutka | Shug Fisher as Pop Stenvold | Lieux Dressler as Minervo Musso | Sidney Clute as Bruce Krause |
Uncredited: William O'Connell as Brewster Hocking | Paul Baxley as Rolf Danvers

19 :01x19 - The Youth Killer

Kolchak believes the owner of a computer dating service is sacrificing her clients to achieve eternal youth when four of their bodies turn up as the corpses of elderly people.
Guest Stars: Cathy Lee Crosby as Helen | Dwayne Hickman as Sergeant J. Orkin | George Savalas as Cab Driver (as Demosthenes) | Eddie Firestone as Conventioneer | Michael Richardson as Lance Mervin | Penny Stanton as Lance's Mother | James Murtaugh as Landlord | James Ingersoll as 1st Young Man | Reb Brown as 2nd Young Man | Joss White as Secretary | John Fiedler as Gordy "The Ghoul" Spangler | Kathleen Freeman as Bella Sarkof
Director: Don McDougall

20 :01x20 - The Sentry

A prehistoric lizard is on the loose in a labyrinth of caves and tunnels under a research facility when its eggs, thought to be rocks, are taken for study.
Special Guest Stars: Tom Bosley as Jack Flaherty |
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Lieutenant Irene Lamont | Albert Paulsen as Dr. James Verhyden | John Hoyt as Dr. Lamar Beckwith | Frank Marth as Colonel Brody |
Co-Guest Stars: Cliff Norton as Arnie Wisemore | Frank Campanella as Ted Chapman | Margaret Avery as Ruth Van Galen | Lew Brown as First Detective | Keith Walker (1) as Reporter (Brian) | Bill Deiz as Reporter (Ed) | Greg Finley as Dr. Phillips | Tom Moses as Dr. Gordon |
Uncredited: Craig R. Baxley as The Sentry | Kelly Wilder as Receptionist
Director: Seymour Robbie
Warning: Kolchak: The Night Stalker guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 13, 1974
Ended: August 30, 1975
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