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Season 11

236 :11x01 - Hey, Look Me Over

Nurse Kelley has always felt rejected when it comes to the romance going on around the camp and more like one of the guys. But she is seen in a different light by Hawkeye when she comforts a dying soldier.
Guest Stars: Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Shari Saba as Nurse | Gary Grubbs as Lt. Geyer | Deborah Harmon as Nurse Webster | Perry Lang as Sandler | Peggy Feury as Colonel Beatrice Bucholtz | Rita Wilson as Nurse Lacey | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley
Writer: Alan Alda

237 :11x02 - Trick or Treatment

While administering last rights to a soldier, Father Mulcahy notices the man is still alive. Meanwhile, the camp tells stories of supernatural experiences while celebrating Halloween.
Guest Stars: John Otrin as Ambulance Attendant | Terry Brannon as Marine | Arlee Reed as Soldier | Arnold F. Turner as Graves Registration Assistant | R.J. Miller as Graves Registration Driver | Herman Poppe as M.P. | Andrew Dice Clay as Corporal Hrabosky | Richard Lineback as Pt. Scala | George Wendt as Pt. La Roche | James Lough as Pt. Crotty

238 :11x03 - Foreign Affairs

The Army tries to get a Korean pilot to defect as PR, but are shocked when no one takes up their offer. Meanwhile, Charles falls for a French nurse but is disappointed when he learns of her past lifestyle.
Guest Stars: Pat Romano as French Soldier | Buddy Farmer as M.P. | Melinda Mullins as Martine | Jo Ann Thompson as Nurse | Dennis Troy as Corpsman | Soon-Tek Oh as Joon-Sung | Jeffrey Tambor as Major Reddish | Byron Chung as Chong-Wa

239 :11x04 - The Joker is Wild

Hawkeye becomes paranoid when BJ vows to pull the greatest practical joke on him, as good ol' Trapper John used to do.
Guest Stars: Terry Moyer as Nurse | Jin-Taek Yi as Korean Soldier | David Haid as Pt. Leightman | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Clyde Kusatsu as Paul Yamato
Director: Burt Metcalfe

240 :11x05 - Who Knew?

Hawkeye is given the duty of reading a eulogy for a nurse that no one really knew too much about, after she dies in a water tower accident in camp. Later, he is shocked to read from her journal that she had deep feelings for Hawkeye.
Guest Stars: Jo Ann Thompson as Nurse | Shari Saba as Nurse | Enid Kent as Nurse Bigelow | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley
Director: Harry Morgan

241 :11x06 - Bombshells

To boost the wounded soldiers moral, Hawkeye and Charles announce that there is a rumor that Marilyn Monroe is coming to the 4077th to say thanks for treating her wounded cousin. As the news gets out of hand, B.J. takes full responsibility when he was unable to rescue a wounded soldier he found while returning from a fishing trip.
Guest Stars: Robert Townsend as Patient | Natalie Bauman as Nurse | Paul Tuerpé as I-Corps Courier | Frank Slaten as Corpsman Frank | Stu Charno as Corporal Sonnerborn | Allen Williams as Lt. Priore | Gerald S. O'Loughlin as General Sscwerin | Michael Carmine (2) as Patient | Michael Bond (1) as Captain Hobart | Bill Snider as Corpsman

242 :11x07 - Settling Debts

The crew hold a mortgage burning party for Colonel Potter after Hawkeye receives the good news from Mrs. Potter in a letter.
Guest Stars: Jack McCulloch as Soldier | Michael Lamont as Corporal | Jeff East as Lt. Pavelich | Guy Boyd as Sergeant Lally | Jennifer Davis Westmore as Nurse
Director: Michael Switzer

243 :11x08 - The Moon is Not Blue

Hawkeye and B.J. go to no ends to bring a new, racy movie to the camp that had been banned in Boston, called "The Moon Is Blue" as a means to boost morale during a heatwave.
Guest Stars: Larry Ward as General Rothaker | Frank Slaten as Corpsman Frank | Sandy Helberg as Bannister | Jan Jorden as Nurse Baker | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Hamilton Camp as Major Frankenheimer

244 :11x09 - Run For the Money

Father Mulcahy is asked to make the 4077th proud when Colonel Potter makes a bet against the 8063rd in a running race, who then pull a fast one by bringing in an Olympic marathoner for the competition.
Guest Stars: Ron Kapra as Driver | Ken Wright as G.I. | Barbara Tarbuck as Major Judy Parker | Juney Smith as G.I. | Michael Conn as G.I. | Robert Alan Browne as Colonel Crocker | William Schilling as Sergeant McFarland | Phil Brock (1) as Pt. Palmer | Mark Anderson (1) as Earl 'Jackrabbit' LeMasters | Thomas Callaway as Captain Sweeney | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley
Director: Nell Cox (1)

245 :11x10 - U.N., the Night and the Music

A visit from some U.N. dignitaries to the 4077th leave a lasting impression on a few atthe camp
Guest Stars: Shari Saba as Nurse | David Packer as Pt. Lumley | Dennis Holahan as Per Johannsen | Kavi Raz as Ramurti Lal | George Innes as Dr. Randolph Kent | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Bill Snider as Bartender | Brigitte Chandler as Nurse
Director: Harry Morgan

246 :11x11 - Strange Bedfellows

Hawkeye and B.J. are suffering from restless nights due to Charles' snoring, a condition of which makes him question whether he is a true, Winchester. Meanwhile, Colonel Potter discovers that his visiting son-in-law had an affair in Tokyo.
Guest Stars: Dennis Dugan as Bob Wilson
Director: Karen Hall (1)
Writer: Mike Farrell

247 :11x12 - Say No More

Margaret loses her voice as she is about to meet Dr. Chesler, a personal hero of hers. Meanwhile, a visiting Colonel continues planning military strategy, even as his own wounded son is laying in a bed at the 4077th.
Guest Stars: James Karen as Dr. Steven Chesler | Norman Garrett as Patient | Jeff Chapman as Maloney | Chip Johnson as Captain Sterne | John Anderson (1) as General Collins | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Dennis Troy as Corpsman | Michael Horton (2) as Lt. Curt Collins

248 :11x13 - Friends and Enemies

Colonel Potter is torn between friendship and doing what is right when the doctors discover that his old friend, Colonel Woody Cooke, froze while the enemy attacked his platoon he was leading, causing unnecessary casualties.
Guest Stars: Jack Yates as Large Enlisted Man | Matthew Price as Corporal Marsh | John McLiam as Colonel Woody Cooke | Jim Lefebvre as Sergeant Zurilli | Roy Goldman as Goldman | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Jennifer Davis Westmore as Nurse | Jo Ann Thompson as Nurse | Bill Snider as Snider
Director: Jamie Farr

249 :11x14 - Give and Take

A soldier learns a heartbreaking lesson after he makes a friendship with a GI he had wounded. Meanwhile, Charles will do anything to avoid taking part as the Charity Officer.
Guest Stars: Alberta Jay as Nurse | Derek Wong as Korean Soldier | Craig Wasson as Pt. Kurland | Sagan Lewis as Nurse Armstrong | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | G.W. Bailey as Sgt. Rizzo

250 :11x15 - As Time Goes By

Margaret and Hawkeye help collect items for a camp time capsule. Also, B.J. gets revenge with the help of a fake grenade, and Klinger falls in love with a young Korean woman who is suspected as being a spy.
Guest Stars: Brigitte Chandler as Nurse #2 | Jo Ann Thompson as Nurse #1 | Oksun Kim as Korean Wife | Chao-Li Chi as Korean Husband | Wesley Thompson as Corpsman | Mark Herrier as Sergeant Stoddard | Rosalind Chao as Soon-Li Hahn | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | G.W. Bailey as Sgt. Rizzo | Michael Swan as Lt. Brannum
Director: Burt Metcalfe

251 :11x16 - Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

The final days have finally arrived for the 4077th. In the passing days we find Charles as a conductor for a musical group of Chinese prisoners, B.J. wishing to make it home in time for Erin's birthday and Margaret trying to find a glamorous Army post. But tragedy also befalls some of the group as Hawkeye battles his war memories after an incident aboard a bus, Father Mulcahy loses his hearing from an explosion and Klinger's fiancee can't find her family members. As the camp closes its doors forever, each member tells their plans for the future and say their final goodbyes.
Guest Stars: David Orr as Soldier | Scott Lincoln as G.I. | Frank Zi-Li Peng as Chinese Musician | Jen-Chia Chang as Chinese Musician | Byron Jeong as Chinese Musician | Laurence Soong as Chinese Musician | Jim Lau as Chinese Musician | John Otrin as Ambulance Driver | Kevin Scannell as MacArthur" | John Shearin as Chopper Pilot | Arthur Song as Korean Man | Jon Van Ness as Trueman" | Lang Yun as Woman on Bus | Dennis Flood as Corpsman | Brigitte Chandler as Nurse | Natasha Bauman as Nurse | Frank Slaten as Corpsman Frank | Jun Kim as Woman with Shawl | Blake Clark as 2nd M.P. | Bill Snider as Corpsman | Shari Saba as Nurse | Gwen Farrell as Nurse | Jo Ann Thompson as Nurse | Judy Farrell as Nurse Able | Jennifer Davis Westmore as Nurse | Dennis Troy as Corpsman | Allan Arbus as Sidney Freedman | G.W. Bailey as Rizzo | Jeff Maxwell as Igor | Kellye Nakahara as Nurse Kelley | Roy Goldman as Goldman | Enid Kent as Nurse Bigelow | Jan Jorden as Nurse Baker | Rosalind Chao as Soon-Lee Klinger | Mark Casella as Jeep driver | Herb Mitchell as 1st M.P. |
Uncredited: Sophie The Horse as Sophie
Director: Alan Alda
Warning: M*A*S*H guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Military/War
Status: Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 17, 1972
Ended: February 28, 1983
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