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Sorry To Keep You Waiting! I'm Kyoko Otonashi! - Recap

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The episode opens with Yusaku Godai narrating about his life at the Maison Ikkoku and we soon see the source of Godai's distress. Yusaku Godai is a ronin trying to test into college but it's nearly impossible to study for tests when his three noisy neighbors continue to throw loud obnoxious parties in his room that last all night! There is a snake-like man in his 30's (Yotsuya, room 4), a young, red haired lush (Akemi, room 6) and a short, obese housewife (Mrs. Ichinose, room 1).

He yells at them that they have, once again, partied all night and (beings that is it morning) they all leave. The women leave through the door and Yotsuya through a large hole in the wall.

The next scene show a lovely young woman announcing to a group of men that she is moving to Ikkoku and they reply "That's so sad!"

Meanwhile Godai is fighting his way downstairs while Yotsuya is holding him back. Mrs. Ichinose comes out to see what the fuss is about as does Akemi who is wearing a see-through nightie. Godai is appalled and is about to walk out the door when beautiful Kyoko Otonashi walks in the door and announces she is the new house manager.

She says the old manager quit after saying only 'I'm tired' and that she is taking over. The others tell Godai to make his big announcement to the new manager, but he is awestruck. He insists they are joking and welcomes Kyoko.


The next scene shows Kyoko and the movers. Godai is watching her and she tells him he'd better study hard.

Mrs. Ichinose's son Kentaro then returns home when he is surprised to see Kyoko's dog out front. Kyoko appears behind him and he shouts for his mother. Mrs. Ichinose comes out and Kyoko introduces herself to the boy. The dog's name is Mr. Souichiro (Souichiro-san) and everyone remarks that it is a weird name for a dog.

Meanwhile Godai is patching the large hole in his wall, to keep Yotsuya out, which is futile since Yotsuya just makes another hole. He then makes his way to the other wall and into the closet where he has another, smaller, hole which he uses to peep at Akemi. (Who is still wearing the nightie.) Yusaku remarks that he really doesn’t need to peep since she just parades around in it anyway in public.

The Yotsuya remarks that the tenants are going to throw a welcome party for Kyoko and Godai says he will come but will bow out early because he needs to study.

Akemi then goes to Kyoko and tells her about the peep hole in the wall saying that Godai put it there and that he peeps on her. The two of them barge in while Godai tries to pick up his room. They sneak between his legs and into the closet while he’s trying to pick up his futon. They accuse Godai when he points to the patch job he had to do of Yotsuya’s wall. Kyoko’s answer “You peep on men too?”

She fixes the wall as he tries to defend himself, when the others show up for the party. They are going to throw it in his room, meaning he can’t leave to study!

The gang is up to there usual antics when Godai gets disgusted and announces he’s going to bed. He climbs into his closet and closes the door while his neighbors continue to harass him. They then play a trick on him to get him to come out saying Kyoko is striping!

The next morning Kyoko is outside sweeping when she complains that her tenants are horrible and Godai threatens to jump out of a second story window because he missed his exam.

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