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Season 3

48 :03x01 - Wanted Man (2)

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Guest Stars: George Wyner as Murray Chase | Ancel Cook as Counter Man | Ward Emling as Man | Russ McCubbin as Sheriff | Jeff Dahlgren as Pizza Delivery Boy | Rudy Ramos as Deputy Henry | Kim Hamilton as Nathaniel's Mother | Mary Wickes as Nellie Cochran | Bumper Robinson as Nathaniel | Cis Rundle as Chris | Tom Howard as Special Agent Baker | Michael Gregory as Special Agent Wells | Royce D. Applegate as Biler | George Cheung as Lin | Andrew Prine as Peter Martin Delaney
Director: Cliff Bole

49 :03x02 - Vanished

Matt risks everything -- even his own life -- to find Hoyt's young daughter, the prisoner of a child molester (James Olson).
Guest Stars: James Olson as Calib Martin | John Brandon as Captain | Buddy Farmer as Commander | Gerald York as Coroner's Assistant | Jack Collins (1) as Priest | Steve Miller (2) as Newsman | Bumper Robinson as Nathaniel | Amy O'Neill as Rosie | Judyann Elder as Ann Hoyt | Christina Murrill as Kathy Hoyt | Clare Nono as Reporter | Anthony Leonardi as DiMaggio | Paul Petersen as Policeman | Cis Rundle as Chris | Steve Doubet as Doctor | Herb Edelman as Osborne | Laurence Haddon as Deputy Chief Cassidy | R. Wayne Kruse as Policeman | Robb Madrid as Paramedic
Director: Don Chaffey

50 :03x03 - Eyewitness

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Guest Stars: Michael McLure as Attendant | Gary Krakower as Director | Ed Ruffalo as Foster | Arnold Bankston III as Eddie | Guy Doleman as Richard Daniels | Simon MacCorkindale as Robert Tyler | Michael Cavanaugh as George Davis | Louise Sorel as Barbara Daniels | Cis Rundle as Chris | Anthony Leonardi as Cop
Director: Don Chaffey

51 :03x04 - Apostle of Death

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Guest Stars: Michael M. Vendrell as Brother Riggs | Susan Aldred as Sister Claudia | Larry McCormick as Newsman | Chad Randall as Simms | Reid Rondell as Ryan | John Blackwood as Chauffeur | Byron Morrow as Adamson | David Wallace as Emmett Allyson | Wendy Smith Howard as Peg Allyson | Cis Rundle as Chris | Larry Anderson as Carl | Danil Torppe as Scanlon | Rebecca Balding as Sarah | Kim Sudol as Sharon | Richard Lynch (1) as Jesse Mercer
Director: Kim Manners

52 :03x05 - Caged

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Guest Stars: Buck Young as Deputy Jenkins | Diane Robin as Babs | Cynthia Cypert as Cynthia | Julie Carmen as Fran | Ramon Bieri as Sheriff Butz | R.G. Armstrong as Bert | Bruce M. Fischer as Jake | Ron Soble as Deputy Womart | Brett Halsey as Seymour Piser | Jamie Rose as Rhonda | Cis Rundle as Chris
Director: Cliff Bole

53 :03x06 - Return to Nam (1)

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Guest Stars: Kieu Chinh as Mrs. Li | Baoan Coleman as Viet Soldier | Joseph Hieu as Viet Soldier | Maxwell Morrow as Chopper Soldier | Michael Goodwin (1) as Will Houston | Le Tuan as Head Guard | Max Baer, Jr. as Andy McKay | Soon-Tek Oh as The Warlord | James Hampton as Mr. Stevens | Robert Loggia as Decker | Khigh Dhiegh as Tijo | Cis Rundle as Chris | Rockne Tarkington as "Too Mean" Malone
Director: James L. Conway

54 :03x07 - Escape from Nam (2)

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Guest Stars: Leland Sun as Viet Chopper Soldier | Dennis Phung as Chubby Soldier | April Tran as Viet Photographer | Robert Balderson as G-Man | Todd Yogi as Breakdancer | Max Baer, Jr. as Andy McKay | Baoan Coleman as Viet Soldier | Le Tuan as Head Guard | Cis Rundle as Chris | Robert Loggia as Decker | James Hampton as Mr. Stevens | Cliff Osmond as Alexei Carpov | Soon-Tek Oh as The Warlord | Michael Goodwin (1) as Will Houston
Director: James L. Conway

55 :03x08 - High Fashion Murders

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Guest Stars: Russ McCubbin as Stevens | Michael D'Agosta as Fisherman | Christopher Gerard as Photographer | Dona Speir as Model | Jerri Gaile as Model | Patty Robinson as Model | Gail Shelly as Model | William Mims as Tony Gwen | Richard Bakalyan as Jimmy | Janice Heiden as Kathleen Collin | James Read as Fletcher / Jason Haywood | Anthony Leonardi as Cop | Cis Rundle as Chris | Jennifer Wallace as Deborah Quincy | Vera Miles as Mary Heywood | Christie Claridge as Julie | Judy Strangis as Amy
Director: Cliff Bole

56 :03x09 - Death Stalk

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Guest Stars: Michael D. Hanks (1) as Leland Roos | Judson Scott as Alan Garvey | Branscombe Richmond as Motorcyclist | Angela Black as TV Reporter | Adam Ageli as Yakoob Elias | Paul Kent as Judge Malcolm Granger | Gail Youngs as Dr. Carrie Russell | Cis Rundle as Chris | Mark Schneider as Detective John Marlowe
Director: Mike Vejar

57 :03x10 - Blood Money

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Guest Stars: Catherine Ferrar as Vicki | Paul Eiding as Auctioneer | Scott Marlowe as John T. Briscoe | James Shigeta as Lin Ha | Denny Miller as Dolchek | Jenny Sherman as Melanie Webster | Steve Doubet as Dr. Flynn | Cis Rundle as Chris
Director: Don Chaffey

58 :03x11 - Deadly Games

Bill Adams, a tennis star, is killed in a country estate by two men, McCormick and Woodruff. They had tracked him down with a rifle and crossbow. Since she is the only one who benefits by the death, Bill's wife, Didi, is arrested on suspicion of murder...
Guest Stars: Ron Ray as Golfer | Rosemarie Thomas as Leslie | Mindi Iden as Lisa | Mike Tully as William Adams | Stuart Whitman as Alister McCormick | Gary Hudson as Mick Gifford | Katherine Cannon as Didi Adams | David Sheiner as Deon Woodruff | Cis Rundle as Chris | George Wyner as Murray Chase
Director: Charles Picerni

59 :03x12 - Stolen

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Guest Stars: Nigel Bullard as Mr. Richards | Gloria Charles as Jennifer's Mother | Mark W. Travis as Director | Gayle Gannes as Tina | Carmen Zapata as Woman in Park | Burr deBenning as Jake | Melendy Britt as Sheila Amsterdam | Hank Brandt as Robert Amsterdam | Robert Reed (1) as Bradley Denholm | Cis Rundle as Chris | Daphne Maxwell Reid as Mrs. Richard | Nancy Harewood as Lila (as Ann McCurry) | Kay Lenz as Cassie Stanley
Director: Cliff Bole

60 :03x13 - The Nightmare Man

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Guest Stars: Wayn Morton as Doctor | Vince McKewin as Officer Raup | Mark Rowland as Garret | Joe Lawrence as FBI Agent | David Koch as Man in Motel | Larry Turk as Driver | Laurence Haddon as Commander Cassidy | Patrick Wright as Orderly | Rex Ryon as Huge Orderly | Marty Schiff as Merkle | Paul Petersen as Cop | Cis Rundle as Chris | Gene Davis as William Arthur Nelson Jr. | Chad Allen as Patrick Denton | Deborah Winters as Special Agent Ann Straten | John McCook as Frank Denton | John P. Ryan as Bartholomew
Director: Kim Manners

61 :03x14 - Breakpoint

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Guest Stars: Steve Chambers (1) as Jingles | Phyllis Somer as Barmaid | Lisa Frantz as Nurse | Eugene Morris as Johnny | Lauren Chase (1) as Holly Talbert a.k.a. Mary Atkins | Gary Wood as Joe Fisgas | Victor Rendina as Vendor | Clare Nono as TV Reporter | Joe E. Tata as Dr. Dyre | Steve Doubet as Doctor | Cis Rundle as Chris | Norman Alden as Lt. Zach Manson | Michael Goodwin (1) as Will Houston | James Carroll Jordan as Reporter | Herman Poppe as Guido
Director: Peter Crane

62 :03x15 - Death Trap

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Guest Stars: Maia Brewton as Young C.J. | Elizabeth Lyn Fraser as Young Julia | Daryl Anderson (1) as Krell | Scatman Crothers as Moonshine Moody | Andrew J. Robinson as Oliver Bancroft | Bill Cort as Grant Seavers | William Lanteau as Rupert Shelby | Joan Sweeny as Julia Martin | Charles Lucia as Jim Saunders | John Crawford as Sheriff Ferris | Cis Rundle as Chris

63 :03x16 - The Honeymoon Murders

Disappointment in love has made Perry Brandon an embittered introvert. One day, he develops an obsession for a girl. After having 'loved' her from afar, he suddenly proposes to her. Taken aback, the
girl, Nora, sensibly refuses. This almost seals her death warrant as Brandon unleashes his pent-up emotion and beats her up.
Nora survives and Brandon is sent for psychiatric treatment. When released, he goes on a killing rampage of women who are on their honeymoon.
Guest Stars: Robert F. Lyons as Perry Brandon | Lurene Tuttle as Florist | Harry Waters, Jr. as Custodian | Robert Clarke (2) as Priest | Cliff Murdock as Minister | Sandra Bobrowicz as Lois | Dorothy Butts as Supervisor | Bruce Fairbairn as Paul Chapman | Cis Rundle as Chris | MacKenzie Allen as Russ Sloan | John Lansing as Cyrus Benson | Paul Picerni as Dr. Perlin | Kathryn Witt as Bonnie Chapman | Lori Hallier as Nora Fulton

64 :03x17 - Beach Club Murders

A woman turns up dead on a beach nearby a club. Her family hires Houston to find out the culprit. Later Matt is told that she's not the first victim.

CJ, Matt's associate, is vacationing quietly at a seaside resort when a guest is mysteriously murdered. The beach club owner, Moffit, discloses that it is the second killing of a guest. After the first incident, he had received an extortion note demanding one million dollars to prevent further murders. Matt, who has been summoned to help in the investigations, finds out that the sister to the first victim. Zoey Martin, is also there to track down the killer.
Guest Stars: Debra Thornton as Guest | Patti Lotz as Desk Clerk | Valerie Wildman as Beth Thompson | Richard Herd as Andrew Moffit | Deborah Adair as Zoey Martin | Geoffrey Scott as Frederick John Logan a.k.a. Tad Peterson | Wayne King as York | Haven Earle Haley as Leonor Carlyse | Cis Rundle as Chris | Anthony Leonardi as Detective

65 :03x18 - New Orleans Nightmare

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Guest Stars: Richardson Morse as Wallace R. Dupree | Jayson Kane as Reveler | Wayne King as York | Desiree Kearns as Lana | Christopher Kriesa as Paul Delaney | Peg Stewart as Eleanor Simms | Haven Earle Haley as Leonard Carlysle | Tom Finnegan as Cabbie | Patti R. Lee as Photo Clerk | Laura Carlson as Vi Charles | Richard Anderson as Carl Conrad | Cis Rundle as Chris | Ray Walston as Clyde Sinclair | John Anderson (1) as Captain Conroy | Ellen Bry as Bess Jordan | David S. Cass, Sr. as Morris | Shari Belafonte as Joanne King | Robert Fuller as Phillip Caulder

66 :03x19 - Company Secrets

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Guest Stars: Scott Wilkinson (1) as Young Freddie (as Michael Scott) | David E. Cameron as Young Roy | Cheryl Anderson (1) as Young Catherine | Andrew Duggan as Darnell | Celeste Holm as Catherine Hershey | James Almanzar as Uri Stroka | Jack Gwillim as Freddie | Cliff Osmond as Alexei Karpov | John Davis Chandler as Roman Petrovich | Jack Kruschen as Art 'Reels' McMillan | Cis Rundle as Chris

67 :03x20 - Killing Time

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Guest Stars: Dennis Romer as Peter Kincaid | Robina Suwol as Travel Agent | Gail Bryant Cameron as Nurse | Rachel Bard as Mrs. Hollingsworth | Kerrie Keane as Elizabeth Sheridan | Gavan O'Herlihy as Michael Sheridan | Taryn Power as Deborah O'Malley | Ivor Barry as Lloyd Hutchins | Anne Wyndham as Adel Marlowe | Michael Alldredge as Bartender | Cis Rundle as Chris | Mark Schneider as Detective John Marlowe | Steve Doubet as Doctor

68 :03x21 - Death Watch

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Guest Stars: Charles Boswell as Tony | James Luisi as Greco | Kaley Ward as Suzanne | Danny Weselis as Hood #1 | Ted Barba as Hood #2 | Phillip Pine as Bouchard | Elizabeth Lindsey as Becky | Tara St. James as Cindy | J. Victor Lopez as Ruiz | Robert Brian Wilson as Neil | Frank Bonner as Fred | Davis Roberts as John | Maidie Norman as Ethel | Belinda Balaski as Louise | Richard Devon as Captain Harris
Director: William Crain

69 :03x22 - Final Vows

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Guest Stars: Shari Shattuck as Mary Nichols | Patty Lotz as Donna | John Miranda as Chauffeur | Richard Delmonte as Cop | Terence Wright as Hank | Simmy Bow as The Vendor | Mary Ellen Dunbar as Catherine Eddowes | Robert Clarke (2) as Minister | Al Checco as Morris | Judith M. Brown as Liz Stride | Chuck McCann as Adam Booth | Greta Blackburn as Ann Chapman | Cis Rundle as Chris | Steve Doubet as Dr. Flynn | Kerrie Keane as Elizabeth Sheridan
Warning: Matt Houston guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 1982
Ended: March 29, 1985
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