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Season 1

1 :01x01 - War of the Silver Kings

In the series premiere, gambler Bret Maverick gets involved in a feud between competing silver mine owners in the town of Echo Springs.
Guest Stars: Edmund Lowe as Phineas King | John Litel as Joshua Thayer | Leo Gordon as Big Mike McComb | Carla Merey as Edie Stoller | John Hubbard as Judge Richard Bixby | Robert Griffin as Finnelly | Fred Sherman as John Stoller | Bob Steele (1) as Jackson | Donald Kirke as Crane |
Uncredited: Paul McGuire (1) as Miner | Zon Murray as Miner | Gil Perkins as Miner | Max Wagner as Barfly | Kermit Maynard as Court Clerk | Hal Taggart as Harris | Harry Harvey as Telegrapher | Frank Sully as Bartender | Paul Baxley as Telegram Boy | Lane Chandler as Lawson
Director: Budd Boetticher
Story: C.B. Glascock | Teleplay: James O'Hanlon

2 :01x02 - Point Blank

For the first of many times, Bret gets involved with a cunning female who's planning a robbery along with her boyfriend.
Guest Stars: Karen Steele as Molly Gleason | Mike Connors as Ralph Jordan | Richard Garland as Sheriff Wes Corwin | Peter Brown (1) as Chris Semple | Benny Baker as Mike Brill | John Harmon (1) as Nelson | Zon Murray as Fletcher | Robert Foulk as Moose Horton | Mitchell Kowall as Fred Callahan |
Uncredited: Paul McGuire (1) as Poker Player | Hal Taggart as Bank Teller | Frank Sully as Poker Player | Michael Jeffers as Townsman
Director: Budd Boetticher
Story: Howard Browne | Teleplay: Roy Huggins

3 :01x03 - According to Hoyle

A man who once lost $50,000 to Maverick in a card games hires con artist Samantha Crawford to win back his money. She succeeds with the aid of a little known poker rule.
Guest Stars: Leo Gordon as Big Mike McComb | Esther Dale as Ma Braus | Ted de Corsia as Joe Riggs | Walter Reed as Bledsoe | Jay Novello as Henry Tree | Tyler McVey as Hayes | Robert Carson as Kittredge | Diane Brewster as Samantha Crawford | Tol Avery as George Cross |
Uncredited: Fred Kelsey as Spectator | Saul Gorss as Henchman | Clem Fuller as Stagecoach Driver | Don Turner as Hamhead | Sailor Vincent as Man | William H. O'Brien as Poker Player
Director: Budd Boetticher

4 :01x04 - Ghost Rider

Bret meets up with a woman who reportedly died a few weeks before.
Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Mary Shane | Edd Byrnes as The Kid | Charles Tannen as Stableman | Dan Sheridan as Sideburns | Willard Sage as Bert Nicholson | Rhodes Reason as Hank Foster/Felton | Stacy Keach, Sr. as Sheriff | John Cliff as Deputy George |
Uncredited: Bob Reeves as Townsman | Philo McCullough as Poker Player | Harry Lauter as Harry | Charlotte Knight as Mrs. Clemmer | James Hope as Poker Player | Tim Graham (1) as Hotel Clerk | Richard Collier (1) as Barfly | Phil Chambers (1) as Bartender

5 :01x05 - The Long Hunt

Bret goes the extra mile to prove the innocence of a man serving a life sentence in prison. But unfortunately for our hero, it seems as though someone else wants the imprisoned man to retain his current residence.
Guest Stars: Stanley Andrews as Sheriff | Richard Reeves as Rex Clark | Richard Webb as Ben Maxwell | Harry Harvey as Stagecoach Driver | Richard Crane as Jed Ferris | James Anderson (1) as Whitey Blanton | Joan Vohs as Martha Ferris | Tommy Farrell as Lefty Dolan |
Uncredited: Mark Tapscott as Poker Player | Will J. White as Holdup Man | Buddy Roosevelt as Holdup Man | Troy Melton as Pursuer | Tom McKee as Deputy | Jonathan Kidd as Poker Player | Jack Gargan as Poker Player | Rory Mallinson as Local Sheriff
Director: Douglas Heyes

6 :01x06 - Stage West

Fleeing a band of marauding Native Americans, Bret thinks he's found shelter at a way station. Unbeknownst to him, the family he meets there is a band of killers.
Guest Stars: Ray Teal as Mart Fallon | Peter Brown (1) as Rip Fallon | Edd Byrnes as Wes Fallon | Michael Dante as Sam Harris | Erin O'Brien as Linda Harris | Fern Barry as Ella Taylor | Ollie O'Toole as McLean | Buddy Shaw as Dave Taylor | Howard Negley as Sheriff Tibbs | Chubby Johnson as Simmons | Jim Bannon as Matson
Story: Louis L'Amour | Teleplay: George F. Slavin

7 :01x07 - Relic of Fort Tejon

Bret is overjoyed to win a prized mount in a card game until he discovers that the mount is not a horse--it's a camel.
Guest Stars: Alan Austin as Tommy Norton | Oliver Blake as Brimmer | Tyler MacDuff as Drake | Kem Dibbs as Connors | Lou Krugman as Ferguson | Sheb Wooley as Sheriff | Fredd Wayne as Honest Carl Jimson | Earle Hodgins as Johnson | Dan Tobin as Howard Harris | Maxine Cooper as Donna Seely |
Uncredited: Rush Williams as Deputy Lou | Harry Strang as Livery Man | Bob Reeves as Townsman | Irving Mitchell as Dr. Nelson | Clem Fuller as Buyer | Fred Carson as Barfly | George Bell as Deputy

8 :01x08 - Hostage

Jack Kelly joins the series as Bart Maverick who teams with brother Bret in New Orleans to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a gambling boat owner.
Guest Stars: Wright King as Rick | Don Durant as Jody Collins | Jean Del Val as Anton Riviage | Laurie Carroll as Yvette Devereaux | Stephen Bekassy as Andre Devereaux | Trevor Bardette as Inspector Marvin | Mickey Simpson as Jubal | John Harmon (1) as Ziggy |
Uncredited: Kansas Moehring as Carriage Driver | Hal Taggart as Poker Player | Roy Glenn as Dock Worker
Director: Richard L. Bare
Songs: Don Durant -- Cindy

9 :01x09 - Stampede

Bret is roped into competing in a boxing match when one of the boxers drops out. Will he emerge with his face and hide in one piece?
Special Guest Stars: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Dandy Jim Buckley |
Guest Stars: Joan Shawlee as Madame Pompey | Mike Lane (1) as Noah Perkins | Jim Hayward as Miner | Pamela Duncan as Coral Stacey | Pat Comiskey as Battling Krueger | Marshall Bradford as Marshal Hunt | Chris Alcaide as Tony Cadiz | Mark Tapscott as Deputy | Rand Brooks as Jack Blair |
Uncredited: Harry Tyler as Miner | Jack Tornek as Spectator | Jack Perrin as Spectator | Cactus Mack as Vermillion Deputy | Herman Hack as Spectator | Terry Frost as Vermillion Sheriff
Director: Abner Biberman

10 :01x10 - The Jeweled Gun

Bart accompanies a young woman through hostile badlands territory and soon discovers that he needs protection--from her.
Guest Stars: Edwin Bruce as Book Salesman | Ezelle Poule as Mrs. Adams | James Parnell as Sheriff | Tom McKee as La Mesa Sheriff | Miguel Ángel Landa as Henrique Felipe | Alfred Hopson as Carter | Dean Fredericks as Mitchell | Terence de Marney as Snopes | Stephen Colt as George Seevers | Roy Barcroft as The Cattleman | Kathleen Crowley as Daisy Harris |
Uncredited: Bert Madrid as Man Reading Newspaper | Henry Wills as Stagecoach Driver | Hal Taggart as La Mesa Hotel Clerk | Doug McClure as Hotel Clerk
Writer: Roy Huggins

11 :01x11 - The Wrecker

After buying a derelict cargo ship, Bart is beset by several excellent financial offers for the vessel. Instead of selling out, he decides to discover the reason why.
Guest Stars: Patric Knowles as Paul Carthew | Karl Swenson as Captain Nares | Allen Kramer as Jerome Braus | Murvyn Vye as Jamie Craven | Bartlett Robinson as Longhurst | Maurice Manson as Thomas Bellairs | Thomas Browne Henry as Auctioneer |
Uncredited: Brick Sullivan as Bartender | Bert Stevens as Willimen | Jeffrey Sayre as Murchison | Paul Kruger as Crew Member | Barry Brooks as Clerk
Director: Franklin Adreon

12 :01x12 - The Quick and the Dead

Bret tries to clear himself of a murder charge by protecting a man marked for death by Doc Holliday.
Guest Stars: Gerald Mohr as Doc Holliday | Marie Windsor as Cora | John Vivyan as John Stacey | Gordon Barnes as Marshal | Robert Keys (2) as Parker | Sam Buffington as Ponca |
Uncredited: Philo McCullough as Deputy | Herbert Lytton as Bartender | Hal Hopper as Jim Elkins
Director: Douglas Heyes

13 :01x13 - The Naked Gallows

Bart gets more than he bargained for when he looks into an unsolved murder case.
Guest Stars: Mike Connors as Sheriff Fillmore | Fay Spain as Ruth Overton | Ed Kemmer as Clete Overton | Jeanne Cooper as Virginia Cory | Sherry Jackson as Annie Haines | Morris Ankrum as Joshua Haines | Bing Russell as Tyler Brink | Forrest Lewis as Alec Fall |
Uncredited: Buddy Roosevelt as Poker Player | Charles Morton as Bartender | Herman Hack as Barfly | Don Dillaway as Ben
Director: Abner Biberman

14 :01x14 - Comstock Conspiracy

Once again, Bret gets more than he bargained for when he travels to the boom mining town of Virginia City, Nevada.
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Ellen Bordeen | Arthur Batanides as Brock | Oliver McGowan as Jerome Horne | Ed Prentiss as John Bordeen | Werner Klemperer as Alex Jennings | Percy Helton as Venner | Terry Frost as Sheriff |
Uncredited: Sailor Vincent as Townsman | Glenn Strange as Guard | Harry Strang as Passenger | Joy Rogers as Female Passenger | William H. O'Brien as Doctor | Forbes Murray as Alfred Clay | Philo McCullough as Townsman | Lois De Banzie as Suzi Carter | George Barrows as Townsman | Boyd "Red" Morgan as Stage Driver
Director: Howard W. Koch
Writer: Gene Levitt

15 :01x15 - The Third Rider

Bart finds himself dealing with two dangerous couples when he manages to get himself framed for a bank robbery.
Guest Stars: Barbara Nichols as Blanche | Dick Foran as Sheriff Edwards | Roberto Contreras as Jose | Dennis McCarthy as Deputy Collins | Michael Dante as Turk Mason | Frank Faylen as Red Harrison | Morris Lippert as Jimmy Ellis | Kasey Rogers as Dolly |
Uncredited: Dan White (1) as Stableman | Bob Terhune as Bob | Tom Monroe as Barfly | Charles Kane as Conductor | William Boyett as Townsman | Fred Coby as Barfly
Director: Franklin Adreon

16 :01x16 - Rage for Vengeance

Bret is only too willing to escort a lovely widow carrying a large amount of cash to a bank. Things change when it's discovered that the money is counterfeit.
Guest Stars: John Russell as John Grimes | Lewis Martin as Andrew Wiggins | Catherine McLeod as Margaret Ross | William Forrest as Banker | Russ Conway as Sheriff | Jonathan Hole as Desk Clerk | Gage Clarke as Bradshaw |
Uncredited: Rusty Wescoatt as Stagecoach Driver | Damian O'Flynn as Poker Player | Rory Mallinson as Gunman | Cactus Mack as Townsman | Charlotte Knight as Effie Walker | Earle Hodgins as Townsman | Jack Gargan as Poker Player | Bill Bailey (2) as Doctor | S. Newton Anderson as Sanderson | Phil Arnold as 2nd Porter | William Benedict as 1st Porter | Luis Delgado as Gunman
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Marion Hargrove

17 :01x17 - Rope of Cards

Bret is the lone hold-out for a not guilty verdict on a jury trying a young man for murder.
Guest Stars: William Reynolds (1) as Bill Gregg | Joan Marshall as Lucy Sutter | Tol Avery as John Sloane | Will Wright as Jabe Hollock | Emile Meyer as Pike | Ken Christy as Sheriff | Hugh Sanders as Blaine | Don Beddoe as Price | George O'Hanlon as Caldwell | Tom Monroe as Slim | Frank Cady as Hamelin | Harry Cheshire as Judge | Robert Lynn as Doctor | Harry Harvey as Store Owner |
Uncredited: William H. O'Brien as Juror | Paul Kruger as Juror | Donald Kirke as Juror
Director: Richard L. Bare

18 :01x18 - Diamond in the Rough

A notorious con man has Bart beaten up, robbed, and deposited on a ocean bound steamship but since when have such minor inconveniences ever stopped a Maverick?
Guest Stars: Paul Power as Pyne | Katherine Barrett as Mrs. Kingsley | Lela Bliss as Mrs. Shelbourne | Carlyle Mitchell as General Marvin | Robert Fairfax as Shelbourne | William Forrest as Roland | Patrick Whyte as Selby | Fredd Wayne as Van Buren Kingsley | Jacqueline Beer as Henrietta | Terence de Marney as Murphy | I. Stanford Jolley as McClure | Sig Ruman as Captain Steeger | Lili Valenty as Madame | Otto Waldis as Scarf |
Uncredited: Wally West as Club Member | Robert Stephenson as Sailor | William Remick as First Millionaire | Forbes Murray as Investor | Louis Mercier as Beaujean | Don Megowan as Grayson | Kermit Maynard as Millionaire | Stephen Ellsworth as Second Millionaire | Mason Curry as Second Teller | Jack Chefe as Butler | George Baxter as Vincent | Bill Bailey (2) as Banker
Director: Douglas Heyes
Story: Roy Huggins | Teleplay: Marion Hargrove

19 :01x19 - Day of Reckoning

Fed up with a town bully, Bret decides it's time people did something about him. So he asks the townspeople to do something.
Guest Stars: Virginia Gregg as Amy Hardie | Mort Mills as Red Scanlon | Willard Sage as George Buckner | Tod Griffin as Jack Wade | Jon Lormer as Somers | Jean Willes as Lil | Murvyn Vye as Gus Wilson | Russell Thorson as Marshal Hardie | James McCallion as Charlie | Morgan Shaan as Slim |
Uncredited: Kansas Moehring as Cowboy | Cactus Mack as Cowboy | Clyde Howdy as Cowboy | Sammy Ogg as Delivery Boy | John Dennis as Cowboy | Troy Melton as Harry
Writer: Carey Wilber

20 :01x20 - The Savage Hills

Thanks to the machinations of con woman Samantha Crawford, Bart finds himself caught up in a spy caper.
Guest Stars: Peter Whitney as Gunnerson | Thurston Hall as Judge | John Dodsworth as Clayton Palmer | Stanley Andrews as Sheriff Galt | Diane Brewster as Samantha Crawford |
Uncredited: Forrest Lewis as Hotel Clerk | Rusty Lane as Marshal | Clem Fuller as Spectator | X Brands as Native American
Director: Douglas Heyes

21 :01x21 - Trail West to Fury

In this flashback episode, Bret and Bart relate to pal Dandy Jim Buckley about the time shortly after the Civil War when they searched high and low for a tall man who could clear them of a murder charge.
Special Guest Stars: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Dandy Jim Buckley |
Guest Stars: Aline Towne as Laura Miller | Gene Nelson as Jim Hazlit | Charles Fredericks as Jessie Hayden | Don Kelly (1) as Jett | Paul Fierro as Miguel | Paul Savage as Tall Man | Russ Bender as Doctor | James Hope as Lieutenant | Holly Bane as 1st Johnny Reb (as Mike Ragan) |
Uncredited: Henry Wills as Johnny Reb | Rush Williams as Johnny Reb | George Barrows as Gunman
Story: Joseph Chadwick | Teleplay: Gene Levitt

22 :01x22 - The Burning Sky

An Native American ambush leaves Bart and a group of stagecoach passengers stranded in the desert.
Guest Stars: Whitney Blake as Letty French | Joanna Barnes as Mrs. Baxter | Gerald Mohr as Johnny Ballero | Douglas Kennedy as Connors | Phillip Terry as Chick Braus | Syd Saylor as Depot Master |
Uncredited: Jimmie Booth as Stagecoach Driver
Director: Gordon Douglas

23 :01x23 - The Seventh Hand

Bret tries to hunt down two men who made off with a substantial poker pot.
Guest Stars: Diane Brewster as Samantha Crawford | Sam Buffington as Logan | James Philbrook as Sloan | Myrna Dell as Anita | Joseph V. Perry as Pritchard (as Joe Perry) | Byron Foulger as Hotel Clerk | Damian O'Flynn as Mr. Tabor | Francis DeSales as Mr. Gilling | Bob Steele (1) as Wells | Sydney Mason as Dr. Lockridge | Charles Quigley as Mr. Banning | Jay Jostyn as Mr. Fayette |
Uncredited: Sailor Vincent as Barfly | John Truax as Messenger | Bryan O'Byrne as Conductor | Robert Jordan (1) as Kansas City Hotel Clerk | Richard H. Cutting as Sheriff
Director: Richard L. Bare
Story: Howard Browne | Teleplay: Russell Hughes

24 :01x24 - Plunder of Paradise

There's gold in them thar hills and Bart Maverick is out to get it. But so are four nasty Mexican bandits.
Guest Stars: Ruta Lee as Dolly Muldoon | Jay Novello as Paco Torres | Leo Gordon as Big Mike McComb | Eugene Iglesias as Ricardo | Manuel Lopez as Diego | Joan Weldon as Grace Wheeler | Rico Alaniz as Fernando | Roberto Contreras as Alfredo | Nacho Galindo as Morales | Jorge Moreno as Uhaldo
Director: Douglas Heyes
Songs: Ruta Lee -- Virtue Is It's Own Reward

25 :01x25 - Black Fire

A millionaire's heirs are being killed off so why is Bret Maverick so concerned? He's posing as one of the heirs.
Guest Stars: Will Wright as General Eakins | Jane Darwell as Mrs. Knowles | Dan Sheridan as Luther | David McMahon (1) as Sheriff | Edith Leslie as Elizabeth | Jimmie Horan as Pliney | Hans Conried as Homer Eakins | Harry Harvey as Seeby | John Vivyan as Millard | George O'Hanlon as Elmo | Theona Bryant as Hope | Charles Bateman as Jeff | Emory Parnell as Lonnie
Story: Howard Browne | Teleplay: Marion Hargrove

26 :01x26 - Burial Ground of the Gods

Bart is in pursuit of a thief named Paisley Briggs who stole his money but gets sidetracked by a woman searching for her missing husband. Somehow they all wind up in hostile Sioux territory together.
Guest Stars: Nancy Gates as Laura Stanton | Robert Lowery as Paul Asher | Charles Cooper as Phillip Stanton | Raymond Hatton as Stableman | Saundra Edwards as Lottie | Claude Akins as Paisley Briggs
Director: Douglas Heyes

27 :01x27 - Seed of Deception

Riding through the town of Bonita, Bret and Bart are mistaken for Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and stumble onto a bank robbery plot
Guest Stars: Herbert Lytton as Dr. Teller | Adele Mara as Jane Mundy | Frances Morris as Mrs. Pierce | Terry Rangno as Grady Lester | Joi Lansing as Doll Hayes | Myron Healey as Jim Mundy | Ron Hayes as Max Evans | Guy Wilkerson as Cecil Mason | Gerald Mohr as Doc Holliday | Frank Ferguson as Sheriff McPeters | Bing Russell as Russ Aikens |
Uncredited: Jack Perrin as Barfly | Jack Kenny (2) as Barfly | Charles Cason as Cass | Clem Fuller as Stagecoach Driver | Sailor Vincent as Barfly
Director: Richard L. Bare
Warning: Maverick guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Sundays
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 22, 1957
Ended: July 08, 1962
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