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The Bundle from Britain - Recap

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In St. Louis, Bart arrives in town as drunken cowhands celebrate at the dock. He’s looking for his cousin and has gone everywhere but the docks. The driver refuses to take him to the docks and departs. Bart notices that the sheriff, Muldoon, disposing of some troublemakers and explains that he’s looking for his cousin Beauregard. He explains that Beau has been in England for the last five years and doesn’t know what he looks like, and Muldoon suggests that he see the Honorable Freddie Bognor at the Blue Moose.

At the Blue Moose Saloon, Bart soon spots Freddie, the most elegantly dressed man in the room. He cleans up at poker and notices Bart watching him. Freddie has one of his men bump into Bart and lift his wallet, but Bart catches him. A fight breaks out and Bart crawls beneath the table and meets up with Freddie, who has also taken refuge from the fight. Bart points out that Freddie was cheating and Freddie cheerfully admits that he is. The two gamblers slip out, leaving Freddie’s two unconscious hired henchmen behind. Once they find a quiet spot to talk, Bart explains that he’s looking for his overdue cousin and Freddie gets an idea. He says that it’s worth $2,000 and invites Bart along.

Freddie stops for a meal and explains that his father, the Marquis of Bognor, received a prospectus from the Bar H, a training ranch in Wyoming. The Marquis sent Freddie there for six months so they’d make a man of him but he’s two weeks overdue because he’s working business. Freddie wants Bart to take his place and offers $2,000 for him to do it. Bart refuses anyway and Freddie accepts his refusal. As they leave, Bart hears Beau telling reporters how he got a medal. Once they’re alone, Bart tells him that he has to make sure everyone knows he didn’t get a medal for heroism. Pappy sent Beau to England to five years to keep him from hurting the family reputation. Beau explains that he won it by distracting a Confederate general when they were playing cards, letting Union forces capture the man. When Bart wonders where he’s been, Beau explains that Freddie made off with the purser’s trunk on the boat from England, and they blamed Beau. Bart gets an idea and says that they can make $2,000. Beau agrees to go along but asks for $5 to get his bags out of impound... and Bart realizes that Freddie has stolen his wallet.

Freddie is playing poker at a hotel when Bart and Beau track him down. They watch him through the transom and Freddie spots them. He inadvertently drops a card and the other players argue over whether they should redeal or not. Freddie grabs the pot and runs out the door, and Bart and Beau grab him. Once Bart recovers his wallet, he explains that Beau will be taking Freddie’s place. However, Beau wants another $1,000 to pay bond and yet another $1,000 for the inconvenience. Bart points out that Freddie has that much from his stolen poker earnings and the Englishman has no choice but to accept. He gives Beau his signet ring to help in the deception and pays up. Once Freddie leaves, Bart assures Beau that Pappy will hear about his conniving ways... and they discover that Freddie has stolen Beau’s watch.

As Beau heads west to Wyoming, two masked men stop the stage. However, they ask which one of them is Freddie and Beau has no choice but to accept. They tell him to mount up and ride with them and then send the stage on its way. Beau figures that it’s an initiation but they assure him it isn’t and order him to ride with them. They take him to a cabin where a man named Herbert is drinking. He holds a razor to Beau’s throat and calls in his co-conspirator, Molly, to identify Beau as Freddie. Molly knows the Marquis but admits that she’s never seen Freddie. However, she figures it must be he the Marquis’ son since Beau is wearing the family signet ring. Beau plays along and Molly explains that the Marquis used to visit her at the bar in Soho where she worked.

When Beau discovers that they plan to hold him hostage and force the Marquis to pay up, Beau claims that he’s a wanderer named Courtney Faversham and that he won the signet ring in a poker game. Herbert’s men insist that they checked the passenger list and Herbert realizes that they can’t let him go since he knows too much. Beau immediately switches tracks and offers to help them collect the ransom, claiming he really is Freddie. He has Freddie’s credentials and Herbert and Molly accept them. Beau proposes that they demand 25,000 pounds and that he’ll take 5,000 of that as a consultant’s fee. He describes the procedure they should use to get the ransom from his “father.” Impressed, Herbert invites him to write the note and Beau says they should send it to his father’s business partner in St. Louis... Bart.

In St. Louis, Bart is playing poker when he receives Beau’s note. He has no choice but to leave despite the fact he’s sitting on a winning hand. Bart writes to the Marquis suggesting he send the 25,000 but that they put it in the bank as a bond and use it as bait to trap the kidnappers when they arrive to collect.

In Montana, Beau is busy winning at poker while his henchman, Brazos and Pecos from the Bar H, say that the ranch owner, an Irishman named McGee, has the best whiskey. Herbert finally gets tired of losing and sends Beau out, warning that he’ll kill him in five days if they don’t hear back from Bart. Outside, Molly warns Bart not to push Herbert too far. She explains that the Bar H isn’t a health ranch, just a cattle ranch, and that Herbert sent a fake prospectus. Brazos and Pecos got jobs at the ranch and kept any correspondence from the Marquis from getting there. Herbert contacted the Marquis and convinced him to send Freddie so that they could then use him to gain a ransom. Molly admits that she was part of the plan, but then she decided the only man she wanted was the Marquis. Beau says that she can go see the Marquis once she has her share of the ransom money, but Molly says that she knows that the Marquis isn’t interested in buying back his son.

In St. Louis, Bart is playing poker and gets another winning hand... and another letter interrupting the game. It’s from the Marquis, saying that he’s coming by boat rather than cable the money. Bart shows the letter to Freddie and explains that the kidnappers have Beau and think he’s Freddie. He tells Freddie to disappear by taking a cruise and departs, and Freddie soon discovers that Bart has stolen his wallet. Freddie goes to the ship, the Cynthia B, and meets with Captain Wolf Kratkovich. When Kratkovich learns that Bart sent Freddie, he throws the Englishman into the boiler room.

The Marquis arrives and Bart is there to greet him. The Englishman insists on going to the Bar H since he views his son’s abduction as a personal challenge. He and Bart are soon off by stage, canoe, and horseback.

Beau’s five days are up and Herbert and Pecos go to collect the money at Inscription Rock while Brazos stands guard. Molly suggests that she should wear black, but Beau insists they can rely on Bart. However, Molly points out that most men are out for themselves and Beau begins to have his doubts. He wonders why Molly stays with Herbert if he’s so dangerous, and she admits that she has nowhere else to go. Beau figures that the Marquis came to Soho because he loved her and promises to make sure his father takes Molly in if she helps him escape. She agrees and Beau says that they need something explosive to create a distraction. He’ll distract Herbert when he returns and Molly will throw the whiskey into the fire so it explodes and they can escape. Molly agrees and hugs Beau a bit too much, much to his dismay.

Herbert and Pecos confirm that the money isn’t at Inscription Rock. As they prepare to ride back to the cabin and dispose of Beau, they spot Bart and the Marquis riding to the ranch. Herbert sends Pecos to the Bar H via a shortcut while he goes to the cabin. Meanwhile, Bart and the Marquis arrive at the Bar H. The foreman, McGee, takes an immediate dislike to the Marquis and tells them that the place is no health ranch. The Marquis continues to insult McGee until the foreman throws a punch, and the Englishman knocks him down with a single punch. McGee admires his boxing technique and admits that he’s a boxer as well, and the two men bond.

As they go inside, Pecos watches the entire exchange and accidentally steps on a log. When the others notice him, he pretends that he’s busy and strolls away. McGee explains that Pecos and his other man, Brazos, work the herd at Inscription Rock and that they requested to work out there. Bart figures that something is up and follows Pecos as he rides away. When Pecos sees him, he rides away and Bart goes after him. The Marquis and McGee hear the commotion and decide to follow, thinking Bart is having a fit and needs treatment.

Herbert returns to the cabin and informs Beau that the ransom money wasn’t at Inscription Rock. Beau asks for a last look at the plains and valleys while signaling Molly to grab the whiskey bottle. Pecos arrives with Bart close on his heels, and Bart comes in. He tries to tell them who Beau really is and succeeds all too well. Molly is angry that Beau lied to her and blurts out that she was going to leave with him. Herbert locks her in the back while Brazos ties Bart and Beau up. Once he leaves, Bart comments on the razor that Herbert is left on the table, and the cousins finally realize they can use it to cut themselves free. They stand up together and hobble to the table.

As Herbert and his men prepare to ambush the Marquis and McGee, Herbert realizes that he left his razor in the cabin. He goes back to get it and sees that Bart and Beau are still apparently tied up. As soon as his back is turned, Bart jumps him while Beau goes after Pecos and Brazos. He fails to sneak up on them and Brazos comes after him, while Herbert tries to watch McGee and the Marquis. Beau knocks Brazos out, grabs his gun, and shoots Pecos dead. Inside the cabin, Bart and Herbert knock over the stove and then knock a bottle of whiskey onto the hot coals. The alcohol ignites and Bart and Beau knock out Herbert together. The Marquis and McGee charge in, and Beau suggests they let the Marquis rescue Molly, who is trapped in the burning cabin. He gets her out and immediately remembers why he fell in love with her.

Later, the Marquis and Molly prepare to leave together. The Marquis admits that he has no idea what was really going on. He assures the Mavericks that once they he and Molly marry and tidy up things in England, they’ll be back to raise longhorns with McGee at the Bar H. Bart assures the Marquis that Freddie is going to get a considerable workout with Kratkovich, the toughest captain on the Mississippi. The Marquis offers the Mavericks a 1,000 pounds each and departs, and Beau suggests they find a meal and a poker game. As they leave the docks, they bump into Kratkovich, who is now working for Captain Freddie.

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