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Season 1

Portrait of a Dead Girl

A Marshal from Taos, New Mexico extradites a prisoner to New York City. The prisoner is kidnapped from his custody, and the case involves Puerto Rican Nationals, a female novelist, and a murdered beauty queen.
Guest Stars: Nefti Millet as Ramos | Roberto Vargas as Chico | Lee Pulford as Receptionist | Ron Henriquez as Vejar | Victor Bozeman as Black Reporter | Tony Dante as Second Deputy | Ira Cook as Second Reporter | Albert Popwell as Guard | Kathy Stritch as Merri Ann Coleman | Shelly Novack as James Waldron | Bill Baldwin as First Reporter | Michael Bow as Billy | Mario Alcalde as Peralta | Peter Mark Richman as Peter B. Clifford | Craig Stevens (1) as Whitman | Julie Newmar as Adrienne Redman | Raúl Juliá as Father Nieves | Gregory Sierra as First Deputy
Director: Richard Colla

1 :01x01 - Man from Taos (1) (or Who Says You Can't Make Friends in New York City?)

While lending a hand to a woman in distress, McCloud gets caught in a gun battle with a hitman and is ordered back to Taos by Chief Clifford. But Sam is made a courier when the Chief becomes the victim of a kidnapping.
Guest Stars: Ray Ballard as 2nd Reporter | Hollis Morrison as 3rd Reporter | Gail Peters as Ticket Agent | Michael Carr as Tony Romer | Bill Fletcher as Voss | Len Wayland as Pilot | Otis Greene as Co-Pilot | Jerry Crews as 1st Reporter | Patti Heider as Stewardess | Jacques Foti as Gendarme | Mike Robelo as Hack Driver | Ralph Story as Newscaster | Marj Dusay as Ellen Childs | Johnny Silver as Elevator Operator | Charles H. Gray as 1st Policeman | Tony Ballen as 2nd Policeman
Director: Douglas Heyes

2 :01x02 - Manhattan Manhunt (1) (or Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue)

McCloud tracks a drug thief whom he believes is really an addict who needs a helping hand in getting off the junk.
Guest Stars: Lorraine Gary as Joan Stanford | Jeff Burton (1) as 1st Reporter | Tony Ballen as Officer | Ric Mancini as Brodney | Bill Baldwin as 2nd Reporter | William Wintersole as Lab Man | Angus Duncan as Dr. Bussey | William Bryant as Policeman | Leo Gordon as Officer Shannen | Howard Curtis as Arnold Stanford
Director: Bruce Kessler

3 :01x03 - Murder Arena (1) (or The Concrete Corral)

McCloud is left in charge of a group of his New Mexico cowboy buddies who have arrived for a rodeo at Madison Square Garden. But when a young cowboy is found murdered and a hated man in the West has disappeared, McCloud investigates his involvement in the case.
Guest Stars: Bill McKinney as Reuben | James Wainwright as Billy Gibson | Burr deBenning as Blue Roberts | Nancy Malone as Iris McKensie | Dennis Fimple as Frankie | T.J. Castronovo as Officer | Joanna Moore as Donna Roberts | Albert Salmi as Goose Jenkins

4 :01x04 - Manhattan Manhunt (2) (or The Stage Is All the World)

McCloud must decide whether the death threats to a obnoxious Broadway producer are real or have been fabricated by the producer himself.
Guest Stars: Bill Dungan as Policeman | Albert Popwell as Gus Milner | Christina Sinatra as Jennifer Houghton | Richard Dawson as Ted Callender | Murray Matheson as Grantley | Richard Van Vleet as Les Lander
Director: Bruce Kessler

5 :01x05 - Murder Arena (2) (or Walk in the Dark)

McCloud searches for a strangler who is roaming Central Park for a victim, which includes a policewoman.
Guest Stars: Albert Salmi as Goose Jenkins | Barbara Gates as Secretary | Billy Beck as News Vendor | Carol Locatell as Receptionist | Bart Burns as Reimer | Lou Massad as Richie | Stewart Bradley as Lloyd | Ann Prentiss as Officer Murdock | Susan Saint James as Officer Keach | Nina Foch as Sergeant F.J. Dameron

6 :01x06 - Man from Taos (2) (or Our Man in Paris)

McCloud is called by Chief Clifford and his kidnappers to meet them at JFK Airport. One man takes McCloud with him to Paris in order to help him smuggle complete a smuggling transaction. Then he must escape and rescue the Chief before his captor finds him missing.
Guest Stars: Lilyan Chauvin as Housekeeper | Guy De Vestel as Proprietor | Rico Cattani as Maupin | Alex Rodine as Gendarme | Randolph Mantooth as Intern | Maurice Marsac as Official | Barbara Davis as Boots Walker | Marcel Hillaire as Inspector Prideaux | Alfred Ryder as Mason | John van Dreelen as Rissient | Susan Strasberg as Anne Verdige | Carl Betz as Aldon F. Flanders
Director: Russ Mayberry

Season 2

8 :02x01 - Encounter with Aries

A syndicated newspaper astrology columnist has been kidnapped and was reported to have been left in a room with a time bomb, but since her husband has smashed in the kidnappers head with a vase, McCloud has to race time to find the victim.
Guest Stars: Forrest Lewis as Old Man | Fred Holliday as Intern | Elizabeth Lane as Nurse | Athena Lorde as Floor Nurse | Elisha Cook as Mr. Rafer | Woodrow Parfrey as Elmer | James Gavin as Policeman | Booth Colman as Hines | Louise Latham as Emily Cantrell | Robert Hogan as Det. Finnegan | Jill Jaress as Gloria | Alan Oppenheimer as Mervin Simmons | Nancy Jeris as Police Artist | Sebastian Cabot as Sidney Cantrell | Susan Strasberg as Lorraine | Peter Haskell as Richard Stevens
Director: Russ Mayberry

9 :02x02 - Top of the World, Ma!

A football player from Ohio has come to New York to get the $10,000 he is owed by a mobster he had done a job for, so he can afford the operation he desperately needs.
Guest Stars: Ed Peck as Bartender | Antony Carbone as Dave | John Lawrence as Pakowski | Nora Denney as Cynthia | John Harmon (1) as Gillespie | Leonard Bremen as Fifi | Bill Fletcher as Larry | Val Avery as Gruber | Bo Svenson as Charles "Bubba" White | Robert Webber (1) as Jack Faraday | Stefanie Powers as Jackie Dawn | Joan Blondell as Ernestine White | Vincent Gardenia as Barney Sweetwater | Milton Selzer as Flynn
Director: Alex March
Story: Ray Danton | Teleplay: Peter Allan Fields

10 :02x03 - Somebody's Out to Get Jennie

The girlfriend of a business magnate is threatened by his partners to find his whereabouts, after he makes contact with her despite the belief that he had died in bombing earlier. The man had been hiding from them earlier and now his partners will do anything to get full control of the business.
Guest Stars: Emile Beaucard as Frank | Alicia Bond as Eva | William Bryant as Detective Parker | Priscilla Pointer as Shirley | Gerald Hiken as Dr. Gortgaard | Gabriel Dell as Ira Mastin | Barry Sullivan as Brig. Gen. [Ret.] Ralph Touhy | Anne Randall as Beverly | Cameron Mitchell (1) as Robert Devlin
Director: Jack Smight

11 :02x04 - The Disposal Man

A retired hit man and a tip from an informant gives McCloud a chance to find a famous hitman who is known to leave behind no evidence and save the life of his intended hit of a businessman.
Guest Stars: Pat Renella as Malcolm Petrie | David Mauro as Bellamy | Lew Palter as Burton Rill | Art Lewis as Desk Clerk | Midori as Monica | Judi Sherven as Attendant | Pat Morita as Felix | Arlene Martel as Linda Farley | Randolph Mantooth as Phillip Yerby | Jean Allison as Marian Yerby | Murray Matheson as Peter Lincoln | Nita Talbot as Rosalie Hudgins | Patrick O'Neal as Arthur Yerby | James Olson as Thomas Dane/Alan Roberts | Arthur O'Connell as Sid Nylan | Jack Carter as Frank Gordon | James McEachin as Det. Richard Thatcher
Director: Boris Sagal

12 :02x05 - A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley

A well established funeral director is running a drug ring through his business by shipping the drugs in caskets to South America.
Guest Stars: E.J. Andre as Elmer | Jack Edwards as Winston | Sam Edwards as Johnson | Savannah Bentley as 2nd Nurse | Karen Carlson as Receptionist | Allen Garfield as Ralphie Goodbody | Arlene Martel as Tour Guide | Alfred Ryder as Dr. Dudley | Lonny Chapman as Gabe Lester | Moses Gunn as Morgan | Bruce Kirby as PR Man | Stuart Nisbet as Doctor | Val Avery as Walter McKay | Vic Morrow as Richard | Joyce Van Patten as Lucy Sloan
Director: Jack Smight

13 :02x06 - Fifth Man in a String Quartet

A former student of a violin teacher is accused of his murder, a man who's twin brother was once a mob member and needs to be rubbed out before he informs the police of their former crimes.
Guest Stars: Timothy Carey as Apt. Manager | Charlie Jones (2) as Newscaster | Jessica H. Jones as Victoria | Gloria Dixon as Loretta | Tami Shaw as Maid | Dick Miller as Green Hat | Alex Henteloff as Waldemar | Richard Haydn as Kurt | Avery Schreiber as Milton | Rick Weaver as Louis Brocco | Gary Collins as Kevin Mallory | Neville Brand as Fred R. Shultke | Shelley Fabares as Natalie Rudell | Joseph Wiseman as Paul Rudell/Stephen Rudensky
Director: Russ Mayberry

14 :02x07 - Give My Regrets to Broadway

A policeman is killed by a grenade, forcing McCloud into an investigation which uncovers a blackmail plot being used by a Broadway producer, to further his daughter's career in the business.
Guest Stars: Fran Ryan as Nurse | Reginald Owen as Orville | Arthur Malet as Leonard | Lane Bradbury as Carol Harrington | Arthur Franz as Charlie Harrington | Michael Santiago as Policeman | Barbara Rhoades as Susan | Regis Cordic as Partridge | Eric Christmas as Smight | Vic Tayback as Thomas | Jean Byron as Evelyn Reinhart | Manuel G. DePina as Warehouseman | Milton Berle as Malcolm Garnett | Barbara Rush as Louise Blanchard | Jeff Pomerantz as Julian Franco
Director: Lou Antonio

Season 3

15 :03x01 - The New Mexican Connection

A thief's accomplices attempt to get him killed off, after McCloud arrests him for a robbery and bank bombing he committed back in Taos 3 years earlier.
Guest Stars: John Finnegan as Detective | Victor Mohica as Deputy Delgado | Robby Weaver as Young Demonstrator | Gary Vinson as Wilks | Ray Danton as Stokes | Gilbert Roland as Marshal Ben Melendez | Jackie Cooper as Winn Hollis | Murray Hamilton as Adrian Becker | Rick Nelson as Jimmy Roy Taylor | Sharon Gless as Sergeant Maggie Clinger | Robert Hogan as Deputy (unbilled)

16 :03x02 - The Barefoot Stewardess Caper

A group of international stewardesses have been moonlighting by stealing expensive jewelry, and won't let anyone get in their way.
Guest Stars: Richard Angarola as Inspector Banducci | David Frankham as English Police Officer | Ginny Golden as Maria Ramirez | Donald Journeaux as Wine Steward | Lanna Saunders as Stewardess | Victor Rogers as London Agent | Lincoln Kilpatrick as Calvin Jones | Jacques Aubuchon as Monte Carlo Police Inspector | John Williams (1) as Inspector Mills | Britt Ekland as Vicki Erickson | Marlene Clark as as Marlene Carter) | Marcel Hillaire as Inspector Le Blanc | Oscar Beregi as Paris Waiter | Jo Ann Pflug as Eva Mueller | Don Knight as Brian Stone | Patrick O'Neal as Alex Demarest | Ivor Barry as Sir Thomas Langdon
Director: Harry Falk

17 :03x03 - The Park Avenue Rustlers

A new program has McCloud paired up with a female partner and are assigned to close a car theft and chop shop ring.
Guest Stars: William Bryant as Frank | James Gavin as Helicopter Pilot | Johnny Silver as Cab Driver | Stephanie Faulkner as Operator | Suzanne Cohane as Officer Patricia Banks | Michael Richardson as Richie Garris | Norman Fell as Lt. Ed Feldman | Brenda Vaccaro as Officer Marge Serino | Roddy McDowall as Phil Sandler | Eddie Albert as Roy Erickson | Lloyd Bochner as Jerry Bristol | George Murdock as Officer Duncan
Director: Jack Arnold
Writer: Sy Salkowitz

18 :03x04 - Showdown at the End of the World

A mobster is using a flight attendant as his way to smuggle heroin into the country.
Guest Stars: Rick Weaver as Jerry Connors | John Finnegan as Doorman | Bill Walker (1) as Customs Inspector | Don Hanmer as Ben | Jess Osuna as Director | Lew Palter as Cab Driver | Arthur Batanides as Andy Falco | Eddie Egan as Al Barber | Lee J. Cobb as Alexander Montello | Jaclyn Smith as Jackie Rogers | Bradford Dillman as Michael Dominick | Dee Timberlake as Maggie | Bruce Kirby as Desk Clerk
Director: Lou Antonio

19 :03x05 - The Million Dollar Round Up

A Roman mobster on his deathbed has offered up his priceless jeweled encrusted, green jade statue known as the "Saracen Horse," to any of his colleague's who can find its whereabouts.
Guest Stars: Joseph Ruskin as Balwant Dari | Patrick Whyte as Ronald Feathering | Jan Arvan as Dr. Massimo Vignola | Peter Mamakos as Mario Tagiagambe | Teri Turner as Tobe | David Sheehan as TV Reporter | Jay Novello as Cesare Cimarosa | Robert Middleton as Elliot Jason | Teri Garr as Nora Mullins | Dee Timberlake as Maggie | Tracy Reed (2) as Carol Broadhurst | Harry Guardino as Sergeant Toomey | Eric Braeden as Ravic | Nehemiah Persoff as Perry Cicero
Director: Douglas Heyes

Season 4

20 :04x01 - Butch Cassidy Rides Again

The NYPD demonstrates a robbery on a close circuit television, and get bushwhacked by a group of Old West desperados invading the concrete canyons of New York City.
Guest Stars: Lloyd Nolan as Elroy Jenkins | James Millhollin as 1st Executive | Herb Voland as 2nd Executive | William Bryant as Courier | Clete Roberts as Charles Price | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot | Stefanie Powers as Samantha Johnson | Pat O'Brien (2) as Mac Ferguson | Buddy Lester as Hotel Clerk | Linda Evans as Geri Marsh | Robert F. Simon as Tobey Harris | William Daniels as Clayton Gillis | Roger Davis (1) as Virgil | Artie Shaw as Fire Chief | Rick Weaver as 2nd Gang Member

21 :04x02 - The Solid Gold Swingers

Marshal McCloud investigates a robbery in a downtown apartment building and stumbles across a body, which then disappears. the case leads up to a madame kingpin of an escort service who's girls are being murdered by a serial killer.
Guest Stars: Richard Loo as Y.S. Chen | Denny Miller as Murphy Michaels | William Gleason as Billy | Don Hanmer as Harvey | William Bramley (1) as Detective Sgt. Reese | Simon Scott as Senator Arthur Ferris | Joanna Pettet as Melissa Thompson/Margaret Harker/Charlotte Ockerman | Steve Allen as Doug King | Neville Brand as Det. Lt. Roy Mackie | Joanna Barnes as Karen Chandler | Elizabeth Lane as Grace Hollenbeck | Ross Martin (1) as Jerry Davis/Frank Morris/Charles Hollenbeck

22 :04x03 - A Cowboy in Paradise

On a police convention in Hawaii, Clifford finds himself framed for murder and McCloud is the only one who can clear him.
Guest Stars: Karen Klein (1) as Stewardess | Alan Naluai as Carter the Chauffeur | Elithe Aguiar as Mara | Bob Basso as Alan Davis | Robert M. Luck as Bill Wrigley | Nephi Hannemann as Lieutenant Kelani | Richard Denning as Edgar Hamilton | Don Ho as Al Moana | Martha Hyer as Peggy Hamilton | Louise Lasser as Sergeant Maggie Philbin | James Gregory as Dave Harmon

23 :04x04 - The Colorado Cattle Caper

McCloud travels to Colorado and lends a hand in helping the local law stop a gang of cattle rustlers.
Guest Stars: John Milford as Ben Willis | Austin Stoker as Gene Pearson | Erick Holland as Lester Neal | Ronda Copland as Luann | George McDaniel as Willie | John Clavin as Reporter | Conrad E. Palmisano as Chet | Patrick Wayne as Deputy Morris Knowles | Vic Tayback as Carlo Banducci | Farrah Fawcett as Gloria Jean (as Farrah Fawcett-Majors) | Ed Ames as Abel Hollister | Claude Akins as Sheriff Floyd Bevins | John Denver as Deputy Dewey Cobb | Robert Sampson (1) as Clay Jordan
Director: Robert Day (2)

24 :04x05 - This Must Be the Alamo

During a heatwave, Chief Clifford is called away and leaves SGT. Joe Broadhurst in charge. A sports betting ring that scores with "inside injuries" looses the black book and eliminates witnesses searching for it, Leading to an assault on the precinct house.
Guest Stars: Yolanda Veloz as Lana's friend | Clete Roberts as Newsman | Mary Carver as "Queen" Mary | Marc Hannibal as Elton Packer | Laraine Stephens as Shannon Taylor | Booth Colman as Medical Examiner | Robby Weaver as Scoop Henderson | Jack Kelly as Manny Donner | Gregory Sierra as Patrolman Rico Cross | Michael Pataki as Officer Rizzo | Van Johnson as Dan Kiley | Ray Danton as Chet Mason | Eugene Roche as Rockford
Director: Bruce Kessler

Season 5

25 :05x01 - The Barefoot Girls of Bleecker Street

Marshal McCloud goes against a credit-card burglary ring that employs run away teen-aged girls in a night club scam.
Guest Stars: Keith Barbour as Chip | Gail Jensen as Sally | David Somerville as Fryer | Kay Lenz as Eve | Shelley Winters as Thelma | Raynold Gideon as Alan | James Nolan as Randall | Karen Klein (1) as Nancy | Ken Lynch as Detective Grover | Morris Buchanan as Sgt. Mulligan | Vicky Huxtable as Sherry | Read Morgan as Attendant | Don Hanmer as Johnny | Gordon MacRae as Sheriff John Rodney | Robyn Millan as Honey | Whit Bissell as Dr. Hansen | Bill Fletcher as Harry Walters | Lindsay Workman as William | Joshua Shelley as Desk Clerk |
Uncredited: James Noble (1) as Sergeant Harris

26 :05x02 - The Gang That Stole Manhattan

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Guest Stars: Salem Ludwig as Ben Segrist | Ruth McDevitt as Landlady | Toni Holt as Miss Gigi | Edward Binns as Wild Bill Hickok | Marc Lawrence (1) as Vito Gilardi | Leslie Parrish as Lynne O'Connell | Fernando Lamas as Max Cortez | Larry Hagman as Larry Harris | Junero Jennings as Officer Levine | Gino Ardito as O'Hara | Jerry Lacy as Jack Mellish | Gerald York as Produce Company Manager
Director: Jerry Jameson

27 :05x03 - Shivaree on Delancy Street

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Guest Stars: Louis Gossett, Jr. as Justin | Jack Kruschen as Selditz | Cesare Danova as John Amado | John Quade as Merle Koska | Danny Thomas as Marcus Rubin | Jesse Welles as Judy Rubin | Stack Pierce as Harry Peoples | Sally Kemp as Gloria Allison | Michael Delano as Sgt. Rizzo | John Devlin as Sgt. Ashby | Dennis McCarthy as Police Commissioner | Tom Moses as Perry | Vincent Baggetta as Lt. Bryant | Mary Munday as Nurse | Aldine King as Candy | Michael Santiago as Eddie Clark - Numbers runner

28 :05x04 - The 42nd Street Cavalry

Marshal McCloud while on assignment on mounted horse detail smashes a ring involved with the theft of military weapons from an armory.
Guest Stars: Hunter Von Leer as Security Guard | Bert Freed as Packy Keefe | Victor Campos as Hector Ramirez | Rafael Campos as Manny | Michael Parks as Frank | Peter Mark Richman as Captain Dettmer | Julie Sommars as Sergeant Mildred Cross | John Finnegan as Harvey | Darwin Joston as Corporal Evans | Steve Bond as Donny | Brett Parker as Sheriff Ben Thornton | Rudy Challenger as Lt. Melton | George Murdock as Sergeant Rosovitch
Director: Jerry Jameson

29 :05x05 - The Concrete Jungle Caper

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Guest Stars: Victor Jory as Joseph Rhigas | John Marley as Phillip Rhigas | Maurice Marsac as Police Official | James Carroll Jordan as Steven Rhigas | John Sistrunk as Bartender | John Russell as Harry Hague | Lonny Chapman as Guard Kramer | Angel Tompkins as Madge | Brock Peters as DDT | Joseph Campanella as Victor Rhigas | Robert Donner as Val | Ben Frommer as Bum

30 :05x06 - The Man with the Golden Hat

When hanging up his Stetson hat at a restaurant, McCloud is stymied by someone who tries to steal it. A clue leads him to a ballet company on the verge of going under, and a philanthroptic foundation in which an embezzler had made off with millions of dollars from the books.
Guest Stars: Roger C. Carmel as David Kern | Philip Carey as Howard Barnett | Erica Hagen as Linda | Arthur Malet as Garvey | Liam Dunn as Ben | Robert Webber (1) as Fritz August | Don Ameche as René Jauvert | Jaclyn Smith as Margaret Hart | Kyle Johnson as Frank Fergus | Sybil Scotford as Emily Cook | Rick Weaver as George Faraday | Mills Watson as Elrod "Hank" Cook

31 :05x07 - Lady on the Run

A woman pursues a mob hit man who has killed her sister, and in Mexico City is pursued by Marshal McCloud, SGT. Broadhurst and the mob
Guest Stars: Jorge Martinez de Hoyos as Inspector De Palma | Roger Cudney as Drake | Clu Gulager as Johnny Monahan | Mariette Hartley as Ann Lassiter | Pancho Cordoba as Lopez

32 :05x08 - Sharks!

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Guest Stars: Dick Haymes as Bruce Carpenter | Sandra Ego as Susan Blooming Bush | Woodrow Parfrey as Arden the Pawnbroker | Pat Hingle as Lieutenant Easton | Carmen Zapata as Mrs. Moreno | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot | Richard O'Brien (2) as Father Wallace | A. Martinez as Larry Moreno | Lynda Day George as Stacey Decker | Martin E. Brooks as Walter Bentley | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Father Livingston | Monika Ramirez as Carla | Stuart Nisbet as Herb | Jackie Russell as Mrs. Bentley | Patrick Culliton as Ted Hanford | Christopher George (1) as Vincent Burns

33 :05x09 - Return to the Alamo

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Guest Stars: Roger E. Mosley as Dolan | Mark Wheeler as Hoyt Foreman | Don Siegel as 2nd Desk Sergeant | Lew Brown as Jennings | Bob Basso as Patrolman | Marjorie Battles as Lady | Lawrence Montaigne as Willie Dee | Regis Cordic as Dr. Hunt | Larry Storch as Parkes | John Finnegan as 1st Desk Sergeant | Charles Tyner as William Lang | Jeanne Cooper as Gladys | Brad Dexter as Mr. Foreman | Robby Weaver as Marty Foreman
Director: Walter Doniger

Season 6

34 :06x01 - Park Avenue Pirates

McCloud goes undercover to uncover music-business pirates.
Guest Stars: Paul Hampton as Tommy | Al Ruscio as Doctor | Robert Gibbons as Benny | Joanne Corcoran as Kathy | John A. Zee as Wexler | Larry Carroll (1) as Helicopter Pilot | Hoke Howell as Jeremy Darnel | Fred Holliday as Lund | Jessica Walter as Jessica Wright | Anne Schedeen as Tina | Raymond St. Jacques as Unknown | Barbi Benton as Shannon | Lorna Luft as Unknown | Dick Whittington as Mike Parker
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Writer: Lou Shaw

35 :06x02 - Showdown at Times Square

An Apache chief searches for his grandson who has headed to New York to find the men who killed his father. But when the young man commits a murder, he winds up dead himself, leaving McCloud and the chief to hunt down his murderer.
Guest Stars: Noel Shire as Dr. Brand | Sandy Brown Wyeth (1) as Cookie's Sister | John Kauffman (1) as Johnny | Ted Hartley as Donald Williams | Henry Gibson as Cookie Watkins | Sharon Farrell as Holly Dayton | Chief Dan George as Chief Stillwater | Don Meredith as Linus Morton | Allan Miller (1) as B.G. Clarkson | Joshua Shelley as Fields
Director: Ron Satlof
Story: Sidney Ellis | Teleplay: Lou Shaw

36 :06x03 - Fire!

McCloud goes undercover when a Chris' building is burned down and Chris' nephew and the security guard are killed. The investigation shows that the building's owner was in debt and likely committed arson for the insurance money.
Guest Stars: Lonny Chapman as Forman | George Gaynes as Floyd Spencer | Robert Ellenstein as Mr. Andrews | Stack Pierce as Captain Roth | Robby Weaver as Stan Barry | J. Jay Saunders as Colton | Robert Reed (1) as Jason Carter | Adrienne LaRussa as Claire | Terence Kingsley-Smith as Steward | Rosalind Saunders as Flo | Skip Lowell as Mark | Hal Riddle as Jack Porter | Mel Gallagher as Carey | David Garfield (2) as Dr. Maynard
Director: Lou Antonio

37 :06x04 - Three Guns for New York

Three bank robbers have escaped from prison in New Mexico and are headed to New York to exact their revenge on McCloud for the injuries he inflicted on the gang's leader, and to find the stolen loot they ditched during the initial chase.
Guest Stars: Gino Arditi as O'Hara | Lance Hool as Coy | Keith Atkinson as Edmonds | Jack Kutcher as Wilson | Wright King as Carter | Greg Mullavy as Brad Rankin | James Wainwright as Val Rankin | Neville Brand as Burl Connors
Director: Bruce Kessler
Writer: Jeff Sharkey

38 :06x05 - Our Man in the Harem

A businessman is shipping his female kidnap victims to a sheik in the Middle East in hopes of landing a big contract there.
Guest Stars: Kim O'Brien as Nancy Houstachek | John S. Ragin as Mr. Jessup | Kathrine Baumann as Eunice Selby | Daniel Ades as Toto | Randi Oakes as Margo Dale | Robert Karnes as Officer Matt Houstachek | Jeff Corey as Sheik Kipal | Michael Ansara as Ramal | Anne Archer as Wilhelmina Kirk | Linda Gray as Cindy Yates | Murray Hamilton as Donald Yates | Robert F. Simon as Mr. Caine
Director: E.W. Swackhamer
Story: Glen A. Larson, Lou Shaw | Teleplay: Lou Shaw

39 :06x06 - The Day New York Turned Blue

A crazy day in New York finds the city experiencing a snowstorm as a Federal Inspector comes to balance the books. Meanwhile, a union lawyer is held in protection because of his knowledge of a graft incident, and a hooker is slipping something in her clients drinks and then paints their bodies in blue paint. Also, the mob plans to rush the department as the policemen set up a strike meeting.
Guest Stars: Gig Young as Jack Hefferman | Marge Redmond as Mrs. Johnson | Val Bisoglio as Cheney | Alex Nicol as Commissioner Denton | Paul Lambert as Constantine | Nancy Fox as Maggie | Vincent Baggetta as Fine | Carole Wells as Charlene | Michael Pataki as Officer Rizzo | Bernadette Peters as Bebe Murchinson | Herbert Jefferson, Jr. as Doctor | William Daniels as R.P. Pearson | Rick Weaver as Wilder | Carl Weathers as Police Officer Delaney
Director: E.W. Swackhamer

40 :06x07 - Night of the Shark

A mob hit in New York sends McCloud and Clifford to Sydney, Austrailia. Along the way, a bail jumper recognizes McCloud from a New Mexico murder case and puts a contract on McCloud's head.
Guest Stars: Alwyn Kurts as Chief Superintendent Caldwell | Victoria Shaw as Carol Donnelly | Gus Mercurio as Alex Demery | Lloyd Bochner as Alfred Donnelly | Anthony Wager as Sinclair | Grigor Taylor as Bill Taylor | Brian Henderson as TV Announcer | Gerry Duggan (1) as Old Man | Jack Fagan as Doc | Bruce Kerr as Doctor | William Charlton as Dover | James Condon as Charles Oakland | Rowena Wallace as Jennifer McGee
Director: Ron Satlof

Season 7

41 :07x01 - Bonnie and McCloud

McCloud escorts his girlfriend Bonnie to Oklahoma, after she kills her ex-boyfriend, the head of a trucking company.
Guest Stars: George Memmoli as Cab Driver | Ed Call as Attendant | John Clavin as Texas Sheriff | Randolph Powell as 2nd Officer | Hunter Von Leer as 1st Officer | Joe LaDue as Carl Griffin | Henry Oliver as Doctor | Gilbert Green as Jack Straker | Chuck Morrell as Johnny Foster | Richard Jaeckel as Sheriff Matheson | Vic Tayback as Harry "Steam Hammer" McNair | Leigh Taylor-Young as Bonnie Foster | Geoffrey Lewis as Andy Kline | John Quade as Pete Stern | Gregory Walcott as Charlie Watson | Dennis Burkley as "Big Mama"

42 :07x02 - 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas...

A quiet Christmas in New York? Marshall McCloud hopes for the best but is soon coping with threatened suicide and the holding of a child hostage by a trio of drug dealers.
Guest Stars: Tom Pedi as Santa | Ann Dusenberry as Peggy | Robert Ellenstein as Captain Hellman | Robby Weaver as Scott | Linda Gray as Kate O'Hannah | Henry Olek as The Stranger | Dean Stockwell as Pete Lancaster | William Sylvester (1) as Jason Howard
Director: Dennis Weaver

43 :07x03 - The Great Taxicab Stampede

McCloud is framed for the murder of a taxi driver who was also a drug dealer, and is being sought after by the victim's sister, a member of the Israeli Army.
Guest Stars: Don Brodie as Funeral Director | Patti Chandler as Policewoman | Bob Golden (1) as Jerry | Ernie Lively as Bartender | James Ingersoll as David Kessler | Tom Moses as Ted Richards | Patricia Quinn as Eileen Mitchell | Jane Seymour as Nidavah Ritzach | George Hamilton as Keith Hampton | Alan Manson as Murray Gutman | Ben Frommer as Winston
Director: Ivan Dixon

44 :07x04 - The Moscow Connection

McCloud's country singing friend is scheduled for a trip to Russia, but suddenly went crazy and nearly killed a woman. Clifford and McCloud accompany him on the trip in hopes of nabbing a Russian mafia drug smuggler and help a scientist defect along with his daughter.
Guest Stars: Lew Palter as Hotel Clerk | Arthur Malet as Hotel Clerk # 2 | Rick Traeger as Lukoff | Walt Davis as Hagen | Tom Henschel as Unknown | Robert Phillips (1) as Bresnovitch | David Hurst as Andrei Krasnavian | Morgan Paull as Pierre Belsen | Nehemiah Persoff as Tereshkoff | L.Q. Jones as Kenny Hingle | Britt Ekland as Tatiana Krasnavian | Hoyt Axton as Johnny Starbuck
Director: Bruce Kessler

45 :07x05 - London Bridges

The host of a costume party is killed, witnessed by Lord Charles Bridges, a cat burglar who was in the process of stealing a prized ring. Further investigation of the ring reveals a hidden compartment in which a piece of microfilm is stored which reveals a plot by Irish terrorists to bomb the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace.
Guest Stars: DeAnn Mears as Lady Sinclair | Derek Murcott as Deputy Inspector Phillips | Elena Frank as Reporter | Terence Kingsley-Smith as Mountie | Roger Newman as Lord James Rothwell | Spencer Milligan as Liam O'Brien | Richard Sanders as Matt Clayton | Susan Woollen as Tracy Bridges | Bernard Behrens as John Keaton | Stephen Nathan as Simon Fletcher | John Lehne as Jack Garland | Jack Cassidy as Lord Charles Bridges | Adam Faith as Inspector Craig
Director: Noel Black

46 :07x06 - McCloud Meets Dracula

Murder victims with puncture marks on their necks and drained of blood leads McCloud to a movie retirement home in search for a famous vampire movie actor.
Guest Stars: Bobbie Mitchell as Angie | Gino Ardito as Cop | Victoria Fisher (1) as Stokes | Dennis Levine as 2nd Officer | Carole Mallory as 2nd Girl | Vince Howard as Reporter | Booth Colman as Coroner | Reggie Nalder as Morris | Michael Sacks as Dr. Harvey Pollick | John Carradine as Loren Belasco | Tom Snyder as Himself | John Finnegan as 1st Officer | Toni Lawrence as 1st Girl |
Uncredited: Michael Pataki as Reporter
Director: Bruce Kessler
Warning: McCloud guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 120 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1970
Ended: April 17, 1977
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