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Progeny - Recap

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Dr. Natalie Durant convinces Dr. Connor to take a case in which children are mysteriously a deadly muscle inflammation. The crew heads to Massachusetts and the immediate blame was putted on a factory that is possibly dumping the toxins that is infecting the children. It raises more suspicions on the factory when Dr. Miles McCabe finds a green colored toxin in one of the factory's site and the factory's owner is refusing to cooperate. Back in the lab, Dr. Durant finds a stunning commonality between all the infected children, they are all born through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). What are the odds of that? It is also concluded that the factory's toxin is not the cause of the children's infection, but the cause of the male worker's sperm count. Since the children's fathers is employed or was once employed at the factory, they became infected and therefore have trouble reproducing.

However the twist does not end there. Connor went to the human embryo clinic that was the site of the children's IVF, and finds the doctor that was involved in the children's IVF, Dr. Lois McCarthy. In McCarthy's office, Connor finds the pictures of all her IVF patients and finds a strange commonality. They all look similar. Connor calls Durant to test the children's DNA and it's confirmed that all the children have the same father's gene.

Connor goes back to McCarthy's office and McCarthy reveals the entire secret. She was involved with a man who died at an early age. When many fathers confronted McCarthy on IVF, McCarthy knew that these father would never be able to have children, so she extracted sperms from her dead lover and putted them in all females who wanted IVF at that time. But what McCarthy doesn't know is that her lover had defected sperms, therefore all the children who was produced are now suffering from it. With proper medication and physical therapy, the children could make a full recovery.

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