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Spiked - Recap

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Several women playing volleyball in the beach discover a dead man floated on shore with rashes on him. One of these woman also has the same rashes and is being send to the hospital. Many believes it's the seals that are transferring a disease into these victims. Dr. Karen Lowe, a marine biologist that studies seals, call her friend, Dr. Stephen Conor, to help settle the case and prove it's not the seals that are infecting the people. Meanwhile, a man is planning to kill off the seals, thinking that it's the seals that are infecting the people and needs to be destroyed. Karen tries to push a court order to stop the him, but failed. The man prepares for the assault.

Later on, Karen gets infected and is shipped to the hospital. Dr. Natalie Durant suggests to do an open lung surgery to get a large sample of the tissue in hopes of getting a better knowledge on what they are dealing with here. Stephen objects, knowing that Karen may be too weak to take the surgery. But Natalie convinces Stephen that this is the right course of action because they need to figure out what this disease is and stop it fast. Connor finally agrees and they performed the surgery. They find out that Karen's lungs are already badly damaged by the disease. Later, a little boy got shipped to the hospital with the same disease.

Natalie analyses the tissue and finds out that a microscopic spores is involved. This extremely rare disease can only come from a desert, but neither one of victims had been to any desert. Frank and Eva Rossi decide to go the their latest victim's house (the little boy) and search it. And what do you know, they find a sand box. The test for the sand came back positive for the spores. They track down the company that produced the sand and ordered an immediate shutdown on selling the sand. Later, the team also finds out that Karen also brought the sands for her nature preserve, therefore herself and the seals are infected. Only a rare 3% of the people who breath in these sands can get infected, and I that volleyball woman was unfortunate to be one of them. Eva also stops the seal hunters in time before they are hunted.

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Warning: Medical Investigation season 1 episode 12 guide may contain spoilers
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