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Ice Station - Recap

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Frank Powell has to leave his family again for work, but promises his daughter that he will be back for her birthday. The team, minus Eva Rossi, heads to Antarctica after several people had already died from a strange disease. Once they got to the scene, Dr. Stephen Connors decides to sent Miles McCabe, along with several sick people and a dead body back to the hospital, to do an autopsy. That leaves Connor, Dr. Natalie Durant, Frank Powell, and two other station personals waiting for the next helicopter.

Once back at the hospital, McCabe gets started at the autopsy. But Eva jumps in and reports that they have a problem. A stom is heading towards the Antarctica station and it will take at least 72 hours for it to clear up and sent another helicopter. The team is trapped in Antarctica.

Back at the station, one of the remaining personals start to get aggressive and acted up. He attacked Natalie and Frank, Connors steps in and save the day. However, Frank's body temperature is heating up and he in fact had caught the disease. Connor and Miles both start to search for the cure at their respective location.

What's worst is that guy starts to act up again and starts pointing his gun at the team. He then ran out and somehow manage to shut the power to the station. Knowing that they need to power to communicate with Miles and maintain life-support for Frank, Stephen journeys out to restore the power. Although he manages to succeed, the infected victim also used his gun to shot himself to avoid further pain the disease is causing him.

After some interviewing done by Miles and Stephen, they both realize a strange commonality. The ones that smoke a Cuban is not infected from the virus. Knowing the Cuban may be the key to save Frank, Natalie starts the antibiotics consistent with Cubans. Frank is saved, but is unable to make it back to his daughter's birthday. Over the phone, Frank reads her a story about Peter Rabbit.

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Warning: Medical Investigation season 1 episode 14 guide may contain spoilers
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