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The Main Mew's Muse - Recap

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As Zoey sleeps during class, she has an awkward dream of her fighting off a monster and being cheered on by a crowd of Marks. Once the real Mark shows up and points out how ridiculous her ears and tail are, she finds herself shouting in her dream. She then gets hit on the head with a book then gets made fun of by her teacher.

After having a small conversation with her friends Christine and Megan, she starts to suspect that she let out her posing phrase when she realizes other students are saying it.

Once school is over, Zoey begins to whine about not having spent any time with Mark lately. Not soon after she whines he turns up and invite her to take a walk with him. As they walk into the park, Zoey thought so hard of where they were going, her tail and ears popped out of her body, where she fled away. Once they were done with their walk, Zoey and Mark are in front of a tree called the Cherry Blossom tree, where Mark shows Zoey his softer side as reveals to her that a cicada lives inside the tree and calls out to many, but never gets an answer.

Zoey goes into the Mew Mew Cafe with the smile on her face and cause some slight commotion. After the cafe closes, Wesley brings out a celebration cake, to celebrate them coming together as a group. Just before the girls could enjoy the delicious cake, Elliot informs them trouble is going down at the Cherry Blossom Tree, where Dren is shown waiting for a certain event.

As the girls find which animal they are bonded with, Zoey becomes depressed when Elliot announces he is uncertain of when they are going to return to normal. Unfortunately, as soon as Zoey feels happy, she's told by the pretty boys that the aliens are sending out a virus that could destroy many things, the Cherry Blossom being the cause of everything.

The Mew Mews transform and go into the woods, where they run into Mark, who is innocently collecting leaves. Once Mark collapses onto the floor, it appears as if he may not awake.

Zoey rushes over to the middle tree and sees Dren standing in front of it, she advises him to move or she'll destroy him along with the tree. Dren takes this lightly and tells Zoey he can save her if she agrees to marry him.

Naturally, she refuses, and the 2 begin to fight for a short time. Zoey manages to scratch him across the face. He tells her he's stalled her long enough for the trees to become strong enough to poison the city.

He gives her another chance to come with him or face the poisonous trees, Zoey finally realizes she must destroy the tree to save the city.

She attacks the tree and the poison leaves the trees. Dren bids her farewell for now and leaves. Just then, Mark awakens and sees Zoey and realizes that the girl is her. Zoey freaks but he tells her it's okay.

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