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Season 5

91 :05x01 - Hostile Takeover (3)

Crockett still believes himself to be Burnett, and plays "divide and conquer" with the crime families around him
Guest Stars: Joe Santos as Oscar Carrera | Raul San as Unknown | Gordon McConnell as Boyd | Robert Escobar as Emilio | Matt Frewer as Cliff King | Victor Argo as Commandante Salazar | Paul Lazar as David Sugarman | Anthony Crivello as Miguel Carrera | Jon Polito as Ernesto Manolo | Debra Feuer as Celeste Carrera | Anthony Bruce as Young Attorney

92 :05x02 - Redemption in Blood (4)

Crockett's' memories reawaken within Burnett, his mind a jigsaw puzzle, he continues his assault against the Vice, but begins making more and more mistakes, only a final gamble from Tubbs can save his life from both the Vice and the drug lords...
Guest Stars: Bob Hoelscher as Policeman | Lynn Ladner as Third Bodyguard | Jeff Staffaroni as First Bodyguard | Steven Tyler as Reeves | Xavier Coronel as Unknown | Matt Frewer as Cliff King | Jon Polito as Ernesto Manolo | Victor Argo as Commandante Salazar | Debra Feuer as Celeste Carrera | Robert Small as Doctor

93 :05x03 - Heart of Night

Castillo races to the aid of his ex-wife's new family as they come under fire from a vengeful drug lord
Guest Stars: Joe Bernal as Watchman | Roy Datz as Dimitri | Raphael Rey Gomez as Fuentes | Don Rincones as Presidente | Gustavo Rojas as Unknown | David Arisco as Hernandez | Bob Gunton as Rivas | Rico Elias as Cortez | Michael Lombard as Malcolm Gray | James Saito as Ma Sek | Rosalind Chao as Mai Ying | R. Emmett Fitzsimmons as Perkins

94 :05x04 - Bad Timing

Crockett is taken off duty for forced R'N'R and soon becomes involved in a hostage situation
Guest Stars: Lori Creevay as Miriam | Joy Ellen Johnson as Thelma | Rob LaGamba as Richards | Robert MacBeth as Fisherman | Greg Paul Meyers as Johnny | Rita Rehn as Unknown | Jermaine Stewart as The Singer | Tim Bice as Unknown | Ted Bartsch as Fredrickson | John Archie as Mills | Marc MacAulay as Doc Jerry | Melissa Leo as Kathleen Gilfords | William O'Leary as Scotty | Pruitt Taylor Vince as Cruz | Gary Farmer as Wilson | Stephanie Roth Haberle as Psychiatrist
Director: Virgil W. Vogel

95 :05x05 - Borrasca

Crockett and Tubs are faced with a dilemma of conscience and duty when they are told point blank by government operatives supervising a delicate drug sting that no measure of intervention from local police factions are to be permitted as the sting progresses.
Guest Stars: Robert Marrero as De La Cart | Rene Rokk as Mario Ramos | Victor Rivers as Luis | Ruben Rabasa as Vic | Ray Nieman as Unknown | Rocky Mandara as Unknown | Robert D'Avanzo as Man | Tony Bolano as Joaquin Davilla | Brion James as Edward Reese | Carlos Cestero as Arturo Riva | Juan Fernandez as Martillo Borrasca | Mario Ernesto Sánchez as Jorge | Gabriela Roel as Lucia Meron
Director: Vern Gillum

96 :05x06 - Line of Fire

Crockett and Tubbs are assigned to protect a star witness crucial to convicting a drug lord
Guest Stars: Aasif Mandvi as Doorman | Michael George Owens as Lawyer - Davis | K.H. Roberts as Surgeon | Rugged Edge as The band at club | Avery Sommers as Nurse | Justin Lazard as Keith Mullis | John W. Gentz as Witness | Judith Delgado as Judge | Gino Cabanas as Reyes | Barry Primus as FBI Agent Daley | Teresa Blake as Blonde - FBI Agent Lasota | Parris Buckner as Prosecutor | Sean M. Latterner as Special Agent Randolph | Ahron Irale as Carlos Cantero | Kevyn Major Howard as FBI Agent Bates
Director: Richard Compton

97 :05x07 - Asian Cut

A predatory serial killer stalking and murdering local call girls prompts an investigation by Crockett and Tubbs, they elect to use a decoy to sniff the killer out
Guest Stars: Steve Gladstone as Motel Owner | Carolyn Hurlburt as Cheryl Stone | Randi Ingerman as Angela | Anthony R. Jones as Lester | Spider Martin as Otis | Stephen Neal as Sergeant | Kim Faze as Monica | W. Paul Bodie as Pimp | David Schramm as Prof. Eric Halliwell | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Tegoro | Russell Horton as Stuart Whitney | Steve Ryan as Mr. Dyson | Alfredo Alvarez Calderon as Carlos Escobar | Julian Brams as Sandy Dyson

98 :05x08 - Hard Knocks

An outside group are expecting an ace football player to drop a game, they recruit Switek to convince him to do this, which drives him to gambling to relieve him of the pressure.
Guest Stars: Ismael "East" Carlo as Chi Chi Vasquez | Darin dePaul as Alonzo | Peter Fournier as Fan | George Mato as Pit Boss | Carroll Myers as Dealer | Terri Swift as Valerie | Augie Brown as Coach | James Silverman as unknown | Gy Mirano as Maria | Richard Joseph Paul as Kevin Mulhern | Richard Jenkins as Goodman | Victor Slezak as Jerome Horowitz | Jordan Clarke as Mac Mulhern | Felecia Rafield as Holly
Director: Vern Gillum

99 :05x09 - Fruit of the Poison Tree

A hard working Attorney is investigated by Crockett and Tubbs when they become convinced he is doing far more than just fighting for drug dealers, but is keeping their stock profitable once they pass from their hands to his
Guest Stars: Brian Gaunt as Ricky | Ken Kay as Garcia | Tom Kouchalakos as Stevens | Howard Neu as Judge #1 | Edgar Allan Poe IV as Jamie | Jessica Read as Little Girl | Sal Devarti as Raul | Alex Daoud as Judge #2 | Arnie Cox as Vendor | Jeffrey Meek as Roberto Enriquez | Stephen McHattie as Sam Boyle | Jordan Clarke as Mac Mulhern | Tony Sirico as Frank Romano | Anthony Lattanzio as Jordan | Amanda Plummer as Lisa Madsen

100 :05x10 - To Have and to Hold (a.k.a. Second Chance)

Crockett and his son attempt to heal emotional wounds, whilst Tubbs once more falls for the right girl with the wrong crowd
Guest Stars: Clayton Barclay Jones as Billy Crockett | Xavier Barquet as Miguel Ortega | Rafael Ferrer as Carlos Pendroza Jr. | Mary Lou Rosato as Lucia Pendroza | Miguel Ferrer as Ramon Pendroza | Elpidia Carrillo as Maria Ortega-Pendroza | Sal Carollo as Don di Marco | Francisco Padura as Guerrero | Will Knickerbocker as Delivery Man | Belinda Montgomery as Caroline Crockett-Ballard | Parris Buckner as Bob Ballard | E. Duke Vincent as Tony Murati | Seth Steiger as Coroner | Joe Petrullo as Louis Pendroza | Alex Panas as Caesar
Director: Eugene Corr

101 :05x11 - Miami Squeeze

Castillo is implicated in drug trafficking by a corrupt Congresswoman, Crockett intervenes to defend his boss and investigate
Guest Stars: Daniel Villarreal as Lewis Woods | Robert Joy as Sebastian Ross | Gregg Todd Davis (1) as Maury Bergman | Sherrie Rose as Jenny | Michael Lazar as Michael | Conrad Roberts as Commissioner Williford | Justin Lazard as Joey | Peter Nelson as Dan Shaw | Jayne Haynes as Psychiatrist | Paul Provenza as Ricky DeMaria | Rita Moreno as Congresswoman Madelyn Woods | Mario Ernesto Sánchez as Morales | Anthony Correa as Decoy | Jim diBernardo as Policeman | David Armstrong Roberts as Night Watchman | Deborah Allison as Doctor

102 :05x12 - Jack of All Trades

Crockett reunites with his scheming cousin Jack
Guest Stars: David Andrews as Jack Crockett | Robert Miranda as Ray Soliz | Jesse Borrego as Octavio Escandero | John Santucci as Harry Grubbs | Armando Costoya Jr. as Martin | Scotty Gallin as Julio | Stephen Geng as Eddie | Greg Gerard as Clerical policeman | Kirsten Steinhauer as Salesgirl | Jeff Moldovan as Metro detective | Carlos Mena as Miguel Soliz | Martin Martiness as Ace | Leslie Lahman as Yvonne
Director: Vern Gillum

103 :05x13 - The Cell Within

Tubbs is captured and trapped within the home of a mentally scarred author he put away years ago.
Guest Stars: Mark McCracken as Mason Jackson | Peter Haig as Publisher | Jafari Dunn as Luis | Juan F. Cejas as Junkie - Eddie | L.M. Kit Carson as Robert Phelps | Maria Pitillo as Prostitute - Anna | Robin Bartlett as Rhoda King | John P. Ryan as Jack Manning | Richard Gant as Battlin' Barry Gay

104 :05x14 - The Lost Madonna

Crockett and Tubbs pose as Black Market art fencers as they hunt for the central peice of a valuable painting
Guest Stars: Joel Goodman as Sigmar | Ralph Marino as Unknown | Tim McCormack as Auctioneer | Anthony Mercado as Unknown | Ken Vitulli as Unknown | Lee Duval as Collector | Cynthia Caquelin as Society woman | David Arisco as Arroyo | Stephen G. Anthony as Stanley "Ice Pick" Costa | Elizabeth Berridge as Julia Scianti | Ned Eisenberg as Sal Castelli | Michael Chiklis as NYPD Det. Jeffrey Whitehead | Peter Dobson as Joey Scianti
Director: Chip Chalmers

105 :05x15 - Over the Line

Crockett and Tubbs contend with a rouge unit abusing their powers as officers to deliver their own style of justice
Guest Stars: Tony Vila Jr. as Policeman | Kevin Quigley as Geek | Tomas Arana as Walter Stevens | Robert Fields as Capt. Richard Highsmith | Anthony Barrile as Johnny | John Galateo as Reginald Hawkins | Ed Amatrudo as Tommy T. | Shawn Burke as Policeman | Martin Ferrero as Izzy Moreno | Nelson Oramas as Escalante | Marlon Hoffman as Street Tough | Ruthe Geier as Beauty | Kevin Corrigan as Jamison | Carol Cadby as Housewife
Director: Russ Mayberry

106 :05x16 - Victims of Circumstance

A Nazi war criminal is targeted by Holocaust survivors, who soon become targets of a ruthless assassin
Guest Stars: Troy Mays as Duey | Lou Morhaim as Murray | Stephen Neal as Metro Policeman | Tom Nowicki as Dwayne | Edgar Allan Poe IV as Unknown | Larry Silverberg as Elliott Hoffman | Denise Wynn as Mrs. Baker | Del Zamora as Ernesto Alvarez | Jerry Hotchkiss as Jacob Hoffman | Herb Goldstein as Sy Rosenthal | Cindy Gold as Medical Examiner | William Hickey as Hans Kozak | Stefan Gierasch as Dr. Leo Krebs | Xander Berkeley as Det. Bailey | Janet Julian as Society lady (Janet Johnson) | Paul Guilfoyle (1) as John Baker | John Leguizamo as Angelo Alvarez | Karen Black as Helen Jackson | Dave Corey as Priest
Director: Colin Bucksey

107 :05x17 - Freefall

When Crockett and Tubbs are assigned to the goverment region of Costa Morada to escort it's dictator, who has promised to reveal the secrets of the South American drug cartel, the two find their work isn't above this world...it's part of what makes it work despite them. Crockett and Tubbs engage in a final battle as a team, and face a final choice that will redefine where they stand with the force.
Guest Stars: Xavier Coronel as Ramirez | Roy Datz as Priest | Andrew Castillo as Thug | Tamara Glynn as Young Woman | Peter Lundquist as Reporter #2 | Linda McNeill as Clerk | Roger Pretto as Miranda | Don Rincones as Finance Minister | Bobby Rodriguez (1) as Guzman | Raul San as Thug | Pamela M. Stuart as Reporter #1 | Bill Cordell as Policeman | Alfredo Alvarez Calderon as Montoya | Greg Germann as Johnny Raymond | Sherman Howard as Col. Andrew Baker of Special Drug Taskforce | Ana Alexander as Borbon's fiancee | Elpidia Carrillo as Sister Felicia | Ian McShane as Gen. Manuel Borbon | Maria Strova as Bianca Borbon | Martin Ferrero as Izzy Moreno | René Rivera as Capt. Jimendez | Robert Beltran as Amendez | Robert Fields as Commissioner Richard Highsmith | Sergio Dore Jr. as Immigration Officer
Director: Russ Mayberry
Songs: Genesis -- Land Of Confusion

108 :05x18 - World of Trouble

Lombrad resurfaces, on the run and under fire from a crime lord out to finish him once and for all
Guest Stars: Ari Bargil as Tommy Lombard | W. Paul Bodie as Police officer | Traber Burns as Sattler | David Caprita as Bodyguard | Grant Norman as Gate Guard | Mel Shrawder as Colonel | Bhetty Waldron as Clerk | Fred James Aranzullo as Gino | Julian Brams as Rita Lombard | Dennis Farina as Albert Lombard | Luca Bercovici as Hans Weiszeler | Marc MacAulay as Johnny Cottman | Ned Eisenberg as Librizzi | Tim Quill as Lombard's Son | Tom Kouchalakos as Hanley | Vincent Schiavelli as Lawrence Fowler
Director: Alan Myerson

109 :05x19 - Miracle Man

Crockett and Tubbs contend with a harmless vigilante in superhero garb who manages to seriously compromise their drug sting operations
Guest Stars: Madeline Colon as Amy Esteban | Robert Escobar as Torres | Bob Gerchen as D. A. Hoffman | Anne Lynn Kettles as Dr. Martin | Gy Mirano as Maria Esteban | Jamie V. Rodriguez as Kid | Fara Schiller as Reporter | Joe Bernal as Ruiz | Rod Ball as Orderly | R. Emmett Fitzsimmons as Sergeant | John Castellanos as Carlos Perena | Martin Ferrero as Izzy Moreno | Jose Perez as Jorge 'Miracle Man' Esteban | Zach Grenier as Eric Terry | Daniel Rojo as Manuel Aguliar | Conrad Roberts as Henry Williford
Director: Alan Myerson

110 :05x20 - Leap of Faith

A series of student related deaths lead Crockett and a Friend to investigate the actions of a college Professor
Guest Stars: Tony Tracy as Biker | Donna Rosae as College Girl | Rene Rokk as Antonio | Andrew Deutsch as Peter Ladd | Stephen G. Anthony as Pig | Keith Gordon as Prof. Terrence "Terry" Baines | Jennifer Rubin (1) as Claire | Laura San Giacomo as Tonya Lewis | Cameron Dye as Jack Andrews | Kiel Martin as Paul Cutter | Justin Lazard as Joey Harden | Adam Storke as Ray Mundy
Director: Robert Iscove

111 :05x21 - Too Much, Too Late

Tubbs reunites with old flame Valerie, and chooses to ignore her part in covering up a murder. The nature of the death and it's circumstances however push Tubbs into demanding the truth, leading to a dark revelation and the subject of child abuse
Guest Stars: Jay Cannistraci as Speaker | Andrew Castillo as Unknown | Dee Dee Deering as Edna | Paul Garcia as Unknown | Carolyn Hurlburt as Unknown | Florence McGee as Mrs. Channing | Frank Adler as Sal | June Gable as Dr. Ellen Hardy | John Toles-Bey as Billy Swayne | Malinda Williams as Lynette | Pam Grier as Valerie Gordon | CCH Pounder as Yvonne | Robert Small as Lt. Williams | Martin Ferrero as Izzy Moreno | E. Duke Vincent as Fuentes
Director: Richard Compton
Warning: Miami Vice guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 16, 1984
Ended: June 28, 1989
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