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Season 1

Shadow of a Man

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1 :01x01 - The Case Against Paul Ryker (1)

An army sergeant is given a top secret mission by military intelligence where he's ordered to defect to the Chinese. Then when he returns from the mission, the sergeant finds that the officer who sent him on it is dead and he's charged with treason.
Guest Stars: Peter Graves (1) as Major Frank Whitaker | Charles Aidman as Major Kitchener | Francis DeSales as President of Court Martial | Walter Brooke as Col. Arthur Merriam | Murray Hamilton as Capt. Appleton | Norman Fell as Sgt. Max Winkler | Bradford Dillman as Capt. David Young | Lloyd Nolan as General Amos Bailey | Vera Miles as Ann Ryker | Lee Marvin as Sgt. Paul Ryker | Don Marshall (1) as Corporal Jenks
Director: Buzz Kulik

2 :01x02 - The Case Against Paul Ryker (2)

The wife of an army sergeant, who was convicted of treason, gets the attorney who prosecuted him to re-open his case.
Guest Stars: Don Marshall (1) as Corporal Jenks | Walter Brooke as Col. Arthur Merriam | Murray Hamilton as Capt. Appleton | Norman Fell as Sgt. Max Winkler | Bradford Dillman as Capt. David Young | Lloyd Nolan as General Amos Bailey | Vera Miles as Ann Ryker | Lee Marvin as Sgt. Paul Ryker | Peter Graves (1) as Major Frank Whitaker
Director: Buzz Kulik

3 :01x03 - The End of the World, Baby

An artist romances both a mother and her daughter. Things get complicated when the mother decides to file for divorce and get married to the artist.
Guest Stars: Jan Arvan as Museum Guard | Danielle Aubry as Cigarette Girl | John Goulet as Italian Waiter | John Siegfried as Austrian Youth | Michael Romanoff as Himself | Joseph Gallison as Page Boy | Ben Wright as Casino Manager | Peter Brooks as Freddie | Lou Krugman as Chief of Police | Peter Lorre as Frederick Bergen | Gig Young as Hugo Myrich | Nina Foch as Sarah Middleton | Katherine Crawford as Daphne Middleton
Director: Irvin Kershner
Story: John Philip Cohane | Teleplay: Luther Davis

4 :01x04 - A Hero for Our Times

A businessman witnesses a murder but is reluctant to come forward when an innocent man is charged with the crime.
Guest Stars: Warren Parker as Judge | Sandra Church as Ruth | John Ireland as Scotty | Dabbs Greer as Reade | Geraldine Brooks as Doris Ethridge | Lloyd Bridges as Mace Ethridge

5 :01x05 - Are There Any More Out There Like You?

A pampered teenaged girl finds herself implicated in a fatal auto accident.
Guest Stars: Adam Roarke as Paul Durbin | Peter Helm as Willis Maudry | Sharon Farrell as Althea Winton | Katharine Ross as Janet Bollington | Robert Ryan as Tom Bollington
Story: George Cuomo | Teleplay: Luther Davis

6 :01x06 - One Step Down

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Guest Stars: Bob Kline (2) as Policeman | Tom Symonds as Ambulance Attendant | Naomi Stevens as Norma | Myron Healey as George Whitney | Phillip Pine as Ellis | Don Collier as Sgt. Newsome | Jack Weston as Homer Fargis | Ida Lupino as Harriet Whitney | Gena Rowlands as Janet Cord | Leslie Nielsen as Dr. David Cord
Director: Bernard Girard

7 :01x07 - The Machine That Played God

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Guest Stars: Morgan Mason as Andy | Laurence Haddon as Investigator | Louise Lorimer as 2nd Judge | Charles Alvin Bell as 1st Judge | Gerard Campeau as Assistant | Russ Bender as Sgt. Aikes | Joe Bassett as Prowl Car Cop | Pauline Drake as Police Woman | Edmund Williams as Bailiff | Barney Biro as Minister | Doris Edwards as Nurse | William Kendis as Phillip Conyers | Peter Adams (2) as Mike Merritt | Herb Armstrong as Doctor | Anne Francis as Peggy Merritt | Gary Merrill as Mark Jordan | Josephine Hutchinson as Mrs. Blanchard | Malachi Throne as L. J. West | Edmon Ryan as Dr. Davis | Mary Wickes as Mrs. Mike | Tol Avery as 3rd Judge | Robert Brubaker as 2nd Detective | William Boyett as 1st Detective | Dan Frazer as Chilton | Davis Roberts as Police Expert
Director: Paul Wendkos

8 :01x08 - The Long, Lost Life of Edward Smalley

An attorney is confronted by a gun wielding man whom he once defended on charges of treason during their military days. Even though the charges were eventually dropped, the accused man feels he was never given a chance to exonerate himself.
Guest Stars: Ron Hayes as Luther Hayes | Chana Eden as Madeline Bauvais | Philip Abbott as Major Charles Wheeler | Arch Johnson as Sgt. Myron Bender | Richard Crenna as Edward Smalley | James Whitmore as J. Marvin Bean
Director: Robert Altman

9 :01x09 - The Hunt

A small-town sheriff has a nasty hobby. He lets his prisoners escape and then hunts them down like dogs.
Guest Stars: Opal Euard as Farmer's Wife | Peggy Rea as Telephone Operator | Keith Taylor (1) as Boy | William Challee as Old Man | Logan Field as Prosecutor | Kelly Thordsen as Dick | Harry Townes as Felix Potter | Bruce Dern as Maynard | James Caan as Rick Peterson | Mickey Rooney as Sheriff Williams
Director: Robert Altman
Writer: Ed Waters

10 :01x10 - The Name of the Game

In Las Vegas, an oilman meets a gambler who looks like Bart Maverick and decides to back him in a break the bank scheme.
Guest Stars: Steve Ihnat as Pit Boss | Monica Lewis as Mrs. Caldwell | Barry Atwater as Karl Hagen | Nancy Kovack as Melinda Davis | Pat Hingle as Ed Caldwell | Jack Kelly as Pete Braven

11 :01x11 - The Deep End

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Guest Stars: Doris Edwards as Waitress | Rusty Lane as Doc Stacey | Dan Barton (1) as Nico Benton | Paul Langton as Sheriff Johnny Kyle | Whit Bissell as Gus Hickman | Clu Gulager as Dan Walsh | Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Sherwood/Lucille Benton | Aldo Ray as Sam Kimber | Tina Louise as Angela Powell
Director: Francis D. Lyon

12 :01x12 - A Truce to Terror

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Guest Stars: Natividad Vacio as Newsie | Danny Bravo as Juan | Raoul De Leon as Man | Rockne Tarkington as Henry | Maye Henderson as Janitor | Edmund Vargas as Miguel | Pilar Arcos as Grandmother | David Cadiente as Leon Bulchand | Jack Halliday as Waters | Joe Abdullah as Manny Simms | John Gavin as Charles Portay | Michael Ansara as Morgan | Lyle Bettger as Ted Johnson | Steve Forrest as David Buchanan | Frank Silvera as Sgt. Terrell | Anna Navarro as Maria | Alberto Morin as Lawton | Adelina Pedroza as Encarna
Director: Robert Sparr

13 :01x13 - Who is Jennifer?

A teenager tries to find out whether an old woman is really her long lost mother.
Guest Stars: Erin O'Donnell as Farm Girl | Louise Arthur as Saleswoman | Billy M. Greene as Duty Sergeant | William Cord as Police Officer | Gene Roth as Police Officer | Vince Townsend Jr. as Employee | Morris Ankrum as Chief Austin | Jan Shepard as Police Woman | Gloria Swanson as Charlotte Heaton | Dan Duryea as Sam Manners | Brenda Scott as Judy Harper | David Brian as Mark Nelson | John Dennis as Booking Sergeant
Director: Alvin Ganzer

14 :01x14 - Leviathan Five

Four scientists and a guard are trapped in an underground explosion and must hope that their air doesn't run out before a rescue arrives.
Guest Stars: Vince Williams (2) as Bailiff | Judson Laire as Judge Thomas Calvin | Frank Overton as Bill | John van Dreelen as Dr. Eduardo Lenzi | Harold Stone as Dr. Nat Kaufman | Frank Maxwell as Arthur Jensen | Arthur Kennedy as Dr. Walter Taylor | Andrew Duggan as Dr. Adam Winters

15 :01x15 - My Enemy, This Town

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Guest Stars: Rod Lauren as Arturo Bareja | Adam Williams as Ben Jorgenson | William Smith (1) as Deputy Reed | Barbara Nichols as Ann Hilts | Scott Marlowe as Johnny Bareja | Philip Carey as Edgar Martin | Diane McBain as Mary Jorgenson
Writer: Frank Fenton

16 :01x16 - The Action of the Tiger

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Guest Stars: Paul Comi as Donnelly | Reggie Nalder as SS Agent | Robert Patten as Slade | Albert Carrier as Frenchie | Ed Kemmer as Stewart | Oscar Beregi as Schneider | Ulla Jacobsson as Ursula | Stephen McNally as Major Sanford | Peter Brown (1) as Lt. Ben Hollister | Telly Savalas as Beret
Director: Richard Irving
Writer: Sam Dann

17 :01x17 - Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am?

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Guest Stars: Barney Phillips as C. A. Thompson | Martha Hyer as Yvette Duval | Kathryn Crosby as Ann Smith | Cornel Wilde as Eric Blaine | Paul Newlan as Doc Pierson

18 :01x18 - The Threatening Eye

A smokin' hot office worker sets her sights on an ordinary looking fellow who happens to be married.
Guest Stars: Robert Clarke (2) as Adam Conway | Barbara Bell Wright as Agnes Miller | Phyllis Thaxter as Mildred | Dabney Coleman as William Gunther | Coleen Gray as Dorothy Nehf | Pat O'Brien (2) as Lt. John Curwood | Jack Klugman as Steve Zaro
Director: Ida Lupino

19 :01x19 - A Cause of Anger

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Guest Stars: Linda Dangcil as Peggy Sue | Charles Irving as Nehemoff | Oliver McGowan as Dr. Martin | Norman Leavitt as Gotch | Ed Gilbert as Inspector | Len Hendry as Sidney Harrow | Judee Morton as Elizabeth | Douglas Henderson as Skippy | Kevin Hagen as Nilsen | Robert Foulk as Walker | Robert Crawford, Jr. as Ralph Harrow | Audrey Totter as Myra Moran | Nancy Malone as Linda Beaumont | Anthony Caruso as Cuero | Brian Keith as Andy Bastian
Director: Richard L. Bare

20 :01x20 - Knight's Gambit

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Guest Stars: H.M. Wynant as Escobar | Murray Matheson as Douglas Henderson | Chester Morris as Blaine Davis | Eleanor Parker as Dorian Smith | Roger Smith as Anthony Griswold Knight
Director: Walter Grauman

21 :01x21 - Once Upon a Savage Night

The search is on for a missing Swedish seaman who's unaware that he's carrying a bomb in his suitcase.
Guest Stars: Charles McGraw as Harry Brockman | Ted Knight as Carl Lombardo | Robert Ridgely as Dan McVeay | Philip Abbott as Myron Ellis | Barbara Turner De Hubp as Hildegard | Jan Marsh as Dancer | Arlene Kieta as Woman | Charlene Lee as Asian Girl | John Alonzo as Dockworker | Ron Masak as Sgt. Ford | Jim Lantz as McGrago | Mary Frann as Annette | Carroll O'Connor as James Van Ducci | Andrew Duggan as Owen Kerr | Michael Murphy (1) as William Smith | Albert Paulsen as Linde | Gunner Hellström as Granstrom | Karl Swenson as Erickson | Jacqueline Betton as Ellie Van Ducci | Linda Wallenberg as Kathryn
Director: Robert Altman

22 :01x22 - Portrait of an Unknown Man

A hermit rejects the efforts of a town's citizens to get to know him better.
Guest Stars: George Chandler as Doc Baines | Ron Foster as Reverend Larson | Jay C. Flippen as Hugh Ramsey | Mala Powers as Ellen Ramsey | Robert Duvall as Harvey Farnsworth | Clint Walker as David Wolfe

23 :01x23 - Their Own Executioners

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Guest Stars: Malcolm Atterbury as Dr. Gregory | Bill Erwin as Father Daley | Dorothy Konrad as Maid | Danny Kulick as Billy | Dabney Coleman as Alvin | Robert Fortier as Paul Welch | Pamela Curran as Grace Welch | Dean Stockwell as Martin Roselli | Herschel Bernardi as Joe Monti | Lilia Skala as Lina Rosetti | Virginia Vincent as Carlotta | Dan Barton (1) as Freddie Sackheim
Director: Walter Grauman
Story: Robert Cenedella | Teleplay: Luther Davis

24 :01x24 - The Sweet Taste of Vengeance

A divorcee leaves the country for Brazil--and she takes $2 million of ex-hubby's money with her. Two private eyes are hired to bring her, and each other, back.
Guest Stars: Luis Delgado as Bartender | Ed Prentiss as Judge | Ricky Vera as Playboy | Robert Ellenstein as Raskob | Russ Bender as Sgt. Pingitore | Jack Weston as Juan Esposa | John Forsythe as Jerry Wilson | Diana Hyland as Linda Stevenson
Director: Roy Huggins
Writer: Frank Fenton

25 :01x25 - Charlie, He Couldn't Kill a Fly

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Guest Stars: Roy Glenn as Piano Player | Noam Pitlik as Benny Galati | Myron Healey as Lt. Thaler | Berkeley Harris as Pete Francis | Michael Burns (1) as Frankie Kling | Keenan Wynn as Charlie Kling | Richard Kiley as Lou Miller | Beverly Garland as Joanne Kling
Director: Bernard Girard

26 :01x26 - The Watchman

An American intelligence agent is on the trail of a missing scientist and must recover the scientist's secret formula before the other side gets to it first.
Guest Stars: Al Hirt as Himself | Tol Avery as Publisher | Lawrence Dobkin as Doctor | Frank DeKova as Edward | Edy Williams as Enes | Victoria Shaw as Helena | Telly Savalas as Roman Castillo | Jack Warden as Jack Fleming
Director: Leslie Stevens

27 :01x27 - The Robrioz Ring

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Guest Stars: Dee Carroll as Saleswoman | Miriam Goldina as Mario's Mother | Virginia Gregg as Kate Taylor | Julie Adams as Ellen Yarnell | Robert Loggia as Mario Robrioz | Julie Harris as Lucy Bram

28 :01x28 - A Cruel and Unusual Night

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Guest Stars: Bill Walker (1) as Trustee | Don Diamond as Paco | James Chandler as Doctor | Rusty Lane as Warden | Clancy Cooper as Sgt. Kelly | Wright King as Chaplain | Scott Marlowe as Sherman Tyler | Anne Helm as Avis Tyler | Ronald Reagan as Judge Howard Stimming | Robert Whitsell as Carl Hixon
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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Anthology | Crime | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 10, 1963
Ended: September 09, 1965
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