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Mortal Kombat: Conquest: Unholy Alliance

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi join forces to create an alternate realm to trap Kung Lao. It is the life Kung Lao longs for with Gen and after 24 hours, Shang Tsung will have his soul. It is down to Siro and Taja to convince Kung Lao to leave before it's too late.

Episode Info

Episode number: 1x10
Airdate: Saturday December 05th, 1998

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Guest Stars
Jennifer Renton
As Geneviere 'Gen' Reyland
John Reilly
As Baron Reyland

Co-Guest Stars
Adoni Maropis
As Quan Chi
Dana Hee
As Siann
Elizabeth Graham
As Young Woman #1
Keith Brava
As Vendor
Leighanne Wallace
As Young Girl
Onnaliesa Chaney
As Young Woman #2
Robert Quinn
As Guard

Alana De La Garza
As Customer
Episode Quotes
Quan Chi: So, this is the home of the great Shang Tsung?
Shang Tsung: Without question, nothing compared to yours. How is life among the dead?
Quan Chi: Free. Don't forget, Shang Tsung - I choose to live in my domain. I was not banished there.
Shang Tsung: Yes, and you're so welcome everywhere else. And you travel with your... shall we call this your harlot.
Siann: Assassin, sorcerer. And I enjoy my work.

Shang Tsung: She's of no concern.
Quan Chi: Then what is?
Shang Tsung: An alliance.

Siann: Such a well-trained pet.
Vorpax: Better that than slave!
Siann: You're no better.
Vorpax: At least I can breathe without asking permission!
Shang Tsung: Silence!

Siro: Don't throw your arms out like that.
Taja: Like what?!
Siro: Like a chicken.
Taja: This chicken just threw you on your ass!
Siro: I let you! Hey, you fight like a girl.
Taja: I am a girl with amazing moves.

Taja: I bet you 24 hours of slave labour that I can take you in one move.
Siro: Wait a minute. Slave labour?
Taja: Mmhmm.
Siro: You serve me?
Taja: Like a dog. But remember, you lose, you have to do the same.
Siro: You're on.
Taja: Get ready to scrub my back!
Siro: You mean my feet!
Taja: That was pure luck.
Siro: Yeah, you're right. I slipped and seem to have plastered you against a wall. Humiliating, isn't it? To lose to such a lucky guy.
Kung Lao: This is no joke - in Mortal Kombat, it's kill or be killed.
Taja: Lighten up. What's wrong with having a little fun once in a while?
Kung Lao: If I'm expected to take this seriously then so are you.

Kung Lao: Maybe I'm in over my head, maybe I should just... get out?
Rayden: What a great idea. That's great. Of course. Let's quit! You'll quit. I'll quit. Earth Realm, you're on your own. Maybe you should try harder. Look farther? Do you think it's possible there might be someone out there who's as good, or dare I say it, better than you?
Kung Lao: Yes, of course it's possible but you always said it rested on me.
Rayden: To find new fighters so if you do lose, there's a new victor to take your place.
Kung Lao: And a new sucker for you to manipulate. So, I do my part for humankind and then it's so long, Kung Lao! Next.
Rayden: Look, you are good. If you play your cards right, you could live forever! Or not. You're mortal, mortals die.

Kung Lao: When I finally fall, the Earth Realm is lost, anyway.
Rayden: (laughs) Are you listening to this? "If I die, the Earth Realm falls, what a crummy life!" Here's a word of advice: get over yourself and get on with it.

Taja: You know, this is good. I'm getting to look at what a sadistic ass you'd be if you ever got any real power!
Siro: And I'm seeing what a miserable loser you can be!

Taja: Okay, I am done!
Siro: I am not! Better get a ball.
Taja: Better get a life!
Siro: Hey! You wanted to bet.
Taja: And here's my next bet... it will never happen again!
Siro: Oh, good! I'm glad you learned something. Now wash my feet. I've been walking barefoot all day.
Taja: You know, I'm getting a little worried about Kung Lao, maybe we should go look for him.
Siro: Ah, ah, ah, ah, no changing the subject. Feet first!
Taja: And that's the way I hope they bury you!

Vorpax: Use your powers, Quan Chi.
Quan Chi: I can't fight the cobalt.
Vorpax: He can.
Quan Chi: Shang Tsung is a human, the ore doesn't affect him. It has nothing to do with power.
Vorpax: Too bad you can't get a little... energy boost.
Shang Tsung: It is a talent he lacks.
Quan Chi: You're playing a deadly game, Shang Tsung. One you can't win.
Vorpax: Looks like he already has.

Rayden: Have a nice trip?
Taja: It's really home... isn't it?
Rayden: Yes. I wasn't sure I'd ever see you back here.
Taja: You almost didn't. If we hadn't come, he would've stayed. Given up everything.
Siro: What the hell were you thinking?
Kung Lao: The other life, the one I always wanted. When I saw it, I was overwhelmed, I guess.

Woman: Out of the way, creep!
Siro: Now that's the Zhu Zin I know and love. It may not be perfect but it's never dull.
Taja: You're so weird, Siro.

Warning: Mortal Kombat: Conquest season 1 episode 10 guide may contain spoilers
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